MapleStory Money Making Guide

MapleStory players starts with zero meso when they begin Level 1. Purchasing godly scrolled equipment will take ages through conventional farming meso through picking up coins from defeated monster. Below is a list of money making methods I used personally to earn millions of meso easily.

Reselling Goods in Free Market

Requirement: Free Market store or time (advertise manually in FM)
1) Stroll Free Market and visit each store.
2) Make a list of the items that they are selling and selling prices.
3) Filter all items to pick up the most common items and rare items.
4) Calculate the average price of all specific items combined together.
5) Save some money in your bank (gain through npc-ing monster leftover)
6) Stroll Free Market again to find anyone selling lower at average price.
7) Before purchasing it, check the item stat (example: total free scroll slots)
8) If product seems good, purchase it and sell in your store at a higher price.
9) Profit!
This method is easy for those who do not wish to farm loots through endless grinding on specific monster for a high demand item. You will need lots of money to purchase someone else goods to be resold at a higher price depending on when the market demands it. If you have Cash, purchase a store to sell your products there without having to stay online. People do sell their goods at lower price because they are in need of money urgently.

Buying Goods from Party Quest Area

1) Stroll Free Market and visit what items are in high demand.
2) Visit Party Quest area that MapleStory players frequent.
3) Purchase goods from them if they are selling below average price.
4) Resell them in Free Market.
Most MapleStory players who used to train in Party Quest do not have the time to sell in Free Market since they want to earn lots of EXP from it. Therefore, there will be potential sellers who are willing to sell at a low price in exchange for the convenience that they obtain by selling through you.

Selling Services

If you are a high level player but low in meso, you could sell services such as partying other MapleStory players into boss area (Zakum / Horntail / Pink Bean). Customer pays you upfront, you kill the boss, customer loots item. Of course, its not only limited to boss leftovers but EXP. For instance, you can make an agreement with the customer that he does not loot anything from the dead boss but gain tremendous amount of EXP in exchange for meso, while you keep the loot to be sold in Free Market.

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