MapleStory Dungeon: Mr Lee Airlines Guide

Available in: GMS v.156 – Cygnus Awakening: Night Walker (2014-10-29)
Requirement: Lv. 13 or above
Must be in a party of 1 – 6 people.
Cannot enter if any of your party members has already entered once a day.
Cannot enter if any of your party members does not have the start quest in progress.

Some new monsters and maps have been added, and EXP obtained from monsters here has changed.
This content is no longer instanced.
Accept the quest ‘[Mr. Lee Airlines] Regular Service’ from the lightbulb notifier to move to Boarding Area.
Speak with Mr. Lee, or enter the portal above the ladder, to board the MR133.
The passengers who have crash landed on the deserted island must find Escape tools (Jet Boat, Submarine, Gyrocopter, Hot-Air Balloon, Canoe, Minicopter, Feline Pirate Ship).
A number of dangerous situations randomly occur during this search.
Once you find your escape vehicle, you must complete the requirements that will activate it.
If you die or get off the island but did not properly escape, you will return to the state before you got on the plane, as if it were a dream.
If you escape successfully and return to Maple World, you can get compensation for your damage/loss.
Pilot’s Diary: Chance to increase Ambition, Empathy and/or Willpower
Research Report: Chance to increase Insight, Diligence and/or Charm
Wilderness Hunter’s Buff: Duration: 30 mins, HP: + 10000, ATT/MATT: + 100, DEF/MDEF: + 5000, ACC: + 100, DEF: + 100, Jump/Speed: + 50
One of the following, depending on which method was used to escape:
Permanent Jet Boat Mount Coupon
Permanent Submarine Mount Coupon
Permanent Gyrocopter Mount Coupon
[NEW] Permanent Hot-Air Balloon Mount Coupon
[NEW] Permanent Canoe Mount Coupon
[NEW] Permanent Minicopter Mount Coupon
[NEW] Permanent Feline Pirate Ship Mount Coupon

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