MapleStory Wild Hunter Skill Build Guide V2

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MapleStory Wild Hunter Skill Build Guide V2 contains the new update/patch which is GMS v142 Dawnveil: Demons of Tynerum. Some new skills are introduced to replace the old ones to make Wild Hunter much more attractive to play with. Wild Hunter are basically archers wielding crossbows while riding on jaguar instead of horses and the jaguar can be used to fight your enemies.

Wild Hunter Overview

CLASS: Resistance
CHARACTER CARD: Instant Kill Succcess Rate +0.5/1.0/1.5/2.0%
JOB SKILLS: I: Wild Hunter → II: Wild Hunter → III: Wild Hunter → IV: Wild Hunter

Wild Hunter Changelog

GMS v.142 – Dawnveil Demons of Tynerum (2013-10-16)
GMS v.137 – Unleashed (2013-06-19)
GMS v.132 – Hyper Evolution (2013-04-03)
GMS v.123 – Tempest (2012-11-28)
GMS v.118 – Champions (2012-09-21)

Wild Hunter 1st Job Skills

Resistance Auto Crank (Passive)
Incorporating Resistance technology into your crossbow makes it easier to fire.
LV20: Weapon attack +20, accuracy +400, accuracy +10%, range attack +50.

Jaguar Rider (Active)
Enhances overall stats when riding a jaguar.
LV15: 20 MP, +40% Max HP, +40% Critical Rate, +8% Min. Critical Damage, +150 Avoid, +40 Movement Speed.

Triple Shot (Active)
Attack 1 enemy 3 times.
LV20: 15 MP, 130% Damage.

Jag Jump (Active)
Perform a far jump while on a jaguar.
LV10: 10 MP, Jumps a certain distance.

Wild Hunter 1st Job Skill Build: Everything maxed except Triple Shot.
1. Triple Shot (1)
2. Jaguar Rider (MAX)
3. Resistance Auto Crank (MAX)
4. Jag Jump (MAX)
5. Triple Shot (19/20)

Wild Hunter 2nd Job Skills

Crossbow Mastery (Passive)
Increases the weapon mastery and accuracy of Crossbows.
LV10: 50% Mastery, +120 Accuracy.

Crossbow Booster (Supportive)
Required Skill: Crossbow Mastery (5)
Increase the attack speed of your crossbow.
LV10: Increase attack speed by 2 stages for 200 seconds.

Final Attack (Passive)
Required Skill: Crossbow Mastery (3) + Crossbow must be equipped.
Grants a chance to deal additional damage after an attack.
LV20: 40% chance to deal 150% additional damage.

Physical Training (Passive)
Increases STR (Strength) and DEX (Dexterity).
LV5: +30 STR, +30 DEX.

Soul Arrow: Crossbow (Supportive)
Temporarily allows you to use Crossbow without spending arrows.
LV5: 20 MP, Buff lasts 300 sec.

Ricochet (Active)
Attack 8 enemies 1 time by firing penetrating arrows equipped with bombs. Has a chance to stun.
LV20: 24 MP, 360% Damage, 60% chance to stun for 6 sec.

Jaguar Rawr (Active)
Attack 8 enemies 1 time. Enemies knocked back by Jaguar’s RAWR will be stunned.
LV15: 19 MP, 325% Damage, 100% chance to stun for 7 sec.

Call of the Wild (Supportive)
Temporarily increase party weapon attack for a short time.
LV1: MP Cost: 11, Duration: 150 sec, Damage: -2%, Additional Avoidability Chance: 2%, Max MP: +2%, Critical Rate: +1%. Party ATT: +1%
LV10: MP Cost: 19, Duration: 240 sec, Damage: -20%, Additional Avoidability Chance: 20%, Max MP: +20%, Critical Rate: +5%. Party ATT: +10%

Wild Hunter 2nd Job Skill Build: Everything maxed except Jaguar Rawr.
1. Ricochet (1) Jaguar Rawr (1) Soul Arrow (1)
2. Crossbow Mastery (MAX)
3. Crossbow Booster (6)
4. Ricochet (MAX)
5. Call of the Wild (MAX)
6. Physical Training (MAX)
7. Crossbow Booster (MAX)
8. Final Attack (MAX)
9. Soul Arrow (MAX)
10. Jaguar Rawr (14/15)

Wild Hunter 3rd Job Skills

Flurry (Passive)
Passively increases Dexterity and Evasion Rate.
LV15: Dexterity +30, Dodge Chance: +30%, all attacks after successful dodge for 1 sec will be critical

Jaguar Boost (Passive)
Further enhances the Jaguar Rider skill. Effects applies while mounted on Jaguar.
LV15: +15 Move Speed, +40% Damage, 55% chance to Resist Knockback.

Concentrate (Supportive)
Temporarily increases your Weapon Attack and decreases MP consumption for all skills. Stacks with other buffs.
LV20: 50 MP, +30 Weapon Attack, -25% MP Cost, Lasts 180 sec.

Feline Berserk
Your jaguar will temporarily grow a set of blazing red wings. Greatly increases Max HP, ATT, and Movement Speed. Attack Speed will increase by 1. Enemy attacks will not cancel the buff.
LV20: 150 MP, +80% Max HP, +30% Attack, +15 Movement Speed.

Swipe (Active)
Attack 8 enemies 4 times, and a portion of the damage dealt by you replenishes your HP.
LV20: 23 MP, 200% Damage, 10% of damage dealt recover as HP.

Dash ‘n Slash (Active)
Attack 6 enemies 4 times and has a chance to stun them by using Jaguar’s claw.
LV20: 40 MP, 600% Damage, 95% chance to stun for 4 sec.

Enduring Fire (Active)
Attack 1 enemy 5 times.
LV20: 29 MP, 184% Damage.

Wild Hunter 3rd Job Skill Build: Everything maxed except Enduring Fire.
1. Swipe (1), Dash n Slash (1) Concentration (1)
2. Jaguar Boost (MAX)
3. Swipe (MAX)
4. Feline Berserk (MAX)
5. Concentrate (MAX)
6. Flurry (MAX)
7. Dash n Slash (MAX)
8. Enduring Fire (14/20)

Wild Hunter 4th Job Skills

Hunting Assistant Unit (Active)
Borrow Resistance technology to set up a hunting unit that provides auxiliary fire. Damage dealt every 0.25 sec
LV30: MP cost 80, Duration: 4 sec, Damage: 220%, Number of Attacks: 2, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Cooldown: 8 sec

Extended Magazine (Supportive)
Temporarily increases all stats and damage.
LV20: MP cost 40, Damage +10%, All Stats +20, Duration: 130 sec.

Crossbow Expert (Passive)
Required Skill: Crossbow Mastery (MAX)
Increases Crossbow Mastery, Weapon Attack, and Minimum Critical Damage.
LV30: 70% Mastery, +30 Weapon Attack, +15% Min Critical Damage.

Advanced Final Attack (Passive)
Required Skill: Final Attack (MAX)
Permanently increases ATT and Accuracy. Greatly increases the damage and activation rate of your Final Attack. Mastery Book is required to master the skill to level 30.
LV30: +20 Weapon Attack, +10% Accuracy, 70% chance to deal additional 210% damage.

Wild Instinct (Passive)
Your attacks ignore a portion of enemy Weapon DEF, and you have a chance to dodge incoming blows. Permanently increases resistance to all elemental effects.
LV10: Ignores 30% Enemy Defense, +10% Dodge, +10% Resistance.

Sharp Eyes (Supportive)
Temporarily grants party members the ability to locate an enemy’s weak spot to deal fatal damage to that enemy.
LV30: 45 MP, +20% Critical Rate, +30% Max Critical Damage for 300 sec.

Maple Warrior (Supportive)
Temporarily increases you and all party member stats.
LV30: 70 MP, +15% All Stats, 900 sec.

Wild Arrow Blast (Active)
Launches arrows at a tremendous speed, like a catastrophic rainstorm. Pressing the skill key will fire arrows continuously.
LV30: 10 MP, 270% Damage.

Sonic Roar (Active)
Attack 8 enemies 6 times with a chance to stun.
LV30: 80 MP, 200% Damage, 100% chance to stun for 10 sec.

Hero’s Will (Active)
Cures yourself from Seduce Effect. Higher skill level decreases cooldown.
LV5: 30 MP, Cooldown 360 sec.

Wild Hunter 4th Job Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Wild Arrow Blast, Advanced Final Attack, Crossbow Expert (1)
2. Wild Instinct, Sonic Roar, Hunting Assistant Unit (1)
3. Crossbow Expert (MAX)
4. Sharp Eyes (MAX)
5. Wild Instinct (MAX)
6. Wild Arrow Blast (MAX)
7. Advanced Final Attack (MAX)
8. Extended Magazine (MAX)
9. Hunting Assistant Unit (MAX)
10. Sonic Roar (MAX)
11. Maple Warrior (MAX)
12. Hero’s Will (MAX)


Feline Berserk – Reinforce
Required Level: 143
+10% Damage.

Feline Berserk – Vitality
Required Level: 162
+20% Max HP.

Feline Berserk – Rapid Attack
Required Level: 183
Attack speed is increased by one.

Sonic Roar – Reinforce
Required Level: 149
+10% Damage.

Sonic Roar – Spread
Required Level: 168
Attack +2 enemies.

Sonic Roar – Extra Strike
Required Level: 189
Hits +1 time per enemy.

Wild Arrow Blast – Reinforce
Required Level: 155
+20% Damage.

Wild Arrow Blast – Boss Rush
Required Level: 177
+20% Boss Damage.

Wild Arrow Blast – Guardbreak
Required Level: 195
Ignores 20% Enemy Defense.

Silent Rampage
Required Level: 150
Damage increases by 10% and Final Attack’s activation rate is boosted to 90% for 90 seconds. Passive effect: 20% resistance to status effects and elemental damage.

Jaguar Rampage
Required Level: 170
Your Jaguar and your soul unite as one in an explosion of rage, dealing 500% damage 9 times on up to 12 enemies in front of you. There is a cooldown of 90 seconds.

For Liberty
Required Level: 200
The damage of all Resistance members in your party is increased by 10%, and the damage cap is raised by 50,000 for 60 seconds. Cooldown: 120 seconds.

Wild Hunter Hyper Skill Build:
1. Wild Arrow Blast – Reinforce (MAX)
2. Wild Arrow Blast – Boss Rush (MAX)
3. Wild Arrow Blast – Guardbreak (MAX)
4. Feline Berserk – Reinforce (MAX)
5. Feline Berserk – Vitality (MAX)
6. Silent Rampage (MAX)
7. Jaguar Rampage (MAX)
8. For Liberty (MAX)
9. Hyper Dexterity (MAX)
10. Hyper Health (MAX)
11. Hyper Mana (MAX)
12. Hyper Weapon Defense (MAX)
13. Hyper Magic Defense (MAX)
14. Hyper Critical Rate (MAX)

Wild Hunter Mastery Books

1. Advanced Final Attack: 20, 30
2. Crossbow Expert: 20, 30
3. Hunting Assistant Unit: 20, 30
4. Sonic Roar: 20, 30
5. Wild Arrow Blast: 20, 30
6. Maple Warrior: 20, 30

MapleStory Changelog (Tempest -> RED)

Removed Skills
Crossbow Booster (1st)
It’s Raining Mines (2nd)
Silver Hawk (2nd)
Wild Trap (3rd)
Blind (3rd)
Evasion Boost (3rd)
Exploding Arrows (4th)
Stink Bomb (4th)
Wild Arrow Blast – Add Range (Hyper)
Drill Salvo (Hyper)

New Skills -> Official Skill Name
Automatic Shooting Device (1st) -> Resistance Auto Crank
Crossbow Booster (2nd) -> Crossbow Booster
Flurry (3rd) -> Flurry
Assistant Hunting Unit (4th) -> Hunting Assistant Unit
Extend Magazine (4th) -> Extended Magazine
Wild Arrow Blast – Boss Killer (Hyper) -> Wild Arrow Blast – Boss Rush
Rampage as One (Hyper) -> Jaguar Rampage

Revamped Skills
Final Attack (2nd) : Skill Icon and Skill Effect Renewed.
Jaguar Rawr (2nd) : Damage 280->325% , Stun Time 4->7 sec , Max Level 20->10
Feline Berserk (3rd) : Attack Speed +1, Max Level 30->20
Swipe (3rd) : Damage 300->200%, Max Level 10->20, Damage absorb as HP 5->10%
Advanced Final Attack (4th) : Skill Icon and Skill Effect Renewed.
Sonic Roar (4th) : Damage 200->260%, Attack Delay 1800ms->1140ms.

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  1. Elise

    Hi, nice guide. I am trying to figure out whats going on with my wild hunter. I haven’t put anything into my STR, and I am wearing no EQP that add’sstr but my STR says ” 41 (36+5) I don’t know where the 36 is coming from.

    Also, I have read that I should be training on toy Trojans, I can’t even hit one though. Help please!

  2. Thierr

    hi ayumi, good to write, I have xenon 180, and has a good team, but I delay in gaining levels and killing bosses, as gollux and magnus I approached, I thought about using a luminous because it is easy to gain levels with, and kill those bosses from afar, or also the phantom, which you recommend, my luminous and Phamtom are 120, or do you recommend me to stay with my xenon?, I need your ayuda.Thanks anticipated by help me. apology for my bad English. Apologies for repost

  3. Thierr

    hi ayumi, good to write, I have xenon 180, and has a good team, but I delay in gaining levels and killing bosses, as gollux and magnus I approached, I thought about using a luminous because it is easy to gain levels with, and kill those bosses from afar, or also the phantom, which you recommend, my luminous and Phamtom are 120, or do you recommend me to stay with my xenon?, I need your ayuda.Gracias anticipated by ayuda. apology for my bad English.

  4. Ayumilove Post author

    @WildHeartless: Thanks for the notice! I have added into the skill build 🙂

  5. WildHeartless

    hey ayumi… you forgot to add crossbow booster into your skill build

  6. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi BBHunter! Avoidability and Evasion has their own formula to determined a player to receive or reject damage from enemy. RED patch should arrive probably around end of this year 2013, otherwise early next year 2014 if they have other patch to release before RED.

  7. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi BBHunter, I’m not sure those require skill book. Hunting Assistant Unit require Mastery Book since it has a max level of 30 similarly to Exploding Arrows. Extended Magazine should not require Mastery Book.

  8. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi hjx, I have updated this Wild Hunter Skill Build Guide to match with the details from GMS v142 Dawnviel Update.

  9. ShengHunter

    Ayumi, when youwant to post the revamp of Battle Mage?????

  10. hjx

    hi ayumi.i get two versions of the patch and one of it is yours.You might want to check whether yours is correct

  11. BBHunter

    Oh sorry one more thing, will Assistant Hunting Unit and Extend Magazine require skill books? Its a shame I took an age to max all my skills and exploding arrows will be removed :/

  12. BBHunter

    Hi Ayumilove! Back with some questions, this ‘20% additional avoidability chance’ from Call of the Wild, is like a 20% dodge chance like Evasion Boost / Flurry or Wild Instinct? Or is it 20% more avoidability stats? Also, do you have any rough ideas when red patch will arrive at MapleSEA? Thanks 🙂

  13. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi BBHunter, I have updated Swipe details with Post-RED 🙂

  14. BBHunter

    Hi again, i’ve personally searched for patch notes and found that swipe has actually been buffed overall. A piece of information you might want to add in the revamped skills section:

    Swipe: Attack Delay 1530ms->1020ms

    Also, in case anyone was wondering,

    Pre-RED Swipe: 300% / 1530ms = 196.08% DPS – with 5% damage absorbed
    Post-RED Swipe: 200% /1020ms = 196.08% DPS – with 10% damage absorbed
    (per hit on a single monster)

    Thanks again for the clarification!

  15. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi lana, there are 3 4th job attacking skills : Wild Arrow Blast, Sonic Roar, Assistant Hunting Unit.

  16. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi BBHunter, there is no cooldown for Extend Magazine.
    As for Silent Rampage, its cooldown has been removed.
    Advanced Final Attack has its icon and skill effect renewed but no changes in stats.
    Sonic Roar (4th) has its skills delay approximately halved (that means you can cast it even faster) and damage is increased by +60% damage.

  17. lana

    is there any difference?how many 4th job attacking skill are there?

  18. BBHunter

    Hi Ayumilove, thanks for the excellent guide! just wondering if its fully completed yet as there are some areas that don’t seem updated.

    Does Extend Magazine (4th) and Silent Rampage (Level 150) have a cooldown?

    The revamped skills section shows: Beast Form (3rd) and Claw Cut (3rd) but are not shown in the skill build.

    And finally Advanced Final Attack (4th) and Sonic Roar (4th) are also stated under “revamped” but are not changed from pre-red patch stats.