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Holy Summon Pool Event Calendar using Prism Crystals in Raid Shadow Legends
The Holy Summon Pool Event was introduced by Plarium in late 2023 within Raid Shadow Legends. This event enable players to have a higher chance to summon specific champions in a smaller pool of champions using a new summon currency known as Prism Shards. With this new summoning event, it helps to alleviate complaints from numerous paying players where they are having difficulty summoning new champions due to the expanding champions pool.

Previously, 20 Prism Shards cost about 5 USD and using these shards allowed you to summon Rare, Epic, and Legendary champions. In August 21 2023, Plarium decided to change the pricing of Prism Shard to 80 Prism Shards for 20 USD (close to a Sacred Shard pricing of 25 USD) but you will now only able to summon Epic and Legendary champions! You need at least 80 Prism Shard to summon a champion from the Holy Summon Pool!

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Holy Summon Pool Event Calendar

2024 2023

May 13 (25 Prism Crystals)

Barbarians Faction: Dune Lord Greggor, Alsgor Crimsonhorn, Elder Skarg, Kantra the Cyclone, Armanz the Magnificent, Valkyrie, Teshada, Alika, Armina, Jotunn, Aina, Hoskarul, Fahrakin the Fat, High Khatun, Woad-Painted

Apr 15

Sacred Order Faction champions + Falmond Mournsword (Faction Unity)

Mar 25

Selected Champions

11 Mar 2024

High Elves faction champions + Fyna Blade of Aravia (Faction Unity)

Oct 23

Undead Hordes, Demonspawn

Oct 09

Fusion summon pool

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