MapleStory Tangyoon Cooking Class Guide (Party Quest Level 60-90)

Tangyoon’s Cooking Class is a party quest for level 60-90 players. It can be done in a party of 3 or less which means you can solo too! A random dish will be given to you to cook. Each dish requires 5 types of ingredients. Therefore, you have 5 rounds to battle different enemies. Select the correct monster to be turned into an ingredient per round and you will receive this message “You should expect great dishes.” otherwise selecting wrong ingredient will pop up this message “The pot smells funny.” The good thing about this quest is it will fill up your experience bar to approximatly 95% MaxEXP upon successfully completing the game with matching ingredients, otherwise, it will only reward half of the experience amount.

Step by Step Guide:

  1. The quest takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. (After RED patch = 20 min, Before RED patch = 30 min)
  2. Select ingredients based on the dish. See below for the correct ingredients combination.
  3. Wait for (1 minute 30 seconds for GMS / 1 minute 10 seconds for MSEA-EMS) for a complete spawn of 100 enemies on chopping board.
  4. Eliminate all enemies on chopping board to proceed with next ingredient selection.
  5. Repeat Step 1 to Step 3 for all 5 ingredient selections.
  6. Eliminate fire enemies below chopping board on the 4th Ingredient Selection first (This can be only done by the designated fire fighter in your party who is auto-selected by the quest system), else it will burn all your food thus failing your cooking quest. Then, proceed normally with Step 1 (waiting for enemies to spawn completely) before finishing them in one go.
  7. Next, you will be required to add some salt. Salt dosage differs each game.
  8. If your dish was a success, after killing the God of Cookery, you will get 2 Chef Certificates and some EXP. You only get 1 Chef Certificate if your dish is a failure, and EXP received is approximately halved.

Ingredient Combination for each Dish (MSEA / GMS)

MapleStory Tangyoon Party Quest PQ Recipe Combination Guide

Tangyoon Recipe in Plain Text

ESCARGOT 1. Chubby Snail / Fatty Snail
2. Red Snail
3. Orange Mushroom
4. Wine Bottle
5. Potted Sprout
1. Blue Mushroom
2. Chopped Noodles / Knife Noodle
3. Mushmom
4. Bellflower Root
5. Bubble Fish
2. Cool Jellyfish
3. Sr. Bellflower Root
4. Ice Piece
5. Potted Morning Glory
1. Ribbon Pig
2. Obese Pig / Portly Pig
3. Fire Boar
4. Nependeath
5. Octopus
2. Cube Slime
3. Cherry Bubble Tea
4. Snowman
5. Chocolate Syrup / Syrup Baron

Tangyoong Reward

  • Clearing 3 successful dishes also gets you the medal of A Great Chef (+1 Weapon Attack, +1 Magic Attack, +15 Weapon Defense, +15 Magic Defense)
  • You can exchange 2 certificates for Tangyoong’s Chef Overall (+5 STR DEX INT LUK, +90 Weapon Magic Defense).
  • You can exchange 3 certificates for Tangyoong’s Chef Hat (+12 STR DEX INT LUK, +80 Weapon Magic Defense).
  • Wear Tangyoon Chef Hat and Overall together buffs you with the set effect of 15 to all stats, 500 HP and MP, and 8 attack and magic attack

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