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Siege Clan vs Clan Guide - Raid Shadow Legends
RAID’s highly anticipated Clan vs Clan PvP mode is nearly here, marking the most significant update to the Clan system since the game’s launch—introducing Siege! To prepare you for Siege, this first installment of our two-part Update Preview will cover the fundamental aspects of this expansive new mode, the structure of the Clan Fortress, and offer general tips for those aiming to master siegecraft. To effectively defend your Clan Fortress in the new Siege mode, you need to understand its key components. Check out the guide below for all the basics you need to know about Buildings and Posts.

Siege Clan vs Clan Fortress Overview

  • This Clan vs. Clan PvP feature is the most significant overhaul to RAID’s Clan system since the game’s launch, so there’s a lot to cover. At its core, Siege is a new game mode that pits Clans against each other in fierce PvP combat. Expect intense battles, complex strategies, and clashes on multiple fronts!
  • To participate in a Siege, you must be part of a Clan and have reached Level 45. You’ll find Siege in the Game Modes menu, and any Clan with at least one member at Level 45 will have access to it. If you’re below Level 45, this fight isn’t for you just yet.
  • Now, let’s talk about the battleground where this epic clash will take place: the Clan Fortress! This towering citadel is your Clan’s base of operations. During a Siege, your job is to defend it from attack while simultaneously conquering your opponent’s Fortress.
  • At its core, the Clan Fortress is a collection of different buildings and locations, interconnected by a network of paths. One crucial thing to keep in mind is that the layout of the Clan Fortress is the same for every Clan.
  • All the buildings and the paths between them remain consistent across each Siege. The strategy and customization come from which buildings your Clan chooses to upgrade!
  • To upgrade buildings, you’ll need two resources unique to Siege: Florins and Mana Orbs. You’ll earn both as rewards for actions completed during a Siege, but everyone will receive an initial stockpile to start developing their Fortress before their first battle.
  • Any Clan member can donate Florins directly to a specific building to help upgrade it or repair it following a Siege. Each building has three upgrade levels, and each upgrade increases the total number of Champion teams that can be garrisoned inside it.
  • Mana Orbs work differently—they can be kept or donated to the shared Mana Orb Cache, where the Clan Leader and their Deputies will decide how they are used. Mana Orbs are mainly used to invoke various Bonuses and Conditions, which we’ll discuss later.

Fortress Buildings Overview

Icon Tier 1 Offense Masteries Description


  • There will be only 1 Stronghold per Clan Fortress at release, but we’ll add more with the introduction of additional Layers.
  • Like all Buildings, your Stronghold can be upgraded from Level 1 to Level 3 through the Clan’s joint efforts.
  • Other Buildings on the Layer cannot have a higher Level than the Stronghold.
  • Strongholds provide a Layer Bonus to all Defense Teams fighting on that Layer.
  • Only the Clan Leader or Clan Deputies can activate the Layer Bonus.
  • The Stronghold can hold between 12 and 18 Defense Teams, depending on its Level.
  • Capturing the opposing Clan’s Stronghold is one of the Victory conditions in Siege battles.
  • Defending your Stronghold or capturing the opponent’s will yield extra rewards for every Clan member at the end of the Siege.
Mana Shrine

Mana Shrine

  • There are 2 Mana Shrines per Clan Fortress.
  • Mana Shrines can be affected by the Bonuses other Buildings provide but do not generate any Bonuses on their own.
  • Each Mana Shrine can hold between 6 and 9 Defense Teams, depending on its Level.
  • Capturing the opponent’s Mana Shrines or successfully defending your own will earn Mana Orbs for all Clan Members.
  • Once a Mana Shrine has been captured, each Clan Member can fight the Defense Teams within one more time to earn Mana Orbs.
Magic Tower

Magic Tower

  • There are 4 Magic Towers per Clan Fortress.
  • They provide Bonuses to Defense Teams that garrison the Tower itself and the Buildings connected to it by Magic Paths.
  • Each of the Magic Towers will require a unique Bonus, and you can’t always use the same one.
  • Magic Towers are affected by the Layer Bonus.
  • Each Magic Tower can hold between 2 and 4 Champions Teams, depending on its Level.
Defense Tower

Defense Tower

  • There are 5 Defense Towers per Clan Fortress.
  • Defense Towers have separate bonuses, but they only affect Defense Teams within that tower.
  • You won’t be able to use the same Bonus for multiple Defense Towers.
  • They can hold between 2 and 4 Defense Teams, depending on their Level.


  • There are 18 Posts in each Clan Fortress.
  • Each Post will receive 3 randomized Conditions – bonuses that affect all Champions fighting there – from a Fortress-wide pool.
  • Once you commit your Champions to the defense of a Post, you can choose which of those 3 Conditions to activate.
  • Conditions affect both your Defense Team and the attacker’s Champions.
  • Stronghold and Magic Tower Bonuses can affect Posts.
  • Posts cannot be upgraded or damaged.
  • Each Post can hold only 1 Defense Team.

Fortress Buildings Functionality


The Stronghold is the heart, brain, and nerve center of a Fortress. It determines the maximum level of all buildings on a Fortress Layer, provides huge bonuses, and more. Defend it at all costs! For the initial release of Siege, there will only be one Fortress Layer and one Stronghold, but future updates will add extra Fortress layers, each with a new set of buildings and a Stronghold. A Stronghold also provides a “Layer Bonus” – boosting the stats of all allied Champions fighting on a specific layer. The only way to neutralize this bonus is to capture the Stronghold, which could mean defeating 18 individual teams when a Stronghold is upgraded to Level 3. You’ll need some serious tactical brilliance to capture this command center. When it comes to upgrade priority, focus on your Stronghold first! Other buildings can only be upgraded to the same level as your Stronghold, so neglecting its development will really hamper your Fortress’ overall strength. If you manage to defend your Stronghold or capture your opponent’s during a Siege, everyone in your Clan will earn extra rewards once the Siege ends.

Mana Shrines

Next up, Mana Shrines. There are two of these magical buildings currently in the Fortress, and defending them nets everyone in your Clan some additional goodies. Mana Shrines don’t provide any Bonuses like a Stronghold, but they can be enhanced by the Bonuses provided by other buildings. Attackers can also ‘rebattle’ any defeated Defense Teams that are stationed within a Mana Shrine to earn additional Mana Orbs. Direct your strongest assault squads here, and reap the rewards!

Magic Towers

From Mana Shrines, we move to Magic Towers. These arcane keeps can have up to 4 Champion teams stationed within them, and they will apply powerful Bonuses to those inside. Not only that, but any buildings directly connected to a Magic Tower via a path will also receive the same Bonus! You can tell which buildings are connected by these “magic paths” on the map – see the different color? One thing to note – you cannot use the same Bonus across multiple Magic Towers, so mix and match depending on your current strategy.

Defense Towers

We go to the Magic Tower’s sturdier sibling, the Defense Tower. These also have a maximum of 4 Team slots inside, and provide a special Defense Tower bonus for any Champions hunkered down inside. The same Bonus rules apply here – you cannot use the same Bonus across multiple Towers, but you can select a specific Bonus for each Tower, so pick the one most suited for the teams you’ve got garrisoned within.


Finally, we have Posts. These aren’t technically buildings – they’re more like important tactical locations within a Fortress. Bridges, palisades, crossroads, chokepoints – places where a band of warriors can mount a heroic defense. Posts cannot be upgraded or destroyed, and they can only contain 1 defense team. They are affected by all external Bonuses from the Stronghold and Magic Towers, and each Post has a specific battle Condition that will affect both the attacker and defender. More on those later!

Fortress Buildings Bonuses

  • So that’s all the buildings covered, now let’s explore Bonuses. As the name suggests, Bonuses are special boons that will help your Defense Teams stand strong against the enemy assault. Bonuses are grouped into categories, with you unlocking more as a building gets upgraded. As a general rule, the higher the Bonus category, the better the Bonus is.
  • For example, a Category 1 Stronghold Bonus may cause Champions to reflect 30% of the damage they receive, but they need to be part of the Telerian League or Gaellen Pact for it to apply. The Category 3 version of the same bonus will reflect the same amount of damage, but it will apply to all Champions, no matter the Faction. The higher category Bonuses will cost more Mana Orbs to activate, so your Clan will need to optimize Mana Orb usage across the entire Fortress to ensure the best bang for your magical buck.
  • Bonuses can only be deactivated if an enemy manages to destroy the building where it originates from. A building counts as ‘destroyed’ if all the teams defending it are defeated during a Siege’s Battle Phase.
  • To reactivate the Bonus for future Sieges, you will need to repair the building using Florins. While destroyed buildings cannot use their native Bonus, Bonuses from other buildings will still apply. If there’s a particular Magic Tower that is applying a powerful Bonus to multiple buildings, focus your forces to knock it out!
  • Only a Clan Leader or their Deputies can activate Bonuses for the Stronghold, Magic Towers, and Defense Towers. Bonuses aren’t just buffs to your Champions though; some will debuff those trying to topple your defenses.
  • In short – protect your most powerful Bonuses with strong defensive teams and launch precision strikes at enemy buildings that are applying Bonuses to multiple areas. Look for those “magic paths” that indicate which buildings are being buffed by a Magic Tower, and coordinate your troops accordingly. Sometimes, taking a detour around a particular Post is a better tactical decision than bashing your head against it.

Fortress Buildings Conditions

  • At the beginning of a Siege, each individual Post will receive 3 random battle conditions from a wide pool. Like with Bonuses, your Stronghold level determines how many Conditions you have access to.
  • Conditions affect both defender and attacker, ranging from limiting the Champions that can fight for a Post to disabling entire effects like reviving or Turn Meter manipulation.
  • With Conditions, no two Sieges will be the same! You don’t have to be a Clan Leader or Deputy to set a Condition – anyone who sets a Defense Team in a Post can select its specific Condition out of the three available. Just make sure you’ve got enough Mana Orbs to select the Condition you want!
  • Raid Shadow Legends will add a handy button that lists all the available Conditions for the current Siege and the Posts where they can be applied. So coordinate, plan, and strategize together with your Clan to see which teams will work best, considering the Conditions available.

Siege Lore

I remember Teleria as the gods first envisioned her: a realm of beauty and peace, where mortals could live, reason, and flourish in harmony with one another. It is a fragile ideal. One worth fighting for. And fight we must, for in his bitterness, Siroth still seeks to destroy what he once helped create. He will not rest until unfettered chaos reigns supreme, and that would be the death of all.

No matter how many wars we endure, no matter how many times we triumph, the defenders of Teleria must be ever-prepared for battle. And so must I. A blade will dull and rust without care. So, too, will a warrior’s skill fade without training. The foe we face will punish any mistake. He is as cruel as he is ancient, and underestimating him will spell the doom of Creation itself.

Distinguished as they are, my warriors have much to learn from their peers. They will become stronger, faster, and tougher, in mind and body. Or they will not survive what is to come. Amid the clash of steel of ever-changing battlefields, they must remain focused. Only if they do so will Teleria’s defenders be able to adapt their strategy, find weaknesses in the enemy’s defenses, seize opportunities, and know when and what to sacrifice to achieve victory.

Those who were once adversaries must let go of old grievances and fight together as part of one warhost, one clan. Only united did we prevail in the Great Wars of centuries past. And countless wars still lie ahead. I do not know how many future generations will have to answer my call to arms as their forebears did before them, but I do know that there is no other choice. We must steel ourselves and march the road to victory set before us, no matter how long and bloody it may be. We will do it not for glory or greed – but for the promise of peace.

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