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3X Chance Artifact Set from Drop Fever Event Calendar Raid Shadow Legends
For a limited time, Raid Shadow Legends is offering special Drop Fever events! Triple your chances of securing artifacts from Dragon’s Lair, Fire Knight’s Castle, and Ice Golems Peak, and triple your odds of getting faction accessories from Spider’s Den. Get ready to seize Raid’s most sought-after artifact. Don’t miss out!

Drop Fever Event FAQ

Why Drop Fever Events are implemented into Raid?

The Drop Fever event, launched in early 2022, serves as a valuable tool for players seeking to acquire specific artifact sets crucial for account progression across various stages of the game. Additionally, it facilitates the rapid acquisition of accessory sets tailored to new factions introduced by Raid Shadow Legends (e.g., Sylvan Watchers, Shadowkin), ensuring players have the necessary gear to tackle Faction War stages and navigate areas in Cursed Cities that demand champions from specific factions. This initiative effectively addresses challenges posed by new game content releases, such as the surge in popularity of Cursed artifact sets due to their efficacy in encounters like the Hydra Clan Boss, akin to the specialized abilities of Hex champions.

Why are Drop Fever Events so sought-after?

It’s because of the remarkable gear sets they showcase. Highly demanded artifact sets such as Speed, Savage, and Regeneration holds great importance in the game, becomes much easier to obtain with triple the chances during these events. Picture the benefit of tripling your opportunities to obtain this set with each run you make! Furthermore, the threefold boost streamlines the process of acquiring particular Faction Accessories, increasing the likelihood of effortlessly adding desired items to your collection. For optimal gear farming, it’s crucial to know the key stages that yield the best results. Aim to farm at the highest stage you can access for maximum efficiency.

What are the best stages to farm in dungeon?

  • Stage 13: Your first opportunity to acquire 6★ artifact, potentially offering great items.
  • Stage 16: Dungeons cease dropping Mystery Shards and Brews, maximizing artifact drops per energy.
  • Stage 20: Eliminates the drop of unnecessary 4★ artifact.
  • Stage 24: Offers the highest quality artifact per energy spent.
  • Stage 25: Provides the highest chance of obtaining 6★ Legendary artifact.
  • Hard Mode: Despite having the same energy cost as Stage 25, it offers a chance of acquiring Mythic artifact. If you’re capable of farming Hard Mode, it’s strongly recommended during this event!

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Drop Fever Event Calendar

2024 Drop Fever Event Calendar


May 23 Lifesteal
May 09 Speed
May 01 Stalwart
Apr 21 Speed
Apr 10 Speed
Mar 21 Speed
Mar 07 Speed
Feb 25 Destroy

Fire Knight

May 16 Regeneration
May 05 Savage
Apr 26 Regeneration
Apr 17 Savage
Apr 04 Regeneration
Mar 26 Savage
Mar 14 Regeneration
Feb 21 Savage

Ice Golem

May 12 Cursed
May 03 Reflex
Apr 23 Retaliation
Apr 13 Provoke
Mar 23 Cursed
Mar 10 Reflex
Feb 27 Cursed

Spider’s Den

May 22 Sacred Order
May 07 Sylvan Watchers
Apr 28 Shadowkin
Apr 19 Banner Lord
Apr 07 Sylvan Watchers
Feb 23 Knights Revenant

2023 Drop Fever Event Calendar


Sep 19 Speed
Aug 26 Speed
Jul 20 Speed
May 30 Speed
Apr 27 Speed
Mar 28 Speed
Mar 09 Stalwart
Mar 01 Speed

Fire Knight

Sep 23 Regeneration
Sep 13 Savage
Aug 22 Regeneration
Jul 27 Savage
Jun 30 Fury
Jun 02 Regeneration
May 31 Savage
Apr 11 Immunity
Mar 10 Savage
Feb 22 Regeneration
Feb 05 Speed
Jan 29 Savage
Jan 09 Speed

Ice Golem

Aug 28 Retaliation
Jul 24 Reflex
Jun 27 Retaliation
Mar 10 Reflex
Mar 04 Retaliation

Spider’s Den

Jul 19 Sylvan Watchers
Jul 18 Shadowkin
Jul 17 Dwarves
Jun 19 Sylvan Watchers
Jun 01 Banner Lords
Mar 27 Orcs
Mar 26 Sacred Order
Mar 25 High Elves
Feb 26 Dark Elves
Feb 25 Sylvan Watchers
Jan 05 Sylvan Watchers

2022 Drop Fever Event Calendar


Dec 11 Speed
Nov 16 Speed
Oct 18 Speed
Sep 05 Speed
Aug 22 Speed
Jul 23 Speed
May 25 Speed
Apr 15 Speed
Mar 19 Speed

Fire Knight

Dec 05 Regeneration
Nov 10 Savage
Sep 27 Savage
Jul 31 Savage
Jul 06 Regeneration
Jun 02 Savage
May 04 Regeneration
Mar 22 Regeneration
Mar 15 Savage
Mar 09 Stun
Feb 07 Savage

Ice Golem

Dec 02 Retaliation
Nov 19 Reflex
Sep 24 Retaliation
Jul 27 Retaliation
May 29 Retaliation
Apr 08 Resistance

Spider’s Den

Dec 10 Sylvwan Watchers
Dec 09 Shadowkin
Dec 08 Dwarves
Nov 13 Sylvan Watchers
Sep 03 Dwarves
Sep 02 Undead Hordes
Jul 05 Knights Revenant
Jun 05 Shadowkin
May 08 High Elves
Apr 11 Dwarves

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