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Dear Maplers,

The Sengoku Era is here! Journey into the Zipangu continent and unveil the history of the Sengoku Era! Learn of the Sengoku Era heroes’ attempts to stop the summoning ritual of the 6th Demon King into Honnou-ji!

The continent of Zipangu has been updated with new maps added!

Sengoku Era Classes


Hayato is known as the legendary samurai. As one of the ‘Children of the Five Stars’, Hayato tried to stop Oda Nobunaga’s attempts to sacrifice Princess Sakuno as a vessel to summon the 6th Demon King through a dimension door. After a huge explosion from the failed ritual, Hayato found himself with many others in a place known as Momijigaoka, where he began training once again, for there were rumors that Nobunaga had survived…

Class Type: Warrior
Primary Weapon: Katana, 2h
Secondary Weapon: Wakizashi
Main Stat: Strength (STR)
Available from: 13th November 2013


Kanna is a magic user who specializes in summoning spirits, or better referred to as “shikigami”, to grant her assistance. During the attack on Honnou-ji, Kanna seeked out Mori Ranmaru, and fought a fierce battle against him in order to stop the summoning ritual. Eventually she emerged victorious and managed to destroy his altar. However, a large explosion occurred on Honnou-ji, and Kanna soon found herself on unfamiliar territory, later known to her as Momijigaoka. There were rumours that Mori Ranmaru had fled somewhere in the Maple World to rebuild the altar, and so begins her quest to seek out Mori Ranmaru once again…

Class Type: Magician
Primary Weapon: Fan, 2h
Secondary Weapon: Fan (equipped on Haku)
Main Stat: Intelligence (INT)
Available from: 4th December 2013

Note: Please take note that 1 extra character slot will be given during the release of the Hayato class.

Sengoku Shop

The Sengoku Shop is here! Exchange your Sengoku Coins that you receive from events everyday for rewards such as the new Shiro and Kuro set equipment and Sengoku Era special scrolls! The shop will be available from 13th November 2013 0859hrs (GMT +8) to 6th May 2014 0859hrs (GMT +8).

New Expedition: Mori Ranmaru / Chaos Mori Ranmaru!

Maplers, Mori Ranmaru has been found! Stop him before he regains power and unleashes evil into the Maple World!

Expedition Requirements
Mori Ranmaru
Level: 120-250
Channel(s): ??
Pre-Requisite Quest: “Princess Sakuno Beckons” completed

Chaos Mori Ranmaru
Level: 180-250
Channel(s): ??
Pre-Requisite Quest: “Princess Sakuno Beckons” completed

Note: For Sengoku Era heroes, in order to trigger the quest “Princess Sakuno Beckons” from your lightbulb notification, you will need to have completed their main class storyline quests first. For other classes, the quest “Princess Sakuno Beckons” quest can be triggered via the Lightbulb notification option at the left side of the screen.

Re-opening of the Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest is now accessible to everyone once again via the Dimensional Mirror found in towns.

Guild Party Quest Is Back!

The Guild Party Quest is making its return! The test for guilds to obtain glory and fame is now once again available! Test the binding strength of unity of your guild members with this party quest!

To access the Guild Party Quest, head to the Relic Excavation Camp in Perion and look for NPC Shuang:

Click on her and a dialogue will begin with options relating to the Guild Party Quest:

Guild Party Quest Requirements
Who can start the party quest: Guild Master or Jr. Masters
Minimum number of players required: 6
Minimum level for entry: Recommended Min. Level of 100 (Take note that there is a stage that requires a character that is below level 30)

Note: Take note that the current Guild Ranking Board will not be available until further notice.

Leveling Up System Message!

Miss the old level up congratulatory message upon hitting 200? Need some motivation to progress on to 250? Guess what? For every 10 levels you gain starting from 200, a congratulatory message will appear across your World! So keep that fighting spirit as you move on level 200 and into level 250!

Horntail Expedition

Please take note that the following changes have been implemented regarding the drop rate requirement for Horntail and Chaos Horntail expeditions:
Minimum number of players required to trigger drops in Horntail: 1 person alive in the map upon Horntail’s death
Minimum number of players required to trigger drops in Chaos Horntail: 6 person alive in the map upon Horntail’s death

Blocking of Character Creation

The following characters will be unavailable for creation during the entire content patch:
Angelic Buster, Kaiser, Luminous, Xenon, Flame Wizard (KoC), Night Walker (KoC), Zen

In-Game Bug Fixes

▪ All pets from Perm Pet Box responds to commands now.
▪ The text error for the quest “Lost!” has been fixed. The quest now leads you to Fire Tusk instead of Barnard Grays.
▪ Monster Life monsters should no longer be appearing the the Monster High School
▪ The issue with the quest “Info on Another Seal Stone” where Arans are unable to complete it has been fixed.
▪ Angelic Blessing buff effects will no longer overwrite other player buffs.
▪ The Balrog Expedition level cap limit has been raised from level 200 to 250.
▪ The Crimson Wood Keep Expedition level cap limit has been raised from level 200 to 250.

Update as of 16 13 Nov 2013 1015hrs (GMT +8)

▪ Changed the Fan weapon category to 2h
▪ Added more details regarding triggering of drops for Horntail/Chaos Horntail Expeditions

– MapleSEA Administrator

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7 thoughts on “MSEA v.135 – Sengoku Era (2013-11-12)

  1. HeroicIsMe

    Are the hyper skills for kanna and hayato EVEN coming to MapleSEA in the near future? Your thoughts?

  2. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Captain awesome, they will unlocked those seasonal jobs when there is a new big patch release or during their anniversary.

  3. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Concerned player, there are no official date released by MapleSEA regarding Kanna’a Hyper SKills. You can continue playing your Kanna till Level 160 (maxed all 4th job skills) and wait till the Hyper Skill arrive 🙂

  4. Concerned player

    may i know is there a suggested or stated date that reveal kanna’s hyper skill to be released in MaplestorySEA? I have already psok-ed half my equips over and just realised that kanna has no hyper skill currently. In a big dilemma now. :/

  5. Captain awesome

    MapleSEA just blocked the creation of a few classes. Anyone know when they can be created again?

  6. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi bhyun092, in my case, I already had MSEA v.132 and I just upgraded it to MSEA v.135 through a patch. It works for me though. What is the error message that you have encountered during the MapleStory installation procedure?

  7. bhyun092

    hi i need a lil help here, i’ve just downloaded maple full client, but i can’t install it 🙁 why and what should i do