Best MapleStory Training Spots 1-250 Guide (GMS v.183 – MapleStory Beyond/Override)

List of Best MapleStory Training Spots

MapleStory Training Spots Guide V9 : GMS v.183 – MapleStory Override/Beyond (2017-03-01)
MapleStory Training Spots Guide V8 : GMS v.179 – MapleStory V 5th Job (2016-12-15)
MapleStory Training Spots Guide V7 : GMS v.170 – Ursus (2016-01-06)
MapleStory Training Spots Guide V6 : GMS v.161 – Black Heaven (2015-04-20)
MapleStory Training Spots Guide V5 : GMS v.150 – Rising Heroes (2014-06-17)
MapleStory Training Spots Guide V4 : GMS v.149 – Legacy of Nine (2014-05-12)
MapleStory Training Spots Guide V3 : GMS v.143 – RED (2013-12-04)
MapleStory Training Spots Guide V2 : GMS v.137 – Unleashed (2013-06-19)
MapleStory Training Spots Guide V1 : GMS v.123 – Tempest (2012-11-28)

MapleStory Beyond/Override Training Notes

  • Theme Dungeon: Kerning Tower is introduced for players level 145 and above.
  • Better Maple System implemented (Monster drops improved, Pets follow owner faster, expiration dates shown on item with icons, collection stamp for popular maps implemented to allow faster teleportation throughout different continents)
  • Maple Value Points (MVP) Service implemented.

MapleStory EXP gained based on Level Differences

  • 110% EXP gained when level difference is 0 ~ 4
  • 105% EXP gained when level difference is 5 ~ 9
  • 100% EXP gained when level difference is 10 ~ 11
  • 98% EXP gained when level difference is 12 ~ 13
  • 96% EXP gained when level difference is 14 ~ 15
  • 94% EXP gained when level difference is 16 ~ 17
  • 92% EXP gained when level difference is 18 ~ 19
  • 90% EXP gained when level difference is 20
  • 70% EXP gained when level difference is 21
  • 66% EXP gained when level difference is 22
  • 62% EXP gained when level difference is 23
  • 58% EXP gained when level difference is 24
  • 54% EXP gained when level difference is 25
  • 50% EXP gained when level difference is 26 ~ 27
  • 43% EXP gained when level difference is 28 ~ 29
  • 34% EXP gained when level difference is 30 ~ 31
  • 26% EXP gained when level difference is 32 ~ 33
  • 18% EXP gained when level difference is 34 ~ 35
  • 10% EXP gained when level difference is 36 or more

MapleStory V Limitless Training Guide

Post a comment below if you would like to share a training spot that you found great for leveling fast. It should take into consideration of the monster level differences, total monster spawn abundance and how easy to cycle throughout the map with the ladders/portal to reach enemy quickly.

Pure Grinding (Level 1 ~ 200)

Train Where
1-10 Lv.1 Tutorial or Job Specific Quests
10-15 Lv.10 Green Mushroom → Henesys: Spore Hill
15-20 Lv.15 Stone Golem → Henesys: Golem’s Temple Entrance
20-30 Lv.19 Flaming Mixed Golem → Henesys: Golem Temple 3
30-40 Lv.35 Coconut Slime → Gold Beach: Beachgrass Dunes 1
40-50 Lv.45 Wraith → Kerning City Subway Line 1 Area 3
50-55 Lv.55 Wild Boar → Perion: Wild Boar Land
55-70 Lv.62 Skeledog → Perion: Excavation Intermission Area
55-70 Lv.66 Copper Drake → Sleepywood: Silent Swamp
60-75 Lv.69 Dark Drake → Sleepywood: Cave Exit (via Chilly Cave)
60-90 Lv.90 Slimy → Singapore: Mysterious Path 3 (MSEA)
75-90 Lv.81 White Fang → El Nath: Ice Valley 2
75-100 Lv.89 Sand Rat → Nihal Desert: Sahel 2
75-100 Lv.90 Dark Dwarf → Nihal Desert: The Desert of Serenity
80-110 Lv.93 Mithril Mutae → Magatia: Alcadno, Lab Area B-1
80-110 Lv.95 Roid → Magatia: Alcadno, Lab Area C-1
110-120 Lv.113 Robo → Ludibirum: Toy Factory Apparatus Room
100-120 Lv.119 Dark Death Teddy → Vampire Castle: Bleak Hallway (MSEA)
120-163 Lv.120 Dark Bearwolf (Mini Boss) → Vampire Castle: Dim Light (MSEA)
120-140 Lv.129 Jar → Herb Town: 50-Year-Old Herb Garden
120-140 Lv.130 Moon Bunny → Korean Folk Town: Black Mountain Entrance
130-140 Lv.145 Biner → Singapore: Central Way 1 (GMS)
140-150 Lv.150 Nest Golem → Leafre Dragon Nest (MSEA)
150-160 Lv.152 Mantis → Stone Colossus: Colossus West Road 2
140-160 Lv.154 Pac Pinky → Singapore: Ghost Ship 1 (GMS)
140-160 Lv.155 Slimy → Singapore: Mysterious Path 3 (GMS)
150-165 Lv.157 Mr. Anchor → Singapore: Ghost Ship 6 (GMS)
150-165 Lv.158 Poison Hornet → Stone Colossus: Swarm Habitat 3
150-170 Lv.163 Dreamy Ghost → Zipangu: Encounter with the Buddha
163-200 Lv. 167 Extra A & B → Zipangu: Parking Lot (MSEA)
165-180 Lv. 177 Adv. Knight A → Knight Stronghold: Knight’s Chamber 1
180-190 Lv. 184 Adv. Knight E → Knight Stronghold: Hall of Honor
190-210 Lv.198 Ancient Mixed Golem → Twilight Perion: Warrior Ground
190-210 Scrapyard Hill 4 | Mechanical Grave Hill 4

Training via Theme Dungeon and Party Quest (Level 1 ~ 200)

Train Where
30-40 Lv.30 Ellinel Fairy Academy → Elinia: North Forest, Giant Tree (Questline)
35-50 Lv.35 Gold Beach → Victoria: Gold Beach (Questline)
50-60 Lv.50 Riena Strait → Rien (Questline)
60-70 Lv.60 Mushroom Castle (Questline)
70-120 Lv.70 Romeo and Juliet a.k.a RnJ (Party Quest)
95-110 Lv.95 Ellin Forest (Questline)
100-115 Lv.100 Grand Athenaeum (Questline)
100-140 Lv.100 Monster Park Extreme → 2 entries per day (up to 7 if buy tickets)
115-125 Lv.115 Lion’s King Castle (Questline)
120-125 Lv.120 Fantasy Theme World (Questline)
130-140 Lv.130 Golden Temple (Questline)
130-140 Lv.130 Crimsonheart Castle (Required to defeat Gollux)
140-165 Lv.140 Temple of Time a.k.a. ToT (Questline)
140-190 Lv.140 Dimension Invasion → 5 entries per day (Party Quest)
145-155 Lv.140 Kerning Tower (Questline)
150-165 Lv.150 Stone Colossus
165-180 Lv.165 Omega Sector (Required to defeat Caoong/Omni-Cin)

Training via Star Force Maps (Level 1 ~ 200)

Star Force maps requires your character to be equipped with Star Force scrolled equipment. Lacking of Star Force reduces your damage considerably. Monsters residing in Star Force maps gives additional EXP rate.

Train Where Star Force
100-120 Lv.107 Blood Harp
Leafre: Sky Nest 2
100-120 Lv.109 Dual Birk
Leafre: Valley of the Antelope 2
105-125 Lv.116 Dual Ghost Pirates
Ludibrium: Warped Path of Time 3
125-145 Lv.136 Bain
Dead Mine: The Cave of Trials 2, 3
130-150 Lv.141 Dark Wyvern
Leafre: Black Wyvern Nest
145-165 Lv.155 Steaming Coffee Machine
Kerning Tower: 2nd Floor Map 4
145-165 Lv.153 Skelegon & Skelesaurus
Leafre: Remaining Dragon Lair 2
150-170 Lv.162 Picky Hair Roll
Kerning Tower: 5th Floor Map 4
155-175 Lv.166 Guardian Captain of Oblvion
Temple of Time: A Detour to Oblivion 4
165-185 Lv.174 Official Knight
Gate of Future: Knight Stronghold Armory 2
170-200 Lv.180 New Gray Black
Omega Sector: UFO Interior: Hall H03

Training via Arcane Force maps (Level 200 ~ 250)

Arcane River continent consists of MSEA: Road to Extinction, Chew Chew Island, Dream City Lacheln | GMS: Vanishing Journey, Chu Chu Island, Lachelein. Lacking of Arcane Force reduces your damage considerably. If you exceed Arcane Force requirement in the map, you deal extra damage! Equip your character with Arcane Symbols (up to 3 symbols) and upgrade them to increase the Arcane Force. Click here for more info on Arcane Symbols

Train Where Arcane Force
200-205 Lv.201 Raging Erda
Vanishing Journey: Weathered Land of Rage
200-205 Lv.205 Blazing Erda
Vanishing Journey: Fire Zone
205-210 Lv.208 Tranquil & Lantern Erda
Vanishing Journey: Eastern Cave Path 2
210-220 Lv.213 Angry Flyon & Ripe Wolfruit
Chu Chu Island: Slurpy Forest Depths
220-225 Lv.216 Rhyturtle & Boss Rhyturtle
Chu Chu Island: Torrent Zone 3
220-225 Lv.222 Gallus
Lachelein: Chicken Festival 2
220-225 Lv.224 Angry & Insane Masquerade Citizen
Lachelein: Revelation Place 3
220-225 Lv.226 Dreamkeeper
Lachelein: Nightmare Clocktower 2F
225-230 Lv.232 Earth Spirit
Arcana: The Forest of Earth
230-235 Lv.234 Snow & Thunder Cloud Spirit
Arcana: Between Frost and Thunder 2
235-250 LV.237 Befuddled Spirit
Arcana: Caven Lower Path
235-250 Lv.236 Xenoroid Echo Type B
Morass: Path to the Coral Forest 4
235-250 Lv.238 Strong & Powerful Gangster
Morass: Bully Blvd. 2
235-250 Lv.243 Thralled Guard & Warhammer
Morass: The Day in Trueffet 2
230-250 Lv.240 Attuin
Esfera: Where Life Begins 2
233-250 Lv.243 Vellaris
Esfera: Where Life Begins 7
234-250 Lv.244 Arranya
Esfera: Mirror-tinged Sea 2
235-250 Lv.244 Arranya + Lv.245 Aranea
Esfera: Mirror-tinged Sea 3
235-250 Lv.245 Aranea
Esfera: Mirror-tinged Sea 4
235-250 Lv.245 Aranea
Esfera: Mirror-tinged Sea 4
240-250 Lv.249 Dark Executor
Esfera: Mirrored Light Shrine 4

Training via Daily Bossing


Bossing Where
50-60 Easy Zakum (Shares Daily Limit with Normal Zakum)
100+ Normal Zakum (Find and use a Rune before you queue)
105+ Monster Park REBORN (Daily Limit: 2, Buy ticket from Cash Shop up to 20 per month)
130+ Normal Hilla
160+ Normal Horntail
160+ Chaos Horntail (Decent funding required. Shares daily limit as Normal Horntail. )
180+ Madman Ranmaru (Decent funding required)
180+ Pink Bean (Decent funding required. Takes a long time to defeat it)
33+ Eluna (Available on July 26, 2017)
Boss Mode Quest Required Level Recommended Level
Zakum Easy N 50+ 60
Zakum Normal N 90+ 110
Zakum Chaos N 130+ 140
Horntail Easy Y 130+ 130
Horntail Normal Y 130+ 160
Horntail Chaos Y 135+ 160
Hilla Easy N 120+ 120
Hilla Hard N 170+ 190
Magnus Easy N 115+ 115
Magnus Normal Y 155+ 155
Magnus Hard Y 175+ 190
Gollux Easy Y 140+ 150
Gollux Normal Y 140+ 170
Gollux Hard Y 140+ 190
Gollux Hell Y 140+ 200
Arkarium Easy Y 140+ 140
Arkarium Normal Y 140+ 170
Arkarium Madman Y 140+ 190
Ranmaru Normal Y 120+ 129
Ranmaru Madman Y 120+ 195
Pink Bean Normal Y 160+ 180
Pink Bean Chaos Y 160+ 190
Root Abyss Normal Y 125+ 125
Root Abyss Chaos Y 180+ 190

Exp Boosters

Use Exp Boosters to increase the experience gained from each monsters so you need to kill fewer of them to level up!

Boost EXP via Items, Card Effect and Link Skills

EXP Buff Description
Runes An interactive NPC which you talk to (default key spacebar) and use your arrow keys in order to get a 2 minute 1.5x buff. Runes can be used every 15 minutes and respawns on the same map after 1 hour.
Cash Shop Coupons Coupons you can purchase in the Cash Shop for 2x experience.
Mercedes Link Skill Level up a Mercedes Character to 70/120 for a 10/15% exp boost.
Zero Character Card This character to your card set gives a 4/6/8/10% exp boost.
Event Coupons Events such as Attendence Quests, Hot Time gifts, etc. often have EXP multipliers (1.3/1.5/2x) as rewards to completing them.
2x Events During some weekends holidays and events, Maplestory can experience a 2x events which stack with other boosts.
Burning Event Arguably the best effect for leveling. This effect is given to one character per world during an event period via character creation (past event starting at level 10) or questline (e.g. Sizzling Santa quest beginning at level 33) that allows the user to level 3 times per level (e.g. instead of leveling from 33-34, you would level 33-34-35-36) Think of it as buy one, get two free!
Ignition Ring Purchased from Cash Shop. Use “Ignition Ring” item’s skill to increase the current field to Burning Level 10. Can only be used at Burning Field Level 9 or below. Cooldown: 30 min. The “Ignition Ring” skill will be available in your Skill Window under the Beginner Tab upon equipping the item. Available for 1 day.
EXP Accumulation Potion A mysterious potion created through Alchemy. Increases EXP by 10% for 2 hours. However, you can only use 1 potion at a time, but alchemists may use up to 2 at once. When you’ve accumulated enough EXP, press the icon on the left side of the screen to receive an EXP 30 or EXP 70 item. The receipe to craft EXP Accumulation Potion can be obtained from boss drops such as Zakum, Von Leon, Horntail and Cygnus. Crafting materials required are Superior Empty Bottle x 1, Juniper Berry Seed Oil x 10, Superior Item Crystal x 5 and Philosopher’s Stone x 2.
EXP 30 Contains enough EXP to take a character from level 1 to level 30. If you level up after using it and there’s still EXP left in the item, you can use it again. Double-click to use.
EXP 70 Contains enough EXP to take a character from level 30 to level 70. If you level up after using it and there’s still EXP left in the item, you can use it again. Double-click to use.
Extreme Gold Inter-Account Transactions Only. You can only get this gold potion at Monster Park Extreme. Maximum HP and MP increase by 2000 and experience points increase by 10% for 30 minutes. Visit MapleStory Monster Park Extreme Guide to learn more about Monster Park Extreme Red/Green/Blue/Gold Potions

Boost EXP with Party Buffs

Party Buff Description Rate
Bishop Holy Symbol (Boost EXP Rate) 1.5X
Beast Tamer Friends of Arby (Boost EXP Rate) 1.3X
Kanna Kishin Shoukan (Boost Spawn Rate and Count) 2X
Phantom Stolen Skills (Haste, Rage, Holy Symbol, Sharp Eyes) N/A

Tips and Tricks:

Use MapleStory Familiars when you train as they can help you train more efficiently.

Familiar Description
Jr. Boogie Recovers a large amount of MP (15%/10sec) continuously while summoned.
Mr. Alli Recovers a large amount of HP and MP (15%/10sec) continuously while summoned.
Big Spider Increases the drop rate of mesos and items by 60% while summoned.
Wolf Underling Increases the item drop rate by 100% while summoned.
Mutant Snail Recovers party member HP and MP continuously by a large amount while summoned.

MapleStory Arcane Force

Arcane Force Overview

  • Similarly to Star Force, you will inflict less damage when you have insufficient Arcane Force when you are in Arcane Force maps.
  • Instead of hitting 1’s, you’ll just be doing 10% of your original damage without any Arcane Force at all, and it’ll build up to 100% as you progress with your Arcane Force.
  • For bonuses, the more Arcane Force you receive the more EXTRA damage you’ll be doing in an area (up to 50% final damage worth of extra damage).
  • Arcane Force is gained by equipping your character with Arcane Symbol. Up to 3 Arcane Symbols can be equipped. Arcane Symbol also boosts your job primary stat.
  • While equipped, Arcane Symbols will grow with you as you gain experience. Duplicate Arcane Symbols can be combined into equipped ones to give them experience.
  • When an Arcane Symbol is at 99% growth experience, you can level it up by paying a meso fee (10/20/30 million meso for level 2/3/4).

Arcane Force required for 150% Max Damage

  • 30 AF = 50 AF for bonus
  • 50 AF = 80 AF for bonus
  • 80 AF = 120 AF for bonus
  • 100 AF = 150 AF for bonus
  • 130 AF = 200 AF for bonus
  • 160 AF = 240 AF for bonus
  • 190 AF = 290 AF for bonus
  • 200 AF = 300 AF for bonus
  • 210 AF = 320 AF for bonus
  • 240 AF = 360 AF for bonus

Arcane Force Damage Formula Explanation

Assuming you have 0 Arcane Force, and the map in Arcane River requires 30 Arcane Force, you will deal 10% of your current damage. Every 10 Arcane Force you obtained, you gain 30% damage (90% damage divided by 30 = 3% damage per Arcane Force). You can gain up to 150% damage. For this scenario, if you have 50 Arcane Force instead of 30 Arcane Force, you can inflict max damage of 150% for maps that requires 30 Arcane Force. (50 Arcane Force x 3% damage per Arcane Force + base 10% = 160%, round down to max of 150%)

MapleStory EXP Formula

Stacking EXP

There are 2 types of EXP boost

1. Multiplier on base EXP.
2. FIXED Percentage from base EXP
Note: Base EXP is what the monster originally gives.

EXP Display

1. The first line is the base EXP value in white
2. The second line is the additional EXP from Multipliers in white
3. The rest are from Percentages sources (Pendant, Elven Blessing, Zero Card, ETC) in yellow

EXP Stacking

Different sources of EXP are separated into specific groups. You are able to stack 1 from each group. Having 2 of the same group will either have the higher rate in effect or the latest buff used (usually overwrites any existing buffs of the same group).

  • Group 1:
    • Happy Winter – 1.2x for 60 minutes
    • Enjoyable Winter – 1.5x for 30 minutes
    • Legend Coupon – 1.5x for 30 minutes
    • Rest Coupon – 1.3x for 60 minutes
    • Star Planet Coupon – 2x for 15 to 120 minutes
    • Any Other Coupon – Usually 1.5x or 2x
    • System Event – 1.5x / 2.0x
    • System Event – 3.0x (MapleSEA from 0000 to 0015 on 1st Jan 2013)
  • Group 2: EXP Coupon – 1.2/1.5/2.0/3.0x from CashShop
  • Group 3: Premium Coupon – 20% from Cash Shop, lasts 7 days
  • Group 4: Holy Symbol – 1.5x, duration depends on caster’s buff duration bonuses
  • Group 5: Fairy/Spirit Pendant – Up to 30% Starting from 10% and +10% every hour for staying online and equipped
  • Group 6: EXP Accumulation Potion – 10% for 120 minutes
  • Group 7: Elven Blessing – 10% or 15% (Mercedes Link Skill)
  • Group 8: Zero Character Card – 4%, 6%, 8% or 10%
  • Group 9: Kill Combo – read more here.
  • Group K: All other percentages are usually in their own group


Monster EXP (base EXP): 1,000
Multiplier Types: System 2.0x, Coupon 2.0x, Holy Symbol 1.5x
Percentage Types: Pendant 30%, Elven Blessing 15%, Zero Card 10%

Multiplier = 2 x 2 x 1.5 = 6x (EXP in White: 1,000 x 6 = 6,000)
Percentage = 30 + 15 + 10 = 55% (EXP in Yellow: 1,000 x 55% = 550)

Line 1 (Base): 1,000
Line 2 (Additional): 5,000
Line 3+ (Percentages): 550

Multi Kill EXP

Multi Kill Bonus EXP per mob (%)
3 1
4 2
5 3
6 3.3
7 3.6
8 3.9
9 4.2
10+ 4.5

Combo Kill EXP Bonuses

Multiple of 50 Combo Kills Bonus EXP Multiplier Orb Colour
50~299 2 Blue
300~699 3.5 Purple
700~1999 5 Red
2000~9999 6.5 Gold

MapleStory Videos

MapleStory OVERRIDE/BEYOND 2017 COMPLETE 1-250 Leveling Guide!

[youtube “”]

MapleStory Arcane Force Damage Penalties & Bonuses

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MapleStory Vanishing Journey – “How much range do I need?”

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MapleStory Questline Guide

Ayumilove MapleStory Ellinel Fairy Academy Questline Guide (Level 30-40)
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Ayumilove MapleStory Gold Beach Questline Guide (Level 35-50)

Ayumilove MapleStory Riena Strait Questline Guide (Level 50-60)
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Ayumilove MapleStory Korean Folk Town Side Quests (Level 125-145)
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    This really needs to update for the new bosses, the level cap increase, and even the Chaos Zakum revamp. No 140 can solo that…

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    Any idea where would be a good spot for training 70-110 now that MP3 is gone?

  4. Ollie

    Chaos zakum is way stronger and no way can a lvl 140 kill it

  5. Ollie

    Out of your mind chaos zakum 140 lvl, im lvl 169 fafnir gear 160k ish range and can’t deal a hair of damage on chaos zakum

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    Hi, in maplesea NLC has been removed. So we can’t buy ginger ales anymore. Do you have any suggestions on where to buy cost efficient potions for maplesea players?

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    Easy Horntail should be on the daily bossing list. He has 1,017,600,000 HP, but potentially as low as 433,600,000 HP if you hit multiple body parts at once. He gives 4,611,597 XP, which is between Zakum and Hilla. He lacks damage reflect and does little damage.

    There’s no way a level 140 could beat Chaos Zakum…

  9. bry

    I have a 334 thief shoes let me know if you want the screen shot.

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    Hey Ayumi, i had a question regarding the EXP accumilation potion you mentioned, i made the ones from alchemy but i dont seem to get the choice to turn them into a 30-70 exp potion

    Maybe the info is outdated ? or prehapse i am doing something wrong.
    I am trying to fill them with my lvl 201 AB.

  11. Kiwi

    which jobs are the best at training in arcane maps???

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    By the way, i’m a fan, awesome work since 2012. 🙂

  15. Ayumilove Post author

    @Hugo Alves: I highly recommend you to try out Ark. Ark is currently one of the best mobbing and bossing class right now. Training is a breeze with skills that has large AOE attack and high damage.

  16. Hugo Alves

    @Ayumilove could you help me with an opinion? In your opinion, which classes are the best for mobbing after 3rd job? I have Kanna and kinesis, but, I wonder if there’s other good ones.
    Thank you 🙂

  17. Ayumilove Post author

    @Justin: MSEA training spots are not recommended for GMS players due to the monster level is different between these 2 regions (MSEA and GMS). Therefore, the EXP rewarded by the monsters will be lesser than GMS due to monster level being too high or too low.

  18. Justin

    I play in GMS. Are the training spots marked (MSEA) not recommended for GMS players?

  19. LipeBishop

    Ayumi, u can add best spot to lv 100~110 Pianus Boss (GMS) to no-reboot serve …this is serious !! u get 1lv per pianus ch, with link skills u can get more, and is easy to kill.

  20. miguel497

    You should add Commerci questline to the guide. I went from lv. 140 to 146 and a half by just doing the quests, which take less than 20 minutes to complete.

  21. Ayumilove Post author

    @SageDaGawd: If your goal is to maximize EXP, I would go for maps that has high concentration of mobs that provides best EXP ratio rather than focussing on monster element weaknesses. I’ll minimize the damage gap by gearing up starforced equips + potentialed +6% STR and above. The element is just a bonus damage for bossing. Other than that, you can apply element that deals the most damage on the monster that are recommended in this list to simplify the process. You will need to test out each element to see which deals the most damage 🙂 I couldn’t say much a Paladin as I do not main 1 myself though. I focus more on Thief/Pirate type of character that has high amount of mobility and jump attacks.

  22. SageDaGawd

    I’m a returning player, playing as Paladin in the reboot server. Just want to thank you for being a helping hand throughout the years. Hoping that maybe you could give me a rundown on monster weaknesses? I’m a paladin so I can only maximize exp if I know what maps for which elements. Thanks in advanced, I’m looking on the blog but cant seem to find it.

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    @all: Added additional training spots which are the best maps to farm and train in Esfera for Level 230 players and above.

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    Either the training guide for Singapore Ghost Ship is outdated or it only applies to GMS/KMS. In MSEA, monsters at Singapore Ghost Ship is just around lv 90. Peace ♥

  25. Ayumilove Post author

    @Tomer: If you can 1~2 hit KO monsters in a particular training ground compared to others, then its best to train there as you can clear the map fast enough without receiving too much bump damage from monsters. If you clear the map too fast when there is no spawn left after you cycle through, then its time to move on to another map that has more monsters around. Its a vicious cycle of getting to a higher level training ground, upgrading your equips so that you can 1~2 hit KO for fast leveling experiences.

  26. Tomer

    Hey Ayumilove

    I must to ask u something

    Soon I’m leveling to 215 with my Evan and I must to ask u
    Are you recommended to train at the Skywhale Mountain at Chu Chu Island? I have 270 Arcane Force they dmg me 1 and I kill them in like 2 or 3 hits cuz my dmg is fine
    The video of Override Training place the guy Kobe showed that for lvl 215 to 225

    What do u say about it?

  27. Tomer

    Hey Ayumilove

    i wanna ask something

    soon im leveling to 215 with me Evan
    R u Reccomended to train at the SkyWhale mountain at Chu Chu Island? i have 270 AF they dmg me 1 i kill them in like 2 or 3 hits cuz my dmg is fine

    as i saw in the video of override training place Kobe showed that place for lvl 215 to 225

    what do u say about it?

  28. DiximaN

    Forsaken excavation site 190+ (195+ if not funded)
    Scrapyard Skyline 200-210 (slower than VJ but still decent exp until you get enough arcane force)

  29. DiximaN

    Showa Town is now avaliable on GMS, Great place for funded 160+ guys

  30. NBCCB

    Hi, why not add in Afterland for training via theme dungeon?

  31. Kepyou

    @Amit, I really want to say thanks to you and Ayumi, you are the best things that ever happened to me. I love you two.
    As for your question, I personally found Alishan the best place to train on 180-190. The rolling hedgehogs have excellent spawn rate, and they yield excellent exp. However, it gets boring and repetitive, so play some of your favorite music!

  32. Amit

    Hey guys,
    Someone have recommendation where to train in level 180-190?
    I found the Adv. Knight E slower then what i thought it will be. They Burning area are low (10 to 30%.

  33. Anonymous

    Where are you training? Can you share the location or any tips?
    Thanks in advance.

  34. WraithAv

    Hey i have an amazing Training are from levels 100-140 i managed to level from 100-110 in about 27 minutes and 110-120 in about 29 minutes, basically a level up every 3 minutes with only a 10% exp buff, reply to this if you’d like to know more about it and add it to your guide, its pretty amazing.

  35. Avatarded

    Neglected Garden 180-200 [Press UP on the throne in Root Abyss] (Requires Alicia to be freed)

    Weak enemies offer 12000/18000 exp per kill. Flat terrain, and very easy to gain combo orbs. With 120 Aran link combo orbs award (Blue 50-300) 1,221,337; (Purple 350-700) 1,709,872; (Red 750-1995) 2,442,675, (Gold 2000+) 2,842,675

    Instanced (60 min), Repeatable (no cooldown), Not a Burning Field, Mobs do not have drops.

    Level is designed almost exclusively for unfunded characters who easily build kill combo orbs.

    Personal tests roughly 90% per hour on 193 unfunded Kanna with only 120 Aran/Mercedies link (no exp buffs or MP potions).

  36. Ayumilove Post author

    @Qriox: Thanks for your input! I’ll add it into the guide above!

  37. Qriox

    Starforce for the maps:
    Dark Kentaurus = 15
    Dual Ghost Pirates = 26
    Cerberus = 55
    Dark Wyverns/Skelegon/Skelesaurus = 65/70
    Kerning Tower Maps = 80
    Road to Oblivion 4 = 90
    Armory 2 = 120
    Omega Sector = 140