Loot Table and Drop Rates | Raid Shadow Legends

The complete list of Raid Shadow Legends Loot Table and Drop Rate for Campaign, Clan Boss, Dungeons, Spider’s Den, Potion Keep and Faction Wars. This help you identify the best difficulty to farm a specific item efficiently while spending the least amount of resources (e.g. Energy, Clan Boss Keys, Faction War Keys).

Campaign Loot Table and Drop Rate

The drop rate and loot table applies to all 12 Campaign stages, which are Kaerok Castle, Sewers of Arnoc, Catacombs of Narbuk, Durham Forest, Felwin’s Gate, Palace of Aravia, Tilshire, Valdemar Strait, The Deadlands, Godfrey’s Crossing, Hallowed Halls and Brimstone Path.

Campaign (Normal)

67% Artifact, 25% Mystery Shard, 1% Rare Champion, 7% Uncommon/Common Champion

Campaign (Hard)

70% Artifact, 22% Mystery Shard, 1.5% Rare Champion, 6.5% Uncommon/Common Champion

Campaign (Brutal)

72% Artifact, 20% Mystery Shard, 2% Rare Champion, 6% Uncommon/Common Champion

Campaign (Nightmare)

87% Artifact, 3% Rare Champion, 10% Uncommon/Common Champion

Campaign Stages

Note: Below is a list of champions that can be obtained aka farmed from the campaign stages. Selecting higher difficulty campaign mode increases the success rate of getting better rarity champion!

Campaign #1: Kaerok Castle

Campaign #2: Sewers of Arnoc

Campaign #3: Catacombs of Narbuk

Campaign #4: Durham Forest

Campaign #5: Felwin’s Gate

Campaign #6: Palace of Aravia

Campaign #7: Tilshire

Campaign #8: Valdemar Strait

Campaign #9: The Deadlands

Campaign #10: Godfrey’s Crossing

Campaign #11: Hallowed Halls

Campaign #12: Brimstone Path

Clan Boss Loot Table & Drop Rates

Here is the Clan Boss loot table and the drop rate for each item created by u/Rhbobo on Reddit that covers all Clan Boss difficulty (Normal, Hard, Brutal, Nightmare and Ultra-Nightmare). It displays the drop rate for all shard types (Ancient Shard, Void Shard, Sacred Shard), skill tomes (Rare Tome, Epic Tome, Legendary Tome) as well as the amount of Silver, Gems, XP Brews and Potions that is obtainable from the various chest rewards (Novice, Adept, Warrior, Knight, Guardian, Master, Grandmaster, Ultimate, Mythical, Divine, Celestial and Transcendent)
Clan Boss Loot Table and Drop Rate for - Raid Shadow Legends

Dungeons Loot Table & Drop Rates

Here is the dungeons loot table and the drop rate for each item created by u/Rhbobo on Reddit that is applicable for Ice Golem’s Peak, Dragon’s Lair and Fire Knight Castle dungeon. It displays the artifact rarity (Rare, Epic, Legendary), artifact rank, Mystery Shards, Ancient Shards and XP Brews chances of being obtainable.
Dungeons Loot Table and Drop Rate for - Raid Shadow Legends

Spider’s Den Loot Table & Drop Rates

Here is the Spider’s Den dungeon loot table and the drop rate for each item created by u/Rhbobo on Reddit. This table displays the drop rate of each accessory type, rarity and rank for Ring, Necklace and Banner. In addition of the accessories, there are Mystery Shards, Ancient Shards and XP Brews being dropped too when clearing Spider’s Den.
Spider's Den Loot Table and Drop Rate for - Raid Shadow Legends

Potion Keep Loot Table & Drop Rates

Here is the Potion Keep Loot Table and Drop Rates for each item prepared by u/Rhbobo on Reddit, which is applicable for Arcane Keep, Force Keep, Magic Keep, Spirit Keep and Void Keep. This table displays the quantity of potions and the chances to get the specific potion rarity (Lesser, Greater and Superior) for each floor difficulty. Apart from that, the table also covers miscelleanous items drop rate such as Mystery Shards, Ancient Shards and XP Brews for each floor too!
Potion Keep Loot Table and Drop Rate for - Raid Shadow Legends

Faction Wars Loot Table & Drop Rates

Faction Wars rewards Glyphs, Soulstone and Bloodstone when you successfully clear all enemies in the stage. The amount of forge materials gained depends on the stage difficulty that you clear! The higher difficulty stage you clear, the better rarity and more resources you can farm to craft powerful artifact sets in the Forge! The loot table below displays a list of stages. Each stage indicates the chances of getting a specific material based on their rarity or rank. Glyphs are categorized based on 6 rankings, whereas forge materials are categorized based on their rarity (Rare, Epic and Legendary).
Faction Wars Loot Table and Drop Rate - Raid Shadow Legends

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42 thoughts on “Loot Table and Drop Rates | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. QQ

    Is there a general campaign loot table? I need to get a rare or epic shield for a clan quest and am having terrible luck

  2. Devin

    Does anyone know the live arena chest drop rates? They are about to change the sets to be extremely good so I am wondering if it is more worth it to spend 10 gems a day on a second live arena refill or just using it to farm dragon on a 3x speed.

  3. Earl

    Where can we find the drop rates for mythical artifacts?

  4. Julian Cadavid

    Any information about hydra loots?

  5. Alex

    Drop chances are wrong for the Ice Golem dung on normal. I have spent like 400 energy farming 13 stage (and some 14). Supposedly the 5* drop rate is higher than 4*, but in reality I’ve got around 1/3 to 1/4 proportion. The majority of drops are 4*. I have not been counting the exact numbers, but I swear that’s that the actual probability is according to my experience.

  6. Lallana

    İyiyse güzel olur:)

  7. Marc

    Does anyone have updated guides with the sanddevil reward chart ?…

  8. Souli

    Drop chances are wrong. I ran dragons lair 60 times (not exaggerating, really 60 times) on Stage 9. Dropchance for 5 star artifact is allegedly 23%, so to NOT drop a 5 star artifact the chance is 77%. right. I dropped NOT A SINGLE 5 star artifact. So let’s do some math.

    The chance to not drop a single 5 star artifact 60 times in a row with a chance of 23% to drop one is:

    (1-0.23)^60*100 = 0,0000154683329% chance. So almost impossible.

    Either I am the most unlucky person ever or the chances are not that high. You should update the drop chances to the real drop chances, would help a lot of people.

  9. Katana Drama

    We need drop rates for hard dungeons, Iron twins, and Sand devil. When are those coming boss?

  10. NurseWrath

    can u add drop rates for Iron Twins, plz…

  11. Ryan Middleton

    It would be interesting to see a “Average potions per run” table added onto potion keep – showing the average number of each potion, for each lesser, greater, and superior.

    For example, for Stage 16, the lesser potions have the following odds:

    7 lessers = 25%. This is 175/100, aka 1.75
    8 lessers = 15%. This is 120/100, aka 1.2
    9 lessers = 10%. This is 90/100, aka 0.9%

    Calculation: 7*25/100, 8*15/100, 9*10/100

  12. dreamingyogi

    you are a hero!
    the game is made by an AI tho?!!?

  13. Asdf

    Any Drop rate info for Campaign? In particular Brutal 12-3

  14. (classified)

    I only needed what stage has the best drop rates for hardscale. (to fuse)

  15. Jason Waring

    The information I’m requesting is if anyone has the drop rates for the number of scrolls you get ( for example when it’s between 6 and 12 red scrolls)

  16. Anonymoose

    It’s been a little over a year since this page was last updated. Do we know if these drop rates are still up to date?

  17. TehCat

    Does anyone know the iron twins drop rates? I would like to try to find out how long I would need to farm to get enough soul essence to 6 star awaken an epic champion.

  18. Maxo996

    @the Giddy Gamer

    The chests drop multiple items. So for example the Novice chest values equate to 200% because that chests drops 2 items at random.

  19. the Giddy Gamer

    Thanks for your fabulous work!

    I’m a bit confused by the Clan Boss table. I can see how some numbers correlate, but i don’t see any way of adding numbers in any row or column to arrive at what should be an obvious 100%

  20. Bob

    @J Sun:

    Minotaur drops aren’t based on RNG they give you the lowest form scroll that a champion needs. There’s a bit of deviation rng such as the Red scrolls rolling from 6 to 12 scrolls at stage 15 but in terms of that RNG I think it’s not weighted against rolling higher numbers like 12 from my experience. The way this works is a fresh champion will gain white scrolls until they have full white scrolls, then you gain brown until full on brown and the same for red.

    I suppose you can see RNG from who the scrolls are given to at the end of the battle. However once you max out 4 champs masteries you can farm with maxed champs and one fresh champ on repeat and that fresh champ will receive all of the scroll drops until maxed as well.

    Worth it to grab those early boosts like 5% crit rate and 10% crit dam on your starter but generally wait until you can clear 15 to majorly grind it. Then you can max out your 4-5 carry champs so you can start building individual champs a bit quicker.

  21. J Sun

    Is there a drop rate table for scrolls you get from farming Minotaur anywhere?

  22. Kent

    Still not clear as to what average lesser pot means, perhaps if you could use the numbers in the table to illustrate that would help. I understand average lesser pot/energy but the first number I do not see it.

  23. Michael

    He’s using “Avg Lesser Pot” as “currency” so that you can work out how many of this “currency” drops per energy – to help cater for the fact that different ranks of pots can drop.

  24. Kent

    In the Potion Keep Tables, there is something down the bottom called “Avg Lesser Pot”, what does that mean? Thanks

  25. Stampede

    So where in the blue $%^& am I supposed to find the doom tower drop rates? What drops on what level? Rare materials in Hard Tower? Or what? What?

  26. Indigenius

    They also have drop rates for SETS, conniving little ****s at plarium.

    For example i’ve been farming for life leech, drop rate is next to 5% versus something like, destroy which is more then a 30% drop rate. samples of 100 multi runs puts destroy at a Waaaaay higher drop rate then the rest of the sets.

    Just came to rant, thanks for making the charts XD

  27. KyleD

    My bad… Through a re-check of my own experiment results, I noticed they “always drop something” besides the silvers. The rate of empty drop is zero…

  28. KyleD

    Near the top of this paper, under “CAMPAIGN LOOT TABLE AND DROP RATE”,

    The rates for everything (shards, champions, artifacts) sum up to 100%. On the surface, this makes perfect sense. However, there should also be a chance to “drop nothing (except silver)”. I got here hoping to find that rate also.

    Rate of dropping nothing + Rate of dropping champions + Rate of dropping artifacts + Rate of dropping shards = 100%

  29. Black-Wild

    Having trouble farming the champions needed to fuse Justicar. Is there a specific stage and/or difficulty needed in each world for them that has better odds? Like for “Heiress” stage 4 works better than the others, but only on Hard. Something like that?

  30. McSterge

    The campaign drop rates are not very helpful. If you look at the drop info on just stage 12 and you change from normal to hard to brutal to nightmare, you’ll see that the type of accessory changes. If you look at stage 6, the order of the champions completely changes for Brutal difficulty.

    The MOST useful reason to review campaign drop rates is to farm champions, and that appears to change for most stages between difficulties.

    This is a big undertaking but it would be the best info for campaign if it could be provided.

  31. Bucketeer

    This page is not linked in the sidebar, and it would be very helpful if it was.

  32. McSterge

    @Cactus Poop to be clear, ONLY campaign bosses can drop rare artifacts. All other stages will drop common and uncommon artifacts. IIRC it’s even true for Nightmare difficulty, so you’ll want to farm campaign bosses.

    It may even be better to farm campaign bosses on Normal difficulty because the energy spend is so low that you can auto-battle for longer. However, without exact drop rates we can’t know for sure)

  33. Lord Areola

    @Cactus Poop
    Campaign bosses can drop rare items. So to get 3 rare shields you could farm stage 7 on any difficulty.

    Although, I suppose you could just farm dungeons instead. They probably have better drop rates.

  34. Cactus Poop

    Are there any tables like this for regular campaign? A more direct question. What campaign, stage & difficulty level should you farm for rare shields? Any answer to both of these questions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  35. courageouslio

    @DangerClo5e it can also be done on boss stages

  36. courageouslio

    why is the table so incomplete

  37. Ayumilove Post author

    @Xotai: Incubus is listed in Campaign Brimstone Path section

  38. Xotai

    Incubus can be farmed in Normal Brimstone Path Stage 3

  39. Xotai

    Warmaiden can be farmed in Hard Deadlands Stage 6.
    It took me about 5 runs to get her. I tried several other levels and stages and found this one on the forums, which to my surprise work. I used over a 1,000 energy before. Good luck farming.

  40. DangerClo5e

    I just took a clan quest to get 3 rare shields in Campaign mode. Per the table above, that should not be available. Unless, available in NM only?

  41. DorniTheTurtle

    is there also a list of the droprates for the dungeon stages like fire knight, dragon lair and frost golam? ive been looking all over and the only info i can find is only fro stage 20, i would love to know if lower stages have different drop rates, i assume they do but how much and is it worth spending the extra energy if the reward can range from a 4* to a 6*