Best Maplestory Training Spots 1-250 Guide (GMS v.156 – Cygnus Awakening Night Walker)

List of Best MapleStory Training Spots

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MapleStory Rising Heroes (You & I) 2014 Best Training Spots for Power Leveling from Level 1 to 100 in 3 days. Recommended for all unfunded jobs Warrior, Bowman, Magician, Thief, Pirate in Adventurer, Resistance, Cygnus Knights and Legendary Hero. Copy the monster name and paste into MapleStory Monster Finder to locate the specific map location. The guide includes some of the best and alternative maps when hotspot training ground gets packed during peak hour.

Tips: Don’t forget that you can press “W” in MapleStory to open up the World Map, and type in the monster name or the map name to find the exact location from where you are. Also, the Maple guide provided in-game option in MapleStory isn’t too bad, you are free to follow that guide (auto-teleports you to that map) or follow mine here for where I’ll be trainining. With that all covered, lets begin the training guide. In addition, take note where the monsters resides and how far they live from your job hometown. Example: monsters in Pantheon are for Kaiser/Angelic Buster whereas monsters in Edelstein are for Resistance jobs as its closer to their hometown, but you have the option to visit Victoria Island or other maps based on the information below if you don’t mind the extra effort of migrating there for training.

Train Lv. Monster Location
1-20 Beginner Questline Town
Victoria Island
10-15 17 Mixed Golem Golem’s Temple: Golem’s Temple 4
15-20 19 Flaming Mixed Golem Golem’s Temple: Golem’s Temple 3
20-30 27 Evil Eye North Forest: Giant Tree
30-35 36 Emerald Clam Slime Gold Beach: Seaside 1
35-40 40 Flying Fish Slime Gold Beach: Softwave Beach 1
45-50 62 Skeledogs/Mummies Excavation Site: Intermission Area
50-60 64 Officer Skeletons Excavation Site: Closed Area
50-55 60 Wooden Mask Excavation Site: Initial Excavation Area
55-70 66 Copper Drake Sleepywood: Swamp, Silent Swamp
65-70 70 Taurospear Cursed Temple: Forbidden Altar
20-30 24 Kaloong East Pantheon: East Pantheon Forest
40-50 41 Gravi Stonegar East Pantheon: Enchanted Forest
20-25 25 Streetlight Concrete Road: Streetlight Row
25-30 33 Baby Boulder Muncher Dry Road: Rocky Road
30-40 35 Big Boulder Muncher Dry Road: Ore Trail
All Jobs
70-79 81 White Fang El Nath: Ice Valley 2
70-80 73 Lucida* Orbis: Garden of Darkness II
80-87 90 Sand Rat/Scorpion Sunset Road Sahel 2
80-95 95 Homunculus Zenumist: Lab – Unit 202
88-95 95 Roid Alcadno: Lab Area C-1
90-105 107 Red Harp Leafre: Sky Nest 2
93-100 113 Robo / Master Robo Ludibrium: Toy Factory Apparatus Room
95-100 103 Rash Leafre: West Leafre Forest
90-95 95 Blue Speeyor Twisted Forest: Blue Speeyor’s Pasture
90-95 95 Blue Speeyor Twisted Forest: Blue Speeyor’s Pasture
95-100 98 Yellow Speeyor/Dinodon Forbidden Forest: Forest of Coexistence
100-110 113 Toy Trojan Ludibrium: Sky Terrace 5
110-120 119 Dual Ghost Pirate Hidden Street: Unbalanced Time
120-130 127 Blue Dragon Turtle Leafre: Entrance to Dragon Forest
125-140 121 Dark Yeti and Pepe El Nath @ Sharp Cliff 4
140-165 155 Selkie Jr. + Slimy Sinagpore @ Mysterious Path 3 MP3
140-150 148 Chief Memory Guardian Time Lane: Memory Lane 4
150-160 157 Chief Qualm Guardian Time Lane: Road of Regrets 5
160-170 166 Chief Oblivion Guardian Time Lane: Road to Oblivion 5
165-250 170 Official Knight B Knight Stronghold: Second Drill Hall
171-250 ??? Cygnus Knights Knight Stronghold: Armory 2
171-250 176 Official Knight E Knight Stronghold: Knight District 4
190-250 198 Ancient Mixed Golem Twilight Perion: Warrior Grounds
Train Party Quest (10 entries per day) Remarks
50-200 Weakened Zakum Easy Mode (2 entries per day) Solo
60-90 Tangyoon Party Quest (10 entries per day) Solo/Party
50-70 Ludibrium Party Quest Party (min 3 players)
70-140 Romeo and Juliet Party Quest Party (min 4 players)
100+ Lord Pirate Party Quest Party (min 3 players)
100-140 Monster Park Extreme Solo/Party
105-165 Evolving World – Link 3 Solo/Party
140-200 Dimension Invasion (5 entries per day) Solo/Party
110-200 Regular Zakum (min Lv.50) Solo/Party
140-200 Chaos Zakum (min Lv.120) Party
Train Questline aka Chain Quest Location
13+ Mr. Lee Airlines Victoria Island
30-40 Ellinel Forest Victoria Island
33+ FriendStory Victoria Island
40-50 Drake Attack Questline by Ilji Sleepywood
50-60 Chryse Questline Orbis
50-60 Riena Strait Quests Rien
60+ Mushroom Castle/Kingdom Victoria Island
75-160 Silent Cruade Kerning City Subway

Compilation of Training Videos

The information from the video below is same as the information in the table posted above. Watching the video allows you to see the map platform itself and also helps you visualize how your character can train in those training spots.

KraDeNine’s MapleStory Training Guide for Rising Heroes
[youtube url=]

Zelkova’s MapleStory Training Guide for Rising Heroes
[youtube url=]

GreatBolshy’s MapleStory Training Guide for Rising Heroes
[youtube url=]

ToyDualer’s MapleStory Training Guide for Rising Heroes
[youtube url=]

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71 thoughts on “Best Maplestory Training Spots 1-250 Guide (GMS v.156 – Cygnus Awakening Night Walker)

  1. ZhenYu`

    hello ayumi, can i know i am a viper with clean buff att range be 80k can (172 lvl) . Is my damage able to farm at those places???? because they say my att range is low.

  2. stratodual

    hello ayumi, please can you tell us where we can train at lvl 170 with one marksman or general… its because now u need starforce to train at sh thank you very much

  3. Ash

    I believe that MP3 is no longer suitable for that level range.

  4. Ayumilove Post author

    @Bakhe: Thanks for your compliment 🙂

  5. Bakhe

    For me, what’s more amazing than the content and the quality of this post, but the fact that you read all the comments and give feedback! Keep up the good work!!

  6. Ayumilove Post author

    @brandom: Thanks for your feedback on Dimension Invasion entry limit! I’ll update the guide now.

  7. brandon

    Dimension Invasion is limited to 5 per day now

  8. Jerikuto

    This helped me a lot, thanks!

    By the way, I’ve seen you before 5yrs ago, I’ve watched your videos too back then but I’ve never played Maplestory. But now I see why it’s good. It’s still nice to see you’re still around > u <

    I hope you're having a great summer though.

  9. Magi

    From level 170-200 i was able to solo normal horntail on my ice/lightning and it is REALLY good exp. A lot better than chaos zakum. Every run took about 7-20minutes and I got somewhere from 20%-60% depending on my level. My range was 100k when i first started soloing horntail which took around 20minutes but now I’m at 250k and it takes under 10 minutes. Please consider adding horntail to this guide (although everything else is great, very helpful for me) thanks!

  10. Smegskull

    If you have good Def buffs and large AoE abilities when you hit 100 solo Zakum and you get a third of a level per arm until 110. I am doing this with my demon slayer and the vacuum attack.

  11. Cancer

    Okay, thanks!
    Yeah the fail and destroy chance gets pretty high after several star enhancements :/

  12. Ayumilove Post author

    @Cancer: Yeah, higher level equips will have more stars for players to Star Force it. Lower level equip starts with 5~7 star slots. I remember one player who had 15 star force slot equipment (Level 150) keeps getting destroyed when he tries to star force above 12-13 stars.

  13. Cancer

    Hey Ayumi, I’m not sure if theres a cap on the amount of star force on equipment; however, I don’t think the amount of stars per item caps at 7. For example, most of the equips in the Pensalir set each have 15 stars that you can upgrade to. At least I think this means that stars do not cap at 7 as you said in a previous comment. Correct me if I’m wrong, please, and thanks!

  14. Ayumilove Post author

    @Xetasea: Should be the roughly the same level. This is GMS monster level at Shinning Star Patch. I believe MapleSEA has recently released Shinning Star patch too. You can test it out 🙂

  15. Xetasea

    Are all this mob levels the same in maplesea?

  16. Ayumilove Post author

    @Clear: Yup, Star Force maps can be seen by opening the World Map. Instead of the regular yellow dot scatter on the map, it will show a pink star circle indicating its a Star Force map. Hovering the mouse over it will reveal the required total of stars you need to obtain on your gear in order to deal damage to the monsters residing inside. For example, if the Star Force map requires 55 stars (e.g. Dead Mine in El Nath), then you need to scroll your equipment with Star Scrolls (obtainable from any monster). I think there will be at least 5 stars for each equip (hat, overall, weapon, earring, belt, cape, shoe, glove, face accessory mask) = 9 equips x 5 = 45 stars. Higher level equip will provide a cap of 7 stars. So 9 equips x 7 stars = 63 stars which is sufficient to train in all Star Force Training maps! From what I heard, this Star Force maps gives 10x experience more compared to regular maps. If your total Stars on equip is lesser than the required in Star Force map, you will only deal 1 damage.

  17. Clear

    Can someone add or get the info’s on the starforce maps. These maps give far more exp than regular maps and its better than the current recommendations.

  18. Mimi

    hi, I need help getting the Cygnus Knights skill for my night walker. How do I get the skill?

  19. Ayumilove Post author

    @Hamano: Hi, I do not have JMS installed on my PC so I can’t test out JMS training ground 🙁

  20. Ayumilove Post author

    @ZeroNoShi: Thanks for your feedback! I have updated Ancient Mixed Golems level from 171-250 to 190-250.

  21. ZeroNoShi

    You should change the Ancient Mixed Golems to 190-250, since that’s the level you need to be to get in

  22. Hamano

    Hi Ayumi! 🙂
    Can you please make a guide of where to train in JMS?
    Having some tough times on finding places to train at.
    Would be very helpful if you could, if not then the guide of GMS would go the same for JMS?

    あなたの国からの人! ^_^

  23. Ayumilove Post author

    @Jeremy Yap: Thanks for sharing MSEA Training Spot for Level 140-165! 🙂

  24. Kevin

    Will there be an updated guide any time soon?

  25. Jeremy Yap

    For MapleSEA, there’s a place called Dim Light that is good for lv 140 – 165

  26. Ahrie9tails(aqulia)

    Ayumi FYI only mp3 is different in SEA it lv 80-110 since e mobs is lv 90-95

  27. Ayumilove Post author

    @Cyanide3: Will need to make 1 😀

  28. Cyanide3

    Do you have a MSEA version? 🙁 Ver.

  29. Avenge

    @Craig, hunt a map for a while until a Dark Boss summons (any level until 192). You will get lucky with potential equipment that way. You can also do Zakum at 90, which helps get equips as well at lower levels. When you hit 100, you can do Monster Park Extreme, and they drop good equips. After 140, Dimension PQ can get you good equips.

    That is my recommendation.

  30. Craig

    I haven’t played in years, just starting again with my wife. I remember we used to do bosses at low levels to get good leveling gear. (marbas? helm) things like that. Is there a guide about getting good unfunded leveling gear?

  31. Damos Chungersenor

    This guide is so good. I will be sure to link my friends !!

  32. Nillyie

    When will we see an update on the leveling guide for v.157? Quite a huge revamp.

  33. Ayumilove Post author

    @xianyao009: Also applies to other MapleStory that has the Cygnus Awakening Night Walker Patch. Currently GMS releases patches faster than MSEA to be in sync with KMS changes.

  34. Symphonika

    Hey Ayumi.

    Not sure where to post this comment or request, but is it possible.
    That you come up with a guide for Horntail as well?
    Or guides for Boss that we can follow?

    You have one of the best MS guide I been following since I started!
    Hoping to see a Boss guide (especially Horntail) since i visited your page like 293129038 times!

    Teehee! THANKS! (:

  35. xianyao009

    Tis guide is onli for GMS?

  36. Earo

    Ayumi where do you think a zero could lvl. At 120 i can train at mapleworld already unlike on its release its 180, so I’am wondering should i train at mapleworld or just stick to my quest

  37. jerron

    for 150-160, In rock giant’s body 2 is a great map

  38. Consent

    chyrse is currently unavailable and Drake Attack Questline by Ilji lvl required lvl has increased(prob cause of copper drake lvl adjustments)

  39. AvengeMagnus

    This is probably the fastest way to go overall, funded or not. If you have a free weekend and a 1 day 2x Coupon Card + 1.5/2x from the Events, maybe HS from a friend, a bunch of energy drinks and two days or no sleep, you may hit 200 a weekend lol.

    1-20 Beginner Quests
    10-30 Mixed Golems
    30-35 Open up Tots and Click ‘On To Next Level’
    35-40 Gold Beach/Drakes (pots to blow!)
    40-70 Mr. Lee’s [Go to Bunker/Black Spikes]/Skeledogs, etc.
    70-105 Romeo and Juliet PQ
    105-140 Evolution Lab/Monster Park Extreme/Monster Park
    140-165 Dimension Invasion (even up to 180)
    165-200 Second Drill Hall

  40. Oz

    @Stormsurger for the moment not cuz we havent got update yet man, give it 2 months or so

  41. Ayumilove Post author

    @Authenticxs: Thanks for the notice regarding the new changes in Mushroom Kingdom! I’ll update it shortly 😀

  42. Authenticxs

    you need to update the mushroom kingdom ^.^

  43. Ayumilove Post author

    @ Stormsurger: Yes, they are applicable if EMS has applied the same mob patch details (e.g. same monster level)

  44. Stormsurger

    Are these applicable for EMS as well?

  45. Orrin

    Great guide! It’s a little confusing though when looking at the chain quest options because Mushroom Kingdom and Chryse is unavailable and the Sleepywood quest line doesn’t begin till level 60 I believe.

  46. Ayumilove Post author

    @Sam: Thanks for sharing your training spot guide and the 2x EXP Coupon 🙂

  47. Sam

    Right now, this is how I am training my Kaiser. You can do this grinding one whole weekend day…i recommend 2x exp whole day. Its 5 bucks…makes it sooo fast. You can hit 4th job in one day!

    0-19 beginner quest line (varies per class)
    20-30 Mixed Golems, accept the quest too so you get bonus exp. While training there.
    30-35 Ellinel will level you quick

    35-40 Gold Beach, good spawn and not much moving around.
    40-70 on 2x with current time with ring at 1.5 you can do this eaaaasy due to 3.5x. Maybe more or so.
    70-80 drakes
    Do easy zakum, two runs per day. Levels quick tooo
    80-105 stay at big spiders…
    105 do evo world you will level fast. 5 runs per day
    during this time dojo is good exp too.
    monster park extreme is also good.
    you can reach at this point close to 120/130 depending on your break intervals.

    since 2x runs to next day, so if you went nonstop sat. That Sunday you can possibly hit 140 to pq at Dimension. Within 2 weekends I Reached 160 minus the hours spent in fm chilling.

  48. Sivxo

    Do you have a guide for MapleSEA?

  49. chomp

    there is a really cheap way to lvl up from 30-35 in an instant. i dont know if it is a bug but its been there ever since tot’s and ellinel forest appeared and by now many people know it. After you do the first two quest from fanzy in ellinel forest, you will prob be lvl31. then if you click on tot’s (the redheaded guy with glasses) you can also just press “-” if you havent changed the keys yet. THere should be a button saying TO NEXT LEVEL. click on that 4 times and you hit 35. I guess that is one of the best ways to train? Free levels?

  50. sam

    I am not funded and I was able to solo normal zakum fairly easy at level 123 as a demon avenger. Although, my hp is like 53k with da buff skill. I barely used potions and kept watch on exceed. I don’t think it will be quite easy for other jobs to do it unfunded lower than 140 idk. My slayer got murked…lol I think if have load pots u are gold to go early or be a da and use the inhale skills and a few cheeses lol. Idk this da job is fax for u find. Ds range is so…low…and feels squishy

  51. Ayumilove Post author

    @Rudy: Thanks for the note! I have added Ellinel Forest into the list 🙂

  52. Rudy

    I don’t know if Mushroom Kingdom was disabled, but now 30-40 the recommended theme dungeon is Ellinel Forest (and I believe it’s faster than Mushroom Kingdom, too). Also, from about 40-50 the recommended area (including the free teleport via Maple Guide) is the Perion Excavation Site.

  53. J

    unless you know people who are higher level and IF you’re Lv. 50 it would be a breeze to fight Normal Zakum

    Pink Bean Level 120+ and Party
    Chaos Pink Bean 170+ and Party
    Horntail level 80+ and Party
    Chaos Horntail 110+ and Party

  54. Ayumilove Post author

    @J: Thanks! I’ll add it inside. But I certainly do not recommend Normal Zakum at Level 50, that would be just slaughter.

  55. J

    level 50+ and solo/party Normal Zakum
    level 120+ and party Chaos Zakum

  56. Ayumilove Post author

    @J: Thanks I have added Lord Pirate PQ and edited Romeo and Juliet.

  57. Ayumilove Post author

    @GetDkSlap: Thanks, I have added Robo and Master Robo into the list.

  58. Ayumilove Post author

    @VoidEXE: Whats the min-max level and recommended level for unfunded players who wants to challenge normal Zakum?

  59. Ayumilove Post author

    @Arceland: Thanks I have corrected the Streelights Level.

  60. J

    Romeo and Juliet Party Quest is 3(or4) to 6 players
    Lord Pirate Party Quest 3-6 players (needs to be level 100)

  61. GetDkSlap

    for all jobs 93-100 robo(113)/master robo(114) ludibrium toy factory apparatus room

  62. VoidEXE

    You should also mention that normal zakum gives a huge amount of exp even to a lv 130 and that if possible should be done asap for instant levels

  63. Arceland

    Just a little typo I noticed, Streetlights (under the Edelstein section) are actually level 25. I love the new setup to the training spot guide!

  64. alailkandi

    no hauntedhouse?

  65. John Keyes

    wow thanks now i know where to take my lvl 160 Shade character. XD thanks

  66. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Scassl for your feedback. If you found any good EXP training ground to fill in that gap for Pantheon area, do let me know and I’ll add into the list.

  67. Scassl

    I just wanted to point out the 10 level gap in the Pantheon section. Thanks for your hard work, this looks nice.

  68. Ayumilove Post author

    @Pinzote: I have added some alternative training grounds once you hit your max entry per day in Evo Lab and Monster Park 😀

  69. pinzote

    alternative evo lab and monster park???

  70. JYWONG

    Nice guide u got here, it helped me alot..THX! ^.^

  71. Ayumilove Post author

    Added a list of new training spots to accommodate with the latest changes in monster stats under GMS v.150 Rising Heroes Patch.