Avoiding Newbie Pitfalls in Raid Shadow Legends

Embark on an epic journey through the captivating realm of Raid Shadow Legends, where every decision shapes your destiny on the battlefield. As a new player stepping into this vast and dynamic world, it’s essential to grasp the fundamental strategies that will pave the way for your success. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the 13 pitfalls that newbies should avoid landing themselves into when playing Raid!

13 Essential Pitfalls to Avoid in Raid

Promotional Advantage

One of the first steps to success in Raid Shadow Legends is seizing the promotional advantage. Redeeming promotional codes right from the start can furnish you with invaluable resources and formidable champions to fortify your arsenal. Explore our dedicated page for exclusive promo codes to jumpstart your journey with a definitive advantage over your rivals. Keep in mind that there are various types of promo codes, including those for newly registered accounts, new players, and time-limited offers, so not all codes may be applicable to every player.

Efficient Resource Management

However, success in Raid Shadow Legends isn’t solely reliant on acquiring powerful champions—it also hinges on efficient resource management. Wisely managing resources such as energy, tokens, and keys is paramount to your progression. By ensuring these resources remain below maximum capacity, you can continuously reap the rewards they offer, thereby maximizing your potential for advancement. Follow these calendars to see the pattern of the upcoming shard events!
2X 10X Summon Calendar
15X Progressive Chance Event Summon Calendar
Guaranteed Champion Summon
Extra Legendary Summon Event Calendar
Holy Summon Pool Event Calendar

The Hazards of Swift Champion Expansion

Within the realm of Raid Shadow Legends, the principle of “quality over quantity” holds true. Instead of spreading your resources thin across a multitude of champions, focus on nurturing a select few core champions to spearhead your advancement. Concentrating your efforts on a small, powerful team enables you to accelerate your progression with precision and effectiveness. Early game strategy involves building versatile champions capable of excelling across multiple key areas like Clan Boss battles, dungeon exploration, and campaign farming. In the mid game, once you’ve amassed sufficient artifact sets and ascension potions, consider expanding your roster to construct specialized teams for faster dungeon runs. As you progress to the late game, with a wealth of champions at your disposal, assemble teams tailored for challenging content such as the Hydra Clan Boss, Doom Tower, and Cursed City encounters.

Strategic Champion Acquisition

Strategic champion acquisition is another key aspect of mastering Raid Shadow Legends. By aligning your summoning shard pulls with 2x shard events, you can amplify the value of your pulls and bolster your roster with formidable champions. Planning your pulls with precision is crucial to maximizing the efficacy of your resources and accelerating your progression through the game.

Long-Term Investments

Choosing to invest in long-term gains proves lucrative in Raid Shadow Legends. Prioritizing the Gem Mine over the Sparring Pit in the early stages ensures a continuous flow of gems, offering sustainable returns on your investment. As you maximize your Gem Mine’s potential, you can utilize the accrued gems to unlock Sparring Pit slots, facilitating passive champion leveling. This strategic approach minimizes the need for energy refills to level up high-ranking champions overnight. Through patience and strategic planning, you establish a foundation for lasting success within the game.

Mission Completion

Completing missions and quests is a pathway to valuable rewards and champion opportunities in Raid Shadow Legends. By diligently pursuing these objectives, you can unlock powerful champions and accelerate your progression through the game. Embrace the pursuit of progress and seize every opportunity to advance your journey towards greatness.

Clan Membership

Joining an active clan is a strategic move that can significantly enhance your resource acquisition and progression in Raid Shadow Legends. By participating in clan activities, you can unlock daily rewards and partake in Clan vs Clan battles, accelerating your advancement through the game. Prioritizing clan unity ensures you reap the benefits of collective strength and solidarity on your journey to greatness.

Accuracy Matters

Accuracy is a crucial attribute for debuff champions, both in PvE and PvP encounters. Ensuring your champions are equipped with sufficient accuracy enables them to unleash their full potential on the battlefield, turning the tide of battle in your favor. By fine-tuning your builds and prioritizing accuracy, you can ensure your champions strike true and deliver devastating blows to your adversaries.

Navigating Damage Caps

Navigating damage caps is a challenge that awaits those who venture into higher-level dungeons and challenges. Awareness of these caps is essential for optimizing your team’s performance and overcoming formidable foes. By strategically adjusting your tactics and compositions, you can overcome these obstacles and emerge victorious in your quest for supremacy.

Inventory Management

In Raid Shadow Legends, efficient inventory management is essential for success. Avoid the temptation to hoard gear indiscriminately, as clutter can hinder your progress and impede your ability to navigate the game effectively. By maintaining a selective approach to gear storage, you can streamline your gameplay experience and focus on what truly matters—victory on the battlefield.

XP Boost Utilization

Harnessing the power of XP boosts is a strategic tactic for expediting your leveling journey in Raid Shadow Legends. By maximizing the benefits of these boosts during Campaign XP grinding sessions, you can accelerate your progression and unlock new opportunities for growth. Keep a keen eye on their expiration dates and claim them promptly to ensure continuous progression in your Raid adventure.

Resource Preservation

Preserving rare resources such as books and brews is essential for maximizing their impact in Raid Shadow Legends. Avoid squandering these precious assets on unworthy champions and instead reserve them for endeavors that promise substantial returns on investment. By exercising prudence and foresight, you can ensure your resources are utilized effectively and contribute to your ongoing success in the game.

Community Engagement

The Raid Shadow Legends community is a treasure trove of knowledge and camaraderie for players seeking guidance and assistance. Engage with fellow players on platforms like Discord and Reddit to tap into their collective wisdom and elevate your gameplay experience. By embracing community insight, you can gain valuable insights and forge lasting connections on your journey to greatness.


Armed with these strategic insights and tactical wisdom, you are ready to embark on your Raid Shadow Legends odyssey. May your journey be filled with triumphs and glory as you carve your legacy in the annals of legend.

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