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Raid Shadow Legends Rhazin Scarhide Skill Mastery Equip Guide


NAME: Rhazin Scarhide
FACTION: Lizardmen
RARITY: Legendary
ROLE: Defense
USABILITY: Mid-Late Game
TOMES: 12 (A1 A2 A3)



Obtain from

Ancient Shard
Sacred Shard
Primal Shard
Rhazin Scarhide Fusion

Blessings Recommendation

Brimstone (Clan Boss)
Temporal Chains (Arena Defense)


★★★★✰ Campaign
★★★★★ Arena Defense
★★★★✰ Arena Offense
★★★★★ Clan Boss
★★✰✰✰ Hydra
★★★★★ Faction Wars


★★★★✰ Minotaur
★★★★✰ Spider
★★★★★ Fire Knight
★★★★✰ Dragon
★★★★✰ Ice Golem
★★✰✰✰ Iron Twins
★★★✰✰ Sand Devil
★★★✰✰ Phantom Shogun


★★★★★ Arcane Keep
★★★★✰ Void Keep
★★★★★ Force Keep
★★★✰✰ Spirit Keep
★★★★★ Magic Keep

Doom Tower

★★★★✰ Floors
★★★★✰ Magma Dragon
★★★✰✰ Nether Spider
★★★✰✰ Frost Spider
★★★★★ Scarab King
★★★★✰ Celestial Griffin
★★✰✰✰ Eternal Dragon
★✰✰✰✰ Dreadhorn
★★★✰✰ Dark Fae

Rhazin Scarhide Skills

Bone Sword
Attacks 1 enemy 3 times. Has a 20% chance of removing 1 random buff from the target.
Level 2: Damage +10%
Level 3: Damage +15%
Level 4: Buff/Debuff Chance +10%
Level 5: Buff/Debuff Chance +15%
Damage Multiplier: 1.5 DEF

Shear (Cooldown: 4 turns)
Attacks 1 enemy. Has a 75% chance of placing a 60% [Decrease DEF] debuff and a 25% [Weaken] debuff for 2 turns.
Level 2: Damage +10%
Level 3: Buff/Debuff Chance +10%
Level 4: Damage +10%
Level 5: Buff/Debuff Chance +15%
Level 6: Cooldown -1
Damage Multiplier: 6 DEF

Bog Down (Cooldown: 7 turns)
Attacks all enemies. Decrease the Turn Meter by 100%.
Level 2: Damage +10%
Level 3: Damage +15%
Level 4: Cooldown -1
Damage Multiplier: 4 DEF

Increases Ally RESIST in Arena battles by 90.

Rhazin Scarhide Build Guide

Arena, Campaign, Clan Boss, Dungeons, Doom Tower, Faction Wars

Recommended Artifacts

PvE: Bloodthirst, Lifesteal
PvP: Zeal
PvE & PvP: Accuracy, Critical Damage, Defiant, Deflection, Divine Speed, Instinct, Killstroke, Lethal, Merciless, Perception, Resilience, Savage, Speed, Supersonic

Stats Allocation

Weapon (ATK)
Helmet (HP)
Shield (DEF)
Gauntlets (DEF% / C.RATE / C.DMG)
Chestplate (DEF% / ACC)
Boots (SPD / DEF%)
Ring (DEF)
Amulet (C.DMG / DEF)
Banner (DEF / ACC)

Stats Priority

DEF Nuker & Debuffer: DEF%, C.RATE, C.DMG, SPD, ACC

Rhazin Scarhide Masteries Guide

Arena, Campaign, Clan Boss, Dungeons, Doom Tower, Faction Wars

Raid Shadow Legends Rhazin Scarhide Skill Mastery Equip Guide


  1. Deadly Precision
  2. Keen Strike
  3. Shield Breaker
  4. Whirlwind of Death
  5. Single Out
  6. Bring it Down
  7. Cycle of Violence
  8. Kill Streak
  9. Blood Shield
  10. Giant Slayer


  1. Defiant
  2. Improved Parry
  3. Bloodthirst
  4. Delay Death
  5. Retribution

Clan Boss

Raid Shadow Legends Rhazin Scarhide Skill Mastery Equip Guide


  1. Deadly Precision
  2. Keen Strike
  3. Hart of Glory
  4. Single Out
  5. Life Drinker
  6. Cycle of Violence
  7. Bring it Down
  8. Kill Streak
  9. Methodical
  10. Giant Slayer


  1. Tough Skin
  2. Blastproof
  3. Resurgent
  4. Delay Death
  5. Retribution

Rhazin Scarhide Champion Lore

Deep in the Sorrowlakes, home of the Lizardmen, there is a ruin. lt’s barely even that – little remains of it beyond flat land and old stones. The swamps have swallowed most of it, and the jungle has overgrown much of the rest. Without a guide, the place largely resembles an empty field. This ruin is the City of Lost Dreams. It was torn down to the foundations, and even those were pried out of the mud to fill its canals. The city has been erased, in everything but memory. But the memory remains, and its story begins with Rhazin Scarhide.

Rhazin Scarhide was a clan lord. He was cunning, charming, and blessed with the companionship of a Dracomorph, but what made him a legend was simpler: he was in the right place, at the right time, and he was intelligent enough to realize it. The Red Crusade had caused the Sorrowlakes to be flooded with hundreds of thousands of Orc, Skinwalker, Ogryn, and Lizardmen refugees from Anhelt. Those Lizardmen clans that resisted the influx were quickly overwhelmed, but Rhazin invited the newcomers to his lands. He sent emissaries to tent-cities and villages, offering an opportunity: build. Build a home that was theirs.

The City of Dreams, as it was later called, became a metropolis in less than five years. Rough canals were smoothed out, then expanded. Tents became houses, then houses became apartments. Sewers appeared, then temples, then workshops, then foundries. The city became an example, then later a promise, of multiracial cooperation. That promise ultimately took the form of a document, drafted by Rhazin Scarhide: the Gaellen Pact.

The Pact wasn’t just about building a better home for many, however. It was a dream of vengeance, too. The Gaellens were deeply scarred by the Red Crusade, and too many carried the fires of hate in their hearts for them to find lasting peace. And so it was that Rhazin Scarhide was approached by a group of the most influential warlords of the Sorrowlakes. They wanted to command a unified army of the Gaellen Pact. They wanted a war against the peoples of Anhelt, and they wanted a Warclave to lead the Gaellens in it.

Rhazin knew this Gaellen Warclave would be formed, with or without him, the desire for war was too great. If he refused, it could spark a schism in the city, perhaps even a civil war – Rhazin’s voice held too much sway. He was not convinced that the invasion would succeed even with a unified Gaellen Pact, but he knew it would fail otherwise. 80 he made the only choice he felt he could: he agreed, with his full support. It was not enough.

Rhazin did everything in his power to ensure that the Warclave had all the resources that the Sorrowlakes could bring to bear. Ships. Weapons. Food. Medicine. Cooks. Mages. Engineers. Plans. While fighting raged in Anhelt, Rhazin converted the City of Dreams into an engine of war. But, after seven years of struggle, the Gaellen invasion of Kaerok was broken. There was nothing left for Rhazin to do but wait for the inevitable retaliation. He did not have to wait long. Princess Scyl of Frostheim came leading a combined force of High Elves, Banner Lords, Frostheim warriors, and Sacred Order knights, and they hit the shores of the Sorrowlakes like a hammer. All too quickly the army was at the edges of the City of Dreams.

The city had no walls. Its boundaries had expanded too rapidly for them to be built — Rhazin’s dream had grown too quickly. Hastily erected barricades were no match against the fury of the Telerian League, and the city’s defenders were swiftly overwhelmed. Tens of thousands of Gaellens were killed in the slaughter that followed. Survivors were driven into the jungles, but even though many Gaellens escaped, their ambition was as lost as the city. The City of Dreams had been more than an economic hub — it had been their promise of a better future. And it was lost.

As for Rhazin Scarhide, he never emerged. Legends say he died in a duel with Princess Scyl, but most who know the details of the historical record suspect it would have been execution more than battle — Scyl was a warrior in her prime, while Rhazin was close to the end of his years. Nevertheless, neither of them were ever seen again. In the centuries that followed, the Gaellens stopped waiting for Rhazin to reappear. Most have given up hope. But, while Rhazin Scarhide might be gone, his memory is immortal. Anyone can build — all they need is a dream. Perhaps someday the Gaellen Pact will find it again.

Rhazin Scarhide Updates

Rhazin Scarhide Videos

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Champion Name Reference

  • English: Rhazin Scarhide
  • French: Rhazin Peaumarquée
  • Deutsch:
  • Italian:
  • Spanish:
  • Chinese:
  • Korean:
  • Japanese:
  • Ukranian:
  • Russian:
  • Turkish:
  • Portuguese:

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65 thoughts on “Rhazin Scarhide | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. Salekin

    @Ahndaru empowering is for whales. You get way more benefit from a filling all faction guardian slots rather than empowering.

  2. Ahndaru

    Just pulled dupe Rhazin. Should I empower the one I already have? Or keep it for Faction guardian?

  3. Chris

    @Campa: Maybe five stars are a bit high, but he is providing decrease def and weaken on a 3 turn cd, so he should be able to keep them up with manageable speed …

    While providing a good smack as a defense base champion.

    Probadly his ratings are so high, because he is an quite old hero and doesn’t get reevaluated that much – but he is still a good choiche depending on your team.
    Fayne as an Epic might be an better choice but i am quite sure she is 5* too, and is a bit more difficult to keep a live.

  4. Campa

    Finally fused this guy

    Can someone fill me in on why he is 5 star for Demon Lord? His kit doesn’t look that great for it.
    The aura isn’t applicable, the A3 won’t decrease the Demon Lord’s turn meter. Is it for the chance of proccing Giant Slayer on the A1?

  5. luvs2play

    Champion for Missions 5 Rhazin Scarhide Fusion. I think if one wants to Fuse Rhazin correctly beginning w/ Mastry/Book all the possible and viable Uncommon to Rare, Rare to Epic multiplied several times, one will have The virtual End-Game Champion. This would in fact be a very expensive endeavor so one would need a fat wallet, but I have been working on him since a long time ago, using the example above. I have Lich & Bloodfeather 5* fully booked & masteries. Each are Killer Tanks in respective FWs running 3, 4 or 5* gears from Campaigns. Still working in various stages for the other 2 @ 40->50. I think correctly fused, he could be the foundation for every team in game.

  6. Nilla

    I built this guy full offense and he hits like a truck. without an engine, or wheels, or movement. don’t build him offense – he is a defense champion.

  7. Pmerson

    @Adam Buckingham

    If you go to Rhazin Scarhide, select the skills tab and then manually select each of his three skills it says “Damage based on: DEF”.

    In no case would an offense set EVER be applicable for a defense based champion.

  8. Adam Buckingham

    Your building him wrong he needs offense to hit hard and speed

  9. stenbric

    @Adam Buckingham

    Why one offense set? Rhazin is a defence based champion and as a def based one, the dmg scales with defense rather than attack…

    Fused this guy a week or so ago. Got full masteries and so on but can’t realy find a usefull place for him besides CB, where he is kinda weak. I don’t know if I am building him wrong or something…

    118% CR (aye, abit high I know but it is what it is)
    95% CD
    207 SPD
    3215 DEF
    43363 HP

    With same build as your first listed….

  10. Adam Buckingham

    I think this champion should be offense 1 set and speed 2 set

  11. Cirme

    Holly crap, I pulled em from an ancient shard while brushing my teeth caught me off guard. Guess I’m lucky lol

  12. Marcus

    Welcher Segen ist für Rhazin ideal

  13. ConanTheCimmerian

    @thibault gobin: What? Rhazin is solid almost everywhere, dude. Very good champ.

  14. thibault gobin

    Rhazin got. the only place where it is good is in faction wars up to the first boss

  15. Riceaxe

    Yo Ayumi, getting 100% crit and high Crit dmg is a must on razin even on Clanboss.
    I´d put crit dmg and crit rate gloves as recommended there too.
    his A1 is probably the best in the entire game against CB. 3x 1,5x Def + giantslayer procs with his base def.
    If I can I will give my Razin Crit Dmg Cloves, as of now he has 110% crit (for spirit affinity) and 170% crit dmg. the goal is 100% crit and around 200-250 % crit dmg.
    He pairs exceptionally well with Iron Brago. Best Sets are Lifesteal + Perception. I wouldnt hate a Razin dupe such an all around great champion.

  16. Hawkmistress

    Would swift parry be an option for him if I can get enough defense?

  17. aNotoriousGamer

    You guys are missing that you have to connect the dots to get to Giant Slayer, so you’re gonna have to pick one or two masteries that don’t apply to CB. For CB he needs to be a 4/3 ratio or better because his debuff is only 2 turns compared to someone like Fayne with 3 turns.

  18. The Dame

    I don’t see the need to ever use Kill Streak for Clan Boss. It will literally never trigger and is a waste of scrolls. I went Wrath of the Slain, instead. Using Offense and Defense tiers, since his damage is DEF based.

    Deadly Precision
    Grim Resolve
    Keen Strike
    Life Drinker
    Single Out
    Bring It Down
    Wrath of the Slain

    Tough Skin
    Mighty Endurance
    Wisdom of Battle

  19. Clock

    Is Using Unbooked Rhazin scardhide for clanboss purpose is it still viable? Thibking that he will br the only person to land decrease defense?

  20. Alan

    @verathos Rhazin for CB he is awesome in it. Foli is a pvp champion!.

  21. HappyNoises

    Is there no ranking for Scarab King cuz’ he’s bad VS it or you just havent rated it? Got all the champs needed for fusion so trying to rush him and was wondering if he’s any good VS it..

  22. Verathos

    Should i use Rhazin or Foli for my CB team? Foli brings survivability with leech, while rhazin has weaken. I’m currently running Sepulcher Sentinel(Lead), Frozen Banshee, Narma, Vergis, and Foli

  23. Martin

    I really want to have him. But then again, my pulls made me not get wanderer. for over a year :/

  24. Cody

    Why put Cycle of Violence for CB mastery? He will never do >30% of the CB max HP in one hit so that mastery will not prock. Am I missing something there?

  25. Tom Chapman Barros-Wing

    @Aslam Khan: Rhazin is better for that. Bloodgorged is decent, but he’s very squishy, and his kit has more limited application. Rhazin has so many different things in his kit–multiple attacks on A1, buff removal, Weaken AND Decrease Defense (both strong versions) on A2, 100% Turn Meter Reduction on A3–and these each respond well to a variety of builds. I’ve built and re-built my Rhazin many ways over time to suit my needs, and he always performs well. Plus, he’s DEF-based, which is great.

    In Lifesteal, he lasts forever. In Retaliation, he scrubs buffs like a maniac. And that’s just the beginning.

    Bloodgorged is great for Undead Crypts and Arena Offense, but you have to be careful with him. He requires a lot of support to keep alive or revive; if you build more sustain into him at the expense of offensive capability, you lose what is good about him to the point where you might as well use someone else. So Bloodgorged is more niche. Save him for later.

  26. Tom Chapman Barros-Wing

    Agreeing with Carpe_Piscis (seize the fish?). Excellent point. He seems like 4 or at LEAST 3 stars, though we all know he’s good enough to handle Stage 15. He’s one of the strongest legendaries anywhere, after all. But I can understanding not wanting to give 5 stars on absolutely everything, because then it would all be meaningless and misleading to players who are looking to optimize the BEST champions for each context. If Raglin is 5 stars for Spider’s Den, Rhazin is probably 5 stars for Spirit Keep … but you can’t just 5 star everyone who’s amazing in general. (Which is why I don’t make my own rating system–I don’t envy you, Ayumilove! This must be maddening.)

  27. Carpe_Piscis

    Why on earth do you only have him listed as one star for spirit keep? The only real downside is that his affinity is weak, which obviously isn’t ideal. On the upside, however, he has buff removal (great for the boss’s block debuff), decrease Def and weaken debuffs, turn meter reduction, which is about the only way to beat the boss if you don’t have any champions with heal reduction, and he hits like a truck to boot. I can certainly see why you wouldn’t consider him top tier, but one star frankly seems ludicrous.

  28. Aslam khan

    For dungeon progression which is better rhazin or bloodgorged?!!

  29. Julius

    @baviaan yes I believe you’re right! Clan boss masteries have to be updated or am I missing something?

  30. baviaan

    I love this website! If you only fight clanboss then Kill Streak is useless while Stoked to Fury is of use when you attack with any debuff on Rhazin.

  31. ArdvarkOfDoom

    @WileyMan Hell Hades said he would build him with master hexer if he didn’t have a Vizier

  32. WileyMan

    I am building Rhazin primarily for use in UNM CB, and my first instinct is to go with support over defense for master hexer. The reason I am building him in the first place is for the A2 Debuffs.

    Does the defense tree really outweigh the support tree for Rhazin in CB?

  33. ErnyJRC

    Amma change rhazin to def hp def than def acc spd

  34. ohthegreatone

    Why the demotion on Razin? No longer S class?

  35. Rob

    @Wyvern XXXIV See Ayumi reply to @FHR below which explains the difference.

  36. kronicsoldier

    wyvern xxxiv the bottom one…

  37. Clinior

    Where is a story on Rhazin?

  38. Wyvern XXXIV

    Both sets of masteries shown include CB in them. Which one is the correct version for CB?

  39. Vempele

    But she removes all debuffs and puts up block debuffs for 2 turns, on a 7-turn cooldown. If you can’t kill her in 5 turns, you’re going to need a way to remove the buff. Rhazin can be your backup buff remover, and his A2 and A3 provide some utility towards killing the boss faster. I’d give him 2 stars, 3-4 if it weren’t for the affinity.

  40. alphallama

    @sto, spirit keep is not a buff, its a passive. she heals each turn. heal reduction is the only thing that will help u there. plus weak affinity

  41. Sto

    If his a1 removes a random buff and lets say i level him up for clan boss with higher accuracy to land his a2, how is he rated so bad against spirit keep?

  42. Taranizs

    At the moment the shard rates for epic/legendary are doubled; pulled an Ancient this afternoon and got….Executioner. I was significantly less than excited. Pulled another 20 minutes ago, out pops this big scaly bugger. Not a bad result from an Ancient if I do say so myself…

  43. Tom Chapman Barros-Wing

    Curious why you don’t rate him as also being good for early game. Because he’s not a farmer? He sure does kick butt in general.

  44. khamael_x

    @Tenhros There is no mission to fuse Rhazin. There are only fusion missions for Justiciar and Relickeeper. Just go ahead and fuse him

  45. Tenhros

    I think this has been asked before, but couldn’t find a definitive answer. Can I fuse him before getting to the mission where I need to fuse him, and would it still count ?

    Thanks for the work !

  46. Killaaxa

    For your Clan Boss-solely masteries you have cycle of violence on him, this would never proc on CB though? Wrath of the slain at least might get some use if others die first?

  47. OrcLadyConnoisseur

    @FY you’d have to consider him from both the perspective of a solo Brutal food-farmer, and a NM campaign tag-team clearer. He’s probably 5* at the latter, 4* at the former (assuming LS gear, books etc.)

  48. FY

    Rhazin definitely not 5* for campaign ,at most 4*.

  49. Ayumilove Post author

    @FHR: The recommended mastery above is the one that I’m currently using in-game for my Arena (Speed Nuke team), Clan Boss (Counter Attack Setup) and Faction Wars. If you tuned a mastery specifically for Clan Boss, it would also drastically reduces his usability in other areas (less survivability or damage). I would advise not to go for it unless you have many Level 60 fully ascended and geared champions in your inventory who are tuned for specific area. If you are 110% sure that you want to go for Clan Boss route, see the mastery Clan Boss section.

  50. Xanthis

    @Gladdendontiny His A2 is absolutely useful on the clan boss. Decrease def and weaken increase your dmg on warmaster / giant slayer procs. His a1 is a 3 hit and giant slayer does a ton of damage. His a1 can also remove the CB increase attack buff when he is below 50% health.

  51. Gladdendontiny

    Can someone explain why Rhaz is 5* for Clan Boss? It seems like the only good ability he has for him is his A2 and neither buff is required for CB?

  52. Xe0n

    Why would you rate Rhazin 6* in campaign when he is force affinity and have only one aoe ? Maybe i misunderstood something ?

  53. FHR

    Why would you recommend the same masteries both for clan boss and arena?

    if Someone… lets say me… would like to specialize rhazin for cb would you recommend still to follow your masteries or would you change anything?

  54. Michael

    Love your site. I think Rhazin can be at least 4 star on spirit keep. Though he is weak affinity he has remove buff to clear her block debuffs and the turn meter reduction keeps her from healing. He’s on my level 15 team

  55. HowiesJam

    Just FYI, your info says he can be obtained via Fusion, but I got mine from a Sacred Shard, no event running.

    Thanks for the site, all this info has helped me plan my teams massively.

  56. Karamvir Singh

    Rhazin base speed rises at 6* ascension. A lot of champs do that.

  57. Alteraego

    My Rhazin has a base speed of 86 not 91, yet this is the second place I e seen people refer to the higher number. What gives?

  58. OZzeT

    Hey. Just pulled my first legend and its Rhazin. Doesn’t he have 86 speed and 30 resist? Or these stats change at rank 6 or 6* ascend?

  59. Conrado

    I put him in the spider den and he just changed my life there too, put more stars on him hahaha

  60. GoTo

    2 stars for Spider seems low, he’s great for a nuke strategy outside stage 20: decrease defense + weaken + deplete turnmeter


    I think you have Raz where he belongs (A tier). I use him a lot. Hes really good but not quite god tier material. His skill set is pretty powerful. I find his A1 and A3 are really good for PVP. His A2 is really good for clan boss. All his skills are pretty good for dungeons and faction wars. On the negative side, his base speed is an awful 91. That’s really bad for a legendary. If it was like 105 or so, he could be god tier.

  62. Jesse

    Thanks for the reply. Would you recommend life steal sets for each of these champs in the absence of apoth? Also i just pulled a second skullcrusher.. is there ever a benefit to using 2 of him? (Or should i just use as food)?

  63. Ayumilove Post author

    @Jesse: I would recommend this new Clan Boss Setup: Tayrel (Lead Defense Aura), Rhazin Scarhide (Weaken, Decrease Defense), Coldheart (Damager), Occult Brawler (Poison Damager), Skullcrusher (Counter Attack). Then, speed tuned your champion equipment based on the current Clan Boss you are working on. (e.g. Brutal: 160, Nightmare: 170, UltraNM: 190). Have Tayrel goes first to place his Decrease Defense, followed by Rhazin Scarhide with his Weaken ability, then Coldheart and Occulbrawler to deal damage. Finally, Skullcrusher goes last to apply the Counter Attack buff on your allies. The main stats to improve survivability in Clan Boss is Speed, HP%, Defense% and Accuracy to land debuff. Once you got great stats for these equipment, you can cherry pick the ones that offers extra that boost your damage such as Critical Rate and Critical Damage. The primary damage will be from Poison and Warmaster or Giant Slayer.

  64. Jesse

    For my cb team, i also have available “richtoff the bold”, who could replace kael.. dunno could use some advice

  65. Jesse

    Just got this champ. Would you be willing to offer some advice regarding incorporating him into my current CB team? I have a lineup ive been using for quite some time, but now have Rhazin, Tayrel amd Skullcrusher.. and am wondering which champs should join the lineup and which should leave. (Current lineup: yaga as leader for acc (the first to get swapped), apoth, coldheart, kael, occult brawler.
    I really think apoth (once i get him GS), and occult brawler (nonstop poison debuffs) are mainstays.. coldheart is great and will be more so once she gets gs.. im thinkin tayrel replaces yaga, skullcrusher replaces kael.. leaving no room for rhazin? :/ advice welcome!