Best Maplestory Training Spots 1-250 Guide (GMS v.143 – RED)

List of Best MapleStory Training Spots

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MapleStory RED 2014 Best Training Spots for Power Leveling from Level 1 to 120 in 3 days. Recommended for all jobs Warrior, Bowman, Magician, Thief, Pirate in Adventurer, Resistance, Cygnus Knights and Legendary Hero. Copy the monster name and paste into MapleStory Monster Finder to locate the specific map location. The guide includes some of the best and alternative maps when hotspot training ground gets packed during peak hour.

1-10 : Job Beginner Quests.
10-30 : Lv.20 Rotting Skeletons (Haunted House : Chimney Possessed by the Skeletons)
10-30 : Lv.24 Mixed Golems (Golem’s Temple : Golems Castle Ruins)
30-40 : Lv.46 Latest Hits Compilations (Kerning Square : 7th Floor 8th Floor Area A)
30-40 : Lv.47 Greatest Oldies (Kerning Square : 7th Floor 8th Floor Area A)
40-45 : Lv.50 Dead Scarecrow (Haunted House : Chimney Possessed by the Scarecrow)
45-60 : Lv.68 Desert Rabbit M (The Burning Sands : Tent of the Entertainers)
45-60 : Lv.73 Cactus (Mini Dungeon: Burning Hills)
60-68 : Lv.81 Scorpion (Sunset Road : Sahel 2)
68-85 : Lv.88 Roid (Alcadno Research Institute : Lab – Area C-1)
68-85 : Lv.88 Roid + Lv.89 Neo Huroid (Alcadno Research Institute : Lab – Area C-2)
70-140 : Lv.70-140 Monster Park Extreme (Monster Park Shuttle)
80-100 : Lv.103 Kru + Lv.105 Captain (Herb Town : Red-Nose Pirate Den)
80-100 : Lv.103 Kru + Lv.105 Captain (Mini Dungeon : Pillage of Treasure Island)
90-100 : Lv.105 Alien Miner (Alien Base : Alien Base Corridor 6)
100-160 : Lv.100-160 System Monster N3 (Dimensional Mirror : Evolution System : Link 3)
140-165 : Lv.155 Slimy + Lv.156 Selkie Jr. (Singapore : Mysterious Path 3)
155-165 : Lv.163 Mutant Tino (Dark Ereve : Mutant Tino Forest)
165-179 : Lv.170 Official Knight B (Knight Stronghold : Second Drill Hall)
179-193: Lv.177-184 Advanced Knight A,B,C,D,E (Knight Stronghold : Hall of Honor)
193-250 : Lv.198 Ancient Mixed Golem (Twilight Perion : Warrior Grounds)

75-90 : Tangyoon TCPQ (Dimensional Mirror : Party Quest : Tangyoon Cooking Class)
70-120 : Magatia Party Quest (Dimensional Mirror : Party Quest : Romeo Juliet)
70-120 : Orbis Party Quest OPQ (Dimensional Mirror : Party Quest : Remnant of the Goddess)
140-180 : Hilla’s Forces (Dimensional Mirror : Dimension Invasion)

Keep in note throughout the guide you can try going to higher level spots depending on your class, you may have an easier time than others in new area. If you are a Zero, you might want to skip to Level 179+ because that’s where Zero will be able to train outside Mirror World. Dimensional Mirror and Monster Park Shuttle is located in almost all major towns. For Level 1 to 10, you want to focus on your origin questline. Monster Park Extreme and Dimension Invasion has monsters that scales their Level, HP and Experience based on your level! So do not worry if you are lower level, you can still train inside. These training area can be train as solo or in a party. The experience gain here is excellent but be careful when soloing as you might consume a lot more potions.

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36 thoughts on “Best Maplestory Training Spots 1-250 Guide (GMS v.143 – RED)

  1. Eugene

    Power Leveling Guide (MSEA) (Unfunded)
    Perfect for getting those link skills quick!
    Perfect for getting the free Lv150 weapon hosted by MapleSEA.

    Now everyone can enjoy Maple and still reach Lv120 fast!

    This is what I did to reach Lv1-Lv120 within 5-7 hours

    Optional but it can make training much faster
    a) Have a Mercedes link skill 10/15/20% bonus exp depends on whether Lv70/120/200
    b) Have a Zero Card 4/6/8/10% bonus exp depends on whether Lv110/130/160/200
    c) Have a Bishop to HS/Advanced Blessing/Maple Warrior to have bonus experience and increase attack.
    d) Have a Kanna to Kishin Shoukan to decrease the spawn time and increase mobs presence
    e) Get hold of any experience based equipment eg: Fairy Pendant gives bonus experience 10-30%
    f) Use any consumables that gives bonus experience eg: Experience potion 10-20%
    g) Train during bonus experience hours announced by Maple. Normally during festive season/school holiday or post-maintenance there will be bonus experience slots.

    Level To-do
    1-10 Beginner Job Quests
    11-30 Mushmom and Blue Mushmom (this mobs give the best exp to HP ratio)
    and it spawns every 30mins.
    30-40 Mushmom and Blue Mushmom (if you have the patience for it)
    30-35 Fairy School Quests
    35- 50 Golden Beach Quests
    45 -50 Drakes (if you wish to have variety)
    50-60 Lirin Quests
    55-70 Drakes
    60-110 Sahel 2/Mysterious Path 3
    100-120 Robo/Vampire Castle/Zakum

  2. Annika

    @SEAMapler. i went to mp3 at lvl 45. just healed and healed non stop ;) just make sure u buy sniper pots to increase dmg and warrior or magic pots to increase att :)

    mp3-ed till lvl 62 :)

  3. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Hilary for your training guide. It’ll be helpful for others too :)

  4. Hilary

    This thing needs some updating as the You & I patch has hit GMS. Just note, the following is based on my play as a Xenon using the GMS 9th anniversary equipment set and my S rank card decks and link skills while training. I might be off a bit on levels, but probably not if you’re power leveling like me. Soo, my guide is as follows:

    Lv. 1 – 10 ~ Beginner Job Quests

    Lv. 11 – 20 ~ Flaming Mixed Golem (Lv. 19), Evil Eye (Lv. 26)

    Lv. 21 – 30 ~ Cold Eye (Lv. 28), Surgeon Eye (Lv. 29)

    Lv. 31 – 40 ~ Paper Lantern Ghost (Lv. 40), Big Cloud Fox (Lv. 45)

    Lv. 41 – 50 ~ Wild Boar (Lv. 55), Water Goblin (Lv. 60), Samiho (Lv. 62)

    Lv. 51 – 60 ~ Zombie Mushroom (Lv. 65), Dark Drake (Lv. 69)

    Lv. 61 – 70 ~ Star Pixie (Lv. 74), Jr. Sentinel (Lv. 76), Hector (Lv. 80),
    White Fang (Lv. 81)

    Lv. 71 – 80 ~ Desert Rabbit (M) / (F) (Lv. 86), Jr. Cactus (Lv. 86), Sand Rat (Lv. 89),
    Scorpion (Lv. 90)

    Lv. 70 – 140 ~ Romeo & Juliet Party Quest (Past level 120 you’re going to need a
    Priest / Phantom and / or a Kanna)

    Lv. 81 – 90 ~ Roid (Lv. 95), Neo Huroid (Lv. 95), Homunculus (Lv. 95),
    Dreamy Ghost (Lv. 100)

    Lv. 91 – 100 ~ Rash (Lv. 103), Dark Rash (Lv. 104), Hobi (Lv. 104), Green Hobi (Lv. 105)
    Red / Blue / Black Kentaurus (Lv. 110)

    Lv. 100 – 160 ~ Evolution System: Link 3 – System Monster N3,
    Evolution System: Link 9 – System Monster G6

    Lv. 101 – 110 ~ Robo (Lv. 113), Master Robo (Lv. 114), Death Teddy (Lv. 118),
    Master Death Teddy (Lv. 119)

    Lv. 111 – 120 ~ Blue Dragon Turtle (Lv. 127), Porky (Lv. 127), Grizzly (Lv. 128),
    Panda (Lv. 128), Kru (Lv. 130), Captain (Lv. 131)

    Lv. 121 – 130 ~ Red Wyvern (Lv. 134), Green Cornian (Lv. 136), Blue Wyvern (Lv. 137)
    Dark Wyvern (Lv. 141), Dark Cornian (Lv. 142)

    Lv. 131 – 140 ~ Gallopera (Lv. 144), Jr. Newtie (Lv. 145), Nest Golem (Lv. 150),
    Cheif Memory Gaurdian (Lv. 148), Trucker (Lv. 150), Tippo Red (Lv. 151),
    Tippo Blue (Lv. 152)

    Lv. 140 – 180 ~ Dimension Invasion Party Quest

    Lv. 141 – 150 ~ Skelosaurus (Lv. 153), Slimy (Lv. 155), Selkie Jr. (Lv. 156),
    Chief Qualm Guardian (Lv. 157), Veetron (Lv. 161)

    Lv. 151 – 164 ~ Petrifighter (Lv. 165), Chief Oblivion Gaurdian (Lv. 166), Duku (Lv. 167)
    Mutant Slime (Lv. 166), Mutant Ribbon Pig (Lv. 168)

    Lv. 165 – 178 ~ Official Knight A (Lv. 168), Official Knight B (Lv. 170) [Second Drill Hall],
    Official Knight C (Lv. 172), Official Knight D (Lv. 174),
    Official Knight E (Lv. 176)

    Lv. 179 – 250 ~ Advanced Knight A (Lv. 177), Advanced Knight B (Lv. 179),
    Advanced Knight C (Lv. 180), Advanced Knight D (Lv. 182),
    Advanced Knight E (Lv. 184) [Hall of Honor]

    Lv. 193 – 250 ~ Ancient Mixed Golems (Lv. 198) [Warrior Grounds]

    Ok, now how do i get in Twisted Aqua Road? Is it open?

  5. Nyanto!

    Might wanna update this as the levels are all different.

    Ex. Cactus is not 73, it’s 87 now.
    Desert Rabbit isn’t 68, it’s 86.


  6. SEAmapler

    Thank you so much Ng Hong Shen for the advice. Much appreciated. Will try it out. :)

  7. Mitch

    Urgh they changeed the levels of the mobs golems are like 17 and drakes are now 66 not 43 >.<

  8. P

    Lv100-160: Rooted Abyss. [For funded players only]
    Create a party with a mule party member, preferably a bishop.
    Buy the key at 100k meso per key.
    Enter the right most portal (the portal that links to Vellum/Bellum).
    Mule party member will leave the first map.
    Start killing all the imps in the first map, then you EXIT.

  9. Ng Hong Shen

    Could anyone give me a recommendation for lv.90+ to lv.120? I’m a player @ mapleSEA btw. And As a reply to SEA mapler on June 24, 2014, at lv.30, rush the whole mushroom kingdom questline. It’ll bring you over to lv.45 afterwards, head down to either gold Ritchie, Fairy academy or kenning square to complete your quests and get to 50. Afterwards, head over to chryse and complete the whole questline which will bring you up to lv. 56 or 57 depending on the amount of time you spend, then activate your double exp buffs from the red event and go to weakened zakum twice. Each zakum should bring you up one level at 99.99% exp, SO DO NOT enter zakum a second time. Exit the map and kill a random mob in one of the nearby maps, and it should bring you up to the next level. After the double zakums, you should be 60 already, so complete your job advancement and head down to mysterious path 3 at singapore. Many players tend to delay mp3 till about lv.70+ and spam party quests till then, but in my opinion I find no difficulty killing the mobs in mp3 at lv. 60. Please do take note that the mobs at mp3 are level 90+ I normally just have to spam some pots before reaching lv.70 as each mob gives me roughly 2% at that point, but it’s risky play. :P Camp over at an empty channel in mp3 till level 90, then complete Ellin forest and spam Romeo and Juliet pq to reach lv.100. You should be able to reach lv 100 in 1 day if you spend your exp coupons wisely (the first in double Zakums, the second at mp3 be kind to the mapler at mp3 and ask for permission if the channel isn’t empty!). I hope my little guide here helped and someone could answer my earlier enquiry. Thx!

  10. iffeus

    Are you going to release an updated guide with the new level changes released ?

  11. SEAmapler

    Any guides for MapleSEA training?

    Level 45 Cleric now and can’t hit 45-60 : Lv.68 Desert Rabbit M (The Burning Sands : Tent of the Entertainers) as stated. Miss, miss, miss and more misses. :(

  12. Ayumilove Post author

    @Anonymous: The training ground is based on GMS :)

  13. Anonymous

    Uhh, thanks Mia

  14. MiaKitsune

    Anon, it changed in GMS a while ago. It’s now level 140-165. It may still be 90+ in MapleSea

  15. Anonymous

    How is mp3 level 140-165? I believe in maplesea mp3 are level 90+ only.

  16. BassRider

    @Unknown You are probably looking at older guides, when they were that level. But they raised them to 150. Try Romeo and Juliet PQ. It has unlimited time you can do it while being great exp if you are the lowest in the party.

  17. Unknown

    Lvl 80-100
    Is mp3 also good?because in this guide it says for lvl80-100 will be kru and captain.but many others says it’s mp3.even if it gives higher exp,it might be harder to not really sure abt the higher exp thing(haven’t gone there in a long time)

  18. sj

    hmmm is MP3 a good place from lvl70 onwards with the 2x now?

  19. Anonymous

    They ruined the Evolution Lab with the mustache patch. The spawns are horrendously slow now in the vaccing room. I think they want you to have a Kanna to get back to the pre-patch respawn speeds.

    On the other hand the Romeo and Juliet PQ seems to be immensely good up until 130 or so now.

    Krus and Captains really seem like the best thing at that level. Maybe try Rash’s or something?

  20. ineedhelp

    Hey, is there a faster way to get to 100 from 90? I can’t find the aliens in the SEA version

  21. Rocne

    I agree with Scott from 30 to 40 is better to train at Transformed Doll Claw Game because of the double 118 Exp total of 236 exp, I found it much faster.

  22. Anonymous

    I really get stuck when I try to get to level 30. I just get bored of Golems honestly.

  23. Ayumilove Post author

    @Pinkyberry: I used to train at Mushroom Kingdom (those Pepe with Helmet) and Latest Hits Compilation CD around Level 30-45.

  24. RaZorRaGeZ

    I Wanted To Ask Something,How to dowload Korea MapleStory?i dont know how to dowload :(

  25. Pinkyberry

    Sis, SEA has no access to Hunted House so is there any recommended place during lv 40-45 and SEA’s MP3 is lv 90-100 so is there any recommended place for lv 140-165

  26. mikhell

    The captain and krus only give 840 exp now what should I grind at lvl 70 to 80 or to 90?

  27. Scott

    I want to say thank for this training guide it is ultimately helpful whenever I decide to jump back on maple and I wanna give a suggestion if possible for changing the training spot of 30-40 from the CD’s to the Transformed Doll Claw Game has 118 Exp with 2 forms so total of 236 exp and 40-45 is Golden Beach: Violet Clam Slime because fast spawn rate and easy to reach map.

  28. Chandler

    Thanks a bunch for this guide! I had no clue where to train my cleric, and this guide has helped me quite a bit (and also the cleric specific guide).

  29. brandon

    lv 150 great training spot fast re spawn and drops Singapore mysterious path 3 hope this helps.=) Just foudn out there was a updated training spot guide lol so will post here to

  30. James Le

    How do I get to Mutant Tinos?

  31. Ayumilove Post author

    @NovemberRain: Check this video out

  32. NovemberRain

    How do I get to Aliens at level 90?

  33. Ayumilove Post author

    @JamesLe: Try Dimension Invasion and Mutant Tino. If that does not work, go try other higher level monsters. You can try solo horntail if your damage is high enough. That will easily get you from Level 150 to Level 160. Then move on to the Knight Stronghold to train.

  34. JamesLe

    I’m level 150 and I went to MP3 and it barely gives any exp so where do I go now?

  35. Rashid

    Personally, I wouldn’t *train* there explicitly, but you should try to unlock all the zones when you’re still in the level range, for efficiency. (Plus it’s required for the last chapter of the Silent Crusade, and Pink Bean)

  36. JamesLe

    Is ToT (aka Temple of Time) a good place to train? Pliz answer