Budget Super Tanky Clan Boss Guide | Raid Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends Budget Super Tanky Clan Boss is an alternative to the Super Tanky Clan Boss Team setup using Epic champions instead of Legendary champions to achieve 1 key Ultra-Nightmare Clan Boss! This Clan Boss team setup uses a variety of buffs to strengthen the team so that they receive less damage from Clan Boss attacks as well as debuffs to increase the team damage output and reduces Clan Boss inflicted damage! This unique Clan Boss team composition is introduced by iAanG (Youtube Content Creator) to the Raid Shadow Legends community.

Raid Shadow Legends Lydia the Deathsiren Budget Super Tanky Clan Boss Guide


SPD: 268~283

UNM Order:

A2, A3, Auto

Raid Shadow Legends Godseeker Aniri Budget Super Tanky Clan Boss Guide


SPD: 255~261

UNM Order:

A2, Auto

Raid Shadow Legends Underpriest Brogni Budget Super Tanky Clan Boss Guide


SPD: 254~260

UNM Order:

A2, A1, Auto

Raid Shadow Legends Toragi the Frog Budget Super Tanky Clan Boss Guide


SPD: 225~230

UNM Order:

A1, A2, Auto

Raid Shadow Legends Iron Brago Budget Super Tanky Clan Boss Guide

Iron Brago

SPD: 217~218

UNM Order:

A1, A3, Auto

Team Overview

Clan Boss Videos

Raid Shadow Legends Budget Super Tanky Clan Boss Guide on Ultra-Nightmare by YST

Raid Shadow Legends Budget Super Tanky Clan Boss Guide on Ultra-Nightmare by iAanG

Ultra-Nightmare Clan Boss champion sequence for Budget Super Tanky Clan Boss setup
Budget Super Tanky World Clan Boss Guide for Ultra-Nightmare Clan Boss

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13 thoughts on “Budget Super Tanky Clan Boss Guide | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. Nathan R

    Actually I’m averaging 40-45m/key with a psuedo setup using the core team of Geo Aniri Toragi, I brought Riho to stay affinity friendly but really not required, just any block debuffs you can keep for a few turns, and I brought Jareg to replace Iron Braggo and keep up increase def(granted he’s nowhere near as tanky) but my build for characters is sub-obtimal, I’m extremely low spending ($30~ total and only on lego books) so it’s a very realistic goal imo

  2. Hunter Ross Holliday

    All the complainers about Lydia being in a “budget” comp…Lydia is literally free to play accessible. That’s as budget as it gets. She is literally the only champ in this comp that you can 100% guarantee you will have eventually as long as you *work* towards her (gasp* and clutches pearls). Crazy I know. Great comp video!

  3. Joe Mainprize

    Got brogni, ainri, and toragi . Can anyone be subbed in to replace Lydia and iron braggo??? Any help advice would be appreciated

  4. Ironsvillage

    Budget = Only 2000$ to invest and it’s not guaranteed

  5. Dusk

    LMAO whats budget about this build? one of the hardest fusions to do and lydia…

  6. Ushioni

    I am using this comp with Martyr instead of Iron Brago. Defense needs to be higher across the board but happy with the result

  7. stink3rbelle

    FYI the set-up for UNM is a bit off here. Iron Brago needs to do his A2 increase defense move first. If he does A1 first, Toragi and Brogni (at least) don’t have increase defense on throughout the fight.

  8. stink3rbelle

    So happy to see this laid out here, very helpful, and I hadn’t realized you do some clan boss comp info! I think I’m gonna pull the trigger and build it out today, wish me luck! Lydia is a tough grind, but the gear requirements for this are tougher.

  9. Aaron Folkersen

    its a joke to call this a budget team and put lydia on it. no build with lydia is budget

  10. Manatar

    I have a problem vs the spirit boss with this team, actually he hits me with the speed down aoe at 1st turn, and this destroy all the rotation

  11. Uli91

    @Batou, it might not work because Lydia also brings increase speed buff.

  12. Batou

    Hi, can you work with draco instead of lydia?

  13. Broccolli

    Budget with a Lydia!!!!! Ouch, that hurts my feelings!!!