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Free Gear Removal Event Calendar Raid Shadow Legends
For a short while, Raid Shadow Legends is slashing the Silver cost for removing or swapping Artifacts and Accessories by a whopping 100%! To check out the active boosts, simply tap the labels in the info panel situated near the upper-left corner of your screen in the Bastion, below your XP Bar. It’s time to fine-tune your teams, experiment with different Artifacts and Accessories, and explore exciting new Gear combinations! Seize this opportunity to revolutionize your approach to conquering the Stages of the Cursed City! Don’t miss out on the chance to try out fresh Gear on your Champions during the Free Gear Removal event!

Free Gear Removal FAQ

Why Free Gear Removal events are implemented in Raid?

In mid-2023, the Free Gear Removal event was introduced to provide players with the opportunity to optimize their teams for emerging challenges like the Hydra Clan Boss and the ever-changing dynamics of the Cursed City. With these new contents featuring rotating boss affinities each season, players faced the dilemma of incurring substantial silver expenses when adjusting gear to match the ideal champion affinities for each encounter. To mitigate this challenge, particularly for players lacking optimal gear for all their champions, the Free Gear Removal event offers a 100% discount on gear swapping costs, ensuring everyone can adapt their setups without financial strain.

Why you can’t miss this event?

  • When this event goes live in Raid Shadow Legends, it’s not just another happening – it’s a total game-changer! In a game where the cost of gear changes keeps creeping up, this event becomes the talk of the town. With free gear removal, you’re handed the golden opportunity to reassess and fine-tune your teams without worrying about the hefty price tag of shuffling gear around.
  • Now’s your moment to dive in and disassemble your champions’ gear, setting the stage for future configurations. Remember, completely revamping your account outside of these events can drain your resources, so this free gear removal extravaganza is an absolute must-not-miss opportunity!
  • But remember, time’s ticking, and this event only lasts a few days. Act fast to maximize its benefits. Shift your precious gear from your faction wars teams and lesser-used champions to those who are vital to your progress – all at no cost!

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