Best MapleStory Training Spots 1-250 Guide (GMS v.179 – MapleStory V 5th Job)

List of Best MapleStory Training Spots

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MapleStory 5th Job V Training Notes

  • Monster experience rates based on the difference in level have been reorganized.
  • You will now gain more experience from monsters close to your character’s level.
  • Level difference means the gap between your character level against monster/target level. It’s best to train on monsters that are within 20 level differences.

MapleStory EXP gained based on Level Differences

  • 110% EXP gained when level difference is 0 ~ 4
  • 105% EXP gained when level difference is 5 ~ 9
  • 100% EXP gained when level difference is 10 ~ 11
  • 98% EXP gained when level difference is 12 ~ 13
  • 96% EXP gained when level difference is 14 ~ 15
  • 94% EXP gained when level difference is 16 ~ 17
  • 92% EXP gained when level difference is 18 ~ 19
  • 90% EXP gained when level difference is 20
  • 70% EXP gained when level difference is 21
  • 66% EXP gained when level difference is 22
  • 62% EXP gained when level difference is 23
  • 58% EXP gained when level difference is 24
  • 54% EXP gained when level difference is 25
  • 50% EXP gained when level difference is 26 ~ 27
  • 43% EXP gained when level difference is 28 ~ 29
  • 34% EXP gained when level difference is 30 ~ 31
  • 26% EXP gained when level difference is 32 ~ 33
  • 18% EXP gained when level difference is 34 ~ 35
  • 10% EXP gained when level difference is 36 or more

MapleStory V Limitless Training Guide

Post a comment below if you would like to share a training spot that you found great for leveling fast. It should take into consideration of the monster level differences, total monster spawn abundance and how easy to cycle throughout the map with the ladders/portal to reach enemy quickly.

Pure Grinding

Train Where
1-10 Lv.1 Tutorial or Job Specific Quests
10-15 Lv.10 Green Mushroom → Henesys: Spore Hill
15-20 Lv.15 Stone Golem → Henesys: Golem’s Temple Entrance
20-30 Lv.19 Flaming Mixed Golem → Henesys: Golem Temple 3
30-40 Lv.35 Coconut Slime → Gold Beach: Beachgrass Dunes 1
40-50 Lv.45 Wraith → Kerning City Subway Line 1 Area 3
50-55 Lv.55 Wild Boar → Perion: Wild Boar Land
55-70 Lv.62 Skeledog → Perion: Excavation Intermission Area
55-70 Lv.66 Copper Drake → Sleepywood: Silent Swamp
60-75 Lv.69 Dark Drake → Sleepywood: Cave Exit (via Chilly Cave)
60-90 Lv.XX Slimy → Singapore: Mysterious Path 3 (MSEA)
75-90 Lv.81 White Fang → El Nath: Ice Valley 2
75-100 Lv.89 Sand Rat → Nihal Desert: Sahel 2
75-100 Lv.90 Dark Dwarf → Nihal Desert: The Desert of Serenity
80-110 Lv.93 Mithril Mutae → Magatia: Alcadno, Lab Area B-1
80-110 Lv.95 Roid → Magatia: Alcadno, Lab Area C-1
100-125 Lv.XX … → Veracent Castle, Main Hall or Bleak Hallway (MSEA)
110-120 Lv.113 Robo → Ludibirum: Toy Factory Apparatus Room
100-120 Lv.119 Dark Death Teddy → Vampire Castle: Bleak Hallway (MSEA)
120-163 Lv.120 Dark Bearwolf (Mini Boss) → Vampire Castle: Dim Light (MSEA)
120-140 Lv.129 Jar → Herb Town: 50-Year-Old Herb Garden
120-140 Lv.130 Moon Bunny → Korean Folk Town: Black Mountain Entrance
130-140 Lv.145 Biner → Singapore: Central Way 1 (GMS)
140-150 Lv.150 Nest Golem → Leafre Dragon Nest (MSEA)
150-160 Lv.152 Mantis → Stone Colossus: Colossus West Road 2
140-160 Lv.154 Pac Pinky → Singapore: Ghost Ship 1 (GMS)
140-160 Lv.155 Slimy → Singapore: Mysterious Path 3 (GMS)
150-165 Lv.157 Mr. Anchor → Singapore: Ghost Ship 6 (GMS)
150-165 Lv.158 Poison Hornet → Stone Colossus: Swarm Habitat 3
150-170 Lv.163 Dreamy Ghost → Zipangu: Encounter with the Buddha
163-200 Lv. 167 Extra A & B → Zipangu: Parking Lot (MSEA)
165-180 Lv. 177 Adv. Knight A → Knight Stronghold: Knight’s Chamber 1
180-190 Lv. 184 Adv. Knight E → Knight Stronghold: Hall of Honor
190-210 Lv.198 Ancient Mixed Golem → Twilight Perion: Warrior Ground
190-210 Lv.204 Chaseroid Red → Scrapyard: Scrapyard Hill 4
210-220 Lv.216 Salvoroid Red → Scrapyard: Skyline 1, 2
220-230 Lv.224 Inner Guard EX → Scrapyard: Maze 1, 2
220-230 Lv.224 Inner Guard EX → Scrapyard: Maze 1, 2

Training via Theme Dungeon and Party Quest

Train Where
30-40 Lv.30 Ellinel Fairy Academy → Elinia: North Forest, Giant Tree (Questline)
35-50 Lv.35 Gold Beach → Victoria: Gold Beach (Questline)
50-60 Lv.50 Riena Strait → Rien (Questline)
70-120 Lv.70 Romeo and Juliet a.k.a RnJ (Party Quest)
100-140 Lv.100 Monster Park Extreme → 2 entries per day (up to 7 if buy tickets)
140-165 Lv.140 Temple of Time a.k.a. ToT (Questline)
140-190 Lv.140 Dimension Invasion → 5 entries per day (Party Quest)

Training via Star Force Maps

Star Force maps requires your character to be equipped with Star Force scrolled equipment. Lacking of Star Force reduces your damage considerably. Monsters residing in Star Force maps gives additional EXP rate.

Train Where Star Force
100-120 Lv. 107 Blood Harp → Leafre: Sky Nest 2 5
100-120 Lv. 109 Dual Birk → Leafre: Valley of the Antelope 2 5
100-120 Lv. 136 Bain → Dead Mine: The Cave of Trials 2, 3 55

Arcane Force maps requires your character to be equipped with Arcane Symbols.

Training via Arcane Force maps

Arcane River continent consists of MSEA: Road to Extinction, Chew Chew Island, Dream City Lacheln | GMS: Vanishing Journey, Chu Chu Island, Lachelein. Lacking of Arcane Force reduces your damage considerably. If you exceed Arcane Force requirement in the map, you deal extra damage! Equip your character with Arcane Symbols (up to 3 symbols) and upgrade them to increase the Arcane Force. Click here for more info on Arcane Symbols

Train Where Arcane
200-210 Lv.201 Raging Erda → V.Journey: Weathered Land of Rage 30
205-215 Lv.206 Soulful Erda → V.Journey: Spirit Zone 50
210-220 Lv.209 Arma’s Subordinate → V.Journey: Arma’s Hideout 80
210-225 Lv.215 Rhyturtle → Chu Chu Island: Torrent 3 130

Training via Daily Bossing

Boss Mode Quest Required Level Recommended Level
Zakum Easy N 50+ 50
Zakum Normal N 90+ 110
Zakum Chaos N 130+ 140
Horntail Easy Y 130+ 130
Horntail Normal Y 130+ 160
Horntail Chaos Y 135+ 160
Hilla Easy N 120+ 120
Hilla Hard N 170+ 190
Magnus Easy N 115+ 115
Magnus Normal Y 155+ 155
Magnus Hard Y 175+ 190
Gollux Easy Y 140+ 150
Gollux Normal Y 140+ 170
Gollux Hard Y 140+ 190
Gollux Hell Y 140+ 200
Arkarium Easy Y 140+ 140
Arkarium Normal Y 140+ 170
Arkarium Madman Y 140+ 190
Ranmaru Normal Y 120+ 129
Ranmaru Madman Y 120+ 195
Pink Bean Normal Y 160+ 180
Pink Bean Chaos Y 160+ 190
Root Abyss Normal Y 125+ 125
Root Abyss Chaos Y 180+ 190

Exp Boosters

Use Exp Boosters to increase the experience gained from each monsters so you need to kill fewer of them to level up!

Boost EXP via Items, Card Effect and Link Skills

EXP Buff Description
Runes An interactive NPC which you talk to (default key spacebar) and use your arrow keys in order to get a 2 minute 1.5x buff. Runes can be used every 15 minutes and respawns on the same map after 1 hour.
Cash Shop Coupons Coupons you can purchase in the Cash Shop for 2x experience.
Mercedes Link Skill Level up a Mercedes Character to 70/120 for a 10/15% exp boost.
Zero Character Card This character to your card set gives a 4/6/8/10% exp boost.
Event Coupons Events such as Attendence Quests, Hot Time gifts, etc. often have EXP multipliers (1.3/1.5/2x) as rewards to completing them.
Resting By having a character rest as a part time job, a character can potentially get a 1.3x coupon.
Star Planet Star Planet rewards 2x coupons for completing mini games.
2x Events During some weekends holidays and events, Maplestory can experience a 2x events which stack with other boosts.
Burning Arguably the best effect for leveling. This effect is given to one character per world during an event period via character creation (past event starting at level 10) or questline (e.g. Sizzling Santa quest beginning at level 33) that allows the user to level 3 times per level (e.g. instead of leveling from 33-34, you would level 33-34-35-36) Think of it as buy one, get two free!

Boost EXP with Party Buffs

Party Buff Description Rate
Bishop Holy Symbol (Boost EXP Rate) 1.5X
Beast Tamer Friends of Arby (Boost EXP Rate) 1.3X
Kanna Kishin Shoukan (Boost Spawn Rate and Count) 1.5X
Phantom Stolen Skills (Haste, Rage, Holy Symbol, Sharp Eyes) N/A

Tips and Tricks:

Use MapleStory Familiars when you train as they can help you train more efficiently.

Familiar Description
Jr. Boogie Recovers a large amount of MP (15%/10sec) continuously while summoned.
Mr. Alli Recovers a large amount of HP and MP (15%/10sec) continuously while summoned.
Big Spider Increases the drop rate of mesos and items by 60% while summoned.
Wolf Underling Increases the item drop rate by 100% while summoned.

MapleStory Arcane Force

Arcane Force Overview

  • Similarly to Star Force, you will inflict less damage when you have insufficient Arcane Force when you are in Arcane Force maps.
  • Instead of hitting 1’s, you’ll just be doing 10% of your original damage without any Arcane Force at all, and it’ll build up to 100% as you progress with your Arcane Force.
  • For bonuses, the more Arcane Force you receive the more EXTRA damage you’ll be doing in an area (up to 50% final damage worth of extra damage).
  • Arcane Force is gained by equipping your character with Arcane Symbol. Up to 3 Arcane Symbols can be equipped. Arcane Symbol also boosts your job primary stat.
  • While equipped, Arcane Symbols will grow with you as you gain experience. Duplicate Arcane Symbols can be combined into equipped ones to give them experience.
  • When an Arcane Symbol is at 99% growth experience, you can level it up by paying a meso fee (10/20/30 million meso for level 2/3/4).

Arcane Force required for 150% Max Damage

  • 30 AF = 50 AF for bonus
  • 50 AF = 80 AF for bonus
  • 80 AF = 120 AF for bonus
  • 100 AF = 150 AF for bonus
  • 130 AF = 200 AF for bonus
  • 160 AF = 240 AF for bonus
  • 190 AF = 290 AF for bonus
  • 200 AF = 300 AF for bonus
  • 210 AF = 320 AF for bonus
  • 240 AF = 360 AF for bonus

Arcane Force Damage Formula Explanation

Assuming you have 0 Arcane Force, and the map in Arcane River requires 30 Arcane Force, you will deal 10% of your current damage. Every 10 Arcane Force you obtained, you gain 30% damage (90% damage divided by 30 = 3% damage per Arcane Force). You can gain up to 150% damage. For this scenario, if you have 50 Arcane Force instead of 30 Arcane Force, you can inflict max damage of 150% for maps that requires 30 Arcane Force. (50 Arcane Force x 3% damage per Arcane Force + base 10% = 160%, round down to max of 150%)

MapleStory Videos

MapleStory (Fifth Job) COMPLETE TRAINING GUIDE (Level 1-250)

[youtube “”]

MapleStory Arcane Force Damage Penalties & Bonuses

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MapleStory Vanishing Journey – “How much range do I need?”

[youtube “”]


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MapleStory Questline Guide

Ayumilove MapleStory Ellinel Fairy Academy Questline Guide (Level 30-40)
[youtube “”]

Ayumilove MapleStory Gold Beach Questline Guide (Level 35-50)

Ayumilove MapleStory Riena Strait Questline Guide (Level 50-60)
[youtube “”]

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  1. Zeptowatt

    Go left portal on bunnies map. Mobs are Hodori and dark axe stump.
    The spawn is not as high, but gives decent exp.

  2. MitsukiNL

    Do you have another place to train from 115-130ish I feel that the bunnies are quite bad. Spawn is high but exp doesnt seem that great

  3. Theredrosebr

    When will you Update this level up guide to the next GMS version??? (i mean Override)

  4. CasterGamer

    Can you do a MapleSea training guide?

  5. ayur

    Note for Reboot players – while the guide recommends CZak at Level 140, you will be unable to deal more than 1 damage per line at that level. 🙁

  6. Ayumilove Post author

    @Auron: You’re most welcome 🙂

  7. Auron

    thanks for the site this has lots of work involved in it.

  8. Ayumilove Post author

    @shay: I’m not sure if there are other leveling spots that provides better EXP rate than Knight Stronghold (Knight’s Chamber 1). Have you tried the EXP boosters such as Mercedes link skill + 2X coupon EXP + Kanna mule to help speed up your leveling? Performing boss daily also helps in providing a good amount of EXP.

  9. shay

    Hey, so PB is expiring in a few days and im kind stuck at lvl 177.. if i can get to 180 i might have a chance… is there anything quicker then chamber 1?

  10. Jae

    Hi, just started playing. Want to make a priest in reboot, but im aware they are kinda weak. Can you tell me where the best spots specifically for clerics?

  11. Lee Kai Ming

    Hi Ayumilove can u added under Pure Grinding from level 70 – level 120 can go to MP3 (with the help of Hser)

  12. Jzen31

    Hey Ayumi!
    Is there a way to do the bosses solo..? I mean when I attempt to fight a boss, it does a boss matchmaking first.. and I don’t really need nor want someone to party with.. How do I fight bosses (Balrog, Zakum etc.) solo?

  13. Xtimate

    Does the guide work for Reboot server too?

  14. Ayumilove Post author

    @Erikuzuma: The minimum level refers to recommended level for average users who does has low~average scrolled equips. Level refers to the required level. I’ll update the table to avoid confusion 🙂

  15. Erikuzuma

    Hi Ayumilove,
    Question: In your Training via daily bossing thing, does “Min. level” mean the lv you recommend training with said boss? Or is that the lv at which you can fight the boss at all?

  16. Kurisu

    Big kitties at Stairway to the Sky I are great for lv60-80.

  17. Ichirin

    Star Force Thanatos, specifically the Forgotten Passage map. If funded with good low-level items and character cards, you can start there at level 100. Even if you only go at 120~130, it’s still very good as long as you have decent damage. Earlier, I got my DA from 100 to 140 in an hour during 2x, with a Kanna only helping for 20 minutes.

  18. Bagles4all

    level 180 – excavation site 2. op.

  19. Ryan!

    for monster park extreme don’t you have to be 105?

  20. Ayumilove Post author

    @Melvyn: Victoria Island (Six Path Way) → Orbis → Ariant → *Camel Cab* → Magatia → *Move to the most right side and enter portal*

    Tips: Open World Map and search for the monster name, it will show you the location of the C1 where the monster resides!

  21. Melvyn

    Hi, how do I get to the lab area C1?

  22. xmrmeow

    On GMS at least, the hidden map with the Dual Ghost Pirate’s found in Ludi clock tower’s Warped Path of Time 3, give 10k exp each, which is more than even the recommended mobs at for lv 150-165, and they’re only lv 119.

    The map has a ton of spawns and the layout is a perfect thin tower with a portal to teleport back to the top from the bottom

  23. s

    I read Wolf Underling is only available to Arans via quest. Is that true?

  24. Ayumilove Post author

    @RyanAgain: Hi, you are playing in which MapleStory region?
    GMS aka Global MapleStory has Singapore Ghost Ship from Level 140 to 160.
    MSEA aka MapleStory South East Asia has Dim Light from Level 120 to 163.
    These are the hot spots for fast leveling through pure grinding.

  25. Ayumilove Post author

    @Zeon: Thanks for sharing your insights regarding MapleSEA training grounds! I have updated the guide above to reflect the new info provided.

  26. Zeon

    Hi ayumi, i would like to say that MSEA training from 120 to 163 for dimlight and 163 to 200 for parking lot, this two are famous in MSEA right now and FYI, parking monster are level 167 and 168, they are Extra A and B

  27. RyanAgain

    wait so theres no 140-150 training ground?

  28. Ayumilove Post author

    @Daniel Duong: Thanks for the info regarding the level requirement for Stone Colossus!

  29. Ayumilove Post author

    @xuan: MapleStory EXP Leeching mechanics have been slightly tweak this year. If you are out of combat after a period of time, you will not receive EXP based on MapleStory Nexon Official patch notes.

    Based from players discussion on MapleStory Reddit, there are 2 rules to follow:
    1. The lowest level party member must be within 40 levels of the highest level party member, else the lowest level party member will not receive any EXP from party.
    2. The party member must not be more than 5 levels under the monster level, otherwise he/she can’t gain leech EXP from party member who defeats it.

  30. xuan

    Whats the level difference gap for party members and does the lvl gap (leeching) affect exp we get?

  31. Daniel Duong

    Stone Colossus can’t be started until level 150.

  32. Ayumilove Post author

    @Darren: What monsters resides in Parking Lot in Showa Town? And what level are they?

  33. Ayumilove Post author

    @ChrisHansenOfDatlineNBC: My character is able to train on those monsters within 15 levels. Have you tried boosting your character damage with card decks and link skills?

  34. Ayumilove Post author

    @Holowitz: MapleSEA is famous for its Dim Light training area. Players trained from level 125 to 175. Some may leech from other players in party.

  35. Ayumilove Post author

    @Brian: Go to Mushroom Shrine via the Tourism NPC located in towns. You can open up the world map “default is W”, and type in the monster name to find the location of the Buddha.

  36. Ayumilove Post author

    @Ryan: Lv.63 Slimy is MSEA, Lv.155 is GMS. Singapore monster level differs in different MapleStory region.

  37. Ryan

    isn’t slimy lvl 63 not 155?

  38. kev

    curse eyes seem nice to train 21-30 if character is a high dps one. high spawn and fast moving mob

  39. Darren

    @Ayumilove, hey i think in Msea, Parking Lot in Showa Town is extremely good from level 170 – 190 ish. Especially with Kanna and HS buff 😉

  40. Brian

    How do I get to the encounter with buddha?

  41. Holowitz

    Hello, I do understand that MSEA and GMS is different in terms of the Singapore map.
    Currently quite stuck at 150+. May I know where can I train in MSEA?

  42. ChrisHansenOfDatlineNBC

    Dark Sand Dwarves and Sand Rats are not able to be fought at level 75 because they are too high level so you might want to change that.

  43. Ayumilove Post author

    @Haus: Thanks for sharing the training area! I’ll be adding into the guide.

  44. Ayumilove Post author

    @Brian: It should be in MSEA and EMS. I’m not sure if the the merge of EMS and GMS, GMS also has that area.

  45. Brian

    100-120 Lv.119 Dark Death Teddy → Vampire Castle: Bleak Hallway

    Is this in GMS? Where is it?

  46. Haus

    For star force, star force Bains are the best from 130- 150 , either in Dead Mine or Showa the exp is insane!

  47. JT

    Jars gave me about 16kish exp (forgot the number) while slimeys and general singapore monsters in the guide gave me 5k. What gives?

  48. Ayumilove Post author

    @CL: I have checked in-game and the levels for Singapore mobs are correct in GMS (Global MapleStory) and not in MapleSEA (MapleStory South East Asia).

  49. CL

    All the singapore mobs are wrong level

  50. Valkyrie

    I would say add normal horntail to the list along with zakum. Normal HT gives 22 million per kill (about 10% at level 180-185) which is almost equal to a level 180-189 MP run. I’de say about 120 to solo easy then 140+ to solo normal.

  51. Ayumilove Post author

    @RandomGuest: Thanks for the correction! Changed Luminous to Phantom.

  52. RandomGuest

    There’s a mistake on the BOOST EXP WITH PARTY BUFFS chart. It should say Phantom instead of Luminous

  53. Ayumilove Post author

    @hiimnew: It should work with both Reboot and Regular server. The difference with both servers is Reboot has difficult monsters that give more meso, more EXP and drop items that relates to your job.

  54. isaacrom

    The level for slimy and selkie jr are dropped right? it is only 98~ where should i level up then?

  55. Curious

    Hi, @ayumi in your opinion which is a good bosser and mobber?

  56. Dota2becameLOL2

    MPE 2 times a day (up to 7 if you buy tickets) think you typoed and put 3

  57. hiimnew

    Sorry just recently started playing the game. Will this training guide work for Reboot?

  58. Viturinu

    what about the others starforce maps?

  59. Ayumilove Post author

    @WhiteFro: Mithril Mutae, Roid, Robo, Jar, Moon Bunny are substitutes for Blood Harps, Dual Birks and Monster Park Extreme (MPE) for Level 100 to 140.

  60. WhiteFro

    and if I don’t have starforce what are good substitutes for Blood Harps and Dual Birks other then MPE?