Best Maplestory Training Spots 1-250 Guide (GMS v.161 – Black Heaven)

List of Best MapleStory Training Spots

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MapleStory Black Heaven Final Chapter 2015 Best Training Spots (Post Star Force) for Power Leveling from Level 1 to 100 in 3 days. Recommended for all unfunded jobs Warrior, Bowman, Magician, Thief, Pirate in Adventurer, Resistance, Cygnus Knights and Legendary Hero. Copy the monster name and paste into MapleStory Monster Finder to locate the specific map location. The guide includes some of the best and alternative maps when hotspot training ground gets packed during peak hour.

Post StarForce Training Guide

Here is a quick simple training guide made specially for unfunded to semi-funded players who wishes to level up as quick as possible. For funded players, kindly check out the MapleStory Alternative Training Spots.

1-10Tutorial / Job Specific QuestsQuest
10-30Flaming Mixed Golem (Henesys)Train
13+Mr. Lee’s Airlines (Crosspath, 1 entry/day)Quest
13+NLC Mayor Quest (New Leaf City)Quest
15-25Mushmom Boss (Henesys)Train
30-40Ellinia Fairy Academy (Ellinia)Questline
40-50Gold Beach (Crosspath)Questline
50-60Riena Strait (Rien)Questline
60-70Skeledogs / Mummies (Perion Excavation Site)Train
66-70Ilji NPC (Sleepywood Town)Questline
70-80Snack Bar Boss (Sleepywood Dungeon)Train
70-140Romeo & Juliet aka RNJ (min. 4 players)Party Quest
70-100Scorpion / Sand Rat (Sahel 2)Train
100-120Zakum Boss (Normal Mode)Train
105-140Monster Park Extreme (Solo, 3 entries/day)Party Quest
100-120Dual Ghost Pirates (Ludibrium: 55 stars required)Train
120-140Pirates (Mulung)Train
140+Dimension Invasion aka DIPQ (Solo, 5 entries/day)Party Quest
140-150Canyon: West RoadTrain
150-160The Dragon Nest Left Behind 2 (65 stars required)Train
165+Second Drill Hall (Future Ereve, do pre-quests/teleport-in)Train

What are Starforce Maps?

As of GMS v.157 Shinning Star Update, MapleStory has recently converted some of the regular maps as Starforce Maps. How to identify one? The map that has a glowing red portal leading to the next map is a Starforce map. Monsters in Starforce maps rewards 3 times more EXP. If you do not have the required amount of stars as specified by the Starforce map, you will only deal 1 damage to the monster residing inside. Where to get these stars? You will need to enhance your equipment (e.g. hat, overall, glove, cape, weapon, face accessory, belt, earrings, etc) using the Star Force Enhancement System that consumes “Spell Traces” which are dropped from defeated enemies. The higher the equipment level, the more “Spell Traces” they cost. Personally, I enhanced Level 20, 60 and 100 equips (40 levels gap is sufficient). Having 10 equips with 5~7 stars each easily provides 50~70 stars which meets the requirement for Star Force maps.

Part-Time Job: Resting

Set your character you are leveling using this part-time job (Resting) to gain 1.3X EXP boost coupon. This coupon does not stack with other EXP coupon. This is quite helpful when you are leveling multiple characters.

Training Tips

Don’t forget that you can press “W” in MapleStory to open up the World Map, and type in the monster name or the map name to find the exact location from where you are. Also, the Maple guide provided in-game option in MapleStory isn’t too bad, you are free to follow that guide (auto-teleports you to that map) or follow mine here for where I’ll be trainining. With that all covered, lets begin the training guide. In addition, take note where the monsters resides and how far they live from your job hometown. Example: monsters in Pantheon are for Kaiser/Angelic Buster whereas monsters in Edelstein are for Resistance jobs as its closer to their hometown, but you have the option to visit Victoria Island or other maps based on the information below if you don’t mind the extra effort of migrating there for training.

MapleStory Alternative Training Spots

1-20Beginner QuestlineTown
Victoria Island
10-1517Mixed GolemGolem’s Temple: Golem’s Temple 4
15-2019Flaming Mixed GolemGolem’s Temple: Golem’s Temple 3
15-2019MushmomMushmom Forest Trail
20-2518Blue MushmomBlue Mushmom Forest
20-3027Evil EyeNorth Forest: Giant Tree
30-3536Emerald Clam SlimeGold Beach: Seaside 1
35-4040Flying Fish SlimeGold Beach: Softwave Beach 1
45-5062Skeledogs/MummiesExcavation Site: Intermission Area
50-6064Officer SkeletonsExcavation Site: Closed Area
50-5560Wooden MaskExcavation Site: Initial Excavation Area
55-7066Copper DrakeSleepywood: Swamp, Silent Swamp
65-7070TaurospearCursed Temple: Forbidden Altar
20-3024KaloongEast Pantheon: East Pantheon Forest
40-5041Gravi StonegarEast Pantheon: Enchanted Forest
20-2525StreetlightConcrete Road: Streetlight Row
25-3033Baby Boulder MuncherDry Road: Rocky Road
30-4035Big Boulder MuncherDry Road: Ore Trail
All Jobs
70-7981White FangEl Nath: Ice Valley 2
70-8073LucidaOrbis: Garden of Darkness II
80-8790Sand Rat/ScorpionSunset Road Sahel 2
80-9595HomunculusZenumist: Lab – Unit 202
88-9595RoidAlcadno: Lab Area C-1
90-105107Red HarpLeafre: Sky Nest 2
93-100113Robo / Master RoboLudibrium: Toy Factory Apparatus Room
95-100103RashLeafre: West Leafre Forest
90-9595Blue SpeeyorTwisted Forest: Blue Speeyor’s Pasture
90-9595Blue SpeeyorTwisted Forest: Blue Speeyor’s Pasture
95-10098Yellow Speeyor/DinodonForbidden Forest: Forest of Coexistence
100-110113Toy TrojanLudibrium: Sky Terrace 5
110-120119Dual Ghost PirateHidden Street: Unbalanced Time
120-130127Blue Dragon TurtleLeafre: Entrance to Dragon Forest
125-140121Dark Yeti and PepeEl Nath @ Sharp Cliff 4
140-165155Selkie Jr. + SlimySingapore @ Mysterious Path 3 MP3
140-150148Chief Memory GuardianTime Lane: Memory Lane 4
150-160157Chief Qualm GuardianTime Lane: Road of Regrets 5
160-170166Chief Oblivion GuardianTime Lane: Road to Oblivion 5
165-250170Official Knight BKnight Stronghold: Second Drill Hall
171-250???Cygnus KnightsKnight Stronghold: Armory 2
171-250176Official Knight EKnight Stronghold: Knight District 4
190-250198 Ancient Mixed GolemTwilight Perion: Warrior Grounds
TrainParty Quest (10 entries per day)Remarks
50-200Weakened Zakum Easy Mode (2 entries per day)Solo
60-90Tangyoon Party Quest (10 entries per day)Solo/Party
50-70Ludibrium Party QuestParty (min 3 players)
70-140Romeo and Juliet Party QuestParty (min 4 players)
100+Lord Pirate Party QuestParty (min 3 players)
100-140Monster Park ExtremeSolo/Party
105-165Evolving World – Link 3Solo/Party
140-200Dimension InvasionSolo/Party
110-200Regular Zakum (min Lv.50)Solo/Party
140-200Chaos Zakum (min Lv.120)Party
TrainQuestline aka Chain QuestLocation
13+Mr. Lee AirlinesVictoria Island
30-40Ellinia Fairy AcademyVictoria Island
33+FriendStoryVictoria Island
50-60Chryse QuestlineOrbis
50-60Riena Strait QuestsRien
60+Mushroom Castle/KingdomVictoria Island
66-70Drake Attack Questline by IljiSleepywood
75-160Silent CrusadeKerning City Subway

Compilation of Training Videos

The information from the video below is same as the information in the table posted above. Watching the video allows you to see the map platform itself and also helps you visualize how your character can train in those training spots.

April 2015 – Maplestory FAST Training Guide (Power Leveling) – Black Heaven

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