Weaken Champion List | Raid Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends Weaken Skill applies Weaken debuff on enemies so they will receive additional damage from your champions in battle. There are 2 versions of Weaken debuff (15% and 25%). The first Weaken debuff increases the damage received by enemy champion by 15%, while the second Weaken debuff increases the damage received by enemy champion by 25%.

Raid Shadow Legends Weaken 15%

Weaken 15%

Increases damage received by the Target Champion by 15%.

Raid Shadow Legends Weaken 25%

Weaken 25%

Increases damage received by the Target Champion by 25%.

25% Weaken Champions (55)

25% Weaken (AoE)


  1. Astralon (SO-LAM)
  2. Dracomorph (LZ-LAM)
  3. Gomlok Skyhide (OR-LSF)
  4. Hurndig (DW-LAM)
  5. Kantra the Cyclone (BA-LDF)
  6. Leorius the Proud (SW-LAV)
  7. Lydia the Deathsiren (DE-LSV)
  8. Pyxniel (HE-LSM)
  9. Roxam (LZ-LAM)
  10. Sicia Flametongue (DS-LAF)
  11. Suzerain Katonn (UH-LAS)
  12. Varl the Destroyer (OR-LAS)
  13. Venus (SO-LSV)


  1. Rian the Conjurer (DE-ESF)
  2. Seer (OR-ESV)
  3. Sikara (BA-ESM)
  4. Skullcrown (KR-EAV)
  5. Tallia (SO-EAM)
  6. Tarshon (DS-EDS)




25% Weaken (Target)


  1. Arbiter (HE-LSV)
  2. Belanor (HE-LAV)
  3. Brakus the Shifter (SW-LAF)
  4. Cleopterix (SW-LAS)
  5. Countess Lix (DS-LAM)
  6. Cruetraxa (DS-LAV)
  7. Grohak the Bloodied (OR-LAM)
  8. Jintoro (SK-LAM)
  9. Longbeard (SW-LAM)
  10. Ramantu Drakesblood (LZ-LAV)
  11. Rhazin Scarhide (LZ-LDF)
  12. Riho Bonespear (SK-LSV)
  13. Roxam (LZ-LAM)
  14. Turvold (BA-LAV)


  1. Aina (BA-EAM)
  2. Anax (UH-EAS)
  3. Basher (SW-EAV)
  4. Delver (DE-EAS)
  5. Fayne (SW-EAS)
  6. Geomancer (DW-EAF)
  7. Gwynneth (DE-EAM)
  8. Haarken Greatblade (BA-EAV)
  9. Knight-Errant (BL-EAS)
  10. Rugnor Goldgleam (DW-EAV)
  11. Scabrius (SW-EAM)
  12. Suwai Firstborn (BA-EAV)
  13. Taurus (SW-EAM)
  14. Whisper (KR-EAV)
  15. Zargala (OR-EAF)


  1. Athel (SO-RAM)
  2. Halberdier (BL-RAS)
  3. Hellfang (DS-RAS)
  4. Huntress (OR-RAV)
  5. Stitched Beast (UH-RAV)



25% Weaken (Random)



  1. Chonoru (SK-EAS)
  2. Exemplar (HE-EAV)
  3. Teshada (BA-EDF)




15% Weaken Champions (21)

15% Weaken (AoE)


  1. Ithos (HE-LAV)


  1. Spider (DE-ESF)


  1. Ashwalker (KR-RAV)
  2. Candleguard (DW-RAM)
  3. Marquess (DS-RDS)



15% Weaken (Target)



  1. Warden (DE-EDS)


  1. Assassin (SK-RAM)
  2. Bone Knight (UH-RAS)
  3. Bulwark (DW-RDV)
  4. Harvester (DE-RAV)
  5. Hellborn Sprite (DS-RSS)
  6. Ifrit (DS-RHV)
  7. Interceptor (HE-RDV)
  8. Tigersoul (BA-RAS)
  9. Twinclaw Disciple (OR-RAF)
  10. Wanderer (DE-RAS)


  1. Aristocrat (HE-UAM)
  2. Conscript (SK-UAS)
  3. Sandbow (BA-UAS)


15% Weaken (Random)




  1. Grappler (SW-RDS)


  1. Vigilante (SO-UHS)


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19 thoughts on “Weaken Champion List | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. Ayumilove Post author

    @Fusselbirne: Rugnor Goldgleam is now available in the Weaken 25% champion skill list!

  2. Fusselbirne

    Rugnor Goldgleam new Weaken 25% (Target).

  3. Ayumilove Post author

    @Fossy: Fayne has been added into the Weaken 25% Champion List

  4. Fossy

    Fayne got weaken on her A3.

  5. Polpov

    @David j Estiandan Yes it does indeed stack!

  6. Polpov

    Since I’ve way too much time to spare …

    Weaken 25% (A1)
    – Arbiter (50%)
    – Turvold (75%)
    – Basher (75%)
    – Whisper (75%)
    – Zargala (50%)
    – Athel (100%)
    – Halberdier (50%)

    Weaken 15% (A1)
    – Warden (100%)
    – Bone Knight (25%)
    – Bulwark (30%)
    – Harvester (50%)
    – Ifrit (15%)
    – Wanderer (50%)

  7. David j Estiandan

    Does a 60% decrease defense and 25% weaken stack? Both of course allow you to increase the amount of damage an enemy takes but would prefer not to overlap if one would be overridden.

  8. Ayumilove Post author

    @J Sun: Yes, Tallia does have Weaken on her A3 skill.She has been listed above.

  9. J Sun

    Doesn’t Tallia have weaken on her A3?

  10. Ayumilove Post author

    @Geo: I have updated the Champion list who has Weaken Skill to be grouped by AoE, Target and Random.

  11. Malekith

    @devourism Weaken only increase the damage during your turn. For poison there is the poison sensitivity debuff.

  12. Geo

    Separate AOE Weaken with Single target Weaken the same way you separated Decease Defense

  13. devourism

    Does this increase the damage done by poison? Or only damage done during the turn?

  14. Ayumilove Post author

    @Dave Campbell: It will not stack. The 25% Weaken debuff will override the 15% Weaken debuff.

  15. Dave Campbell

    If I place both a 25% weaken debuff and a 15% weaken debuff will they stack?

  16. Destroyer39

    Athel is missing from this list.

  17. Praetor

    Teshada isn’t on this list?
    Maximum Carnage [DEF][ATK] (Cooldown: 4 turns)
    Attacks 3 times at random. Each hit has a 50% chance of placing a 25% [Weaken] debuff for 2 turns.
    Level 2: Buff/Debuff Chance +5%
    Level 3: Damage +10%
    Level 4: Buff/Debuff Chance +10%
    Level 5: Buff/Debuff Chance +10%
    Level 6: Cooldown -1

  18. mirxia


    Decrease 30% DEF doesn’t result in 30% increased damage. It reduce target’s DEF score then use that score to calculate damage reduction. So it’s effectiveness depends on how much DEF your target has.

    Let’s say there’s a hypothetical target with 0 DEF. In this case Decrease DEF does literally nothing. While Weaken still gives you 25% damage boost.

  19. LazerzGoPewPew

    I understand that [Decrease DEF] also causes users who use DEF as their damage modifier to DEAL less damage, but as far as TAKING damage goes: do these two debuffs essentially work the same way? I know that [Weaken] USED to also apply to poison and HP Burn, but since that’s no longer the case since they nerfed it, doesn’t that just make [Weaken] less effective than [Decrease DEF] now? Actually, wouldn’t it be MUCH less effective since even its’ more powerful version at 25%, is less than the weaker version of [Decrease DEF] at 30%?