MapleStory Dungeon: Mushroom Castle Kingdom Guide

Available in: GMS v.156 – Cygnus Awakening: Night Walker (2014-10-29)
Requirement: Lv. 60 or above (Lv. 65 is recommended)

Rescuing the princess and winning her royal highness’ fair smile is the dream for every adventurer. Well, you may have done the first part in the old Mushroom Kingdom, and now is the time to achieve the second part in the newly revamped Mushroom Kingdom!

Mushroom Kingdom has returned with a re-designed story line, maps, monsters, and many familiar-looking mushrooms, offering Lv. 60 or above players yet another place for training and fun. Those who successfully win Violetta’s smile will also obtain special cape and medal.

Go to the revamped Mushroom Kingdom (located at the far left of Blue Mushroom Forest 2).
The quest ‘Mushking’s Summons’ will start automatically upon arrival.
Accept the quest and talk to Mushking in the Mushroom Castle and set off the on journey to make Princess Violetta smile.

The Girl Who Is Too Heavy for Me (Cape): Req. Lv. 65, Weapon/Magic DEF +20, Speed +5, Number of Upgrades Available +5.
Violetta’s Knight (Medal): Req. Lv. 65, STR +2, DEX +2, LUK +2, INT +2, Max HP/MP +300.

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