Raid Shadow Legends Super Tanky World Record Clan Boss Guide

Raid Shadow Legends Super Tanky Clan Boss Team is a team created by Pavo to sustain in a lengthy battle by using multiple buffs and debuffs. This team comprises Underpriest Brogni, Valkyrie, Iron Brago, Lydia the Deathsiren and Krisk the Ageless who are the top tier champions in the game, which provides many buffs and debuffs in the battle. This enables them to sustain beyond Clan Boss 50 Turns where Unkillable Clan Boss teams have difficulty with.

Raid Shadow Legends Underpriest Brogni Unkillable Clan Boss Guide


SPD: 269~276


A1, A3, A2, Auto




Raid Shadow Legends Lydia the Deathsiren Unkillable Clan Boss Guide


SPD: 268~275


A3, A2, Auto




Raid Shadow Legends Krisk the Ageless Unkillable Clan Boss Guide


SPD: 238~239


A1, A2, Auto




Raid Shadow Legends Valkyrie Unkillable Clan Boss Guide


SPD: 200~223






Raid Shadow Legends Iron Brago Unkillable Clan Boss Guide

Iron Brago

SPD: 199~219


A3, A2, Auto




Clan Boss Videos

200M+ Ultra-Nightmare Clan Boss Team by DeadwoodJedi

Super Tanky Champion References

This section covers the champion’s masteries and artifacts used for Super Tanky Clan Boss Build in Raid Shadow Legends.

Iron Brago Super Tanky Build

Here is Iron Brago’s artifacts and masteries by Ayumilove optimized for Clan Boss as a damage dealer. Iron Brago is equipped in Toxic Set to increase the amount of damage dealt to the Clan Boss since there isn’t any Poison Champion in this team. The stats to prioritize on Iron Brago are Defense, Critical Rate, Critical Damage, Accuracy and Speed. He will need a high amount of Defense to increase all allies Defense stats via his passive skill, which synergizes well with Valkyrie’s Shield Skill as the shield capacity generated is based on the amount of Defense she has!
Raid Shadow Legends Iron Brago Artifact and Stats Reference Guide for Super Tanky Clan Boss Build

Valkyrie Super Tanky Build

Raid Shadow Legends Valkyrie Artifact and Stats Reference Guide for Super Tanky Clan Boss Build

Krisk the Ageless Super Tanky Build

Raid Shadow Legends Krisk the Ageless Artifact and Stats Reference Guide for Super Tanky Clan Boss Build

Underpriest Brogni Super Tanky Build

Raid Shadow Legends Underpriest Brogni Artifact and Stats Reference Guide for Super Tanky Clan Boss Build

Lydia the Deathsiren Super Tanky Build

Raid Shadow Legends Lydia the Deathsiren Artifact and Stats Reference Guide for Super Tanky Clan Boss Build

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13 thoughts on “Raid Shadow Legends Super Tanky World Record Clan Boss Guide

  1. Shy of dropbears clan

    @Warlock You don’t mention which champs are at which SPD, Speed is simply the most important of all the stats is simply get your speeds in the brackets at the top of the post. then enough ACC to land your skills on the CB.
    I have managed 110m since my last post, but probably only fail to one key on Void once a fortnight due to a bad crit or timing somehow going off..

  2. Warlockl511

    Having trouble with this team

    All seem to fall into the correct speeds required but I notice every so often brogni and lydia go before cb on a turn and lose there ally protect right before cb hits.

  3. Gummybear

    thanks ayumie, are the speed ranges taking into account lore of steel and speed sets? i assume no turn meter masteries

  4. Ayumilove Post author

    @Gummybear: I optimized my Lydia the Deathsiren for multi-purpose. She is utilized as my Hard Doom Tower floor clearance, Arena Defense and this Clan Boss (Ultra-Nightmare, Nightmare, Brutal and Hard difficulty). The important part for this to work is to have the right speeds, so everything falls into sequence. Once you can get that done, the next step would be to improve their survivability (Health and Defense) followed by the damage (Critical Rate and Critical Damage) on the damage dealers.

  5. Shy of dropbears clan

    No idea on why the resist needed.
    UPDATE on prior posts: I have been running this team for the last couple of months now, while I don’t see the results these guys did, as I don’t have anywhere neat the 100% CR on my guys, I only just managed to get the Speeds with the gear I have. I one key UNM dying around turn 80 with NM getting 76-96M. On rare occasions I failed to one key UNM with 69m… High scores are 96M on UNM, 195-196 on both NM and Brutal, where occasionally they die turn 80-100 and get 110-120m, else I have to watch turn count.
    The main drawback of this team is the time taken! I typically have to leave my phone/PC running this during work commutes, before breakfast or when I go to bed.

  6. Gummybear

    why is there so much resist chest pieces? is resistance important in this build?

  7. Shy of dropbears clan

    Thanks, yeah I am looking at doing my SPD tuning this weekend. Surely stun target isn’t an issue as Brogni has his block debuffs up 100% of the time like in my current team (well until he dies that is).
    Finding her great in my Spider team, but due to CvC I haven’t taken her for a spin elsewhere.

  8. Ayumilove Post author

    @Shy of dropbears clan: Ensure the champions are properly speed tuned to prevent any unsync in the team order such as avoiding any masteries that can boost their Turn Meter. Have sufficient Defense stats to improve the champions survivability. Take note of the Stun targetting, and ensure it does not fall on the Ally Protector else it will kill him really fast and break the team.

  9. Ayumilove Post author

    @Sorahn: You do not need any Resistance for Valkyrie in this Super Tanky Clan Boss build as Clan Boss stun is unresistable. Prioritize on Defense, Critical Rate and Critical Damage. Get sufficient Speed stat to get into the Speed Tune for this Clan Boss setup. If you have Valkyrie get stunned, you will need to have the Block Debuff champion to apply Block Debuff on all allies, so they will not get any Stun debuff, which can mess up their turn sequence. Also, have a champion with lower HP then Valkyrie, so the Clan Boss will target him/her to redirect the stun targetting.

  10. Shy of dropbears clan

    @ayumilove what are the gaps in this team you mention other than the chances of debuffs being resisted. I finished FW last week and am waiting for CvC to start for some free big points. I have the rest of the team, pretty much swapping Geomancer for Lydia, but then I have a major retune for the speed requirements. Currently an easy two key on UNM with slow tuned team as long as I hit off Void.

  11. Sorahn

    Finally got Valkyrie. I did a quick build of this team paying attention only to speed tuning and ignoring all other stats. Valkyrie was the first one to die at around turn 40. She also got stunned several times so she needs more HP/DEF as well as more resistance. Still went 46 turns, 25.05m damage on UNM

    Update: Got Valkyrie resistance up to 218 and defense over 5k. Only a couple of stuns on key 2 and took CB to 56 turns, 39.5k damage. Should be able to consistently 2-key CB now on UNM.

  12. Ayumilove Post author

    @GTDyne: Valkyrie is irreplaceable as she is the only champion who can put out the largest shield in the game based on Defense Stats! Krisk the Ageless is also a unique champion who offers both buff extension, Ally Protection, and maintains a consistent high uptime for Decrease Attack and Decrease Defense debuff, which is crucial when Iron Brago or Lydia’s debuff gets resisted by the Clan Boss! All of these champions synergizes well with one another. I have this team setup on my account too! There are a few gaps that needs to be addressed for this setup to run properly and deal sufficient damage to 1 key on any Clan Boss difficulty (e.g. Ultra Nightmare, Nightmare, Brutal) using the same champion sequence and speed.

  13. GTDyne

    I don’t have Krisk or Valkyrie. I’d love to see some options to replace them. Obviously they wouldn’t be as good but close is fine with me.