Armanz the Magnificent Build and Masteries Guide

Are you seeking a tailored build for Armanz the Magnificent in Raid Shadow Legends? Explore the following builds for insights into which masteries, artifacts, accessories, and blessings to employ for optimizing Armanz’s performance across various challenges in the game!

Armanz Build & Masteries Reference

Armanz Arena Speed Manipulator Build

Here are the meticulously tailored artifacts and masteries for Armanz, fine-tuned by Ayumilove specifically for dominating the Arena, be it 1v1 Arena, Live Arena, or 3v3 Arena. Armanz is geared up with a meticulous blend of Perception Set and Speed Set, chosen strategically to amplify his Accuracy and Speed attributes. This configuration guarantees his priority in initiating battles, allowing him to unleash his crowd control expertise promptly. By swiftly siphoning enemy turn meter and simultaneously stunning them, he effectively disrupts their initial offensive, thereby creating opportunities for your slower yet potent damage dealers to swiftly neutralize them! It’s crucial to prioritize Accuracy and Speed on Armanz, followed by Health and Defense. Ensure ample Accuracy to avoid resistance from enemy champions, especially those with high resistance. Opting for the Polymorph blessing is advised as it adds an extra layer of crowd control to the enemy whenever they manage to debuff Armanz!
Armanz the Magnificent PvP Perception and Speed Set for Arena

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