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Fragment Trading System for Highmother Maud - Raid Shadow Legends
Introducing the Fragment Trading System feature introduced in Patch 8.20 in Raid Shadow Legends! Now, players can delve into the realm of exchange, where Champion Fragments hold the key to unlocking boundless possibilities. Discover how these fragments can be transformed into Exchange Points, paving the way for unprecedented rewards and opportunities. But tread carefully, for every exchange is a one-way journey into the unknown. Join us as we unravel the secrets of this exchange system and embark on a quest for legendary champions and untold riches.

Exchanging Champion Fragments Guide

Fragment Trading Overview

  • You can swap Champion Fragments for Exchange Points if you are unable to earn more Champion Fragments for a specific Champion. To do this, go to the Champion marked with the Fragment symbol and tap the “Exchange” button. This Champion’s Fragments will then be swapped for Exchange Points.
  • 5 Epic Champion Fragments equal 1 Exchange Point, and 1 Legendary Champion Fragment equals 1 Exchange Point.
  • You can spend your Exchange Points on Fragment Exchange Chests. To receive 1 Fragment Exchange Chest, you will need 5 Exchange Points.
  • Each Chest may contain useful items that will help you progress, as well as Fragments of a unique Legendary Champion from the Sacred Order, Highmother Maud. You can only get her via the Fragment Summon tab after collecting the necessary Fragments from Fragment Exchange Chests.
  • Note-1: Swapping Champion Fragments for Exchange Points is an irreversible action and cannot be undone.
  • Note-2: You can only swap Champion Fragments for Exchange Points for champions who has more than 0 Fragment but less than 100 Fragments.

Fragment Exchange System Limitation

The fragment exchange system excludes the following champion fragments obtained from the following areas:

  1. Active Fusions (On-going fragment fusion event)
  2. Daily Login Champions
  3. Doom Tower Champions (e.g. Taya, Ba Satha)
  4. Exclusive Champions (Mithrala Lifebane, Quintus the Triumphant)
  5. Referral Champions (Crohnam, Djamarsa)
  6. Tag Team Champions
  7. Plarium Points Program (e.g. Searsha the Charred).

Fragment Exchange Chest

  • Use 5 Exchange Points to open 1 Fragment Exchange Chest.
  • Open up to 10 Fragment Exchange Chests per week. The limit gets reset every Monday at midnight UTC.
  • You can open Fragment Exchange Chests one by one or open all 10 at once.
  • Each Fragment Exchange Chest contains one of the following random rewards:
  • Highmother Maud Fragments (1 ~ 3)
  • 5 XP Brew (Magic / Force / Spirit / Void)
  • XP Barrel
  • Chicken (Rank 3 / Rank 4 / Rank 5)
  • Feast
  • Greater Potion (Arcane / Magic / Spirit / Force)
  • Champion Skill Tome (Rare / Epic / Legendary)

Fragment Trading System Screenshots

Exchanging Fragments for Fragment Points

Exchange Fragments for Fragment Points - Raid Shadow Legends

Fragment Chest Rewards Content

Fragments Chest Rewards Content - Raid Shadow Legends

Collecting Fragment Chest Rewards

Collecting Fragments Chest Rewards - Raid Shadow Legends

Champion Fragments Guide


  • Champion Fragments allow you to summon specific Champions once you’ve collected enough Fragments.
  • Each Champion has their own set of Fragments that are only used to summon that Champion.
  • For example, Foli’s fragments can only be used to summon Foli, and can’t be used to summon Dracomorph or any other Champion.

Using Champion Fragments

  • To summon a Champion using Champion Fragments, head to the Fragment Summon tab at the Portal.
  • You need to collect a specified number of Fragments to be able to summon a Champion. Right now, each Champion needs 100 Fragments — but you can always collect more if you want more than one of those Champions.
  • Once you’ve collected enough Fragments to summon a Champion, all you have to do is hit Summon. Summoning Champions using their Champion Fragments is free.

Getting Champion Fragments

  • Right now, you can get Champion Fragments in multiple ways – such as rewards from Events and Tournaments, or from Special Offers at the Shop.
  • To see where to get Champion Fragments for a specific Champion, just tap the Info icon in the Fragment Summon window. You’ll see a helpful popup listing all the available ways to get Fragments for that Champion.

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