MapleStory Dimension Invasion Party Quest Guide

MapleStory Dimension Invasion Party Quest Guide: Hilla seems to have turned her attention on Heliseum, following Magnus’ failed attempt to take over. With the help of Gelimer, she looks set to invade. Stop this incursion of Hilla’s forces, if you can, but don’t think Magnus is just going to sit idly by on the sidelines.

Essentials In a Glance

Requirements: Level 140 or higher.
Clear limit per day: 5 times.
Party members: 1-6 (Can solo. Highly recommended with at least 2 people)


  • The Dimension Invasion consists of 5 stages followed by a boss battle.
  • You can tackle this dungeon solo or as a party of up to 6 players.
  • The party must defeat all of the monsters that appear during each stage while keeping an eye on the monster meter at the top of the screen. If the meter fills up the party will fail and will be sent back to Piston to try again.
  • There are three different boss battles have a chance to occur: Which battle can occur depends on how fast you can complete the first five stages.
  • The best loot and the toughest battles are available to the fastest players.
  • Players who manage to defeat the toughest bosses can earn pieces of the Dimension or High Quality Dimension Gloves, which when formed together allow the you to use them.
  • Players that manage to defeat the Dimension Invasion 10 times will receive the Dimension Defender medal.
  • Players that manage to defeat the Dimension Invasion 100 times will receive the Dimension Master medal to commemorate the achievement.

Dimension Invasion Stages

Stage 1: Beat back Hilla’s forces

  1. Defeat Bloodfangs and Pikeman Skeleknights.
  2. There will be a few waves of monsters so keep your potions ready. Kill all the monsters.
  3. After a few waves, you will get bonus EXP.

Stage 2: Destroy Hilla’s Trojan Horse

  1. Pikemen will attack from Hilla’s Trojan Horse. Destroy the horse and defeat the hordes!
  2. The Trojan can knock you back and summon monsters (same as the ones in the 1st stage)
  3. While there are monsters, Trojan Horse will remain invulnerable, meaning you can’t attack it.
  4. After killing it, you will receive bonus EXP as well.

Stage 3: Defeat the hordes

  1. Hordes of Skeletroopers will appear from Crimson Portals
  2. They are summoned on the floor and on the upper left platform on the map.
  3. Like the first stage, there will be a few waves of monsters coming at you.
  4. They could come from every portal, either from the upper left platform or on the floor, or both.
  5. This is why a party is highly recommended to enter because at this stage, the bar gets red very fast.
  6. You will need 1 on the platform and 1 on the floor to hold off those forces.
  7. Unless you are VERY VERY mobile, do not attempt this PQ as this stage can make your run end fast.
  8. On the last wave, monsters will summon from every portal and the bar gets almost full. Make sure that your party members have good mobbing skills as this can end your run.

Stage 4: Defeat the Flying Monsters

  1. Monsters will spawn every 5 seconds.
  2. This is the tricky stage. Monsters will drop bombs all over the map and it ignores Magic Guard, usually it’s a one-hit KO.
  3. Your only strategy is to move quickly, avoid those bombs and climb to the higher platform. Wait until the monsters have disappeared.
  4. After they have disappeared, flying monsters will fly all over the map.
  5. Your job is to kill all those monsters. Like in stage 3, these monsters have a high spawn rate, so your bar will become red easily. Make sure you or your party members have a good mobbing skill.
  6. After you have killed all the monsters, bonus EXP will be given.

Stage 5: Destroy the Tower

  1. Monsters will continue to spawn from the tower until it is destroyed
  2. Monsters cannot be killed until the tower is destroyed
  3. After killing the boss, you can now kill the monsters. Monsters will spawn for 30 seconds. Kill them all!
  4. After you have killed all the monsters, bonus EXP and a blue treasure box will be given.
  5. The treasure box reward random item [Pots, Pantheon Glove Pieces, Enhancement/Potential Scrolls, Mystery Mastery books, 30%/70% Glove for Attack scrolls]

Glove Pieces Notes:
There are 4 types of glove pieces needed to create the actual glove. The Glove UI only appears when you have a piece of a glove. It can help you show the pieces you got. Normal and Advanced Pantheon gloves have each of their own pieces.

Bonus Stage with Boss Battle

Congratulations! You have completed all stages. However, if you finish all the stages in a certain amount of time, there will be bonus stages for you.

Bonus Stage 1: Hilla’s Pet – Defeat Hilla’s Dark Soul
Boss battle must be reached under 10 minutes
Hilla’s Dark Soul pet will be summoned. Kill it quickly to get prizes.
Equip Reward : Hilla’s Dignity.
Item Reward : Pots, Recipes, Advanced Pantheon Glove Pieces, Nova Equipment.

Bonus Stage 2: Defeat Hilla and Magnus’ Soldiers
Boss battle must be reached after 10 minutes elapses and before 20 minutes elapses
Hilla and Magnus have summoned both their minions. Defeat all the monsters for rewards!
Equip Reward : Bold Indifference
Item Reward : Pots, Shadow Trader coins (You can trade these coins at Helisium for equips), Necro weapons and Helisium equips.

Bonus Stage 3: Defeat Magnus’ Soldiers
Boss battle must be reached after 20 minutes elapses
Magnus has summoned his minions. Killing them gives you lots of EXP!
Equip Reward : Magnus’s Pride.
Item Reward : No rewards for this stage.

New Items

Dimension Drop Boxes: These boxes come in Normal, Fearful, Necromantic, and Psychotic varieties. Everyone who makes it to the final boss receives the Normal Dimension Drop Box. The Necromantic box drops when completing the Hilla stage, the Fearful box drops when completing the Hilla vs Magnus stage and the Psychotic box drops when completing the Magnus stage.

Dimension Gloves:
REQ LVL: 140, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +12, Weapon/Magic +8, Weapon/Magic DEF +120, 7 upgrade slots (unhammered)

High Quality Dimension Gloves:
REQ LVL: 140, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +18, Weapon/Magic +12, Weapon/Magic DEF +150, 7 upgrade slots (unhammered)

Hilla’s Dignity:
Medal – REQ LVL: 140, Weapon/Magic ATT +1, Accuracy +60

Bold Indifference:
Medal – REQ LVL: 140, Max HP/MP +300, Weapon/Magic DEF +150

Magnus’s Pride:
Medal – REQ LVL: 140, Weapon/Magic ATT +1, Avoidability +60. When equipped, your willpower will increase by 100.

Dimensional Defender:
Medal – REQ LVL: 140, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +5, Weapon/Magic ATT +2.

Dimension Master:
Medal – REQ LVL: 140, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +7, Weapon/Magic +4. When equipped, your charisma will increase by 100.

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13 thoughts on “MapleStory Dimension Invasion Party Quest Guide

  1. John Tan

    i have a question
    how to get the medal War Veteran in DI cos i find in hidden street say

    “The savvy warriors of the Dimension Invasion will be given a special badge. Tip: The quest conditions are met when you clear the Dimension Invasion’s Hidden Stage Hilla, Hilla VS Magnus, and Magnus battlefield”

  2. Somebody

    Hey is the bonus stage accurate btw?

  3. LegitNoBias

    I usually finish DIPQ exactly in 3 mins 0 secs (Impossible to finish in 2 mins or less). Today, I got Hilla vs Magnus 2/5 times(3 mins), Hilla 1/5 times (took 4min 12 secs), and Magnus 2/5 times(3 mins). Once I even got Hilla vs Magnus 5/5 times(3 mins).
    Maybe 2-4 mins is Random.
    4-6 mins is Hilla.
    6-8 mins is Random
    8-10 mins is Magnus
    10-12 mins is Random
    12-14 mins is Hilla vs Magnus
    14+ mins is also Random.

  4. LegitNoBias

    I finish DIPQ in less than 4 mins. Usually exactly 3 mins and I get Hilla vs Magnus 2/5 times, Hilla 1/5 times, and Magnus 2/5 times.

  5. Aran

    If you’re playing Aran, you can use Combo Tempest on the 5th Stage (Tower) and you will be able to one shot it because it counts as a normal monster, not a boss.

  6. SelfConflict

    When you finish under 10 mins, Hilla’s pet is a 100% chance of happening.
    But as far as I’ve experienced, Magnus vs. Hilla starts at a random chance after clearing between 10 and 20 mins.

  7. Duncan

    Hey Ayumi, do you know why that people never get the bonus stage for Magnus vs Hilla between 10 and 20 min? is there a glitch or is there a special way to get it?

  8. OniAeon

    OH, ALSO! In stage 3, during each wave, ONE portal spews out a mob of monsters. At the very last wave, monsters spew from ALL portals, so a good strategy I’ve found that works is to clear out the bottom mobs first, then finish the top platform’s mobs. Then you can wait there until the bombs stop dropping.

    During the bomb drop, I’ve also developed the strategy of waiting until the monster meter disappears shortly before the start of Stage 4, giving you a signal to activate your buffs before dropping down for the start of Stage 4. I solo Dimension Invasion every single time with this strategy, and I’m just an unfunded Dark Knight.

  9. OniAeon

    Quick piece of strategy for Stage 4:

    If you stay near the portal and spam a mob skill, you can keep the Gargoyles from leaving their spawn point.

  10. Speed

    I think the boss fights are random even if you do finish in the proper times

  11. DeSnowy

    Need to clear before 50

  12. Jerrell

    Hey ayumi,the bonus stage 2 i cleared after 50 and before 40 still cant proceed to the bonus stage? please answer ~