Why Joining a Clan in Raid Shadow Legends is Essential

Why Joining a Clan in Raid Shadow Legends is Essential
Joining a clan in RAID: Shadow Legends is crucial for players of all levels. It unlocks significant content, offers numerous rewards, and fosters a sense of community. This guide explores the key reasons for joining a clan, including early access to exclusive content, Clan Boss rewards and strategies, social benefits, Clan vs Clan events, the Clan Shop, and Clan Quests.

Early Access to Exclusive Content

  • Joining a clan early on is essential as it provides access to important content like the Demon Lord Clan Boss and Hydra Clan Boss. The Clan Boss is available from the game’s early stages, offering vital rewards that boost your progression. While the Hydra becomes accessible later, being in a clan prepares you for it.
  • The Clan Boss is a primary source of rewards in the early game. Battling the Clan Boss requires Clan Boss Keys, so joining a clan early allows you to start earning these rewards. The Clan Boss drops valuable items such as XP Brews, summoning shards, skill tomes, and unique artifact sets. These drops increase in quality as you progress further into higher difficulty of Clan Boss. Regular participation in Clan Boss battles helps you gather essential resources for your progress.
  • A strong team composition is key to defeating the Clan Boss. In early game, champions like Kael who applies Poison debuffs, Athel who inflicts Weaken debuff, and Warmaiden who provides Decrease Defense, can significantly boost your damage output. You will soon be replacing these champions with better ones who can provide more utilities in clan boss raid. As soon as you get your Clan Boss Keys, start battling to collect these vital rewards. Checkout the Advanced Quests before partaking into clan boss raid as sometimes it will require you to use Rare champion to obtain additional rewards!

Building a community

RAID: Shadow Legends thrives on its community-driven nature. Joining a clan allows you to engage with other players through Clan Chat, where you can seek help or offer advice. This social interaction is invaluable, especially for new players who may need guidance. Clan Chat helps you communicate effectively and build strong relationships with your clan members, fostering a supportive community. Being part of a clan is more than just gameplay; it’s about building relationships. Many players have formed lasting friendships through their clans, even meeting up at various events. The social aspect keeps the game engaging and alive, as you become part of a vibrant and interactive community.

Compete and Conquer in Clan vs Clan

One of the exciting features of being in a clan is participating in Clan vs Clan (CvC) events. In these events, your clan competes against another to accumulate points and win rewards. The competition is fierce and encourages you to play the game as much as possible, including pulling shards and completing various in-game activities. For Free-to-Play (F2P) players, CvC offers personal rewards, allowing you to contribute to your clan’s success without feeling disadvantaged. By actively participating, you can help your clan win and earn substantial rewards.

Exclusive Rewards in Clan Shop

The Clan Shop is another significant benefit of being in a clan. This shop offers exclusive items, including legendary champions like Yakarl the Scourge and Yannica. Collecting these champions takes time and clan gold, but the rewards are well worth the effort. In addition to champions, the Clan Shop provides energy boosts, skill tomes, and shards. These items can greatly enhance your progress in the game, making the Clan Shop a valuable resource for all clan members.

Earn Clan Gold with Clan Quests

  • Clan Quests are tasks that provide clan gold upon completion. These quests come in three types: Basic, Expert, and Elite. Basic quests are the easiest, offering 100 gold per completion, while Expert and Elite quests offer 200 and 350 gold respectively.
  • Completing Elite quests is highly rewarding, but clans often limit these to ensure fairness. You can undertake a maximum of three quests per week, potentially earning up to 1050 gold. This gold is crucial for purchasing items in the Clan Shop, so aim to complete the highest-level quests you can manage confidently.
  • In the early game, focus on quests that you can complete reliably. Attempting Expert and Elite quests can provide more gold, but ensure you can complete them to maximize your rewards. Clans may have policies to distribute Elite quests fairly, so coordinate with your clan members.


Joining a clan in RAID: Shadow Legends offers numerous benefits, from early access to exclusive content and valuable rewards to social interaction and competitive events. It enhances your gaming experience by providing a supportive community, competitive events, and essential resources. Don’t miss out on the advantages of being in a clan – join one today and start reaping the rewards!

Do you have other reasons for joining a clan? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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