MapleStory Link Skills Guide

MapleStory Link Skills is only available in certain jobs which can be shared with only one character in the same world. Link skill have 3 levels. The first level is unlocked at Level 1 but can only be shared upon reaching Level 70. The second level is unlocked upon reaching Level 120. The third level is unlocked at Level 210. It does not follow Level 60 nor Level 100 Tempest Job Advancement. Also Level 2 Link Skills happen to be release later depending on different MapleStory region, so it might be available in KMS but not in GMS yet or perhaps both have not implement Level 2 yet. Link skills allows you to grant another character within the same world with the abilities from the original character. Cygnus Knights Blessing Skills is not a link skill since it does not link to 1 character but it applies its benefits to the whole world (not just one character).

Link Skill News

[UPDATE 2013-NOV-28] It seems that GMS players found that there is a limit of 12 link skills that you can linked to 1 character. To see the limit of link skills, open up your skill tab, click on the link skill icon and you will notice x/12 Transferred Skill. If it doesn’t for your MapleStory client, it means they have yet to impose the cap for link skills per character.
[2013-JUN-14] Several characters’ link skills will now go up to level 3 when they reach level 210. This includes the link skills for Cannoneers, Mercedes, Phantom, Luminous, the Demon Slayer, Mihile, Kaiser, and Angelic Buster.

Link Skill Limitations

  1. Link skills can only be linked to one character at a time.
  2. You can only link up to 12 skills to a character at a time.
  3. You can stack Cygnus’ Blessing up to 5 times on a character for a total of 25% Status Resistance.
  4. You can only link skills to a character that has made its first job advancement.
  5. Link skill is unlocked at Level 1, but you can only begin sharing your link skill upon reaching Level 70.
  6. Accepting the Link Skill quest with a Quest Deliverer will break Tot’s (applicable for GMS)
  7. You can’t have 2 or more of the same jobs linking 1 character.
  8. You can’t link a skill to 2 or more characters in the same world.
  9. The linked character can be changed once a day.
  10. A character can be linked by one or more classes that have a link skill.
  11. You can start sharing your link skill to another character if the linker is Level 70 and above.

Link Skill Level Unlock

Link Skill Level 1 – Character Level 1
Link Skill Level 2 – Character Level 120
Link Skill Level 3 – Character Level 210

Top 12 Link Skills to Use

  1. Mercedes: Exp Rate Boost for Training Level 1-250
  2. Zero: Ignore Enemy Defense and Reduce Damage Taken
  3. Kaiser: Max HP
  4. Kanna: Damage
  5. Zen / Jett: Stats + Weapon/Magic Attack
  6. Luminious: Ignore Defense
  7. Demon Avenger: Damage
  8. Beast Tamer: Boss Damage, Critical Rate, Max HP and Max MP
  9. Demon Slayer: Boss Damage
  10. Phantom: Critical Rate
  11. Hayato: Weapon/Magic Attack
  12. Cannoneer: All Stats
  13. Xenon: Additional STR, DEX, LUK Stats
  14. Angelic Buster: Temporary Skill Damage Boost

List of Link Skills by Jobs

The stats below each skills applies to linked characters.

Angelic Buster (Terms and Conditions)

Temporarily boost damage for 10 seconds. Cooldown 90 seconds.
Level 1: +30% skill damage for 10 sec when active
Level 2: +45% skill damage for 10 sec when active
Level 3: +60% skill damage for 10 sec when active

Beast Tamer (Elf Focus)

Level 1: Boss damage +4%, Critical rate +4% and MaxHP MaxMP +3%
Level 2: Boss damage +7%, Critical rate +7% and MaxHP MaxMP +4%
Level 3: Boss damage +10%, Critical rate +10% and MaxHP MaxMP +5%

Cannoneer (Pirate Blessing)

Permanently boost all stats, Max HP and Max MP. Useful if you have insufficient secondary stat for equipment OR use it to boost your Max HP for higher survivability in boss raids.
Level 1: Permanently increases STR by 15, DEX by 15, INT by 15, LUK by 15, Max HP by 5%, and Max MP by 5%.
Level 2: Permanently increases STR by 25, DEX by 25, INT by 25, LUK by 25, Max HP by 10%, and Max MP by 10%.
Level 3: Permanently increases STR by 35, DEX by 35, INT by 35, LUK by 35, Max HP by 15%, and Max MP by 15%.

Demon Avenger (Wild Rage)

Permanently increases damage.
Level 1: +5% Damage.
Level 2: +10% Damage.
Level 3: +15% Damage.

Demon Slayer (Fury Unleashed)

Level 1: +10% Damage to Bosses.
Level 2: +15% Damage to Bosses.
Level 3: +20% Damage to Bosses.

Eunwol / Shade (Close Call)

Level 1: Ignore Death Chance +5%
Level 2: Ignore Death Chance +10%
Level 3: Ignore Death Chance +15%

Kinesis (Judgement)

Level 1: 4% minimum critical damage.
Level 2: 8% minimum critical damage.

Hayato (Keen Edge)

Level 1: Increase all stats by 10 and weapon attack by 5.
Level 2: Not Available!
Level 3: Not Available!

Zen / Jett (Core Aura)

Adds random stats to STR/DEX/INT/LUK and WATT/MATT (? for level 2). You can use NX Items purchased from Cash Shop to change the Core Aura’s stats. Currently Jett has max Level 1 Link Skill.
Level 1: STR, DEX, INT, LUK, Weapon ATT, Magic ATT. (Small Boost)
Level 2: STR, DEX, INT, LUK, Weapon ATT, Magic ATT. (Medium Boost)
Level 3: STR, DEX, INT, LUK, Weapon ATT, Magic ATT. (Large Boost)
[NX Items]

  • Supernova Dust – Change Core Aura’s stats.
  • Cosmic Dust Shifter – Rotate stats of Core Aura. Changing STR > DEX > INT > LUK.
  • Condensed Supernova Dust – Change Core Aura’s stats with a higher chance of better stats.
  • Stellar Cosmic Solidifier – Lock Core Aura’s stats for 30 days. Can stack up to 365 days and will unlock if Core Aura’s stat is changed by using an item.
  • Star Dust – Change Core Aura stats. Available only from monster drops.

Kaiser (Iron Will)

Permanently increases Max HP.
Level 1: +10% Max HP.
Level 2: +15% Max HP.
Level 3: +20% Max HP.

Kanna (Elementalism)

Deepens your connection to the elements to provide a permanent damage increase.
Level 1: +5% Damage.
Level 2: +10% Damage.
Level 3: Not Available!

Luminous (Light Wash / Permeate)

Ignores a portion of enemy defense (magic and weapon defense).
Level 1: Ignores 10% Defense.
Level 2: Ignores 15% Defense.
Level 3: Ignores 20% Defense.

Mercedes (Elven Blessing)

Sends you to Elluel, cooldown 1800 seconds. Passively increases EXP Rate. Best skill to gain more experience when training your primary character to Level 200 OR use it to travel back to Victoria Island. Elluel is a secret hideout accessible by Mercedes only.
Level 1: +10% EXP
Level 2: +15% EXP
Level 3: +20% EXP

Mihile (Guardian of Light)

Temporarily resist knockback from enemy attacks. Cooldown 180 seconds.
Level 1: 100% Knockback Resist for 90 sec.
Level 2: 100% Knockback Resist for 110 sec.
Level 3: 100% Knockback Resist for 130 sec.

Phantom (Deadly Instinct)

Permanently increases Critical Rate.
Level 1: +10% Critical Rate.
Level 2: +15% Critical Rate.
Level 3: +20% Critical Rate.

Cygnus Knights (Cygnus Blessing)

Increases resistance to statuses and elements. You can stack this Link Skill up to 5 times. If linked, this skill’s effects will be reduced to 2% (5% for level 2).
Level 1: +2% Resistance.
Level 2: +5% Resistance.
If other Cygnus job classes exist on one account, then they can be stacked up to 5 times for each character to grant a link skill. Effects are reduced when used as a link skill. The link skill(s) can be stacked up to five(5) because of the five(5) different Cygnus job classes. IE: One(1) of each Cygnus job class will stack, but not multiples of the same class. Example: Soul Warrior Dawn Warrior + Blaze Wizard Flame Wizard + Wind Breaker Wind Archer + Striker Thunder Breaker + Night Walker

Xenon (Hybrid Logic)

Permanently increases all stats.
Level 1: +5% All Stats (STR, DEX ,LUK, INT)
Level 2: +10% All Stats (STR, DEX, LUK, INT)
Level 3: Not Available!

Zero (Rhinne’s Blessing)

Ignore Enemy Defense +2/4/6/8/10% and Damage Taken -3/6/9/12/15%
This skill can be leveled up by collecting the Goddess’ tears.

Resistance (Spirit of Freedom)

You will not take damage for 3/6 sec after being revived. If other Resistance job classes exist on this account, then it can be stacked up to 3 times for each character who grants the link skill. Effects are reduced when used as a linked skill.
Level 1: Invincible for 1 sec after revive.
Level 2: Invincible for 2 sec after revive.

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208 thoughts on “MapleStory Link Skills Guide

  1. KiDoKiD

    hi ayumi..i have NW..why i cant get another cygnus link for another cygnus char??
    this will come [nw class cannot receive cygnus bless (pirate)] MSEA

  2. Kersie

    Just want to know, how does damage reduction work? Does, say, luminous skill of ignore defense have the same effect on damage as kanna’s + damage? Is there somewhere where I caan read about how damage calculations work?

    Thx in advance. Love your guides :-)

  3. phantom

    @QRin u have to link his skill to other character, only after u get at least 1 goddess teardrop. I got it in lv119

  4. QRin

    Hi Ayumi , when do you unlock Zero’s Link Skill ? My friend told me its Lv180 but I dont wanna try to level a character so high just for it.Can you tell me the exact?

  5. Ayumilove Post author

    @Elkian: Thanks for the correction on Angelic Buster Link Skill. I’ll be updating it now.

  6. Elkian

    Note: For Angelic Buster link, the 60/90/120% is for the Angelic Buster.
    On the char that receives it, it is halved, so it’s 30/45/60%.

  7. Ayumilove Post author

    @RawnRed: Thanks for the skill description. I’ll add it to the article above! Could you clarify regarding the 3/6 sec? In GMS Update highlights, it mentions it as 6 seconds. Where does the 3 come from?

  8. RawnDed

    There was a recent update for GMS that introduced a link skill for Resistance jobs (BaM, WH, Mech).
    Here is the skill description
    Resistance (Spirit of Freedom)
    You will not take damage for 3/6 sec after being revived. If other Resistance job classes exist on this account, then it can be stacked up to 3 times for each character who grants the link skill. Effects are reduced when used as a linked skill.
    LV1: Invincible for 1 sec after revive.
    LV2: Invincible for 2 sec after revive.

  9. Soh Jiong Hao

    @ISLE and to the rest: You are all welcome:)

  10. ILSE

    @Soh Jiong Hao. Thank you very much and thanks for answering all our questions!

  11. Soh Jiong Hao

    @ISLE. Yes, you can start passing a link skill while it is passable from a job with a link skill, to the desired receiving character. When the job with the link skill levels up its link skill, the same will occur to the desired receiving character’s received link skill:)

    What I will say below is based on MapleStorySEA.
    Kanna’s link skill gives a +10% boost to damage in total at level 120 of Kanna, which is the level to unlock the level 2 link skill. (possibly damage range).
    Demon Avenger’s link skill gives a +10% boost to damage in total at level 120 of Demon Avenger, which is the level to unlock the level 2 link skill. (possible damage range).
    A character can receive 1 Kanna link skill and 1 Demon Avenger link skill at the same time, as both characters’ link skills are considered different (they are from different jobs, and they have different link skill names.

    MapleStorySEA does not have level 3 link skills yet, I think, so I am unable to comment on level 3 link skills.

    In MapleStorySEA, this is how I would order the link skills, for the damage-boosting link skills, which are only available in MapleStorySEA (excluding Beast Tamer, excluding Jett, excluding Kinesis. These 3 jobs are curently not in MapleStorySEA).

    The order below is for jobs which are NOT Dark Knight, NOT a Phantom which has stolen and is using the 3rd job skill “Cross Over Chain” from Dark Knight, and NOT Demon Avenger.

    I will be mentioning Kaiser’s link skill below, after the order of 11 characters below. Please decide the order for the Kaiser and Cannon Shooter(stated in the order below, with asterisks “*”s) link skills:
    ***Kaiser’s level 2 link skill when Kaiser is level 120: +15% HP in total***
    ***Cannon Shooter’s level 2 link skil when Cannon Shooter is level 120: +25 stats AND +10% HP/MP in total***

    Reasons: Demon Avenger’s primary stat is HP. Please decide the order accordingly yourselves:)
    Reasons: Cross Over Chain buffs damage range, and the higher the unharmed buffed HP, the higher the buffed damage range increase given by this skill when this skill is active. Please decide the order accordingly yourselves:) as well. Thank you.

    1) Demon Avenger’s level 2 link skill when Demon Avenger is level 120: +10% damage in total (boost damage range)
    2) Kanna’s level 2 link skill when Kanna is level 120: +10% damage in total (boosts damage range)
    3) Xenon’s level 2 link skill when Xenon is level 120: +10% stats in total
    4) Hayato’s level 1 link skill when Hayato is at level 70: +10 stats AND + 5 weapon/magic attack
    [NOTE: I do not know when MapleStorySEA will get a link skill higher than level 1, for Hayato. Thank you.]
    5) ***Cannon Shooter (Cannoneer in other versions)’s level 2 link skill when Cannon Shooter is level 120: +25 stats AND +10% hp/mp***
    6) Zen’s link skill when Zen is level 120: Minimum + 3 stats AND +3 weapon/magic attack
    (at level 70 of Zen, the link skill is actually “Minimum +2 stats AND +2 weapon/magic attack”.
    I have no idea why the link skill still shows as level 1 in both the level 70 and level 120 cases.)
    7) Angelic Buster’s level 2 link skill when Angelic Buster is level 120: Active for 10 seconds, cooldown 90 Seconds: +45% skill damage for the character receiving it, but +90% skill damage for the Angelic Buster giving(passing) the link skill. Damage range is increased (by a lot!).
    8) Demon Slayer’s level 2 link skill when Demon Slayer is level 120: +15% boss damage in total
    9) Luminous’s level 2 link skill when Luminous is level 120: ignore 15% monster defense in total
    10) Zero’s level 5 link skill when Zero completes the 2nd last Zero storyline quest (unlocked at level 178): ignore 10% monster defense AND damage taken reduced by 15%.
    (IMPORTANT NOTE: Zero can unlock all Maple World quests (and EXP), at level 180, after the completion of the last Zero storyline quest, unlocked at level 180. It is recommended to complete this quest, even if your Zero is created and trained just for the level 5 link skill. Thank you.)
    11) Phantom’s level 2 link skill when Phantom is level 120: +15% to critical rate in total

    For Dark Knight, Demon Avenger, and a Phantom which has stolen the 3rd job skill Cross Over Chain from Dark Knight, do REMEMBER to include Kaiser’s level 2 link skill:
    ***Kaiser’s level 2 link skill when Kaiser is level 120: +15% HP in total***
    These 3 jobs need to remember to train the Cannon Shooter link skill for a % HP boost as well.
    As a reminder:
    ***Cannon Shooter’s level 2 link skil when Cannon Shooter is level 120: +25 stats AND +10% HP/MP in total***
    So please decide the order for the link skills for Cannon Shooter and Kaiser, yourselves, for those using Dark Knight, Phantom and Demon Avenger as your main characters.

    ***[As recommended by another MapleStorySEA player, Phantom should steal Rage (2nd job) from Hero, Cross Over Chain (3rd job) from Dark Knight, and Final Cut (4th job). I am currently using this combination for my Phantom non-main character, and the total buffed damage range is very high for Phantom using this combination.]***

    In MapleStorySEA, up to 12 link skills received from other characters can be obtained for each character, excluding each character’s own link skill, if there is any.

    For jobs which are NOT Dark Knight, NOT Demon Avenger and NOT Phantom,
    In MapleStorySEA only (because of the lack of Kinesis and Beast Tamer (and also Jett), and therefore their link skills and character cards),
    The 12th link skill to train for such jobs will be the ELEMENTAL AND STATUS % RESISTANCE link skill from revamped Knights of Cygnus
    (Stackable up to level 10. Required: level 120 Soul Master + level 120 Flame Wizard + level 120 Night Walker + level 120 Wind Breaker + level 120 Striker)
    10% at level 120 at the revamped Knight of Cygnus giving it. 5% is the total effect received by another character.

    Thank you.

  12. PhantomLord

    Need some advice on which link skills are important in order of importance. Thank you.

  13. ILSE

    Just wondering for example if u lvl
    up yr Mercedes to lvl 70 and pass the link skill to another character. If Mercedes is lvled up to 120, will the link skill be automatically leveled up for the guy holding Mercedes’ link skill or something else

  14. Partik

    Do you know if the Kanna and Demon Avenger Link skills add or multiply to total damage % that you get from Weapons and Nebs and stuff

  15. Ayumilove Post author

    @Totally not an elk wearing human skin: Thanks for your feedback! I’ll add it to the guide above.

  16. Ayumilove Post author

    @Vivelda: Thanks for the info, I have updated Xenon Link Skill. I guess Nexon thinks Xenon link skill is too OP (overpowering), so nerf it to max level 2. Here is a screenshot of the level 3 link of Hybrid logic skill:

  17. Totally not an elk wearing human skin

    Actually you can stack the KoC link skills, but only them, no other classes are able to stack link skill (also the stacked skills only take up 1 slot, so they only count as 1/12th in total). Also the level 3 Xenon link skill was removed, it maxes at level 2 now.
    Oh Edit: Each KoC has to be different though, so you can’t stack 2 TB links but you can stack 1 of each KoC links and get +25% status resist.

    Actually you can stack the KoC link skills, but only them, no other classes are able to stack link skill (also the stacked skills only take up 1 slot, so they only count as 1/12th in total). Also the level 3 Xenon link skill was removed, it maxes at level 2 now.

  18. Vivelda

    Hey I don’t think Xenon has a lvl 3 for their link skill. I’m on my Xenon and it says Current level 2 and doesn’t have a “Next level 3”

  19. Ayumilove Post author

    @Person: Currently GMS (Global MapleStory) does not have Kanna Level 3 Link Skill yet.

  20. Ayumilove Post author

    @Nevin: Yes, you will need to reach a certain character level to automatically level up the Link Skill. It does not require any SP (Skill Points).

  21. Person

    Does Kanna have level 3 link skill now?

  22. Nevin

    To lvl link skill, we have to lvl?

  23. Calvin

    I wanna ask my main is ds so the next job i should traing to make my ds to be strong would be wat job ??

  24. Ayumilove Post author

    @Anon: It’s not possible to stack link skills of the same class (e.g. 3 Kaiser link skills, or 3 Kanna, etc) as it makes the game imbalance. Tested by me personally.

  25. Anon

    Is it possible to stack link skill of koc by training more then 1 of the same class for example 2 or more strikers?

  26. Ayumilove Post author

    @Charles: Jobs can’t stack same link skill on top of another. Therefore, you can’t have 9 Kaiser link skills on 1 Kaiser. This makes it too overpower (OP).

  27. Charles

    Hi, if my main is a kaiser, can I make another kaiser to link to him?

  28. Ayumilove Post author

    @Moosers: Thanks for spotting the mistake. I have removed it now :-)

  29. Moosers

    Beast Tamer link skills have a 4% right before the crit rate which should be removed :)


    Xenon is 5% and 10% all Abilities, not stats as stated.

  31. NelsonLoh

    Thanks Ayumi! Btw, can Wind Archer receive empress blessing since Wind Archer is one of the Cygnus class, and if it can, how? Also, how to receive the fairy of blessing?

  32. Ayumilove Post author

    Choose a job that you have fun playing with. For instance, some players main a Mercedes who has superior mobility even though it has weak base damage compared to most of the jobs. Link skill knows no boundary. It can be used on any classes. What matter most is the cards you choose for your deck (3 cards per deck) to boost your character up.

  33. NelsonLoh

    Ayumi, may i know which job is the best to be the main job to have all the 12 most favorable linked skill stated above? or should i ask, can Wind Archer be the main job and receive all the link skill above including the empress blessing and the fairy of blessing?

  34. Ayumilove Post author

    @sasquach: The above is the latest. Kindly inform if I missed anything so I can update the guide above. :)

  35. Ayumilove Post author

    @ice: Thanks for mentioning about Shade’s Link Skill Close Call. I have added it into the list above!

  36. ice

    Looks like Shade’s link skill Close Call (GMS) was forgotten about… lol the pun.

  37. sasquach

    Is there anything that needs to be updated? This is not outdated right?

    Btw love your maple posts keep it up <3

  38. Ayumilove Post author

    @MrJuker: The guide above lists all the link skills available in the game.

  39. MrJuker

    Is there any other link skills? or is this all the link skills available in the game?

  40. Vincent

    Very thankful for your information here , gonna bookmark it ^^

  41. Ayumilove Post author

    @Likey Likey: Thanks for your feedback! I have updated Kanna’s and Hayato’s Link-Skill’s level details.

  42. Ayumilove Post author

    @RyudoQQ: Ensure that you have at least another spare character within the same world as your Demon Slayer. You can’t transfer skills if Demon Slayer is your only character within the world (e.g. Demon Slayer in Aquila/Scania, but you have another character in Bera = that doesn’t work) You could try leveling up to Level 100 as a Demon Slayer and try linking the skill to the other character within the same world.

  43. Ayumilove Post author

    @Ayumi2: MapleStory design the link system in such that it can only be used by 1 character only at any point of time. However, the link skill can be transfered to another character after 24 hours.

  44. Ayumi2

    Ayumi for exapmple if i wanna línk 12 skills to 2 characters at the same time, i cant because i can línk lets say the 12 skills Just for one character

  45. RyudoQQ

    Hello, I just made my demon slayer to get the skill it transfer is lvl 72 and it says unavaliable… what should i do to be able to use the transfer skill?

  46. Likey Likey

    @Author ~ For GMS & KMS Kanna has always had level 2 link skill and she didn’t get upgraded to 3 when the other link skills were boosted from 1 to 3 because she wasn’t GMS or KMS native. The same goes for Hayato who has only level 1 link skill. Jett’s link skill increases at level 30, 70, and 120. However, Jett can’t actually link it’s link skill until level 70. The boost to Jett’s link skill is that the overall “stats possible” increases.

    @Pestilence ~ That includes KMS since Hayato isn’t native to KMS either.

    @Silva ~ No a good amount of this list is inaccurate for GMS and KMS. Hayato does have level 1 link skill and Xenon does have level 2 link skill. However, you’re incorrect when you state that Demon Avenger has only a level 2 link skill. Demon Avenger logically would have 3 levels since it is the counterpart of Demon Slayer who also has 3 levels (I can verify this with a Demon Avenger screen shot if needed).

  47. Pestilence

    I hate to be a debby downer,
    but everyone below is right.
    hayato only has 1 link skill in sea and gms.

  48. Silva

    Is this list even accurate?

    As far as I am concerned of, Hayato only have level 1 link skill?
    And Xenon and Demon Avenger only have level 2.

  49. Ayumilove Post author

    @Addy: You’re welcome :)

  50. Addy

    Thank you so much for this list! I have been frustrated trying to find good resources on MS as of late (2014) and it feels super frustrating. This seems like a great resource! Thanks so much!

  51. Ayumilove Post author

    @Ludis: Thanks for your feedback! I’ll add into Zero’s notes above.

  52. Ludis

    You might want to add for the Zero class that people who play as this character needs at least 1 goddess teardrop after completing chapter 2 to transfer Rhinne’s Blessing to another character.

  53. Ayumilove Post author

    @Fiava: Probably your current MapleStory server has not updated Hayato Link Skill to have Level 2.

  54. Ayumilove Post author

    @JongJong: Zen (from MSEA) has a link skill called Core Aura which is same as Jett (from GMS). I have added Zen into the list above. Thanks for the notice!

  55. JongJong

    Hello! I would always refer to your guide when I need help and I really love your guide. But I have a question. Does ZEN have link skill? Because it’s not listed in here. Thanks for the lovely guide!

  56. Fiava

    Is it because Hayato’s master level on his Link Skill is 1?

  57. Fiava

    I have a lvl 120 Hayato but his Link Skill is still lvl 1

  58. DragonMarx

    Can link skills be used across worlds? If I have a Mercedes in Yellonde can a character in Windia use its skill?

  59. AcidLinkz

    so each cygnus knight gets cygnus blessing, should put in the other KoC jobs too then cause ur guide makes me believe only thunder striker has a link skill other than mihile out of KoC, and at what levels does Rhinne’s Blessing level up since theres 5 n she starts at 100?

  60. Ayumilove Post author

    1) 5 levels of Rhinne’s Blessing.
    2) The ones listed here has Link Skill.
    3) 12 is the limit of Link Skills that any one character can obtain.
    4) Create 5 unique Cygnus Knight Job to gain 5 Cygnus Blessing.
    5) Within the same world. E.g. If you have 12 characters in Bera, those 12 can link to any 1 in Bera.

  61. AcidLinkz

    Very nice guide but i have some questions.
    1. Zero’s Link Skill, why is there 5 different percents, does Zero have 5 levels for Rhinne’s Blessing?
    2. I’ve noticed many jobs are missing, so do those jobs have a Link Skill too, or are going to?
    3. How many Link Skills can you link with 1 char (Main Char) so that he/she gets most/all the buffs.
    4. What do you mean by stacking Cygnus Blessing 5 times?
    5. Who can you link with? If I’m in Arcania, can i link with another one of my chars in Arcania only? Alliance? Or any char u have on the same account, regardless of world?
    Also, i recommend u put what version of Maplestory they are currently released in because i notice many people wondering why their link skill doesn’t level up, n it’s simply cause it isn’t here yet, n only in KMS or something for now. Thank you very much if you answer my questions.

  62. Krystal

    i need help.. i have no idea about link skill… when i click link skill icon on my Zero lvl 110 i cant do anything with it.. it say “apprentice unchangeable”.. can someone teach me how to do it?

  63. CorsairLover

    Hi, so just to clarify, do resistance characters have link skills?

  64. zero

    Which link skill and card effect is the best ? My main character is DK

  65. Aran

    Mihile’s link skill is called “Knight’s watch” if i remember correctly.

  66. swag

    Do link skills and Cygnus 30 Att buff work in same alliance? Or just world? I’m in arcania

  67. Rashid

    I know in GMS, Xenon doesn’t have his level 3 skill link. It’s best to ask around before leveling a skill link mule past 70. (or 100 if you want the S-rank card)

  68. Ayumilove Post author

    @chriss: Which region are you playing from? GMS/SEA? Perhaps that MapleStory version have not released Hayato LV2 Link Skill when Hayato reaches Level 120.

  69. chriss


    i have a problem. i have hayato lvl 120 but when use he link skill in other chart is LV1.
    is bug?
    help plis.

  70. heroine

    I think you should clarify that the characters have to be in the same accounts also and not just the same world.

  71. Since

    Hey I have a level 200 hero, and I just came back after a couple months of a break, I so far have a DS, DA, kanna, and lumi all level 120 and a beast tamer on the way. What do you think I should link next? I know a merc, cannoneer, phantom and zero. But I cant make any of the characters as of now. But once more are released what should I pickup first. Thanks for any help!

  72. Ayumilove Post author

    @Krazylock: Yeah, both Zero and Luminous is similar in their Link Skill, the difference between them is the lack of Reduce Damage Taken by Luminous. Having both of them increases your ignore enemy defense, great for bosses with high weapon/magic defenses.

  73. Krazylock

    Ayumilove, thank you for your prompt reply and suggest. Just to double confirm, is Zero and Lumin link skills have the same effect? and in fact zero is better ? As he got reduce damage taken .

  74. Ayumilove Post author

    @Krazylock: Please refer to the Top 12 Link Skills to be use. For me, I made all of them and helps improve your base damage by 25-40%

  75. Rashid

    If you ask me, Krazy, I’d say Hayato, Cannoneer, Mercedes and Beast Tamer are good enough.

  76. Krazylock

    Hi Ayumilove,

    If i want to make my Xenon a main char, which other chars should i train to link with him ?

  77. Galathil

    Hello Ayumi, if i delete the character after i linked the skill, does the linked skill still to the other character?

  78. Ayumilove Post author

    @JamesLe: I have not tried it yet, but I think there will still exist a cooldown period of 24 hours before you can link to another character, even though the character which is linked by Kanna has been deleted.

  79. JamesLe

    If I deleted my Kanna with link skills from my cannoneer (i put the link skills the same day i deleted it) will i be able to put my link skills from my cannoneer onto another character the same day i deleted the kanna?

  80. Ayumilove Post author

    @Bankai: Jett, Zen and Dragon Warrior are same in the skills, just different skill animations and descriptions. Each of these job represents different region (GMS = Jett, MSEA = Zen, TWS/CMS = Dragon Warrior)

  81. Bankai

    Hi Ayumi, is jett and zen the same? if they are, is the link skill too?

  82. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Just Eli, grab Beast Tamer instead.

  83. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Steph! I have corrected the description :D

  84. Steph

    Hey Ayumi, you corrected the Zero link skill description, but you forgot to correct it in the top 12 description. BeeTeeDubbs, Great guide!

  85. Just Eli

    I like 11/13 of your top 12(but 13) but I have a question.

    Why add jets and AB?

    For ab I can understand why for high ranged/damage characters. But what about if he/she does have high range/damage? What link instead?

  86. Ice Lover

    dang it, it got nerfed according to spadow…

    Lv. 1: 4% boss damage, 4% critical rate and 3% maxHP and MP
    Lv. 2: 7% boss damage, 7% critical rate and 4% maxHP and MP
    Lv. 3: 10% boss damage, 10% critical rate and 5% maxHP and MP

  87. Ayumilove Post author

    @Ice Lover: Thanks for the news! I’ll be adding Beast Tamer information on my site now :)

  88. Ice Lover

    hey ayumi!

    just letting you know Beast Tamer will be added to gMS soon (speculations say Jan. 15th, but we’ll have to wait and see).

    link skill, same as demon slayer
    lv1 : 10% boss
    lv3 : 30%

    and char card is 2%/4%/6%/8% pdr respectfully!

    ty for this wonderful site, i was sad when your youtube acc was banned

  89. web page

    With this particular software you can find and additionally read-off the best system from different clothing System
    shows. In your home you are plus what you’re doing,
    your organization is going to finally come along!

  90. Ash

    sorry to ask again, but if were to make one the char in the top 10, may i know which does not require too much funding?

  91. Ash

    Oh kk, thank you!! i think i might be going for Mercedes then, Thanks

    -Ash :D

  92. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Ash, personally I would choose the ones listed in the 10 Top Link Skills. Leveling a character to Level 70 does not take more than 2 weeks with casual playing (1-2 hours) per day.

  93. Ash

    may i know what is your recommendation like which is the best hero to link all those link skills onto ( if i had all of those chars at lvl 70), preferebly a character which doesnt require too much funding.

  94. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Dee for the notice! I have corrected Zero Link Skills description :)

  95. Dee

    Hi, Zero’s link skill is incorrect. The character card provides the EXP bonus. His link skill increases physical defense by a certain % and ignore PDR by a certain % depending on level of link skill.

  96. wong

    Hi, is xenon temporary removed from MSEA? Any idea when will it be back ?

  97. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Cabe, Level 70 is the level where you can share your link skill to another character.

  98. ltohack

    As to your 2nd last comment Ayumi, the limit is shown when you open the link manager on any character. On the top left on the manager, it says x/12 transferred skills. This does not include the link skill of the character being played.

  99. Cabe

    “Link skill level unlock:
    Level 1-character lvl1”
    Err.. I think its lvl 70 ‘-‘

  100. Math

    Hi Ayumi, Lovin ur database from MS, it’s my favorite <3

    So, i wanna raise the MP of my Hayato. To link a character to raise the mp of my hayato, i need to use the Cannoneer?
    Thanks Ayumi :D

  101. Ayumilove Post author

    Sure Pandi, I’ll make a simple 1 out.

  102. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi SoR0XaS, I don’t see where GMS mentioned 12 is the limit link skills though but some of the GMS Maplers have said 12 is the limit. Currently, I have around 7 link skills and 6 more to reach above the cap limit :D Does MSEA have this 12 limit link skills?

  103. SoR0XaS

    Ayumi, if im not mistaken, GMS now has a limit to link skills. This was implemented in the Dawnveil patch iirc.

  104. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi raeyo, you can get as many as you like :) Currently my character has over 7 link skills. Try not to get the ones that are the from same job. Example, creating 2 jobs of same kind and link to your character.

  105. raeyo

    How many skill links can one character have?

  106. Pandi

    Can you update the Link skills? Add the other Cygnus classes and maybe have a list for the best 12 link skills?

  107. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Casey, they are not out yet for GMS but they will out later.

  108. Casey

    can you pls confirm if hayato really have lvl 2 n 3 link skills?

  109. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Random Guy, it should stack if both jobs are not the same kind (unique jobs). Example: If you try to create 9 characters all Demon Slayer linking to your primary character, it will not work.

  110. Random guy

    Does kanna and demon avenger link skill stack?

  111. SoR0XaS

    @ronald dude: nope.

  112. ronald dude

    is there keen edge level 2 and 3 in maplesea?

  113. Ayumilove Post author

    @Tips: Currently Level 2 and Level 3 Keen Edge is not released in GMS for Hayato yet.

  114. Tips

    I believe there is no lvl 2 Keen Edge for the Hayato. Please double check

  115. Jason

    When the ZERO class is released will you post the link skill here? Or does ZERO not have a link skill?

  116. dvdemon

    The ab link skill link to other people will -half right? Lv1 link to people only 30%

  117. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi maplenoob, the link skill is permanent. The changing link skill means that if you accidentally link characterA skill to characterB but you wanted to link to characterC, you need to wait for 24 hours before you can re-link characterA skill to characterC. After you done that, the link skill will stay with characterC forever unless you re-select another character to relink characterA skill with someone else again. If you relink to characterB, characterC will lose that link skill.

  118. maplenoob

    may i know is the link permanent? i did see u mentioning u can change link once per day. just want to make sure

  119. delicious

    @ein. Yes demon avenger and kanna link skills both stack.

  120. A noob


    Since I can only have 3 characters on Galicia, that means the most link skills I can have is 3 correct?

    When you say world you mean server right?

    Galicia shares a world with other servers but you cant link between servers right?

  121. jetty

    Hi Ayumi, I got my Jett to lvl120 and get decent stats for its core aura (stats+15,wa+19), but when I linked it to another character, I got different stats from what my jett got. Is this used to be like this?

  122. Seedy-san

    Hey! I was wondering if you could have both the demon avenger and the demon slayer on the same char. I mean, they’re both different, but they’re also kinda the same… A little confusing. I’ll level em both anyway. Thanks!~

  123. ein

    does kanna link skill stacks with demon avenger?

  124. Stardust

    yo Ayumi,sry to bother,i wanna ask something..
    soo,say that i got the 1st link skill from my mule and i gave it to my main at lvl 70(lvl1),then can this link skill lvl up after being given to other character?thanks…

  125. GamingGirls

    Hi Ayumi. Can i ask about the Striker Link Skill? Can stack 5 times means if I make 5 Strikers, all of them link to my Bishop, my Bishop gets 5 Strikers Link Skill?

  126. Maverick

    I have a question. can skills be linked trough worlds in an aliance? cause empress blessings is bassed to these worlds

  127. Emblem

    are you sure the hayato link skill for level 2 and 3 are correct? i cant seem to find level 2 and 3 on other sites and are there any maples that have level 2 and 3 for hayato yet?

  128. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Jinli, any error message that pops up that mention you can’t link to your new character? Try leveling it to level 10 and give another try.

  129. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Yamamoto, if you have 2 Xenon (regardless their level), both linking to Bowmaster, the one which is the highest level will override the others. It’s best to have 1 unique job linking to your primary character.

  130. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Isaac, you get Level 2 Link Skill at Level 120, not Level 100. This applies throughout all MapleStory versions regardless region (GMS/KMS/JMS/MSEA/BMS/EMS/etc)

  131. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi DevKun, I have added Level 3 Link Skill details and some of the rest which is not included in MapleStory Unleashed (an approximation to how much it will give per level).

  132. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks for subscribing Lolkapiskat :) If your phantom is linking to your Xenon, log into your xenon and open the beginner skill tab. From there, you can see phantom link skill added in there.

  133. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Jason, sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the notice. I will update this guide now with your info :)

  134. Lolkapiskat

    Hey Ayumi, I just found your channel on youtube. I subscribed =D Well, I am kinda confused as to why my Phantom (level 12X) links the skill to my xenon (Lv 13X) but I do not get the effect, or the skill itself in the beginner tab. Can I get help.

  135. DevKun

    Well Ayumi i think u have to update this guide, there is coming 3rd link skill :3
    Nice guides btw i love them !

  136. Isaac

    Hi ayumi, in maplesea….. Will I get level 2 link skill in level 100 or 120?

  137. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi DJz, its not a link skill. It’s available for all jobs. For example, if you have a level 100 KoC, you will gain level 10 Cygnus Blessing on all your characters (Adventurer/Sengoku/Nova/etc). Link Skill is a skill that you can link only to 1 person. After you link to that person, you can only link to another person/character-in-your-account after 24 hours (1 day).

  138. DJz

    Striker / Thunder Breaker (Cygnus Blessing)
    so this is the only KOC that have link skill?

  139. Yamamoto

    Hii, Ayumi

    Can I like create 2 character that has link skills, e.g. Xenon and link both over to another character like Bowmaster??

  140. Jinli

    Ayumi for some reason i cant give any link skills to my new character (hes lvl 1 and my 18th character) why? o-o

  141. Jason

    Hi Ayumi, recently in gms we received lvl3 link skills except for hayato(lvl250 cap). Lvl3 link skills are at lvl210 for kanna,mercedes,cannon trooper,demon slayer, phantom, luminous, mihile, kaiser and angelic buster. Hayato’s link stays at lvl1. Xenon is coming out on the 3rd of July 2013 in GMS

  142. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Damian, the link will not work on jobs that are the same kind. like Angelic Buster to Angelic Buster since both have the same link skill.

  143. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Sam, you can have unlimited link skills on your main account. All will be possible except for re-issuing the same link skill to the same job. Example: Angelic Buster linking to Angelic Buster does not work.

  144. damian

    sorry kinda blur xD
    lets say if i have 2 xenon , can i use xenon (A) to link xenon (B) ?

  145. Sam

    Hey Ayum,
    How many Skill links in total can i have on my main account? is it possible to have them all?
    do you think we will get another Bigbang? Unleashed Exp just blows on making Alternative accounts.

  146. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks for the notice Bosch regarding level 3 link skills :)

  147. Bosch

    I think you should update this page because of the new level 3 link skills coming out in the upcoming GMS update.

  148. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi hg, a Phantom cannot receive the same link skill from another character which is the same job as he/she. This same applies to all link skill provider.

  149. hg

    Hi Ayumi, I’m not sure whether this has been answered but if I have say 2 Phantoms, one with level 120 and another level 200, would I be able to link the level 120 to the level 200 for a 30% crit rate? Or would that be possible if I were to link a level 70 Phantom to a level 200 Phantom?

  150. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Confused, if you delete Kanna (the link skill provider), it will also remove the link skill effect from the receiver.

  151. Confused

    Let’s say I link Hayato with Kanna’s skill. but delete her shortly after. would that delete the linked skill from Hayato too?

  152. Xiao Yan

    Hi, I want to know in current kms, the link skill level 2 is only available at 120 not 100 right?

  153. Ang Gian Chin

    hi ayumi
    Striker / Thunder Breaker got link skill one a?

  154. Samuel

    Hi ayumilovemaple. Can you make a guide with a compilation of ways to get stronger besides leveling and gearing?

    Stuff like link skills, the blessing from UA and cygnus knight, character card, monster cards, inner ability, (I think there was 1 in the bounty hunt quests? that boosts stats permanently?) etc…

  155. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Bernie, Demon Slayer can get both Xenon 10% all stat and Phantom 15% Critical Rate Link Skills.

  156. DeSnowy

    @bernie yes it is possible to have more than 1 skill linked to the same char.

  157. Bernie

    hi…im confused…can we do this for example: xenon 10%all stat and phantom 15%critical rate link their skill to my demonslayer. is it possible that my demonslayer get both their ability?

  158. FunWithBeemo

    oh damn, that sucks. :| btw, ayumilove, i’m curious. where are you from? are you male or female?

  159. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi FunWithBeemo, it means that GMS has yet to implement Level 2 Link Skill for Luminous.

  160. FunWithBeemo

    how come my luminous has only lv1 link skill? he’s already lv120. i play in GMS. :|

  161. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Zack, as long as the link skills and the job giver is different, you can stack them.

  162. Zack

    Can u stack a kanna and a demon advengers link skills? Since they give the same bonus?

  163. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi John, both Demon Slayer and Demon Avenger possess different link skill. Therefore these link skills are unique. In short, you can link those skills to your Mercedes. Should the link skills are same (which means having 2 Demon Avenger linking to a Mercedes), it will not work. Only 1 will work.

  164. ShYGuY154

    @wenwen, your friend might of thought it was level 100 for the level 2 link skill because of the Kanna’s link skill bug that makes their link level 2 by 100 (corrected in the Hyper Evolution patch).

    @John- Demon Avengers and Demon Slayers are different classes (as Ayumilove has stated), therefore you can give one of your characters both of their link skills. Additionally, both skills have different stats written on it, so there shouldn’t be any problems. What she was explaing was having two link skills with the exact stats in one character is impossible (e.g., Luminous’s link skill cannot be given to a character that already has Luminous’s link skill because it’s one-of-a-kind.)

  165. John

    Hi again, sorry I don’t quite get what u mean. Do u mean that we can’t link a demon slayer and demon avenger link skill to a merc?

  166. wenwen

    ah ok. so its confirmed that all 2nd lvl links are unlocked only at 120 yes? because my friend is certain that its at lvl 100. so now i can clear it up with him. sigh 120. :(

  167. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi wenwen, thanks for the notice. I’ll be correcting it soon. The second level is unlocked at Level 120. It does not follow 4th Job (Level 100)

  168. wenwen

    hello, then wouldnt this be contradicting? “The first level is unlocked at 3rd Job (Level 70) and second level is unlocked at 4th Job (Level 100)”

    because i’m also playing in maplesea, and i just reached 100 on my phantom, but the linked to my other character is still at lvl 1.

  169. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Daimond, Level 2 Link Skill is unlocked at Level 120. It does not follow the job advancement level.

  170. Daimond

    Hi,i play Maplesea and i just got my demon avenger to lvl 100 for 4th job,my link skill supposed to be at lvl 2 but how come it remained at lvl 1?

  171. nehorai

    Ty Ayumilove

  172. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi John, you can’t stack 2 Phantom Skill on Mercedes. Only 1 unique type will be applied. This rule same applies for all link skills. As long as they are different jobs (Demon Avenger and Demon Slayer are different) but only one.

  173. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Nehorai, you can use all link skills on Xenon. However, you can’t link Xenon to another Xenon as it does not stack on top of each other.

  174. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Nehorai, the approximation date for Xenon to be released to GMS would be around August to October.

  175. Nehorai

    Sorry for my bad English in my last comment and here. When will xenon come to gms?

  176. Nehorai

    I want to ask something,can I use the link skill of demon avenger,kanna, hayato,Mercedes and phantom on xenon? (to use all of their skill link on xenon) I’m playing in gms,Ty.
    (waiting for xenon to come)

  177. John

    Hihi,knowing that it’s not possible to link 2 phantom skills to merc in the same acc. How bout Demon Slayer and Demon Avenger, can they link their skills to a merc? Since they are from the same class. Thanks.

  178. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi iSlapeuu, other jobs that has link skill can give to Mercedes. However, you can’t give Mercedes’s link skill to another Mercedes as the skill effect isn’t stackable.

  179. iSlapeuu

    Hi, Can other job give link skills to Mercedes?

  180. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Cake, it is possible to use 2 Phantom Thief, each of them link to other characters but not the same one. However, take note that you will not benefit from having 2 Phantom Thief in your Deck of Cards! The Deck System does not allow you to have 2 of the same job in the deck nor 3 deck, only unique jobs.

  181. Cake

    I know that you stated “You can’t link a skill to 2 or more characters in the same world” but if I have 2 phantoms, a wild hunter, and a marksman, can I link phantom instinct to both my wh and mm using the two phantoms separately?


    Phantom 1 -> link skill -> wild hunter
    Phantom 2 -> link skill -> marksman

  182. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi John, you can only link skills from characters that owns a skill to another character who doesn’t own the same link skill or doesn’t possess any link skill. There is no limit to how much a character receives a link skill. Currently I have my Demon Slayer receiving around 5+ Link Skills (from Angelic Buster, Kaiser, Mercedes, Luminous, Jett, Cannoneer, Phantom Thief)

  183. John

    Hi I understand that we can link multiple skills to a main account. But what is the max number of link skills we can use on the main account? I have tried linking a phantom (+10% dmg) to another phantom, it is not possible to link a skill to the same class.

  184. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Sebastian, in KMS (Korea MapleStory) which sets the *standard* for all other MapleStory version to follow, had the level 2 link skill unlocked at level 120 (not level 100 @ 4th job advancement with Tempest Update). Level 1 link skill is unlocked when you are level 1 but can only give/link to other characters upon reaching Level 70.

  185. Sebastian

    Thank you for the simple and wonderful summary of the link skills.

    Question: even though the levels for job advancements have been reduced, I’ve heard that some of the link skills for certain classes (Kanna and Mihile in particular) will remain at 120. Can you comment / clarify this? I trust you more than any other person on these kinds of matters! =)

  186. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Ryo Vu, GMS release link skill level 2 to certain jobs only. The rest will have only link skill level 1.

  187. Ryo Vu

    It also happened to all my character over level 100, they all have link skill level 1.

  188. Ryo Vu

    Hi, well my phantom is level 135 and i don’t have link skill level 2. My friend characters has link skill level 2, how come i don’t?Is that a glitch or something?Thank you.

  189. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Ayumi, Level 1 Link Skill is unlocked at Level 1, and Level 2 Link Skill is unlocked at Level 100. You can give your link skill to another character when you reach Level 70. After giving to another character within the same account, you need to wait for 1 day (24 hours) before you can give the link skill to another character. The character that gives link skill can only link to 1 person, whereas the receiver can receive multiple link skills. Try creating 2 link skill providers (Kaiser and Angelic Buster) and give it to your main account to see how it works :)

  190. Ayumi

    Thx for the reply,
    So i am summarizing that link skills are unlocked at 60 and 100
    and available to xfer to other char at 70 and 120?
    Or is it unlocked and available to xfer at 60 and 100?

    Really sorry for those trouble =X

  191. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Ayumi, the level 2 link skills are made available upon reaching Level 100 (Tempest Update – 4th Job Advancement at Level 100)

  192. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Dark_Wizzie, one character can receive multiple/many links skills from classes listed above (the ones who has the link skill to give to someone else).

  193. Dark_wizzie

    Hey, thanks for the reply Ayumilove. One more quick question:
    Does this mean one character can have a link skill from one of each of the classes in the article?

  194. Ayumi

    So just to clarify, level 2 link skills are unlocked at lv of 120 or 100?

    Not really sure and yea im from MSea

  195. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Dark_Wizzie, if you have an Angelic Burster in the same account as your Kaiser, you can link it to your Kaiser. Unfortunately, you can’t link Kaiser to itself. However, I have not tried to create 2 Kaiser, each Kaiser linking to one another! This is a great opportunity to experiment but I do not have the luxury to test it out. Perhaps you will be the first to uncover it :)

  196. Dark_wizzie

    If I want to make a main character as a Kaiser, the only link I can have is Burster? I cannot have a Kaiser link on a Kaiser, right?

  197. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi izoka, my Kanna in GMS is able to link to my Hayato ;) Make sure you have not linked to any other character yet on the day you linked.

  198. izoka

    i can´t use my kanna’s link skill and i’m in lvl 120 with my kanna, i send a ticket but they don’t answer me…so i want to know if other person has this problem…… ty

  199. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Lordelliot, only few characters chosen by MapleStory Developers to possess link skills. Each of these selected characters can give their link to skill to only 1 character and that receiver can receive many link skills.

  200. lordelliott

    Is it possible for one character to have every link skill applied?

  201. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Joseph, your level must be at least Level 100 to unlock Level 2 Pirate Blessing. Otherwise, it means that GMS have not implemented Level 2 Link Skill yet.

  202. Joseph Saxon

    My cannoneer can’t get level 2 Pirate Blessing. I play GMS.

  203. Victor

    Hey Ayumi, I wanted to correct that the link skill goes to lvl 2 at lvl 100 instead of 120. I wasn’t paying attention to my other character, but I realized I had the lvl 2 link skill and I was lvl 103 or so….. So assuming it doesn’t lvl up at 103 I’m pretty sure it does at lvl 100 :)

  204. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Vince, Link Skills are unlocked at Level 70 (Level 1 Link Skill) and Leve 120 (Level 2 Link Skill). It does not follow Tempest Job Advancement (Level 60 nor Level 100). Also, take note some characters may not have Level 2 link skill available yet even though you reach Level 120. It depends on whether Nexon Developer have release the code for it. From the news, KMS has just released Level 2 Link Skill on Nov 28 2012 for Angelic Buster, Mercedes, Phantom, Luminous, Kaiser.

  205. Vince

    The first level is unlocked at 3rd Job and second level is unlocked at 4th Job?
    4th job advance at lvl100~ how come unlock at lvl120?

  206. ThankYou XD

    hii, at which patch will the level 2 link skills be added? :) im from Msea

  207. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Skyz097, Level 1 Links skills are unlocked at Level 70 and Level 2 Link Skills are unlocked at Level 120.

  208. Skyzo97

    how to get to lvl 2 link skill ? on lvl 200 ?