MapleStory Terminology

Rollback is reversing MapleStory database from its current state to a past period of time. How does this affect MapleStory players? When you raise yourself few levels, suddenly you were disconnected, when you login back, the few levels you raised is gone. Not just level but things like equipments and meso that you have earned during training, boss raid or trades as if you did not play at all. In short, its a waste of time or play for nothing. Why roll back happens? It’s either due to abuse of hackers duping method. Duping is to duplicate an item especially those with high potential scroll stats. They duplicate it so they can sell to the masses, which somehow disrupts the MapleStory economy. To counter this, MapleStory administrators will have to perform Tradeblock against these suspicious accounts and also reverse the effect of the duping by rollingback their database server. For more details on tradeblock, see the section below.

Tradeblock is to prevent a user for performing any trade with another MapleStory players. Tradeblock is targeted on selected MapleStory Players chosen by MapleStory administrators should they suspect you are performing illegal transaction such as trading duplicate items with legit MapleStory players. This is to curb the expansion of duplicate items distributed among MapleStory players. For those innocent MapleStory players who are affected by this, you can send a message via iBox to MapleStorySEA website (For MapleStory Players).

Scheduled Maintenances
Scheduled maintenances are performed each week, now typically Wednesday or Thursday morning, to ensure that our servers and network infrastructure are working as intended. During that time we may also change Cash Shop sales, and sometimes maintenances will improve the game’s performance or resolve technical issues. Maintenances do not require patching or any downloads afterwards. We typically notify about weekly maintenances about 24 hours before a maintenance.

Unscheduled Maintenances
Unscheduled server maintenances are performed when there’s an issue we can’t wait to fix in the weekly maintenance. This may include severe bugs, hardware going bad, or others issues that occur in the data center where our servers are housed. Unfortunately due to their nature, we are unable to provide a great deal of forewarning about them.

Game Updates
A game update occurs when we are adding new content (a patch) to the game. Typically, it is longer than a server maintenance because we are performing maintenance tasks as well as updating the game and testing testing the updates, which takes more time than testing after a regular maintenance. Game updates are announced with update notes so be sure to read them to see what was added. An easy rule to follow is when there’s something new to do, it’s a game update! Game updates are typically announced on the Monday before maintenance.

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