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The usage of Call of the Arbiter Promo Codes distinguishes itself from traditional Promo Codes in terms of functionality. They possess a dedicated section solely for entering the Promo Code associated with each specific Episode, separate from the Promo Code Tab.

To access this feature, you must wait until the first episode becomes available and then tap the Code Chase button. It is only clickable after the episode’s release. Upon entering, you can choose the desired episode and input the deciphered code.

This feature is particularly advantageous because each episode offers a distinct code that you can enter in the designated Call of the Arbiter Promo code section. Consequently, you can enjoy ten Promo codes and receive additional rewards for watching the video!

Call of the Arbiter Episode 1 Code Chase

Each episode of RAID: Shadow Legends features a hidden English word that is encoded or disguised within a specific scene. By carefully watching the episode and utilizing the clue provided, you can decipher the answer and redeem it for valuable rewards.

For iOS users, the hints can be accessed at Once you locate and decode the code, simply click the redeem button on the same page to be directed to the landing page where you can claim your reward by providing your Player ID.

It is crucial to promptly claim the Promo codes as they are released, as the duration of their availability is uncertain. While we assume they will remain valid throughout the Call of the Arbiter series, it is better not to take any chances!

You are granted five attempts to guess the promo code without any negative consequences. However, exceeding this limit will result in a temporary block from making further attempts for one hour. To avoid this, it is recommended to try guessing four times and then return to check the hidden code.

Call of the Arbiter Promo Code 1

The hint for this Promo Code is:
Our hero looms over a momentous decision. A solution lurks in the background.

Promo Code Answer: CHOICE

The promotional code grants us the following rewards:
– 50x Multi Battle Attempts
– 3x Energy Refills
– 3 Day XP Boost

Additionally, when you watch the video, you will receive 50,000 Silver. By sharing the video and pressing “Copy link,” you will earn 100 Energy and 10 Gems. Once the video reaches 500,000 views, all participants can claim two pieces of Righteous Gear, specifically a Weapon and a Helmet. Ensure that you seize these additional freebies by claiming them without delay!

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