MapleStory Evolution World aka Evolution System Guide

The Evolution System is a new training ground that can be modified by you. You can modify the monsters so that they are tougher and give more exp, drop specific crafting material or give out specific equips. You can change the look and feel of the new area by changing the way it looks and sounds.

Essentials In a Glance

Requirements: Level 100 or higher.
Clear limit per day: 5 times, each 30 minutes.
Party members: 1-6 (Solo or Party)


  • You can enter the Evolution System 5 times a day. Each time you enter the system, you have 30 minutes to hunt or complete any quests.
  • Most of the quests found inside the Evolving System are repeatable, others are only available if the correct Core is placed in the system.
  • You can enter the Evolution System in a party as long as the other party members have completed their initial Evolution Quests as well.
  • Once you have completed all of the pertinent quests for the Evolution System, you will be able to modify the Evolution levels in 11 different ways.
  • Evolution Storyline: Gelimer made an experiment which allowed Lotus to leave his test tube. Lotus is Orchid’s brother. When Lotus broke free, he attacked and defeats Orchid, leaving her powerless. She was found and brought to Edelstein Underground Base for recuperation. Upon recovering, she left the Black Wings and joined the Resistance. Claudine notifies the player about this, and is asked to go to Gelimer’s Lab to find out what he’s making.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Evolution World

1. Obtain Boss Drops such as Empress shoulders.
2. Having your own maps. No more KS-ing.
3. Jesters and Aliens map will be deserted.
4. Evolution Cores do not take any space in our inventory.
5. Party Zone (Higher EXP multiplier with more Party Members)
6. Monster drops Level 100-120 equipment and boxes containing Tempest Items.
7. Very good exp rate.

1. Accessible 5 times a day for 30 minutes each time.
2. You get kicked out if died during the training/quest.
3. The Core expires after 1 use if it’s not a Link core
4. If Evolution World is full, you can’t enter. Camp there for few minutes and constantly press Start.

How to Start

  1. You initially start the Evolving System by starting the quest “Suspicious Movement on the Path.”
  2. You get to this quest by clicking on the new event icon on the left side of the screen that looks like one of the experimental tanks used by Gelimer, the lead scientist of the Black Wings.
  3. Once you complete the explanation story line of the Evolving System, you’ll be able to enter the Evolution Lab by taking the Dimensional Mirror.


  • You modify the Evolving system by implementing different “cores”.
  • You are given cores in 3 different ways:
  • The first way is by getting them as rewards by completing specific Evolving System quest.
  • The second way is by purchasing them from an Evolving System shop called “Vendor-C2”.
  • Thirdly, you get cores by defeating monsters found inside the system.
  • The cores that are dropped by monsters are some of the rarer cores with some of the best modifications.
  • Cores can only be used once before they are destroyed.
  • You will have to purchase or find another one to modify the system again.
  • You cannot use two cores of the same function at the same time (they don’t stack).
  • Cores do not take up space in your regular item inventory.

Players are allowed to change their own map to their preferences. Settings can be changed by collecting cores by eliminating monsters inside the System, purchased through the NPC or exchanged with Evolution System Coins. The cores can then be used to change the settings of the maps however one likes, and will be removed from one’s inventory after being used. Drop rates of cores can also be altered by the use of drop rate cores, therefore making this new system a very great way to train

Vendor-C2: coin shop

  • Monsters also drop a new type of coin while in the system called an Evolving Coin.
  • The coin is used to purchase special Cores and items from the Coin Shop “Vendor-C2”.
  • The Vendor-C2 also sells a few cores for regular mesos as well as normal items such as potions and Magnifying Glasses.


Evolution Master
If you use 500 cores, have invited party members 35 times, and have been other players’ party member 35 times, you will be considered an Evolution Master. Evolution Master: Medal – Required Level: 100, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +6, Weapon/Magic ATT +5

Evolution World FAQ

Are the exp rates any good in there though?
You can really make it up to you. If you increase the hp of the monsters, it’ll increase their exp gain.

Do links 6-8 quest unlock the 3 round cores? Or how do I go on about that? You go to the vendor with 150 coins and buy the first core titled “Mission Added – Evolution System.” Then equip that core, and start your evolution world. Then complete the quest and hand it in and you will have the 3 extra slots. This is similar to the way you unlock the “Accelerator Core slot.”

Can doing the quests for more core slots be done with a party so they can unlock them at the same time as well? As long as you each get 50 of the drops, then sure!

Does equipping party exp still take effect if you solo? As long as you’re in a party.

Does empress and her minions drop their monster card? No.

MapleStory Evolution World Videos

MapleStory – Evolution World Explained – Better Than Hacking
[youtube url=]

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  1. Shaelyn

    Update notes:
    3 entries per day, 15(?) minutes per entry

    No information on special bosses (working on unlocking/fighting Cygnus special boss currently)

    Other notes: Each room is designed to be more easily farmed by different characters. For example, Kanna can do link 3 very effectively because of increased spawns, multiple low cooldown clears (enemies here have low health) and high health -> exp conversion rate (I get 2000 base per kill at level 140, about 2000-3000 kills per run, plus monkey, buffs, etc)

  2. Louis

    Will love to see what kind of traits they give for each link, it will be a great help since sea do not have Mr. Lee airlines.

  3. Phil

    Hey can you update this page? It would really help me out

  4. drakoh

    now evolving system is update . Link 3 map is change

  5. jarrett

    when you summon an empress boss such as oz or mihile, are they adaptive leveled or are they there normal level

  6. Shawn

    As of the recent patch in MSEA, the evolution system time limit is now 20minutes, 5 times a day limit.

  7. Bob

    Hey, wondering about additional party exp. If you equip the party quest set (that gives bonus party quest exp) will it do anything here?