List of Error and Solution | Raid Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends Error and Solution Guide to help you in quickly resolving your issue, so you could continue with your game without having being delayed, especially during Champion Fusion Events/Tournaments.

Google Play Service Error

Error Message: Unable to access Google Play Services. To make purchases, ensure that Google Play Services is running and authorized. If Google Play Services is running, start the app and try again. If you continue to experience this error, please contact the Support Team.
Error Code: PaymentManager | NativePaymentException “p”:InAppBillingUnavailable
Solution: Check if Google Service is running on your mobile. Go to Settings → Apps → Google Play Services → Click Enable. Restart Raid Shadow Legends game application to take effect.

Connection Error

Error Message: Connection error. Retry to resend Battle results. If you re-log in the result of this Battle will be saved.
Error Code: GameCmd | CmdException “t”:FinishBattle “e”:125 “|”:125 “c”:ReadResponse “s”:Executing “a”:False | WebException “w”:ProtocolError “h”:503
Solution: Check if there is a Game Maintenance announcement. If there is, wait until the maintenance is over before clicking Retry/Re-login.

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    giving error
    Problemen upgrade skills