Best Maplestory Training Spots 1-200 Guide (GMS v.123 – Tempest)

List of Best MapleStory Training Spots

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MapleStory Tempest Best Training Spots for Level 1-200 and for Power Leveling from Level 1 to 120 in 3 days. Recommended for all jobs Warrior, Bowman, Magician, Thief, Pirate in Adventurer, Resistance, Cygnus Knights and Legendary Hero. Copy the monster name and paste into MapleStory Monster Finder to locate the specific map location. The guide below works with MapleStory Tempest Update 2011-2013. The monsters in Unleashed Unlimited Patch has been nerfed and some has increased in level.

1-10 : Any monsters / MapleStory Storyline Quest / Maple Island Quest
10-30 : Wanted Green, Horny, Blue, Zombie Mushroom Quests (Henesys)
10-15 : Blue Mushroom
15-17 : New Leaf City Mayor Quest (NLC)
10-18 : Blue Ribbon Pig (Nautilus) and Get main +12 stat item
17-30 : Rotting Skeleton (Haunted House: Chimney Possessed by the Skeletons)
18-39 : Complete Job Instructor Quest to obtain a special hat! See NOTE1*
18-30 : Rotting Skeletons (Haunted Mansion)
20-69 : Ludibrium Party Quest – Dimensional Crack
25-30 : Flaming Mixed Golem / Mixed Golem (Golem’s Temple: Golem’s Castle Ruins)
28-30 : Mushmom, Zombie Mushmom, Blue Mushmom
30-35 : Mushroom Kingdom Quests.
35-50 : Mushroom Castle Bosses (3 colors).
30-35 : Cherry Bubble Tea (Kerning Square: 1st Floor 2nd Floor Area A/D)
30-40 : Royal Guard Pepe (Mushroom Castle: Castle Wall 6)
30-40 : Kid Mannequin (Kerning Square: 5th Floor 6th Floor Area A)
40-45 : CDs (Kerning Square: 7th Floor 8th Floor Area A)
40-50 : White Fang (El Nath: Ice Valley II)
45-60 : Bloctopus (Ludibrium: Eos Tower 33rd-34th Floor)
45-65 : Dead Scarecrows (Haunted House: Chimney Possessed by the Scarecrow)
45-55 : Trucker (Singapore: Suburban Area 2)
50-60 : Chryse Quest + Chryse Maps (Accessed via Orbis)
55-60 : Toy Trojans (Ludibrium: Sky/Cloud Terrace 5)
55-65 : Zeta Gray (Omega Sector: Kulan Field II)
60-65 : Samiho (Korean Folk Town: Fox Ridge) *Train here if 1 HIT KO*
60-65 : Ghost Ship Party Quest (GSPQ)
60-65 : Lv.62 Krip + Lv. 64 Mask Fish (The Seaweed Tower)
65-70 : Omega Sector Quests
60-67 : Robos and Master Robos (Ludibrium: Toy Factory )
71-85 : Magatia Party Quest – Romeo and Juliet PQ
70-75 : Lv.73 Mateon (Boswell Field II)
75-80 : Cube Slime (Zenumist Research Institute: Lab – Unit 101)
75-80 : Sand Rat (Sunset Road: Sahel 1)
75-80 : Scorpion (Sunset Road: Sahel 2)
78-83 : Wooden Target Dummy (Mu Lung: Practice Field: Advanced Level)
80-85 : Lv.85 Grizzly (Wild Bear Area 1)
80-85 : Iron Mutae (Alcadno Research Institute: Lab – Area B-3)
80-85 : Reinforced Mutae (Alcadno Research Institute: Lab – Area A-3)
80-90 : Vikerola (Malaysia: Fantasy Theme Park 3)
83-98 : Mr. Anchor (Singapore: Ghost Ship 6)
85-95 : Roid (Hidden Street: Critical Error)
67-90 : Twisted Jesters (Haunted House: Chimney Possessed by the Clown)
90-110 : Gallopera (Malaysia: Entrance to the Spooky World)
95-100 : Sage Cat (Mu Lung: Goblin Forest 2)
95-105 : Homonculus (Zenumist Research Institute: Lab – 203)
95-100 : Soul Teddy (Ludibrium Mini Dungeon Spatial Distortion)
95-100 : Lv.98 Homunculus (Lab – Unit 202)
90-100 : Slimy + Selkie Jr. (Singapore: Mysterious Path 3 aka MP3)
90-100 : Slimy (Singapore: Ghost Ship 2 OR 3)
90-120 : Alien Miner (Masteria NLC Town Center Alien Base Corridor)
100-110 : Bone Fish + Goby (Aqua Road Deep Sea Gorge 1)
100-110 : Ore Muncher (Edelstein Gelimer Research Lab: Deep Shaft)
100-112 : Risell Squid (Aquar Road Dangerous Sea Gorge 2)
100-112 : Captains and Krus (Mini Dungeon: Pillage of Treasure Island)
110-112 : Lv.110 Ghost Pirate (Ludibrium: Warped Path of Time <3>)
110-112 : Lv.112 Death Teddy (Ludibrium: Forgotten Path of Time <3>)
112-116 : Dual Ghost Pirate (Hidden Street: Unbalanced Time)
115-120 : Lv.118 Red/Blue/Black Kentaurus (The Round Table of Kentaurus)
116-118 : Master Death Teddy (Hidden Street: Lost Time)
118-130 : Crocky the Gatekeeper (Lion King’s Castle: Under the Castle Walls 1)
120-125 : Lv.124 Grim Phantom Watch (Forbidden Time)
125-130 : Lv.127 Blue Dragon Turtle (Entrance to Dragon Forest)
130-135 : Lv.125 Papulatus (Origin of Clocktower)
135-140 : Lv.136 Green Cornian (The Burning Forest)
130-140 : Reindeer (Lion King’s Castle: Under the Castle Walls 2)
140-145 : Lv.142 Dark Cornian (The Forest That Disappeared)
140-150 : Blood Reindeer (Lion King’s Castle: Under the Castle Walls 3)
145-150 : Lv.145 Jr. Newtie + Lv.150 Nest Golem (Destroyed Dragon Nest)
145-150 : Lv.136 Eye of Time + Lv.148 Chief Memory Guardian (Memory Lane 5)
150-155 : Lv.147 Skelogon + Lv.153 Skelosaurus (The Dragon Nest Left Behind)
150-160 : Bearwolf (Lion King’s Castle: Under the Castle Walls 4)
155-160 : Lv.136 Eye of Time + Lv.157 Chief Qualm Guardian (Road of Regrets 4)
160-200 : Castle Golem (Lion King’s Castle: Tall Castle Walls 1)
160-165 : Lv.136 Eye of Time + Lv.162 Oblivion Monk Trainee (Road to Oblivion 2)
165-170 : Lv.168 Mutant Ribbon Pig (Dreamy Forest Trail)
170-175 : Lv.172 Official Knight C (Knight District 2)
175-180 : Lv.177 Advanced Knight A (Knights’ Chamber 1)
180-185 : Lv.184 Advanced Knight E (Knights’ Chamber 5)
185-200 : Lv.170 Official Knight B (Second Drill Hall)

Short Version
1-10 : Maple Quest
10-20 : Blue Ribbon Pigs + Yellow Starfish + Angry Starfish
20-30 : Flaming Mixed Golems (Red) + Mixed Golem + Dark Stone Golem
30-35 : Mushroom Castle
30-45 : CD
35-50 : Trucker
40-50 : White Fang
45-60 : Dead Scarecrow
50-55 : Toy Trojan
50-60 : Robo
55-65 : Zeta Gray
60-75 : Sand Rat + Scorpion
60-85 : Twisted Jester
75-80 : Iron Mutae
80-90 : Roid
80-110 : MP3
95-120 : Kru + Captain
115+ : Ghost Pirate + Dual Ghost Pirate + Spirit Viking.
115+ : Lion King Castle (LHC – Lion Heart Castle)
165+ : Stronghold [See NOTE2]

NOTE1: Job Instructor Special Hat Quest

This quest is only available for GMS (Global MapleStory) players. You will need to be at least level 18 and under level 40 to complete this quest! Talk to your respective Job Instructor. Below is a list of classes with their respective job instructors with location.
Job/Class – Job Instructor (Location) – Hat Rewarded
Warrior – Dances with Balorg (Perion) – Andras Hat
Bowman – Athena Pierce (Bowman Instructional School) – Amdusias Hat
Magician – Grendel the Really Old (Magic Library) – Marbas Hat
Thief – Dark Lord (Thieves’ Hideout) – Valefor Hat
Pirate – Kyrin (Kyrin’s Training Room, Navigation Room) – Crocell Hat

NOTE2: Entering Stronghold

There are 3 ways to enter stronghold, either completing Stronghold Quest at Level 165 or Empress Quest at Level 170 or ask a high level Bishop to open a path from nearby town to the map via Mystic Door. Only then you will be able to enter that map! The monsters there are very powerful, can kill most warriors in 3 hits since those mobs are practically mini bosses who are immune to skill effects such as Seal, Stun and Freeze. If you try to enter by yourself via Future Ereve without completing quest or Mystic Door, you will be greeted by a message “Security is too tight” preventing you from accessing the map.

Party Quests Training

Party Quests (PQ in short) is another method of leveling up where 2 or more players cooperate to complete a quest. This alternative is much more fun compared to grinding endless hours on the same monster since completing each party quest stage will reward you with a sum of experience and drops which could be either potions, equipment (weapon / armor) or valuable ore (jewel / mineral). Access to any one of these party quest map through Dimensional Mirror aka Multi-Functional Portal. This portal is located in every city and it has a purple door frame topped with a crystal golden crown. Each party quests have its own specific level restrictions and requires 2 or more party members to complete the quest.

Ludibrium Party Quest – Dimensional Crack

The objective of this Ludibrium PQ is to fix up the dimensional cracks and save Ludibrium from approaching danger. Visit Ludibrium: EOS Tower 101st Floor or enter map via Dimensional Mirror Portal amd talk to Red Sign after assembling your crew. Alishar will be the boss who you will face. It can seal skills (prevent you from activating skills) and inflict darkness (reduces party member’s accuracy). Therefore, stock up on All-Cure Potions to counter this effect. Having a Cleric in your party will be an advantage so they can provide healing support while the attackers can focus on attacking.

Level Requirement: 20-69
Party Members: 3-6
Time Limit: 20 minutes.
Stages: 5 Stages + 1 Boss Stage
Rewards: ??? EXP + 33 Willpower + 20 Insight + Broken Glass (Talk to Red Sign upon completing this PQ 35 times to obtain it)

Magatia Party Quest – Romeo and Juliet PQ

The goal of this party quest is to rescue Romeo or Juliet. Therefore there are 2 versions of this quest where Juliet version is located in “Magatia: Alcadno Society” lab and Romeo version is located in “Magatia: Zenumist Society” lab. If you go for Juliet version, your objective will be to protect Romeo from Frankenoid (the boss) and vice versa. After defeating the boss in either version, the couple reappears united in the boss room. To start this party quest, assemble your party members and head to either Zenumist or Alcadno Society in Magatia. Enter a hidden door and have the party leader talk to either Juliet or Romeo respectively.

Level Requirement: 71-85
Party Members: 4 (1 Mage Max Teleport + 1 Thief Max Haste or 120% Jump)
Time Limit: 45 minutes.
Stages: 6 Stages + 1 Boss Stage
Rewards: 100K EXP + Random Scroll + Stone of Alcado OR Zenumist.

Monster Park Guide

Monster Park is a party zone training area where players can earn additional EXP (experience points) if they train with 2 or more party members. Every party member gains +50% Party EXP from each defeated monster. To enter Monster Park, talk to NPC Monster Park Shuttle which can be found in every town. The level requirement to enter is above level 13. There are a total of 17 dungeons divided by 3 gates. Each gate allows certain character level range to enter. Dungeon consists of 6 stages with 20 minutes time limit.

Monster Park Dungeon Gateways

Gate 1 (Level 13 ~ 69)
Golem’s Temple (Lv. 20 ~ 30)
Kerning Square (Lv. 45 ~ 55)
Witch Snowfield (Lv. 50 ~ 60)
Silent Sea (Lv. 55 ~ 65)
Temple of Darkness (Lv. 60 ~ 70)

Gate 2 (Level 70 ~ 119)
Black Mountain Hill (Lv. 70 ~ 80)
Gray’s Hideout (Lv. 75 ~ 85)
Auto Security Area (Lv. 85 ~ 95)
Mossy Tree Forest (Lv. 95 ~ 105)
Sky Forest Training Center (Lv. 100 ~ 110)
Forbidden Time (Lv. 110 ~ 120)

Gate 3 (Above level 120)
Ruined City (Lv. 120 ~ 130)
Dead Tree Forest (Lv. 125 ~ 135)
Watchman’s Tower (Lv. 130 ~ 140)
Dragon Nest (Lv. 140 ~ 150)
Temple of Oblivion (Lv. 150 ~ 165)
Knight Stronghold (Lv. 165 ~ 175)

Monster Park Ticket System

There are 3 types of tickets to be use to enter one of the 3 gates. You can purchase up to 5 Monster Park tickets per day from NPC Mary or trade stripe pieces looted from monsters defeated outside of Monster Park.
1. Zebra Stripe Ticket (Gate 1) : 50,000 meso OR trade 10 Zebra Stripe Pieces.
2. Leopard Stripe Ticket (Gate 2) : 100,000 meso OR trade 10 Leopard Stripe Pieces.
3. Tiger Stripe Ticket (Gate 3) : 200,000 meso OR trade 10 Tiger Stripe Pieces.

Monster Park Dungeon Notes

1. You can enter dungeon solo or a party of max 6 players (all must have tickets)
2. Kill all monsters in the area to unlock next stage.
3. For every kill, there will be +50% Party EXP per party member.
4. Monsters residing in dungeons above level 55 are auto-aggressive (attack players)
5. All monsters have a chance to drop Monster Park Commemorative Coins, Equipment with 100% Hidden Potential. Spiegelmann’s Herb Pouch and Spiegelmann’s Mineral Pouch.
6. When 1 party member loots a coin, every party member receives the same amount. Therefore, there is no need to rush for the coins.

Monster Park Quests

Talk to NPC Spiegelmann to obtain 2 quests, both are repeatable everyday.
Quest 1 : Clear a dungeon of your level.
Quest 2 : Collect an Old Envelope dropped by the monster inside the dungeons.

Monster Park Exchange Coins for Rewards

Each Spiegelmann quests rewards 5 Monster Park Commemorative Coins upon completion. The envelope can be collected more than once from monsters and later traded for a sum of coins depending on the photo contained within it. The pictures show that Speigalmann built Zakum (10 coins), Horntail was his pet (20 coins), and Van leon was his friend (30 coins)

Talk to Laku (NPC Merchant) to trade coins for special time-limited equipment. Even though the items have an expiry date, they can increase personality trait EXP and Charm (fastest way to get Level 30 Charm) without purchasing any Cash Shop items. Laku also sells potions, so you can stockpile your potions in Monster Park before entering the dungeon.

Leveling Calculation

Estimated Leveling Hour

1-30 = 15 levels / hour (2 hours)
30-50 = 4 levels / hour (5 hours)
50-70 = 2 levels / hour (10 hours)
70-100 = 1.5 levels / hour (20 hours)
100-120 = 1 level / hour (20 hours)
Total Hours: 60 (4 days) *Includes Travel/Re-potion Time*

Increase MapleStory EXP Rate

Having the best spots to train with high exp rewarding monsters isn’t enough!
Boosting your exp rate using methods listed below makes leveling a blink of an eye.

1) Invite Priest into party for Holy Symbol buff (+50% EXP)
2) Wear EXP Boosting Equipment.
3) Purchase EXP Cards from Cash Shop.
4) Play during EXP Event Hours (Hot Time).
5) Train at Lion Heart Castle for Bonus EXP! (Required level 110+)
6) Apply link skills that provides EXP (example: Mercedes Link Skill +10% EXP)

List of EXP Equipment
1) Welcome Back Ring (+80% EXP)
2) Pendant of the Spirit (+200% EXP)
3) Crusader’s Zeal Ring (+100% EXP)

EXP Related FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions regarding bonus EXP multiplier!

What EXP (experience boosting) items that stack?
2x EXP Cash Shop Card
2x EXP Event (Hot Time)
1.8x EXP Welcome Back Ring
1.5x EXP Legends Never Give Up! buff OR 1.3x EXP Coin Shop buff
1.5x EXP Holy Symbol
1.3x EXP Spirit of Pendant OR Crusader Zeal Ring

How to calculate EXP Stack Multiplier?
2X EXP Event (Hot Time) –> 2 x 1 = 2
2X EXP Card Type 3 –> 2 x 2 = 4
1.5X EXP Legends Never Give Up! –> 4 x 1.5 = 6
1.5X EXP coupon (Stacks with 2X EXP Card) –> 6 x 1.5 = 9
1.3X Legends EXP Coupon (Does not stack with 1.5X Legend Never Give Up)
Final: 9X EXP
Assuming you are training on Scarecrows, each giving 220 EXP per kill, 220 EXP multiplied by 9 EXP Rate results in 1980 total EXP per kill! In other words, you are basically leveling 9 times faster than your usual training without EXP boost.

If apply EXP Boosting Skills:
1.5X Holy Symbol (Magician – Priest Skill) –> 9 x 1.5 = 13.5 (Assuming party in 2 or more)
1.1X Mercedes Link Skill –> 13.5X x 1.1 = 14.85

Mini Dungeon with Timer

Below is a list of mini dungeons with a time limit of 2 hours. These places are great to train in without getting spotted nor ksed (kill stealed) since no one can enter your map! The monsters stats below are based on GMS v1.30 Kanna Patch. For other MapleStory version, the monster remains the same but the stats might differ.

The Pig Beach (Lv.10 Ribbon Pig 125HP 17XP)
Victoria Island – Nautilus Harbor – Wave Beach

Warm Shade (Lv.18 Zombie Mushroom 325HP 32XP)
Victoria Island – Henesys – Singing Mushroom Forest – Ghost Mushroom Forest

One-Eyed Lizard (Lv.22 Cold Eyes 435HP 39XP)
Victoria Island – Ellinia – North Forest – Young Tree Forest

Golem’s Castle Ruins (Lv.24 Mixed Golem 495HP 50XP)
Victoria Island – Henesys – Golem’s Temple – Golem’s Temple 4

Blue Drake Cave (Dark Drake Lv.47 2640HP 119XP)
Victoria Island – Sleepywood – Drake Cave – Cave Exit

Drummer Bunny’s Lair (Lv.58 Drumming Bunny 4900HP 179XP)
Ossyria / Ludus Lake – Ludibrium – Eos Tower 70th Floor

Longest Ride on ByeBye Station
(Lv.68 Jester Scarlion 9000HP 307XP + Lv.72 Froscola 12000HP 388XP)
World Tour / South East Asia – Kampung Village – Fantasy Theme Park 3

Burning Hills (Lv.73 Cactus 13000HP 361XP)
Ossyria / Nihal Desert – Ariant – Cactus Desert 1

Warning! Alien Sightings Area (Lv.77 Barnard Gray 19000HP 497XP)
Ossyria / Ludus Lake – Omega Sector – Hidden Street –

Hill of Sandstorms (Lv.81 Scorpion 27000HP 650XP)
Ossyria / Nihal Desert – Magatia – Magatia

Remaining Memories of the Ship (Selkie Jr., Slimy)
World Tour / South East Asia – Boat Quay Town – Boat Quay Town

Newt Secured Zone (Jr. Newtie, Jr. Newtie)
Ossyria / Minar Forest – Leafre – Leafre

Pillage of Treasure Island (Lv.105 Captain 75000HP 1495XP)
Ossyria / Mu Lung Garden – Herb Town – Red-Nose Pirate Den 2

Long Kiss Duku Good Night (Lv.115 Duku 95000HP 1797XP)
World Tour / South East Asia – CBD – Destroyed Park II

The Round Table of Kentaurus (Lv.118 Kentaurus 101000HP 1884XP)
Ossyria / Minar Forest – Leafre – Leafre

Way to Temple of Time (NONE, 15 min)
Ossyria / Minar Forest – Leafre – Station

Temple of Time Entrance (NONE, 15 min)
Ossyria / Temple of Time – Three Doors – Leafre in Flames 6

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    30-40 : Endangered Mushking Empire Questline

    40-45 : Ellinel Fairy Academy Questline

    45-50(or 60) : Cellion, Grupin, Lioner

    50-60 : Dimensional Crack Party Quest (LPQ), Kerning City Party Quest (KPQ)

    60-100 : Nett’s Pyramid Party Quest (Will take more than a couple days), Spiegelmann’s Gonzo Gallery (Doing the ‘Fall painting’ questline and grinding at the last map until time runs out will maximize XP)
    60-75 : Big Spider (Getting the familiar is a plus as they go for 10mil a pop)
    75-85 : Sand Rat, Scorpian, Iron Mutae
    85-95 : Roid, Neo Huroid, Saitie
    95-100 : Beldar’s Call Questline

    Note from me : This is GMS based without the use of 2x. This is all recent with the most recent patch. Sadly, I have not been past level 100 yet with my Demon Avenger. I’ve been occupied with the new patch of Terraria to not really be training often. Also want to point out this is just my own suggestions. I’ll be posting more on the comments when I come across either better or more spots to train at. Hope I helped!

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    Ayumi, the LHC mob are all nerfed in MapleSEA.. exp gain is very low.. MapleSEA always give ppl trouble

  43. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi S5Duh &S1Phantom, its basically the same as shown above. If you wish to train till 170 fast, leech exp from higher level people starting from level 110-150 at Lion’s Heart Castle at the Big Bear Wolf. You will need to have someone to teleport you there or you purchase the Cash Item (Hyper Teleport Crystal) otherwise, do the pre-requisite quest to unlock those maps to get to the BearWolf. Also, get some 4x EXP cards and exp equipments. I had my Phantom leech exp from 110 to 150 with exp cards in less than 1 week just to test how fast is leeching lol. Oh yeah, steal Holy Symbol from Priest/Bishop if you meet them and buff your party with that skill 🙂

  44. S5Duh &S1Phantom =)

    Can u cr8 a new guide for MapleSEA ?? As i now lv 140.. how to train till 170 fast i wan my Phantom get Rose Finale Carte

  45. Kanna Karma

    oh ya if am a priest where should i train should i kill undead

  46. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Kanna Karma, probably they have nerfed the EXP provided by the Mushroom Castle Bosses Yeti Pepe. Another option would be eliminating those pepes wandering within Mushroom Castle area.

  47. Kanna Karma

    how can i train in the mushroom castle bosses if they dont have xp?

  48. ht

    hey im lv 102 already i went to do the mayor quest but it was a lv 50 quest..i finished it but there isn’t a lv 90 quest for me to how do i get to the alien corridor? is the quest removed?

  49. Speed

    Think the monster park details need to be made over, unless that’s how it is in kms lol

  50. hjx

    but SEA dimension crack is 50-200 and rnj aka romeo and juilet is lv 70-200

  51. Andrew

    Hi, monster park has been revamped, now only level 60+ are able to enter them 🙂

  52. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Aisha Ishtar, what do you mean by Lion King’s Castle much easier?

  53. Aisha Ishtar

    I think you need to upgrade this guide a bit… Because the Lion King’s Castle is much MUCH easier when it comes to the Crocs or even Reindeers. 😛 Just saying. Bust it’s still good nonetheless. 😀

  54. Anonymous

    Well, i was going to Orbit, but i’ve founded the Sky Ferry. 🙂 Thanks anyway! ( Also, you’re awesome. )

  55. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Anonymous, you would like to travel to Ellinia from Orbis? Whats your location and where are you heading to?

  56. Anonymous

    How can i take a boat on Ellinia
    I really need help. 🙁

  57. Victor

    This guide is amazing; thank you. You can start Crocks at 110 though, but seriously awesome. It looks like you put a lot of time into this and for that you are high on my beast list! #startedABtoday

  58. lim

    oh,thanks for your information 🙂

  59. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Lim, For me, I start training my Phantom at LHC (Lion Heart Castle) around Level 110+. Make sure you steal lots of attacking supportive skills to boost up your weapon attack. These guys are like mini bosses that takes quite a while to defeat.

  60. lim

    Ayumilove err…i phantom already lvl 116.Where should i training?

  61. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks UnlimitFire for your input on MapleSEA’s +12 stats quest. The hat itself is way overpowered in stat compared to the rest of the normal job hats (until level 120) unless they have Zakum Helm / Targa-Scalion Helm.

  62. UnlimitFire

    Maplesea used to have that +12 stats quest because of some reason maplesea removed it

  63. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Yvesowns, I guess MapleSEA did not implement that quest. However, I have tested that GMS has the quest.

  64. Yvesowns

    there ain’t any related quest to the + 12 int hats … 🙁 The first quest Grendel gave me was finding rowen the fairy, not some “Beginner Magician’s First Training Session” …. btw im from maplesea v1.27

  65. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi anymonyousasd, The first map you investigated where you had to sabotage alien equipment, there is a door. The door is a portal to the Corridors, but it doesn’t have a portal animation. Just walk in front of the door and press Up.

    You need to be Level 90 and complete NLC Mayor Quest first to enter.

  66. anymonyousasd

    how to go to alien bases ? i cannt find the portal at NLC .

  67. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Yvesowns, if you are magician, you need to pay a visit Grendel the Old (Magician Job Instructor) at Ellinia so he will give you the quest and upon completion, he will reward you with a special hat +12 INT. This same applies with other jobs. If you are a Thief, then you need to visit Dark Lord (Thief Job Instructor) at Kerning City for their quest.

  68. Yvesowns

    i cant really the the
    “10-18 : Blue Ribbon Pig (Nautilus) and Get main +12 stat item

    18-39 : Complete Job Instructor Quest to obtain a special hat! See NOTE1* ”

    i just couldnt get the hat.. 🙁 i’ve done the nautilus quest but i got something useless …
    btw im a mage. Where is note 1 , can u leave the link here as reference?

  69. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi DeSnowy, I have added monster park guide. Also I have added more training grounds from Level 10-200.

  70. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi DeSnowy, on what level do you train at Monster Park?

  71. DeSnowy

    could include monster park :/ It’s great if u have a party of at least 3 and hs.

  72. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Lavelle, if you are playing in MapleSEA (South East Asia which includes Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand) as of 2013, the Haunted Mansion is only opened on Halloween Day 31st of October.

  73. Lavelle

    Hey, I cant get into the haunted house with my level 77 aran level 70 eq :/ … “Theres a dark force stopping you” or some shit like that … Any help?

  74. VNinsanity

    I was lazy so I stayed at mp3 to 120 i enjoyed the spawn rate even though the exp per kill isn’t as high as aliens there was more mobs to compensate for it imo

  75. uuuhhh

    Temple of Time Maps (Pretty good exp with decent spawn rate and good alternative to lkc)
    Knight Stronghold: Hall of Honor (I suggest lvl 175+ unless ur funded like empress equips)

  76. Unknown

    Just wanna put a few notes here
    1. For non-magician classes you can kill the mushmom bosses (mushmom, blue mushmom and zombie mushmom) to level to lv30
    2. If you can solo the mushroom castle bosses (the 3 colors) you can train till lv50 there. Saves the hassle of going to multiple places.
    3. You should add Ludibrum PQ, Orbis PQ and Dragon Rider PQ to your PQ list.
    4. Like many in the comments said already, you have missed out Mercedes’ link skill, which is to give that persin 10% more exp. Also, you have missed out the HS buff on your calculations. There is a thread at the maplesea forums which shows calculations regarding the EXP multipliers.
    Please correct me if i am wrong, as I am not completely sure of GMS’s difference compared to MapleSEA, but this is how MapleSEA trains (most of us, anyways.)

  77. lloydss

    awesome you just forgot a little thing in exp boost : Mercedes link skill

  78. Jadfihf the Mercedes

    Thanks! I have been looking for a good level guide. I will always come back to this as a good list. Again, thank you for this list!

  79. Reuben

    Can we still get the hats? I doubt so right? And, the GSPQ is for lv70++

  80. Wong Jing Siang

    ayumi,blocktopus at lvl 45 is a little bit too much,i play a maplesea phantom and i cant kill..any ideas on hw do i do it at so low lvl?

  81. RaikaZero

    List of EXP Equipment
    1) Welcome Back Ring (+80% EXP) Only allowed for people that quit for sometime.
    2) Pendant of the Spirit (+200% EXP) Time limited.
    3) Crusader’s Zeal Ring (+100% EXP) Its not 100% I have one on my Mercedes its 2 or 5%. Also you can’t get it anymore.

    You also forgot about the Mercedes Link skill which is 10%.

  82. imal0ser

    uh sorry i havent replied in a bit but i would rather train at LHC (Lion Heart Castle) i mean its a much better grind for most people that dont do horrible damage. So like its better.

  83. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Khaleb, the training grounds above are suited for most MapleStory Jobs as its the ranked the fastest exp ground but has many people vs a little smaller spawn area with less frequent players (avoid getting kill stealed or people overtaking your place even though you ask them to cc – change channel). Most of the training places above are the ones I use to level up my characters (Mercedes / Demon Slayer) above Level 100.

  84. Khaleb Scott

    Still Legit for all classes?

  85. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi anonymous, have you tried the training spots listed above?

  86. anonymous

    Where can I train to level up faster? I am currently a level 107 evan.

  87. Rex

    Guys, i wanna know the 12 stat hat is it for explorer job only? but my evan got…

  88. Ayumilove Post author

    @stanley: Use Angel Ray + Summon Bahamut (dragon) + Teleport Mastery for training. The total damage of using all 3 combined is near towards fully charged Big Bang and without the hassle to charge+walk/climb. Try training on these monsters: 121 Phantom Watch / 124 Dark Yeti and Pepe / 124 Grim Phantom Watch / 126 Thanatos / 130 Female Boss / 132 Coolie Zombie / 132 Miner Zombie / 147 Skelegon / 150 Summoned Auf Haven [2] / 153 Skelosaurus / 170 Summoned Auf Haven / 188 Eckhart.

  89. stanley

    ayumi love can i ask where can i train for my bishop level 133 , i played maplesease .i just recently started back maple i am not very active in it but i hope i can make my account to level 135 to 140 at least . since now genesis has cool down , so practically the best skill is shining ray or angel ray or holy arrows and the dragon.

  90. stanley

    i recommend for 60+ you go to omega sector and train till level 70, the exp rate is high , and the quest will allow you to keep on leveling very fast and the mob spawning is fast

  91. Jonathan

    Ludibrium PQ is a goldmine for 50-70. At 50 I got 50% per 5-10min run, while at 65 it was still giving 40%. Only drawback is 10x per day max. I leveled really fast here.

  92. Ayumilove Post author

    @Imaloser: Where would you train after level 120+?

  93. imal0ser

    this is a good list but i prefer alien base to be up to lv 110 rather than 120

  94. Joel

    Haunted House =/= haunted mansion : the former is always there,but the latter is event only. To get to Haunted House,go to New Leaf City (through kerning city or dimensional mirror depending on your version), then go to the NLC taxi and talk to it to go to the haunted house. Stronghold is a lv 165+ area that has really high-level monsters with lots of hp and resistant to most status effects,but they give good xp on levels 165-200. To get to it,go to Temple of Time (from Leafre),then go to the Three Doors map. From there,enter the portal with the half-open door,then go to the Ereve portal. From there,you can go to Stronghold,but you need a Knight Emblem (think it was named something like that,might be Cygnus Emblem though)


    How do you go to the haunted house or mansion when in only comes out during the Halloween event?

    What is stronghold?

    P.S. my main char is not a very high level so I am not really experienced

  96. Joel

    Azwan gives about 300-400 XP per mob. I found grinding solo at easy/normal Defense mode to be pretty fast leveling on my Demon Slayer. You can also grind at supply mode.

  97. Tsuyosa

    Thanks! It would help me a lot!

  98. Ayumilove Post author

    I think its because LHC Monsters are way too hard compared to KMS version of LHC where 1 person can solo it, whereas GMS/MSEA requires a party of people to kill 1 of those mini-boss health mobs.

  99. Viper599

    nobody trains in LHC in MapleSEA…

  100. Ayumilove Post author

    @Darkbanana96: Thanks! You can share some of your training ground advice here.

  101. Darkbanana96

    Awesome guide 😀

  102. Alex Fantinatti Da Silva

    Ayumilove…actyally, you can create a solo party to kill king pepe

  103. Ayumilove Post author

    @Anumo: You can’t solo King Pepe (3 colors) as you need to party with someone to enter the place and its a bit of hassle to find someone to accompany you into the field.

  104. Ayumilove Post author

    @DuelBlade495: I have added Twisted Jesters at level 67-90. It depends on player stats though. If you have equipment with good stats (Scrolled/Potential), then you can take on this enemies at an earlier level. For me, I have tested it with *clean* stat equipment.and I find it Level 67 is just right without missing the enemy too much.

  105. DuelBlade495

    you should put in twisted jestures for level 60-80

  106. Anumo

    Grey yeti and king pepe is good infact all the coloured yeti and king pepe is great
    They would give about 9k exp per solo

  107. xlii

    I think the %’s for the EXP boost rings are wrong.

    I have a Crusader Zeal and it only gives +2%EXP.

  108. Joel

    I can level about 3 lvs an hour at Galloperas as a lv 8x ._.

  109. Joel

    sure is all 40-50 spots filled with tornado uppercut FMA hackers :L

  110. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks for the input! Adding to the guide above.

  111. Anonymous

    Strong hold might be a good idea after 160 or 170

  112. Ayumilove Post author


    The training guide is based on my experience playing in GMS using clean equips (no scroll or potential). KMS might have used a different damage formula so KMS players deals a little more damage higher than other regions. If your damage is strong, you can take on higher level monsters easily, hence more EXP reward. 🙂

    Thanks for your input in KMS!

  113. killallbabies

    Level 75 Magatia PQ probably isn’t a good idea, at least in KMS where Magatia PQ is so populated, and most people who do it are lv.90+, so you’ll probably get rejected from parties being only Level 75.Orbis PQ is probably better until Lv.85 so that none of these problems are present, and when you hit 85 you can actually Magatia PQ and get into parties easily. Also, because of the recent Tempest update, Cru+Captain to 120 is a bit extreme, because since you hit 4th job a lot faster, and your attacks become powerful quickly, maybe it the short version of the guide should say Cru+Captain to 95-100 and Ghost Pirates in Ludi or Magatia PQ 100-110,and Spirit Vikings from 100-115 . At least that’s how I did it.

  114. qwertyu

    lv60+ can go try normal barlog (expedition) if you can find good members(timing + healing + rev death)
    lv100+ try zakum

  115. qwertyu

    if you are bored of pure killing in same map, you can go try Party quest, Monster park and battle mode
    in PQ party with lower levels and in MP party with higher levels. battle mode FFA is some ok xp too if you have fast attack and good mobing skills

  116. qwertyu

    lv1(lv10)-30, home town quests
    lv30-55, shopping center CDs
    lv55-80, Robos and MRobos
    lv80-115, MP3
    lv115+ LHC

    most ppl train like this, with just one 2x Exp boost you should get to lv120 in 3-4 days

  117. Ayumilove Post author

    @thatdude: There is always a detail version to fallback to 🙂

  118. thatdude

    ill use the short version =)4

  119. thatdude

    Jesters R Good Exp

  120. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Spearman, Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    Hi unknow, you can spam potions to reach level 70 if you have the funds for it.

  121. Spearman

    Thanks! I love this guide, it’s better than the others. Keep it up!
    ^ u ^

  122. unknow

    should i use the potion to reach lvl 70 quick yes or no?? plz help i want a strong chacter..

  123. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Pop,
    It is always updated and these maps would not be changing for sometime unless MapleStory do another full revamp on their maps and their monster level.

  124. pop

    nvm i see some one mentions phantom so ima say this was updated not to long ago. and i got a good pic lol

  125. pop

    hey when was this last updated?

  126. GoKrazi

    amen to that. though I do like the new skill animation. bera gets really laggy due to the new class, phantom

  127. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi GoKrazi,
    Yes I do play both of them previously but now only once awhile. I have uninstalled KMS and JMS since its taking up my hard disk space. MapleStory is becoming really complicated with the new introduction of scrolls, miracle cubes, alchemy thingy, potential. I prefer the old MapleStory where everything is kept simple 🙂

  128. GoKrazi

    well really…there’s always enough people. its just that no one wants to be the one to start the party. but yea u play kms or gms?

  129. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi GoKrazi,

    Thanks for the tip on Party Quest! Most Maplers prefer not to take part in PQ because either the PQ area is deserted or difficult to find enough people to start the PQ.

  130. GoKrazi

    u should put pq’s as part of the training spots

  131. GoKrazi

    the Romeo and Juliet pq gives a very good amount of exp after completion however there are some grinding spots during the quest if u feel like t training. there is a level requirement and sorry I don’t remember. maybe 70

  132. PeregrineX

    My level 90 Demon Slayer can beat them up just fine, but just in case you can leave it that way. Demon slayers are pretty overpowered 😛

  133. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks PeregrineX, I have added Homonculus monster into the list! When do you start training there and till what level?

  134. PeregrineX

    You should put Homonculus (Lv.98, Zenumist Research Institute: Lab – 203) to the list. It’s a flat map with great spawn, and the homunculi have very good kill exp. Anyways, awesome guide! 🙂

  135. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Aeviternus! I have added Chryse into the list above!

  136. Aeviternus

    You should put in the whole Chryse place on level 50-60. It’s pretty quick.

  137. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks CodyPhantom, I have added Alien Miner (90-120) into the list and also Cherry Bubble Tea (30-35)

  138. CodyPhantom

    You may want to add in alien base. I always go thr to train in arcanems. I am not sure if this place is faster than the ones u said above.

  139. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi all, I have added more new locations in the list above! If you know any great spot for fast leveling, recommend them here by posting a comment.

  140. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi CheckyMechyX, do you mean the comment avatar or something else?

  141. CheckyMechyX

    Whats up with the pictures? o_o

  142. CheckyMechyX

    Thanks! I’m gonna use this for my thief and I LOVE you for it!


    when is the hot time?(i live at malaysia,u giv me malaysia time better n thanks)

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