Best Maplestory Training Spots 1-250 Guide (GMS v.137 – Unleashed)

List of Best MapleStory Training Spots

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MapleStory Unleashed Unlimited Best Training Spots 2013 for Level 1-250 and for Power Leveling from Level 1 to 120 in 3 days. Recommended for all jobs Warrior, Bowman, Magician, Thief, Pirate in Adventurer, Resistance, Cygnus Knights and Legendary Hero. Copy the monster name and paste into MapleStory Monster Finder to locate the specific map location. The guide includes some of the best and alternative maps when hotspot training ground gets packed during peak hour.

1-10 : Beginner Quests
10-30 : Job Quests obtained at Level 10.
11-12 : Blue Ribbon Pig
13-14 : Yellow Starfish
15-17 : Red Starfish
18-39 : Complete Job Instructor Quest to get a free hat with high stats.
19-20 : Pig
20-30 : Mixed Golem (Golem’s Temple: Golem’s Castle Ruins)
21-22 : Jellyfish
23-24 : Red Golem
25-26 : Icy Mixed Golem
26-30 : Mushmom, Blue Mushmom, Zombie Mushmom.
30-40 : Mushroom Kingdom, Kerning Square
37-40 : Copper Drake
40-100 : Monster Park Extreme Party Quest (MPE)
40-45 : Drake
40-50 : More Kerning Square
40-50 : Golden Beach (Gold Richie)
40-50 : Latest Hits Compilation, Greatest Oldies
46-50 : White Fang
50-69 : Henesys Party Quest HPQ – Moon Bunny’s Rice Cake
50-60 : Bunnies in ariant
54-60 : Master Robo
50-60 : Orbis quests, Chryse
50-60 : Lv.55 Moon Bunny (Korean Folk Town: Entrance to Black Mountain)
52-63 : Lv.58 Hodori (Korean Folk Town: Tiger Forest II)
60-70 : More Orbis, Aqua.
60-70 : Barnard Gray, Zeta Gray, Ultra Gray, Chief Gray (Kulan Field)
60-95 : Monster Park (Portal 1 of 3)
58-67 : Lv.62 Samiho (Korean Folk Town: Fox Ridge)
65-75 : Lv.70 Twisted Jesters (Haunted House: Chimney Possessed by the Clown)
70-120 : Orbis Party Quest OPQ – Remnant of the Goddess
70-80 : Sakura Castle (the quests’ EXP here is awesome), Omega Sector
70-90 : Roid (Alcadno Research Institute: Lab – Area C-2)
75-90 : Tangyoon Cooking Class Party Quest (TCPQ)
75-90 : Sand Rats, Scorpions (Sunset Road: Sahel 2)
80-90 : Ariant, Magatia
90-100 : Pantheon, Ellin Forest, Mu Lung
95-110 : Lv.105 Green Hobi (Leafre Cranky Forest)
100-250 : Evolution World Party Quest
90-110 : Ellin Forest Party Quest (EPQ)
90-110 : Captains and Krus (Mini Dungeon: Pillage of Treasure Island)
115-125 : Lv.118 Blue Kentarus (Leafre: The Area of Blue Kentarus)
110-120 : Lv.115 Crocky the Gatekeeper (Lion King’s Castle: Under the Castle Walls 1)
100-110 : Pantheon/Heliseum, Herb Town
100-120: Mastria: Inside Crimson Keep
100-125: Mastria: Valley of Heros 1-2
110-120 : Golden Temple
125-135 : [Theme Dungeon] Neo City – Help Andy in Fixing the Distorted Time! (Tera Forest)
125-130 : Lv.127 Blue Dragon Turtle (Leafre: Entrance to Dragon Forest)
120-140 : Pianus (Boss Raid)
130-140 : Random mobs around Leafre like Cornians
130-150: Jr Newties Mini Dungeon
135-165 : Monster Park (Portal 2 of 3)
140-160 : Eye of Time, Guardian, Monks (Temple of Time aka ToT)
140-160 : Slimy, Selkie Jr. (Mysterious Path 3 aka MP3)
140-160 : Mr Anchor (Singapore: Ghost Ship 6)
140-160 : Captain Latanica Boss aka Capt. Latanica (Singapore: The Engine Room)
140-180 : Dimenson Invasion Party Quest (DIPQ)
160-165 : Ulu City
160-250 : Monster Park (Portal 3 of 3)
[START] Future-Henesys-Maps
155-165 : Mutant Tino (Dark Ereve : Mutant Tino Forest)
160-170 : Mutant Slime (Ravaged Forest : Hill North of Henesys Ruin)
[END] Future-Henesys-Maps
170-180 : Red Leaf High (RLH)
190-200 : Future Perion
165-200 : Strong Hold (SH)
190-200 : Hall of Honour (HoH)
200-250 : Future Perion, Twisted Aqua Road

Short Version
1-10 : Character Quest
10-15 : Blue Ribbon Pigs, Yellow Starfish, Angry Starfish.
15-30 : Jellyfish, Cool Jellyfish, Flaming Mixed Golem.
30-40 : Mushroom Kingdom Quest Line, Helmet Pepe, Royal Guard Pepe.
40-50 : Drake Quest Line Drake Attack, Kerning Quest Blake’s Dream, Taurospear.
50-60 : Korean Folk Town Quest Line, Twisted Jester, Dessert Rabbit, Block Golem.
60-70 : Barnard Grey, Plateon, Ultra Gray, Chief Gray, Cactus, Royal Cactus, Sand Rat.
70-90 : Monster Park, Sand Dwarf, Scorpion, Homun, Roid, Neo Huroid, Triple Rumo
90-100 : Rash, Homunculus
100-110 : Captain
110-125 : Blue Dragon Turtles, Zakum
115-125 : Golden Temple Quest Line
125-135 : Neo City Quest Line
135-165 : Monster Park
135-140 : Red Dragon Turtles
140-160 : Temple of Time Quest Line, Ghost Ship (Singapore)
160-165 : Future Henesys
165-178 : Knight Stronghold (Regular Knights)
178-200 : Knight Stronghold (Advanced Knights)
198-250 : Ancient Mixed Golem

Shaunbear’s Training Spots
1-10 : Tutorial / Storyline / Etc. (Nothing has changed there)
10-30 : Quests from Instructor
10-15 : Stone Golem
15-30 : Mixed Golem
30-40 : Endangered Mushking Empire Questline
40-45 : Ellinel Fairy Academy Questline
45-50(or 60) : Cellion, Grupin, Lioner
50-60 : Dimensional Crack Party Quest (LPQ), Kerning City Party Quest (KPQ)
60-100 : Nett’s Pyramid Party Quest (Will take more than a couple days)
60-100 : Spiegelmann’s Gonzo Gallery (Doing the ‘Fall painting’ questline and grinding at the last map until time runs out will maximize XP)
60-75 : Big Spider (Getting the familiar is a plus as they go for 10mil a pop)
75-85 : Sand Rat, Scorpian, Iron Mutae
85-95 : Roid, Neo Huroid, Saitie
95-100 : Beldar’s Call Questline

EVO – Evolution World aka Evolving System.
DIPQ – Dimension Invasion Party Quest
KFT – Korean Folk Town.
HoH – Hall of Honour.
MP3 – Mysterious Path 3.
MPE – Monster Park Extreme.
PQ – Party Quest
RLH – Red Leaf High.
SH – Strong Hold.
ToT – Temple of Time.

Travel Guide

Maplestory GMS: How To Get To The Temple Of Time
[youtube url=]

Maplestory GMS: How To Get To Future Henesys

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111 thoughts on “Best Maplestory Training Spots 1-250 Guide (GMS v.137 – Unleashed)

  1. Ayumilove Post author

    @radicalnip: I’m not sure for GMS v.137 since Ludibrium Maze Party Quest has been revamped quite a number of times (Level requirement: 110 → 30-70 → ??). Merry Christmas!

  2. radicalnip

    where would you place ludi maze pq on?

  3. Blizzaga

    Hey Ayumi, since maplesea has introduced veracent back, can u add the following veracent (bleak hallway) 100-120 , veracent (dimlight ) 130 – 165

    P.S this might be a little late tho…

  4. Shade

    Where would you put bosses on these lists? With the new updates and nerds to various bosses, horntail, zakum, and gollux are pretty good exp. I’d like to see then included in here if possible.

  5. Annika

    thanks 🙂

  6. Annika

    Hi~ is this based on the latest update? MSEA has veracent now. could you please include it >< ty

  7. Ayumilove Post author

    @Ok: I have disabled one of the ads, let me know if this still persist. It would be helpful if you could provide a screenshot of it happening on your side as I did not encounter this issue. Thanks!

  8. ok

    this website has alot of spyware and popups, whats up with that man loveayumi?

  9. Zenonia 5 Offline

    I was suggested this web site by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed
    about my trouble. You are wonderful! Thanks!

  10. WhiteMex

    Just something you might want to add to your training guide:

    60-???: Romeo and Juliet

    Priests and Bishops are loved here because people love the holy symbol for this high experience output quest. I’ve gotten 10-20 levels with characters and there was no holy symbol in the party.

  11. Lyphenix

    Any idea how to get high level merc weapon? lv 140 dual bowguns there’s falcon one but fm all sell ex. ==” no one sells the clean one but oh wells D: Anyway msea eri pm me if sell merc mastery bks~

  12. Lyphenix

    Now there’s PQ Entrance through Mirror of Dimension. Easy level even for lv 14X (Drpq, kenta, esc pq…) 10X for ea pq, which means if u do those 3 u do quest 30X. Alot of exp 🙂 After that then maybe u consider these training spots.. Idk never tried ^ yet. =) Glhf~

  13. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Loco, I used to train at Time Temple around that level range 140-160 since the Future Henesys is crowded with people.

  14. Loco

    Hey im a 143 Kaiser and im having trouble lvling wat wuld be my most rapid exp spot?

  15. SevenUp

    Could you show me how to get 60+ xenon/demon avenger weapon

  16. @Ayumilove Maplestory Blog

    Moon Bunny’s Rice Cakes are a good source of exp! From 30-50 maybe? I used it till 45, then did some quests. I got like ~20% exp each clear!

  17. SoR0XaS

    There’s no level cap for PQs afaik.

  18. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi ShengHunter, is there any level cap for Bunny PQ?

  19. ShengHunter

    Dear Ayumi,now Bunny PQ can do it at Lv30

  20. Hohoe

    Hey Ayumi,

    Can u post the umm Mercedes quest guide? Cos i am having problems with Mercedes quests

  21. Ayumilove Post author

    @Summer: Knight of Cygnus that are revamped can reach up to level 250.

  22. Summer

    @ayumilove and Oppaden

  23. @ayumilove and Oppaden

    oni BW and NW?other koc is 250?

  24. Ayumilove Post author

    @Summer: All jbos are Level 250 max except for Cygnus Knights that is not revamped yet (Blaze Wizard, Night Walker)

  25. OppaDen

    @Summer; EXCEPT THE 2 PITIFUL KOC: NW and FW T.T

  26. Summer

    now all class n jobs are lvl 250 as max lvl?

  27. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi kjh07, OppaDen is right about the selkie Jr is level 155 and 156 in GMS. They have messed up the monster levels, and now some monsters level is not sync between MSEA and GMS.

  28. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Drekenguard, one of the free gear is MapleStory Anniversary suit. I have a full suit, each of them giving a total 50% stats for my Xenon, making it super OP lol. But MapleStory Nexon decided to nerf them in GMS v142 patch Dawnviel 🙁

  29. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi DragoonKnightl, in Neo City, you can raid mini-bosses there. This will help rake tons of EXP especially the robotic boss near the harbor.

  30. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi qenster, could you be more specific on which part of this guide does not work for you?

  31. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi sekjw, sorry for the late reply! I have updated the old training spot link with this one!

  32. OppaDen

    @Kjh07 i believe u are from MSEA, the Lvl 90, 93 version is MSEA while GMS is 155 and 156 🙂 so for GMS its an available choice for grinding

  33. kjh07

    Slimy, Selkie Jr. are monster below lvl100, how can it be a training spot for lvl 140 and above?

  34. wayne

    Neo City Quest Line
    i trained from lv125 to lv15x
    after finish the quest and reopen maple to keep repeat the quest
    quite good exp and also sand to sell

  35. DragoonKnightl

    ‘125-135 : Neo City Quest Line’

    I only got two levels from the q line, do you mean to get the next few levels killing the monsters inside?

  36. Drekenguard

    Could there be any gear guide? I’m kinda curious of the good and free gear you can get. I haven’t been following Maplestory in a while so it would help me a lot.

  37. sekjw

    you should post this page to quick link at side bar

  38. qenster

    it don work

  39. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi qenster, through the Dimensional Portal.

  40. qenster

    how to go golden temple ??

  41. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Jason, currently GMS and MSEA.

  42. Jason

    Hey im sorry to ask this but what world do u play in and which ms (gms,emsor kms etc)

  43. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi LumisMaple, Romeo and Juliet Party Quest (RnJ PQ) rewards lots of experience points. Be sure that your party members are equal in level. If most of the party member levels are very high, the monster level are also high since they take the average level of all party members level.

  44. LumisMaple

    Hello im a level 90 luminous I heard that R and J pq has a lot of good EXP I have done it once but my Luminous keeps on dying so my question is that does Mu Lung give better EXP then R and J?

  45. SK

    Hmm wondering for the possibility of a leeching guide

    Face this situation :

    Mushroom Kingdom + Kerning Square can last through lvl 30 – 45 (est)
    Dun really like the Golden Sand long series of quest and slow exp gain
    Unless it is character with fast attack/mobility like Xenon, character having slower attack (e.g fire mage) will take time to up lvl 50 on kerning square

    Not sure what happen to ppl going Nett pq. It seems a ghost town where u have to wait more than 10 min to gather ur party. Perhaps all going to taeyoon cooking class ba…

    pardon this lazy bum who opt leeching =x

  46. Grooty

    This is great!
    Although I’m not sure where to train if there’s multiple suggestions…
    Could you make a short version like you did in your old one with all recommended spots?


  47. MSEAplayer

    Hi ayumi, can you have a training guide for MapleSEA?

  48. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi PhantomNBuster, Kaiser does both train and quest.

  49. PhantomNBuster

    Is Kaiser supposed to train or do quests?

  50. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Rob, its time for exploration! Explore around MapleStory and share the places you feel that its good 🙂 Usually hardcore players would be boss raiding all day and selling their boss services at a premium price to make up for the losses in raid losses.

  51. Rob

    Level 150-160 doesn’t have as many options, do they? Probably the slowest training in my character’s ‘lifetime’

  52. Ayumilove Post author

    Added Henesys Party Quest – Moon Bunny Rice Cake AND Orbis Party Quest – Remnant of the Goddess into the training list!

  53. snowball

    you can get hwabis at blood harps i got 3 sets while doing ua quest for 3 hours and crockys are useless now

  54. Zeldoba

    Hey, do u know there didn’t have Monster Park Extreme anymore, can u like make another Training Guide for Australia. Thank you 😀

  55. terry31

    Hi Ayumi,

    I’m a lvl ~100 F/P mage and I’m wondering if there are any good places to farm money (scrolls, drops, etc). I could really use some advice in this department because my funding is really really low 🙁

  56. snowball

    monster park extreme isnt working for me in gms

  57. Jamal Crawford

    Hey, I’m a level 91 Xenon.

    To get steelys, you can either train on Fire Drakes, or for ilbis, kill mushmom.

  58. Kanna Karma

    where do you trian at stronghold cant see anyone

  59. JadfihfTheMerc

    I’ve noticed they drop frequently in the level 135-160 Monster Park. However, I can only get them to drop on the security level.


    Do you know where is the best place to hunt for steely throwing knife and ilbi throwing stars

  61. kadykunde

    also, you can train on ludi PQ, it gives AMAZING exp at level 50-75, also very easy and fast

  62. Jorden

    Hey I was wondering where should I train at level 120 because I can go in to neo city when I’m 125 so yeah

  63. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi John Hong, its based on your job. Check out the previous training spot guide to figure out which NPC to look out. For example, at level 18 Pirate, talk to the Pirate Instructor in Nautilus to start the Level 18 Hat Quest. The stat is pretty remarkable and can be used up to Level 60-70, thats when you get Tangyoon’s Hat and Overall Armor that gives some weapon attack bonuses. I’m not sure if GMS has implemented that quest yet.

  64. john hong

    where do you get the free hat? which job instructor?

  65. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Hongkiat, I use to train in Tangyoon Cooking Class PQ from Level 80 to 90 and then I keep performing party quest (Romeo and Juliet + King Pixie PQ)

  66. hongkiat

    Hey ayumi
    I’m from the maplesea server and where should I train my demon slayer level 82?
    My damage is pretty low btw

  67. vartox

    Hi, Im 183lv night lord with 7,5k hp which means im dying in HoH by 1 hit sometimes. It’s unavaliable for me me to grind there cause im losing experience faster than i gain it 😛 Where do you suggest to grind instead of HoH? I would be very gratefull for any tip 🙂

  68. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Nikola, you can train at Twisted Jesters at Haunted Mansion. If you can kill them in 1 hit, you will level pretty quickly. Also, you can also train at Monster Park Extreme if you have not exceeded your daily limit of 5 entrance. Another would be Tangyoon Cooking Class. I’m not sure if that was implemented yet in GMS, but I use to do cooking party quest in MSEA from level 75 to 90, each round gives approximately 95% of MAX EXP and starts to reduce to approximately 70% of MAX EXP.

  69. Nikola

    Hey Ayumi! I’m a level 75 unfunded Jett.. Where should I train?

  70. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Mickgi, it is still possible for me as I don’t rely on popular training spots to level up quickly like the ones that they nerf such as Twisted Jesters 😉 Most of my new characters do not use link skills and start from scratch (0 meso or newbie equips).

  71. Mickgi

    are you sure we can still lvl up to lv120 in 3 days with the unleashed patch?

  72. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks JadfihfTheMerc for your quick feedback 🙂

  73. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Mickgi, do you mean Hayato the Katana user? I have first-hand experience with the job and boy, they do drink MP like water compared to regular Warrior or Magicians. They can dished out super lightning-fast attacks at the cost of high MP (Magic/Mana Point) consumption.

  74. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Astro, you can check all the classes for GMS at the right-side of this website. It has skill build for all.

  75. Astro

    Also do you have a list of all the classes out for GMS?

  76. Mickgi

    Wow thank you Ayumi its the best trainin guide for the unleashed update on internet atm! Sooo helpful!! Btw I just restarted playing 2 days ago and I was wondering when the new katana class will be available? never maybe? :/ Anyway, Im lucky that I created a kaiser lv40 before quiting >.< Also the job reward free hat it is for all classes and we have to completed all the quests until lv39?? :S Thanx alot

  77. JadfihfTheMerc

    The third portal is available to anyobe level 160+

  78. JadfihfTheMerc

    Yes there are four portals. The first portal level requirements are 60-95, the second is 135-165, the third is 160+. As for monster park extreme I forget the level requirement. I know for sure that level 83 can enter.

  79. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi JadfihfTheMerc, the monster park has changed a little right? I remembered there are 4 portals, each has different level requirement range. Do you know them? So I can add them into the list above.

  80. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Peep, thanks for the suggestion on Kulan Field 3. I have added into the list.

  81. Peep

    How about kulan field 3 for 60-70

  82. JadfihfTheMerc

    Hey Ayumi, great guide. I recomend training 135-140 at Monster park. The exp from what I noticed isn’t something that was nerfed in GMS.

  83. Astro

    Wooh thanks needed this been playing MS since it came out and quit like in August and decided to come back :p

  84. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Alice, monsters residing in MP3 is above Level 150. For those who are strong and deals multiple hits per enemy are able to train there effectively. This for GMS (Global MapleStory) I’m not sure whether MapleSEA has changed their monster levels.

  85. alice

    why recommend MP3 at lv 140…??

  86. Robert

    For 90-110, is EPQ the only one you recommend? Which other pqs are good for leveling up quickly?

  87. Tsurugi

    I cannot stress how amazing the Evolution World (Evolving System for us in MSEA) in delivering you to the next level — One full round literally gives you a level’s worth of experience! Hey Ayumi, is there any chance that you’ll be getting a hold of a list of most of the cores there? Thanks!

  88. Vince

    thx for explaning about the evolution but what do u mean neo temple and those other places?

  89. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Lucas883, the training spot for Level 30-37 is positioned under 37-40. I have corrected it by moving it up. Its the same place where we trained which is Mushroom Kingdom Quests and/or Kerning Square quest.

  90. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Vince, Evolution World is another training place for players Level 100 and above. You need to complete some quests (aka requirements) to enter Evolution World, similarly to Aliens where you a few quests before they allow you in. Once you train your character to Level 100 or higher, accept the quest where it pops up on the left side of your screen (light-bulb or something). Once you complete the quest, you will be transported to the Resistance Hideout and receive a quest from Claudine who wants to get to know you better. Next, you will teleported to Gerlimer’s Hideout where you meet Orca, Lotus and Gerlimer. I won’t be explaining the story though to avoid spoiling the suspense. You will finally be brought back to resistance hideout again. Click the Dimension Portal and select Evolution World. Complete all the pre-request in that area. You can enter Evolution World 5 times a day and can camp there 30 minutes per round/game. Check the video above on the Evolution World introduction.

  91. Lucas883

    Ayumilove, u forgot to add a training spot from level 30-37

  92. Vince

    What is evolution world

  93. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Robert, I’m not sure why the Monster Park Extreme is closed. Perhaps the developers are working something on them? Some GMS players are able to get into the park and train.

  94. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Ivan, Monster Park should be available for GMS. Have you tried it out yet?

  95. Ivan

    Monster park is not available ayumi, what is this.

  96. Robert

    I’m sorry i meant to say my thunder breaker is at level 40 not 140.

  97. Robert

    It says to go to monster park levels 40-250, however my thunder breaker right now is at 140 and the only map that comes close to 40 is the level 60 map. And for some reason monster park extreme is closed.

  98. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks AdenNeda for your feedback, are there other players training there as well apart from Bishops.

  99. AdenNeda

    I still like MP3 (Mysterious Path 3), though the enemies are much harder now. My Bishop is lvl138 and training there, gaining about 4k exp a kill (+additional 2k from holy symbol). The area has the same amazing spawn rate it’s always had so experience comes quickly.

  100. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Alvin Kim, GMS has boost aliens HP, defense and attack and decreases the amount of EXP by half. Therefore it does not make Alien a recommended place to grind unless you do not have other place to go to. They nerfed all the monsters in LHC, so you do not get much experience like last time. However, it would be easier for one to solo each monsters there since their stat is similar to an Alien Cog/Miner.

    Here is the stat of an Alien Cog:
    Level: [95 → 105]
    HP: [55,000 → 75,000]
    MP: [2600 → 3000]
    EXP: [3000 → 1495]
    Physical Attack: [827 → 1059]
    Magical Attack: [781 → 1097]
    Knockback: [1100 → 1300]

    Here is the stat of an Alien Miner:
    Level: [95 → 105]
    HP: [55,000 → 75,000]
    MP: [2600 → 3000]
    EXP: [3000 → 1495]
    Physical Attack: [782 → 1059]
    Magical Attack: [805 → 1097]
    Knockback: [1100 → 1300]

    Crocky the Gatekeeper @ LHC
    Level: 115
    HP: [7,400,000 → 95,000]
    MP: [250,000 → 3000]
    EXP: [48,376 → 1797]
    Physical Attack: [1654 → 1495]
    Magical Attack: [1500 → 1454]
    Knockback: [3500 → 1500]
    PDRate: [20 → 10]
    MDRate: [20 → 10]

    Level: 122
    HP: [9,600,000 → 109,000]
    MP: [360,000 → 4000]
    EXP: [52,654 → 1996]
    Physical Attack: [2279 → 1956]
    Magical Attack: [2035 → 2010]
    Knockback: [3500 → 1800]
    PDRate: [20 → 10]
    MDRate: [20 → 10]

  101. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Anzu, as Alvin Kim replied, Twisted Jester is easy to train on when your skill does multiple hits (3 or more hits) so it compensate the amount you miss. Jobs that can perform multiple hits are Kaiser, Aran, Kanna. Most of the Adventurer skills could not perform that many hits until they receive their Reorganization Update which makes them on par with the rest of the new jobs. You can also consume Accuracy potion to temporarily boost up your accuracy.

  102. Ryn

    where is Evolution World, Golden Temple?? and how much exp does it give and where in patheon do u get exp for my lvl 112 hayato

  103. Luinon

    Everyone who is asking why did she quit LHC, Aliens, MP3, etc. Has an answer: Nexon made that they stop the exp and now they just give a little bit of exp. Going to those places just have sense if you will do a quest :/

  104. Alvin Kim


    Actually you can hit them at lvl 50. If you are playing a class that hits multiple times like Kanna or Aran, they’re actually very good exp. Since you won’t be hitting them very often at lower levels, I would recommend training on Jesters in the Toy Room at lvl 50. Until Mplestory Unleashed, I have trained in the Toy Room from 50-60/70 with all my chars.

  105. Alvin Kim

    Ayumilove, can you explain why you removed Aliens and LHC?

  106. Duncan

    Uh what about MP3 for 60/70-110?

  107. Anzu

    It says Twisted Jester 50-53, isn’t that a little bit low level to even hit them?

  108. JadfihfTheMerc

    I find this guide a little more helpful. Thanks!


    what is evolution world?

  110. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi guys, if you do have some training spots that you would like to contribute, post a comment below and I’ll add into the list above 🙂