MapleStory Evan Skill Build Guide

MapleStory Evan Job Selection Evan is not one of the heroes that fought the Black Mage personally, he is part of an ancient line of dragon masters that was nearly wiped out by the Black Mage when he fought the legendary heroes. Evan’s primary stat is INT (Intellect). Evan is the only class that does not depend on job advancement, rather towards to the growth of his/her dragon. Each growth introduces a new skill that he or the dragon unlocks. Some new skills are obtain via quests, therefore you will gain more SP within each growth compared to what normally other jobs get 3 SP per level. You do not need NX Cash to purchase mastery books now due to the RED update. You can get your mastery books from the Henesys general store for 100K meso. Also with your ability points should go into Intelligence (INT).

Evan Overview

CLASS: Hero.
EQUIPMENT TYPE: Magician, Dragon Equipment (unique offhand equipment)
SECONDARY WEAPON: Document, Shield
PRIMARY STAT: Intelligence (INT)
CHARACTER CARD: +70% chance to restore MP +2/4/6/8% on hit every 60 sec
4TH JOB SKILLS: Evan IXEvan XHyper Skills

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MapleStory Evan Skill Build Guide (KMS Version)

Evan Changelog

GMS v.172 – Maple’s Eleven (2016-04-21)
GMS v.168 – Reboot (2015-12-02)
GMS v.157 – Shinning Stars (2014-12-03)
GMS v.149 – Legacy of Nine (2014-05-12)
GMS v.148 – Grand Athenaeum (2014-03-26)
GMS v.143 – RED Part 1: First Impact (2013-12-04)
GMS v.142 – Dawnveil Demons of Tynerum (2013-10-16)
GMS v.137 – Unleashed (2013-06-19)

Pros and Cons

+ Elemental damage. High base damage. Excellent defense.
+ Unbelievable fast attacks.
+ Decent across map movement. (Dragon Blinking)
+ Can revive up to 6 people (7 with Combat Orders).
+ Decent Party skills.
+ Extra 15% damage for party at mob/boss.
+ Stance.
+ Decent survivability (Magic Guard Buff and HP/Def from Party Shield Buff).
+ Doesn’t rely on weapon speed.
+ Easy to fund.
+ Unique Growth system.
+ Motivation to reach higher levels for the final growth.
– Needs to be 170+ to barely touch their true potential.
– Relies on dispel-able Magic Guard Buff against high damage dealing monsters/bosses.
– High MP to cast attacks.
– Needs to switch skills when a boss summons. Annoying.
– Require to complete story quests to gain additional SP (Skill Points)
– 8 vital buffs to be kept on if dispelled is a loss of DPS due to longer recasting time.

Evan Storyline

It all started when Freud/Freed (a heroic magician and researcher) had a great desire of finding a way to have dragons and human live together peacefully. He meets Afrien, King of Onyx Dragon who shares the same philosophical love for all lifeforms. Both took this opportunity to pledge each other by bounding themselves with powerful rituals and spells to create a Spirit Pact. Under this pact, 2 spirits become 1 resulting an unbreakable bond even past death and also making them more powerful than being apart.

Then Black Mage came into Maple World and discovered that Onyx Dragon has great power which he can exploit. On one night while Freud was away, Black Mage meets with the great Onyx Dragon King, Afrien. He asked Afrien to join him and betray Freud and humans. He promised Afrien that working together with him makes both of them even more powerful than they could ever imagine. King of Dragon explained that the source of Onyx’s power was from the love and trust from Spirit Pact. He could not betray his friend Freud nor would break Spirit Pact if he could.

Black Mage researched a way to break the Spirit Pact forcefully and eventually came up with a possible solution by trapping Afrien’s partner (Freud) in ice forever. He launched a devastating attack on both of them and succeeded in separating them before he cast his ice curse on Freud. Afrien threw himself in front of his friend to protect him. Though the plan was not completely successful, Black Mage plan to break the Spirit Pact has been achieved. Afrien had left behind a dragon egg, and as long as this egg existed there is a chance where a future hero who comes along and re-establish the Spirit Pact. Freud escaped with the egg and hid it where it might eventually be found.

Evan, the younger under-appreciated child of Gustav the pig-farmer, found the Onyx Dragon Egg and took care of it until it hatches and matures to an adult Onyx Dragon. Both of them reforge old bonds and Spirit Pact. Onyx Dragon will rise again with his fellow companion and use this power for justice and peace! NOTE: Evan wasn’t the person who fought against Black Mage a century ago with the other 5 MapleStory Legendary Heroes.

Evan 1st Growth Skills (Level 10 – 20)

MapleStory Evan Magic Missile Magic Missile (Active)
Continuously attacks the enemy by consuming MP.
Level 1: MP Cost: 10, Number of Attacks: 2, Damage: 95%
Level 20: MP Cost: 18, Number of Attacks: 2, Damage: 190%

MapleStory Evan Dragon Soul Dragon Soul (Passive)
Commune with your Dragon to increase Attack Speed, Magic ATT, Defense, and Speed.
Level 1: Attack Speed: +2, Magic ATT: +1, Weapon DEF: +12, Magic DEF: +12, Speed: +1
Level 20: Attack Speed: +2, Magic ATT: +20, Weapon DEF: +145, Magic DEF: +145, Speed: +10

Evan 1st Growth Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Magic Missile (1)
2. Dragon Soul (MAX)
3. Magic Missile (MAX)

Additional SP Provided:
Level 15: Dragon Soul +3 SP
Level 20: Magic Missile +4 SP

Magic Missile will be Evan’s primary attacking skill from Level 10-20. Therefore, add 1 SP (Skill Point) to unlock Magic Missile first, then max Dragon Soul to boost your base damage. Finally, max Magic Missile. You will receive additional 3 SP in Dragon Soul and 4 SP in Magic Missile as you level up.

Evan 2nd Growth Skills (Level 20 – 30)

MapleStory Evan Fire Circle Fire Circle (Active)
Shoots out a flame that attacks multiple enemies.
Level 1: MP Cost: 12, Damage: 217%, Max Monsters Hit: 6
Level 20: MP Cost: 20, Damage: 350%, Max Monsters Hit: 6

MapleStory Evan Teleport Teleport (Active)
Allows you to teleport a set distance to other locations on the same map using the arrow keys.
Level 1: MP Cost: 50, Teleport Range: 205, Downward Movement Range: +65
Level 20: MP Cost: 12, Teleport Range: 255, Downward Movement Range: +65

Evan 2nd Growth Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Fire Circle (1)
2. Teleport (MAX)
3. Fire Circle (MAX)

Additional SP Provided:
Level 20: Teleport +1 SP
Level 25: Teleport +2 SP, Fire Circle +1 SP (Quest SP)
Level 30: Fire Circle +3 SP (Quest SP)

The teleportation at Level 1 cost way too much MP for training purposes. Therefore, max it first to reduce MP consumption while making it easier to travel wide maps especially ones that has many platforms. Next, max Fire Circle to improve its damage for a faster kill. You will receive additional 3 SP in Teleport and 4 SP in Fire Circle as you level up and complete Evan’s skill quest.

Evan 3rd Growth Skills (Level 30 – 40)

MapleStory Evan Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt (Active)
Drops thunderbolts on up to 8 enemies.
Level 1: MP Cost: 16, Damage: 278%, Max Enemies Hit: 8
Level 20: MP Cost: 28, Damage: 430%, Max Enemies Hit: 8

MapleStory Evan Magic Guard Magic Guard (Supportive)
Reduces damage dealt to you, and makes a portion of the damage affect your MP instead of your HP. If your MP reaches 0, your HP takes the full amount of damage. Skill book is required to unlock the next level of this skill.
Level 1: MP Cost: 21, Damage Taken: -1% , Damage Displaced: 9% of damage received, Duration: 125 sec.
Level 20: MP Cost: 30, Damage Taken: -10% , Damage Displaced: 85% of damage received, Duration: 600 sec.

Evan 3rd Growth Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Lightning Bolt (MAX)
2. Magic Guard (MAX)

Additional SP Provided:
Level 30: Magic Guard +2 SP
Level 32: Magic Guard +1 SP
Level 33: Magic Guard +1 SP
Level 35: Lightning Bolt +2 SP
Level 36: Lightning Bolt +1 SP

Lightning Bolt is very useful against monsters that are located platform just a little above you where most Evan attacking skills could not reach. Magic Guard is very useful at level 90+ where monsters deals high physical damage. You will receive additional 4 SP in Magic Guard and 3 SP in Lightning Bolt as you level up.

Evan 4th Growth Skills (Level 40 – 50)

MapleStory Evan Ice Breath Ice Breath (Active)
Gathers chilling ice energy to attack multiple monsters.
Level 1: MP Cost: 14, Damage: 398%, Max Monsters Hit: 8 enemies, Freeze Chance: 33% chance, Freeze Duration: 2 sec.
Level 20: MP Cost: 34, Damage: 550%, Max Monsters Hit: 8 enemies, Freeze Chance: 90% chance, Freeze Duration: 5 sec.

MapleStory Evan Spell Mastery Spell Mastery (Passive)
Increases Magic Mastery, Magic Attack, and Critical Rate.
Level 1: Magic Mastery: +14%, Magic ATT: +1, Critical Hit Rate: +1%
Level 10: Magic Mastery: +50%, Magic ATT: +10, Critical Hit Rate: +10%

MapleStory Evan High Wisdom High Wisdom (Passive)
Permanently increase INT through mental discipline.
Level 1: Permanently increase INT by 4
Level 10: Permanently increase INT by 40

Evan 4th Growth Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Ice Breath (1)
2. Spell Mastery (MAX)
3. Ice Breath (MAX)
4. High Wisdom (MAX)

Additional SP Provided:
Level 42: Ice Breath +2 SP, Spell Mastery +1 SP
Level 46: Ice Breath +3 SP

Add 1 SP (Skill Point) into Ice Breath to replace Thunder Bolt (3rd Growth Skill) because its Level 1 stats is much stronger by 20-30% damage. Begin maxing Spell Mastery to improve your overall damage for all skills. Then, proceed with maxing Ice Breath to strengthen your primary attacking skill in 4th Growth and finally max High Wisdom.

Evan 5th Growth Skills (Level 50 – 60)

MapleStory Evan Magic Flare Magic Flare (Active)
A pillar of light streams from the pentacle, surrounding enemies to inflict damage and paralyze for a short period of time.
Level 1: MP Cost: 18, Damage: 441%, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Stun Chance: 33%, Duration: 3 sec
Level 20: MP Cost: 34, Damage: 650%, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Stun Chance: 90%, Duration: 4 sec

MapleStory Evan Magic Shield Magic Shield (Supportive)
Creates a protective shield that absorbs a fixed amount of damage received by party members for a set duration.
Level 1: Active Effects – MP Cost: 20, Damage Absorption: 1%, DEF: +120, Duration: 15 sec. Cooldown: 90 sec. Passive Effects – Max HP: +1%
Level 10: Active Effects – MP Cost: 40, Damage Absorption: 10%, DEF: +300, Duration: 60 sec. Cooldown: 90 sec. Passive Effects – Max HP: +10%

MapleStory Evan Elemental Decrease Elemental Decrease (Supportive)
Temporarily decreases the magic attributes of all attacks that you use.
Level 1: MP Cost: 14, Elemental Attributes: -10%, Duration: 120 sec
Level 10: MP Cost: 50, Elemental Attributes: -100%, Duration: 300 sec

Evan 5th Growth Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Magic Flare (MAX)
2. Magic Shield (MAX)
3. Elemental Decrease (MAX)

Additional SP Provided:
Level 51: Magic Flare +3 SP
Level 57: Magic Shield +3 SP, Elemental Decrease +1 SP

Magic Flare will be your primary attacking skill during this growth so max this first to level up quickly. You will not need to use Elemental Decrease if you are training against monster who are weak against your Onyx Dragon’s element unless you have no other better damaging skills against that particular enemy.

Evan 6th Growth Skills (Level 60 – 80)

MapleStory Evan Critical Magic Critical Magic (Passive)
Increases your Critical Hit Rate and minimum Critical Damage. Skill book is required to unlock the next level of this skill.
Level 1: Crit Rate: +2%, Minimum Crit Damage: +1%
Level 15: Crit Rate: +30%, Minimum Crit Damage: +15%

MapleStory Evan Dragon Thrust Dragon Thrust (Active)
A fierce dragon deals damage to enemies while knocking them back.
Level 1: MP Cost: 18, Damage: 141% x 3, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Knock-back Chance: 43%
Level 20: MP Cost: 34, Damage: 255% x 3, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Knock-back Chance: 100%

MapleStory Evan Magic Booster Magic Booster (Supportive)
Consumes MP to increase Magic Attack Speed by two steps for set duration.\nSkill book is required to unlock the next level of this skill.
Level 1: MP Cost: 76, Duration: 110 sec
Level 20: MP Cost: 38, Duration: 300 sec

MapleStory Evan Dragon Blink Dragon Blink (Active)
Teleport to a random location of the map. The MP cost and cooldown time decreases as Skill Level increases.
Level 1: MP Cost: 165, Cooldown: 27 sec
Level 10: MP Cost: 30, Cooldown: 0 sec

Evan 6th Growth Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Critical Magic, Magic Booster, Dragon Thrust (1)
2. Magic Booster (10)
3. Dragon Blink (MAX)
4. Dragon Thrust (MAX)
5. Critical Magic (MAX)
6. Magic Booster (MAX)

Additional SP Provided:
Level 62: Dragon Blink +1 SP
Level 68: Dragon Thrust +1 SP
Level 69: Dragon Thrust +1 SP

Evan’s 6th growth primary attacking skill will be Dragon Thrust. Add 1 SP to unlock Dragon Thrust, Critical Magic and Magic Booster to gain the bonus benefits from its Level 1 effects. Next, add 10 SP into Magic Booster for a longer speed buff duration and reduce the hassle of recasting it often. Then, max Dragon Blink to remove its cooldown limitation and significantly improve Evan’s mobility when cycling through the map hunting for mobs of monsters. Now, max Dragon Thrust and Critical Magic to score 1 hit kills with more damage!

Evan 7th Growth Skills (Level 80 – 100)

MapleStory Evan Magic Amplification Magic Amplification (Passive)
Increases the MP cost and the Magic Attack of your magic skills.
Level 1: MP Cost: 108%, Magic Attack: 108%
Level 15: MP Cost: 150%, Magic Attack: 150%

MapleStory Evan Fire Breath Fire Breath (Active)
Unleashes furious flames to attack and stun multiple monsters.
Level 1: MP Cost: 20, Damage: 340%, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Number of Attacks: 2, Stun Chance: 11%, Stun Duration: 5 sec
Level 20: MP Cost: 40, Damage: 530%, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Number of Attacks: 2, Stun Chance: 30%, Stun Duration: 5 sec

MapleStory Evan Killer Wings Killer Wings (Active)
Brands an enemy with a Dragon seal. Your following attacks focus on that enemy, and the enemy takes damage over time.
Level 1: MP Cost: 25, Damage: 492%, Damage Over Time: 54% damage every 1 sec for 4 sec
Level 10: MP Cost: 35, Damage: 600%, Damage Over Time: 90% damage every 1 sec for 6 sec

MapleStory Evan Magic Resistance Magic Resistance (Supportive)
Temporarily increases the magic resistance and Magic DEF for all party members nearby.
Level 1: MP Cost: 12, Magic Resistance: +7%, Magic DEF: +55, Duration: 60 sec
Level 10: MP Cost: 36, Magic Resistance: +25%, Magic DEF: +100, Duration: 150 sec

MapleStory Dragon Spark Dragon Spark (Passive)
Grants a chance to deal additional damage after an attack.
Level 1: Chance: 4%, Damage: 155%
Level 10: Chance: 40%, Damage: 200%

Evan 7th Growth Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Magic Amplification (MAX)
2. Fire Breath (MAX)
3. Dragon Spark (MAX)
4. Killer Wings (MAX)
5. Magic Resistance (MAX)

You will receive 5 SP (Skill Points) instead of 3 SP when you reach Evan 7th Growth (Level 80). As usual, max damage booster skill first which is Magic Amplification. Next, max Fire Breath as this will be your new primary attacking skill. Then, max Dragon Spark (a skill similar to Final Attack) which provides additional attack when you use an attacking skill. Finally, max Killer Wings and Magic Resistance last. Reason being, Killer Wings is only useful for bossing (1 vs 1) and Magic Resistance is not much used in training with monsters performing physical bump attacks compared to bossing.

Evan 8th Growth Skills (Level 100 – 120)

MapleStory Evan Dragon Fury Dragon Fury (Passive)
When your MP is within a certain range, the focus of the Dragon strengthens and your Magic Attack increases. This effect disappears once your MP is out of that range.
Level 1: Magic ATT: +7%, MP Range: 50% to 80%
Level 5: Magic ATT: +35%, MP Range: 30% to 100%

MapleStory Evan Earthquake Earthquake (Active)
Violently shakes the ground, inflicting multiple attacks on enemies.
Level 1: MP Cost: 19, Damage: 230%, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Number of Attacks: 4
Level 20: MP Cost: 49, Damage: 325%, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Number of Attacks: 4

MapleStory Evan Phantom Imprint Phantom Imprint (Active)
Creates a pentacle that puts a curse on a target enemy. Cursed enemies temporarily take more damage.
Level 1: MP Cost: 24, Damage: 386%, Bonus Damage: 2% for 5 sec.
Level 10: MP Cost: 40, Damage: 440%, Bonus Damage: 20% for 30 sec.

MapleStory Evan Recovery Aura Recovery Aura (Active)
Creates a recovery aura around you for a short time. The HP and MP of all party members within the aura will be continuously restored.
Level 1: HP Cost: 30, MP Cost: 30, 60%HP & MP restored every 45 sec. Cooldown: 1 min
Level 5: HP Cost: 50, MP Cost: 50, 100%HP & MP restored every 45 sec. Cooldown: 1 min

MapleStory Evan Onyx Shroud Onyx Shroud
Temporarily increases Avoidability rate for entire party.
Level 1: MP Cost: 50, Duration: 96 sec, Avoidability: +6%. Passive: +10% Status Ailment Resistance
Level 15: MP Cost: 70, Duration: 180 sec, Avoidability: +20%. Passive: +15% Status Ailment Resistance

MapleStory Evan Teleport Mastery Teleport Mastery (Toggle ON/OFF)
Required Skill: Teleport (MAX)
When activated, enemies at the teleport location will take damage and become Stunned. Also, permanently increases teleport distance. This skill can be toggled on and off with the skill key.
Level 1: MP Cost: 2, Damage: 210%, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Stun Chance: 35%, Stun Duration: 2 sec, Teleport Distance: +2
Level 10: MP Cost: 20, Damage: 300%, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Stun Chance: 80%, Stun Duration: 4 sec, Teleport Distance: +20

Evan 8th Growth Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Teleport Mastery, Earthquake (1)
2. Dragon Fury (MAX)
3. Earthquake (MAX)
4. Teleport Mastery (MAX)
5. Onyx Shroud (MAX)
6. Phantom Imprint (MAX)
7. Recovery Aura (MAX)

You will gain 5 SP (Skill Points) instead of 3 SP upon reaching Evan 8th Growth (Level 100). Earthquake will be Evan’s primary attacking skill in 8th Growth as it is very efficient in clearing mobs in front and back of you. Take note that you can turn off the screen shake in MapleStory System Settings should you get headache from shaking effect! Max Dragon Fury first to boost your min max damage by maintaining your MP at certain level. Next, max Teleport Mastery to further improve the distance it can travel. Once these 3 essential skills are maxed, the remaining skills can be max in the order of your preference. Onyx Shroud, Phantom Imprint and Recovery Aura is not required until you reach Level 110 for bossing reasons.

Evan 9th Growth Skills (Level 120 – 160)

MapleStory Evan Maple Warrior Maple Warrior (Supportive)
Increases the stats of all party members. Mastery Book is required to master the skill to level 30.
Level 1: MP Cost: 10, All Stats: +1%, Duration: 30 sec
Level 30: MP Cost: 70, All Stats: +15%, Duration: 900 sec

MapleStory Evan Magic Mastery Magic Mastery (Passive)
Required Skill: Spell Mastery (MAX)
Enhances Magic Mastery, Magic Attack, and Minimum Critical Damage.
Level 1: Magic Mastery: +56%. Magic ATT: +1, Minimum Critical Damage +1%
Level 30: Magic Mastery: +70%. Magic ATT: +30, Minimum Critical Damage +15%

MapleStory Evan Illusion Illusion (Active)
Attacks with the Dragon’s clones repeatedly. Ignores a portion of the target’s defense. Does additional damage to bosses.
Level 1: MP Cost: 28, Number of Attacks: 4, Damage: 305%, Enemy DEF Ignored: 6%, Stun Chance: 11%, Damage Against Bosses: +1%
Level 30: MP Cost: 48, Number of Attacks: 4, Damage: 450%, Enemy DEF Ignored: 20%, Stun Chance: 40%, Damage Against Bosses: +30%

MapleStory Evan Flame Wheel Flame Wheel (Active)
Requires Skill Book: Flame Wheel.
Generates a wheel of flames that spirals into monsters in front of you, dealing Fire damage. Enemies hit take continuous damage.
Level 1: MP Cost: 22, Damage: 282%, Number of Attacks, 3, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Damage Over Time: 1% damage for 10 sec.
Level 30: MP Cost: 42, Damage: 485%, Number of Attacks, 3, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Damage Over Time: 6% damage for 25 sec.

MapleStory Evan Hero's Will Hero’s Will
By focusing your mind, you can ignore some abnormal status effects. However, this will not work on all abnormal status effects.
Level 1: MP Cost: 30, Cooldown: 600 sec
Level 5: MP Cost: 30, Cooldown: 360 sec

Evan 9th Growth Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Flame Wheel (1)
2. Magic Mastery (MAX)
3. Flame Wheel (MAX)
4. Illusion (MAX)
5. Maple Warrior (MAX)
6. Hero’s Will (MAX)

Immediately get Flame Wheel no matter what! Based from my experience, Level 1 Flame Wheel is far superior compared to all the offensive skills you will ever owned in previous growth. It is powerful and has the furthest attacking range compared to all MapleStory skills! It has helped me tremendously in leveling up quickly. Best against mobs and bosses. Sometimes, when you get annoyed by boss attacks that keeps you from getting near it due to its super knockback attack, you can use this and slowly shred its health down to zero. When you have powered up Illusion skill, replace Flame Wheel for 1 vs 1 enemies especially boss. It’s high damage and fast attack rate slices a single enemy into minced meat.

Evan 10th Growth Skills (Level 160 – 200)

MapleStory Evan Blessing of the Onyx Blessing of the Onyx (Supportive)
Increases Weapon Defense, Magic Defense, and Magic Attack.
Level 1: MP Cost: 32, Weapon DEF: +310, Magic DEF: +310, Magic ATT: +21, Duration: 60 sec
Level 25: MP Cost: 80, Weapon DEF: +550, Magic DEF: +550, Magic ATT: +45, Duration: 300 sec

MapleStory Evan Blaze Blaze (Active)
Strike the target with fire for high damage and a chance to stun. A portion of enemy’s defense will be ignored.
Level 1: MP Cost: 30, Damage: 297%, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Attack Count: 5 , Stun Chance: 42%, Stun Duration: 2 sec, DEF ignored: 6%
Level 30: MP Cost: 50, Damage: 500%, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Attack Count: 5 , Stun Chance: 100%, Stun Duration: 4 sec, DEF ignored: 35%

MapleStory Evan Dark Fog Dark Fog (Active)
Creates a dark, chilly fog that attacks multiple enemies. Increases your critical rate. Requires Skill Book: Dark Fog
Level 1: MP Cost: 600, Damage: 1230%, Max Enemies Hit: 15, Crit Rate: +5%, Cooldown: 50 sec
Level 30: MP Cost: 600, Damage: 2100%, Max Enemies Hit: 15, Crit Rate: +20%, Cooldown: 20 sec

MapleStory Evan Soul Stone Soul Stone (Supportive)
Casts a buff that holds Souls. A character who dies whose Soul is being held will be resurrected immediately in the same location. This buff is randomly cast on party members. [Cooldown: 6 min]
Level 1: MP Cost: 100, Soul Stone buff applied to 3 party member(s) for 110 sec, revives with 23% HP
Level 20: MP Cost: 100, Soul Stone buff applied to 6 party member(s) for 300 sec, revives with 80% HP

MapleStory Evan Onyx Will Onyx Will (Supportive)
Decreases a portion of received damage for a set period and, enables you to resist being knocked back when struck.
Level 1: MP Cost: 32, Damage Absorption: 5% for 107 sec, Knock-back Resistance Rate: 33%
Level 20: MP Cost: 70, Damage Absorption: 15% for 240 sec, Knock-back Resistance Rate: 90%

Evan 10th Growth Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Dark Fog, Soul Stone, Blaze (1)
2. Blaze (MAX)
3. Blessing of the Onyx (MAX)
4. Onyx Will (MAX)
5. Soul Stone (MAX)
6. Dark Fog (MAX)

Evan Hyper Skills

Blaze – Persist
Required Level: 155
Blaze Stun Duration +4 sec

Blaze – Guardbreak
Required Level: 177
Blaze DEF ignore +20%

Blaze – Reinforce
Required Level: 195
Blaze Damage +20%

Dark Fog – Damage Split
Required Level: 149
Damage reduced to 25%, attack count increased to 4

Dark Fog – Reinforce
Required Level: 168
Dark Fog Damage +20%

Dark Fog – Cooldown Cutter
Required Level: 189
Dark Fog Cooldown -20%

Illusion – Guardbreak
Required Level: 143
Illusion Ignore DEF +20%

Illusion – Range Up
Required Level: 162
Illusion Range +50

Illusion – Reinforce
Required Level: 183
Illusion Damage +20%

Frenzied Soul
Required Level: 150
Increases party’s damage (self included).
Level 1: MP Cost: 1000, Duration: 30 sec, Damage: +30%. Cooldown: 90 sec.

Summon Onyx Dragon
Required Level: 170
Summons the ancient Onyx Dragon to aid in battle.
Level 1: MP Cost: 1000, Summon Duration: 45 sec, Damage: 1000%, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Status Ailment Resistance: +80%. Cooldown: 80 sec

Heroic Memories
Required Level: 200
Recalls the oath of the Maple Heroes to increase damage and max damage cap.
Level 1: MP Cost: 100, Duration: 60 sec, Damage: +10%, Max Damage: +5000000. Cooldown: 120 sec. Only applies to hero classes (Aran, Evan, Mercedes, Phantom, Luminous, Shade) within the party.

Evan Hyper Skill Build:
1. Illusion – Reinforce (MAX)
2. Illusion – Guardbreak (MAX)
3. Illusion – Range Up (MAX)
4. Blaze – Reinforce (MAX)
5. Blaze – Guardbreak (MAX)
6. Frenzied Soul (MAX)
7. Summon Onyx Dragon (MAX)
8. Heroic Memories (MAX)
9. Hyper Intelligence (MAX)
10. Hyper Luck (MAX)
11. Hyper Health (MAX)
12. Hyper Mana (MAX)
13. Hyper Weapon Defense (MAX)
14. Hyper Critical (MAX)

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    By the way, I need to say that Evan’s Attack Speed (not to be confused with Weapon Speed) can be a cons at some point. It’s only with Magic Booster and Rune of Decay (or legendary skill giving +1 Attack Speed) that Evan have decent attack speed. Without that, he’s just slow. Well, that’s my point of view. The one that I got by playing him and maining him since his release. (He’s still my main)

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  17. LocalIdiot

    Great fan of your work, Ayumi!
    Just reading your guide after remaking an Evan a few days ago, saw some things that could get an update/edit.
    -Note section: LUK investment is no longer recommended or needed since INT can be increased even after 200
    -Pro-Con section: Zakum mastery books are no longer dropping. i see the previous note about the mastery book salesman, but outdated/conflicting info might confuse people
    -3rd Paragraph on Evan’s Story: “Pack” to “Pact”
    -4th Paragraph: Evan is actually the younger, underappreciated child of Gustav the pig-farmer, not the only child.
    -4th Paragraph: due to new info about Eunwol, “4 Legendary Heroes” can be revised to “5”
    Wonderful work! Evan’s skill build is one of the hardest in Maplestory imo and you made a really understandable version.

  18. Anonymous

    Okay…. So here I am… I’m slow at leveling and I don’t pay much attention to Evan. I made it to level 40 now, and it seems that from lvl 30-40 everything is maxed with 1 extra sp (????)……. which is very odd… So far I’m guessing all of Evan’s skills are maxed out? If no one else will report the changes, it’ll be slow, but I can tell what’s different each time I advance…..

  19. Ayumilove Post author

    @Person: May I know which MapleStory version are you playing? I hoped into my Evan in GMS (v.162 Black Heaven patch) and noticed the Magic Guard is Level 20. If your Magic Guard has a Mastery Level of 5, have you noticed that in the Cash Shop, you will need to purchase a Magic Guard Master Skill Book to unlock the Level 5 cap to reach Level 20?

  20. Ayumilove Post author

    @Anonymous: Thanks for your feedback! I’ll correct the skill build guide description.

  21. Anonymous

    Both first and second job skills are all maxed. I made a new Evan.

  22. Person

    Magic Guard in 3rd Growth is only maxed at 5 now.

  23. Cathy

    Hi Ayumilove,

    I read through your guide, but couldn’t figured out what are the 4 skill book that is needed from Zakum? Fire wheel is one, the rest?

    Also, in MSEA, do we still need to farm for the 4 skill book from Zakum?


  24. Kenrick

    Hi Arekido11 my evan is lvl131. its just weird because i use to have the skill but its lost now. so i’m wondering anybody knows about it.

  25. Arekido11

    you have to do a quest at lvl 120 i think Kenrick

  26. Arekido11

    nice it work alot

  27. Kenrick

    Hi can i check have the riding skill been remove since the update? cuz i can’t seems to ride my dragon anymore.

  28. Evan Beginner

    Please anybody respond as quick as you can because i dont want to mess up my Evan.

  29. Evan Beginner

    I have an extra SP in my third mastery because i got an extra SP put into magic guard automatically when i used the magic guard mastery book i got in Henesys Market. Is this normal?

  30. kurin

    @ace, oh no, not at all, you have to do the main evan questline though.

  31. Evan Beginner

    Hey Ayumilove great guide. I was wondering if you could post all the mastery books needed because i need help

  32. Lollipop

    Is the mount quest isstill thr? de one u can fly ur dragon

  33. wildheartless

    john… the 20 second cooldown will be reduced by 20% thus making the cooldown only 16 seconds

  34. john

    okay with Dark fog Cool down cutter -20% does this mean u can use this skill unlimited times or???did it reduce down by 2-? or 4- what i mean is at lvl 30 or max lvl the cooldown for the move Dark fog is Cooldown 20 sec.

  35. Ace

    Hey Ayumi, is it too late to get the mount quest for evans..cuz i am lvl 182 and havent gotten my evan mount yet :/

  36. Ayumilove Post author

    @Ceranyth, Blaze is still much better for killing boss. The ignore defense allows more of your raw damage to reduce boss HP whereas 30% damage on bosses will still have to be filtered through boss defenses, reducing the damage too. However, its said that Illusion has faster attacking speed (by 60-80%), therefore its more likely to deal more damage to the boss.

  37. Ceranyth

    Blaze vs Illusion, which one is better for killing boss?
    Blaze is hitting 5 hit 500% Dmg + 55% ignore defend (with hyper skill)
    Illusion is hitting 4 hit with 450% Dmg + 40% ignore defend (with hyper skill)
    But according to GMS, in v.150 Illusion will increase 30% dmg on bosses

  38. Ayumilove Post author

    @Nosyaiel: Thanks for your feedback on Evan. Will be correcting them :D

  39. Nosyaiel

    1-8th, every skill can be maxed now. Should update it to reflect that :p

  40. dell

    ayumi??can you help me…?i need to know where can i farm red cube?like so fast…:D

  41. Ayumilove Post author

    @Wan: I prefer Evan though for its uniqueness and I like its bossing skills. However, the good thing about being a Fire Mage is you have the ability to switch jobs such as Ice Lightning Archmage or Bishop when you reach 4th job advancement if you get bored Fire/Poison Archmage.

  42. Wan

    Which is better, evan or f/p mage? I only have 1 character slot left ;D

  43. Vboy

    Evan still need buy skill book for level 120 skill ?

  44. dragEVANon

    Thanks BigBingus and Ayumilove :) I thought I had to finish it for the sp but now that I know I’ll just carry on haha.

  45. BigBingus

    To answer dragEVANon’s question, with some recent patches the item is not in the game and cannot be obtained (told by a GM via Live Chat). I suggest you just wait and level because the quest line no longer is required for the extra SP because they give it to you every 5 levels if you hadn’t finished the quests in the line. Hope this helps and a big thanks to Ayumilove for this site, I use it for everything :)

  46. Ayumilove Post author

    @dragEVANon: Hmm, when I first made Evan, it dropped that doll within 15-20 kills. Did you sell that item to an NPC accidentally or dropped it somehow. Your best option is to forfeit the quest and try again. That works for me for some quests that requires looting a specific quest item from monster drop.

  47. dragEVANon

    Can I skip the smirking stump quest where you have to kill 100 and get a doll to complete? because none of the smirking ghost stumps have dropped a doll and I’ve been on this quest for a while now.

  48. Annika

    thanks ! :D btw i notice everytime i clickt he comment box, a pop-out ad comes out lol. annoying?

  49. Ayumilove Post author

    @Annika: Put 1 SP (Skill Point) into Flame Wheel to unlock it, and then max Magic Mastery to stabilize your damage (to always hit high, instead of low-high-low-high damage) so can estimate the number of hits against a monster accurately (1-2 hits is best to prevent monsters from retaliating). After that is essential skill is maxed, max out Flame Wheel, followed by Illusion, Maple Warrior, and lastly Hero’s Will. Hope that clarifies your doubt.

  50. Annika

    Ayumilove, whyh do u put this?

    Evan 9th Growth Skill Build: Everything maxed.
    1. Flame Wheel (1)
    2. Magic Mastery (MAX)
    3. Flame Wheel (MAX)
    4. Illusion (MAX)
    5. Maple Warrior (MAX)
    6. Hero’s Will (MAX)
    why is flame wheel 1?
    cause i maxed my flame to 30 and illu to 30 and hero is maxed. not enough points??
    cause the newest update gives 5sp every 5 lvls we up right?

  51. Game

    @trevor lyde its still cost money but the best class i played since the game come out

  52. Trevor Lyde

    Do you know if you still have to pay all that money for the mounts?

  53. Shadowcape

    Hey Ayumi, in a recent update Evans had 30% Additional Boss damage on Illusion and the duration of the phantom imprint is increased to 30 seconds at max level. Also, the Summon onyx dragon now gives 80% (elemental/status?) resistance and duration increased to 45 secs and CD is 80 seconds. Just putting it out there :D

  54. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Mark, just as EdwardLimChinShen answered, it basically means to distribute all of your remaining skill points into that skill. Reason being, MapleStory skill system requires you to use up all of your skills before it allows you to input SP (Skill Point) into higher job advancement skills.

  55. EdwardLimChinShen

    @Mark: It means literally dumping all your skill points into that skill. Usually said or used at the last skill of the skill build guide. Hope this helps :D

  56. Mark

    what does it mean when it says “dump”?

  57. Ayumilove Post author

    Updated Evan Skills to GMS v.149 patch (Buffed: Fire Circle, Lightning Bolt, Ice Breath, Magic Flare, Dragon Thrust, Fire Breath, Illusion and Blaze)

  58. Ayumilove Post author

    @Game: Evan is kinda strong with no funding. At least for me I could 1-3 hit KO enemies with weapons within the same level. With scrolled and cube equipment, it helps you to kill tougher monsters above your level which rewards better EXP.

  59. Ayumilove Post author

    @Artnerd: Thanks for pointing it out. I have updated to the pros and cons list based on your feedback. Thanks! If you have discovered more, I’ll be happy to add them :) Sorry for the slow reply.

  60. Artnerd

    Your Pro’s and Con’s list still lists that GMS requires Cash Shop Books. And shouldn’t the fact that they need to do their story quests to get all their SP be added too, if not as con then as notice?

  61. Ayumilove Post author

    @Lars: You will need to do the tutorial questline to get the additional SP (Skill Points).

  62. Lars

    Do you need the questline to get all the sp for this skillbuild?

  63. Game

    aymi is evan strong with no funding (no %)?

  64. Ayumilove Post author

    @Game: All skills are available initially. To upgrade skills, purchase the Mastery Books with meso.

  65. Game

    in gms is evan need nx for skills?

  66. 0zeroace0

    No you do not need nx to get mastery books now due to the RED update.Now you can get your mastery books from the henesys general store for 100k.Also with your ability points should go into Intelligence.Once Intelligence is maxed you should put it into Luk I believe.Hope this information helps.

  67. RealTalk

    Hey Ayumi i’ve played maplestory before, but its been years since i’ve hopped back on maple. I’ve always loved playing the evan but i quit before because of the NX requirement. With the new updates have the NX skillbooks been removed? And also what should I do with my ability points? Thanks!

  68. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Rashid for the notice! I’ll update Evan introduction description :)

  69. Rashid

    …in addition to that, you need to both update the info in the introduction (no longer needs cash for skillbooks, Magic Guard can’t be dispelled), I think Blaze works differently now…? Then again, they keep changing it. >.>

  70. Rashid

    Do “extra” speed boosts affect Evan spells? (e.g. Buccaneer skill, or that green potion from monster park extreme, etc.)

  71. Lemons

    Hi Ayumi, between F/P, I/L, Evan and Luminous, which would be a better class to play to high levels (i.e lvl 140+) and yet won’t fare too badly at bossing? Can’t decide which to play.. Thanks in advance! :)

  72. Sesso

    i see, thanks for your response, decided to just play both since i love dragons and love the unique playstyle of phantom ^^

    hope i wont regret playing an eva as well xD
    your guides are very helpful and iam very thankful for all your work here!
    i wish you an happy new year and keep up the good work <3

  73. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Sesso, playing Phantom is far more interesting and fun compared to Evan. Evan usually spams 1 type of attack whereas Phantom can change to different skills. My Lvl 150+ Evan Flaming Wheel (4th job skill) deals 650K damage whereas my Xenon at same level range deals 800k damage with Blade Dancing. (this is before GMS nerf Xenon)

  74. Sesso

    Heya Ayumi, would you suggest playing Evan or Phantom?, somehow evan seems to be lacking kind of dmg, iam hitting for like 30-40k (lvl80) while my friends hits about 100-120k (xenon lvl 80) is evan in red update even competive with the other classes? or will the dmg spike so much later on lvl120 so its really fine then?

    or should i stick with my Phantom, got a little funding to use for both chars, would be nice if you could help me with your experience.

    btw would like an good Bosser, but dont have to be best, as long as the bosses die :D

  75. NgZL

    Hi Ayumilove, may I know how to max my dragon thrust skill (6th growth), because I didn’t saw any story quest in my tab and I left my skill at 19 level.I am a 120 level Evan.

  76. Jack

    Ayumilove. Hi its me again. I wan to know that will Demon Avenger (which recommended from u) low potential at late game (means after lvl 120) ?

  77. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Jack, if you would like to play a job that has unique battle system, you can try Angelic Buster, Luminous, Kaiser, Demon Avenger and Demon Slayer. Demon Avenger is a good starting point to farm meso since you will be indestructible against regular monster and mini boss except you kill yourself with your own skill or when boss inflicts 1HP/1MP Reduction skill. Once RED patch is up, you can move on to leveling some Adventurer character such as Cleric.

  78. Jack

    Ayumilove. Hi i have 3 years no play maple dy. Can you recommend a job for me? I m wonder which job is nice.

    – I am poor and I hope that i can play it using low funded.

  79. Jack

    Hi ayumilove, i have 3 years no play maple dy. Can u recommend a nice job to me? thank you.

  80. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi RaikaZero, they will be removing those skill books (not Mastery Books) in RED. Mastery Books can be converted into a generic mastery book which uncap any skill. This 1 needs to be traded with an NPC in Leafre/Henesys.

  81. RaikaZero

    The question now is if I still need the skill books with their removing in RED.

  82. Mill

    Can u estimated for me how many cash altogether needed to purchase all evan require skill book

  83. neokasey82

    Hey, what level do you get the dragon mount? Is it free? If not, how much does it cost? Either way I want to know how to get it.

  84. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi EvanClass, you can use it without doing Evan Quest. Some Evan quest gives some free SP. So be sure to do it, otherwise you’re wasting those freebies :D

  85. EvanClass

    Hey Ayumi, Is this skill guide can be used without doing the evan quest?

  86. ShengHunter

    Dear AyumiLove,I wanna ask you something… Why my evan lv20 quest added at the 1st evan jobs

  87. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Vizer33, previously Dual Blade and Evan are special class that requires players to purchase skill books from Cash Shop. Not sure how it goes now, maybe MapleSEA has changed it but other region may yet to follow suite.

  88. Vizer33

    OMG!!! But in Maplesea (South East Asia Server) Evan does not require us to buy magic guard skill book in cash shop to upgrade it’s master level to 20… wtf is wrong with GMS…

  89. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Shadowolfcub, skill books are dropped from bosses. I have yet to get a skill book from Mystery Mastery Book.

  90. Shadowolfcub

    hey ayumi are there quest to get the skill books or can you get them only through fighting bosses??

  91. Ashki

    Thanks Necronicone. I was tripping out! didn’t think i would need a mastery book so soon. Also I have exactly 15 points to put into magic guard right now.

  92. Necronicone

    Ashki, I encountered the same problem as well and found out that magic guard is a spell that now requires you to buy the mastery book with nx to reach mastery.

    I think it’s important to note that, through the sp gained from story quests, you do get to max out all your abilities (instead of capping them below mastery level) eventually. (needs confirmation after fourth growth)

    Also, any growth that has had a mastery book used for one of its abilities will eventually have one point left over without anywhere to put it. (that scared me until i found out it was normal)

  93. Ashki

    ok so it says max level is 5 but when you hover your mouse over the icon it shows the stats for next level??

  94. Ashki

    hay Ayumi, love your guides they help me heaps.
    Just wanted you to know in third growth they changed magic guard so that you only need 5 skill points to max it.

  95. KumoriRyuX

    I’m missing 2 sp for 5th growth, and i have completed all the story quests except making a saddle…

  96. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Nylate, for my Evan, I just walk instead of teleport due to the massive lag/delay of the teleportation lol. Once you reach the 9th growth (where you unlock Flame Wheel) you will save your time walking but killing enemies at super long range.

  97. Nylate

    Hi Ayumi!
    Currently raising my Evan. Magic guard in 3rd job on GMS is maxed at 5. After lvl 37 you have nothing to put points into o.O?

    This class seems to lack all round… Don’t even know why they bothered giving him blink with such a horrid blink distance and massive delay.

  98. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Hjx, sorry for the late reply. I recommend you to purchase Flame Wheel Skill Book from Free Market. It’s definitely worth the price. For my Evan, it speeds up my training far quicker compared to Evans’s previous grown primary skills such as Earthquake, Fire Breath and Dragon Thrust. If you don’t have sufficient meso to fund it, perhaps you can look for people who are willing to take you to Chaos Zakum or Hard Hilla Raids. There has higher chance of obtaining skill books. MapleSEA drop rate for Normal/Regular Zakum is minuscule.

  99. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Shane, I have account in different MapleStory region, therefore I can play in many areas :D

  100. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Blazeman22, I think Evan Mastery Books are now available from Mystery Mastery Books.

  101. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Blazeman22, I have updated the Evan 3rd Growth Evolution. Thanks for the notice!

  102. blazeman22

    oh and what u write in the explanation for 3rd evolution and what u write for the skill build are complete opposites

  103. blazeman22

    um where do u get the Nx cash mastery books? i looked and i can’t find any mastery books related to this class in the cash shop

  104. hjx


  105. shane

    where are u from how come u can play JMS KMS GMS?

  106. hjx

    Where would you advise me to get the core(or skillbook)for flame wheel?Because i have been zaking the normal zakum but did not give out any of the core.

  107. Its Me

    Hey AyumiLove theres something wrong in the Evan 3rd growth skill build :) check it up

  108. DeSnowy

    Try hilla and zak

  109. Desmond Swee

    Where take flame wheel basic and magic mystery is better

  110. anonymous

    hi ayumi, magic flare skill description says it stuns but it mentions freeze in its skill level description. I don’t know which one it is but I don’t think magic flare freezes :)

  111. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi topsycrets, you could try Kaiser, Kanna, Mercedes, Dual Blades, Hayato and Demon Slayer for that matter :)

  112. DeSnowy

    Sure, there’s Mercedes, but it’s hard to increase danage without funding. There’s also Aran, dual blade and demon slayer.

  113. topsycrets

    Don’t like that. i really hate those 2 spells. Any class that doesn’t rely on only 1 or 2 spells later on?

  114. DeSnowy

    @topsycrets yea

  115. topsycrets

    So I’ll only be using FW and Illusion even at 200?

  116. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi topsycreyts, Evan uses Flame Wheel and Earthquake for training. Flame Wheel for far range attack whereas Earthquake is for multiple platforms (effects both above and bottom platform).

  117. DeSnowy

    @topsycrets for 1v1 battles, illusion is more commonly used as it is faster than blaze and hits more. The mobbing skill would still be flame wheel.

  118. topsycrets

    What skill will I be mainly using after 160?

  119. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi edeathd, lasts means the duration of the buff. I’ll re-edit the skill description to avoid future misunderstanding by MapleStory players. Thanks for the heads up!

  120. edeathd

    ahh ok I misread it XDDD its a buff just like the buff of phantom XDDD

  121. edeathd

    just noticed something odd..
    Soul Stone (Supportive)
    Temporarily buff 6 party members with a life insurance. If they die while the buff is active, they will be resurrected.
    LV20: 100 MP, Resurrected party member will have 80% HP replenish. Lasts 300 sec.

    Lasts 300 sec.
    what does that mean?

  122. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Sunday03, ask yourself this question. Do you like to play as a supportive character role or an attacker role? I play a Bishop before and it lacks the amount of raw power to dish out against enemy which in short, kills enemy very slowly as compared to solo attacker such as Thief Assassin. Bishop have been nerfed a lot. Previously, they were famous for its ability to train leechers with its ultimate spammable attack “Genesis”. If you are the opposite type of person of Bishop, then go ahead with Evan. If you are new to this game, I suggest to try out Demon Avenger. It’s undefeatable/unkillable. It is the only job/class in MapleStory that I have not being killed by monsters as its max health is the highest among all jobs including warrior.

  123. Sunday03

    Should I make an Evan or Bishop ?

  124. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Ame for the notice! I’ll correct it soon :)

  125. Nick

    Hey Ayumi! Is illusion better than blaze for soloing bosses? I am somewhat confused about which one would be better

  126. Ame

    There seems to be discrepancies in the information of the 3rd growth skill build. The explanation and the actual skill build conflict. Makes me kinda confused @.@ haha

  127. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Jason, I for one do not buy meso in exchange for real money as I don’t condone that act. This same applies with purchasing meso with money bag from Cash Shop as this basically ruins the in-game experience. I have friends who purchase them. Basically, the process of purchasing meso is kinda tricky to avoid getting banned/suspended by the official MapleStory Game Master or Moderator. STEP1: Once the meso seller receives real money from you, he will purchase a FreeMarket coupon shop for you to setup in FreeMarket Channel Room 1-20 by sending it as a gift to your IGN character. STEP2: Seller asks you to purchase (1000 arrow per barrel) from Potion Shop and price each arrow at 5 million meso in your FreeMarket shop. STEP3: Once you have setup your FreeMarket, the seller will go to your shop in FreeMarket and purchase those arrows at that price until you receive the targeted amount. Example: If you purchase 1billion meso for $10 USD, meso seller purchase 200 arrows from your shop. 200 x 5million meso = 1 billion meso.

  128. Jason

    I mean directly to you In-game

  129. Jason

    Hi Ayumil, How are you sure that these Meso sites and actually safe and how does those people on that site give you the mesos? Do they come directly to you or what?

  130. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi darkmoon53, there are few ways to earn that sum of money. Easiest way is to purchase NX Gachapon Tickets, go to one of the Gachapon NPC in a town, and hopefully be lucky to get a high demand item that cost few millions. Rinse and repeat until you achieve 10 million mesos. Second method is to purchase meso from meso website such as or Both meso sites are for GMS (Global MapleStory). Third way would be trade an item with the person who has an extra dragon sattle that they do not need. Fourth way is to hunt monster drops and sell them in Free Market until you get 10 million meso. Fifth method is to give services to players such as Boss Raid (Zakum, Hilla, Targa, Scarlion) each round earn 1-10 million meso where players can just grab the nice stats hats/helms.

  131. darkmoon53

    whats a good way to get 10 million mesos for the dragon sattle

  132. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Iwillbeehere, for me I train at Haunted Mansion from Level 55 to 90 on Twisted Jesters or complete Chryse Quest at Level 50 to 60. For more training spots, check this guide

  133. Iwillbeeherre

    Where is a good place to level up my level 58 even

  134. darkmoon53

    what is a good way to get 10 million mesos for the sattle

  135. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Aegis, playing MapleStory is a way to spend your leisure time. Make both low level characters Evan and Battlemage and see which 1 suits your playing style. Then proceed with the one you like the most. For me, its not about hitting damage cap because its irrelevant since both can hit damage cap after acquiring the necessary funds to purchase godly scrolled equip + other methods to increase the damage. It’s more about whether you like to play that character.

  136. Aegis

    Hi ayumi. I’m aegis. I have 200% int, I already have dmg cap hitting lvl 200 lumi. Now..before I waste my time making this evan, I do not have pro staff or wand, which will hit more dmg? Battlemage or Evan? I have all Evan mastery books and all Battlemage masters. And loads of nx for 2x. So tell me what am I to do?:) thanks you!

  137. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Evanicaboy, both are good in their respective ways. I have not much experience with Evan, therefore, I can’t give a concrete review on Evan on this matter :) However, I could say that by equipping any other of this jobs with godly scrolled equipment (with 6 lines potential from both regular and advanced potential scrolls), you will hit max damage cap. This can be easily obtained with the help of 3 deck cards and link skills. KMS Players have already achieved this spending tons of NX Cash which I find it kinda waste of money when compared to purchasing a PS3 (PlayStation 3 + games) which provides better value and gaming experience :)

  138. Evanicaboy

    Ayumi is luminous better for bossing or is evan better than bossing?

  139. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Sher, if you do not do any side quests, you will not be able to max out all the skills listed above because some quests give 1 SP (Skill Point) which you can allocate to a skill. By completing all Evan’s side quest, you will be able to gain sufficient SP to max the skills. Unless you are power leveling (gaining levels quickly through pure training or leeching without doing quests except Job Advancement Quest), you will not be able to max out all the skills as shown above. However, as you progress higher in the Evan Growth Tier, you will not have any Evan Side Quests to do, meaning you won’t have additional SP provided to you from the side quests. As a result, some of the skills above can’t be maxed due to insuffcient SP allocated at that tier and you will need to wisely place the SP into the essential skills (skills that you feel its important/used-often)

  140. Sher

    Hi Ayumi, great guide! Definitely helped me A LOT, been refering to this since level 1 :) Still a little confused tho, will Evans eventually get every skill maxed thru leveling & evan quests?

    For example: You said: “Evan 6th Growth Skill Build: Everything maxed except Dragon Thrust.”

    So for the 6th growth skill build, I would be able to max everything except 1 skill? (eg: Dragon Thrust)

    Thanks in advance!

  141. ImSoFAT

    Thx! :D

  142. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi ImSoFAT, Blaze is a solo skill.

  143. ImSoFAT

    Hi Ayumi, is blaze a mobbing skill or solo skill? @@

  144. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Evanicaboy, jobs that has hyper skills will require skill points to unlock them :) If you see it grayed out in your skill window and your level is 140, it means that the hyper skill it not implemented yet. Or you have not reached the minimum level requirement.

  145. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Evanicaboy, jobs that has hyper skills will require skill points to unlock them :) If you see it grayed out in your skill window and your level is 140, it means that the hyper skill it not implemented yet. Or you have not reached the minimum level requirement.

  146. Evanicaboy

    Hey do we need sp for hyper skills? If yes,how do we add when we have no sp?

  147. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi HappyEvan, basically Evan shared the same pros and cons like a regular Magician including the equipment they use, just that they uses a unique job advancement known as growth since the dragon aid is becoming more powerful as you level up. I heard that some skills require Mastery Books purchased from Cash Shop. That might be a con, similar to Dual Blades.

  148. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks HB for informing me about the Magic Guard.

  149. HB

    hi, magic guard for evan needs mastery book :(

  150. Happyevan

    May I know the pros and cons about evan?

  151. Simon Ng

    Evan growth 5th my Elemental Decrease only can up lvl 3 no what you said how come like that ?

  152. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Scarlion, both Battle Mage and Evan has their own strength and weaknesses. Evan has multiple skills which can easily cater for solo or mobbing whereas Battle Mage damage isn’t so great for solo boss but they do pack a punch when mobbing.

  153. Scarlion

    Is battle mage or evan stronger when killing many monsters?

  154. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Evan, Blaze is stronger than Illusion. However, if your Blaze is dealing the max cap damage, switch to Illusion to deal max damage + extra 1 attack. I have seen few Evan at LHC (Lion Heart Castle) training on Bearwolf dealing max damage with Illusion (just to show) but its best to use Flame Wheel for more than 1 enemy.

  155. Evan

    Thanks for the skill build. May i know if blaze or lllusion is stronger?

  156. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Hjx, you can unlock Summon Onyx Dragon Hyper Skill at Level 170. I have added Hyper Skills information in the Evan Guide.

  157. hjx

    at what lv do i get summon onyx dragon hyper skill?it looks very nice

  158. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Hjx, there are Evan Hyperskills. Have you reach 4th Job Evan yet?

  159. hjx

    i thought there is hyper skills for evan

  160. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi MapleChristian, I have added the stats for Evan 10th Growth Blaze.

  161. Maplechristian

    Hi ayumi I was just wondering if you could possibly port the skill videos or if you could make one? And also could you post the stats for 10 th growth blaze? Thanks

  162. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi SpiralFaded, I will be updating this guide soon :)

  163. RaikaZero

    For 9th job+ you need Mastery Books to learn the skill then more mastery books to master them.

    So for 9th job Im just stuck with Illusion and MW.

  164. SpiralFaded

    Ayumi, can you show us the 6th to 10th jobs skills build? Other website has the old skill build.

  165. cindy

    Awesome guide, however for the 6th through 10th jobs do all the skills still get maxed it is not mentioned. If they don’t get maxed which skills are worth maxing and which are not. Another question I’ve noticed that certain skills for the Evan can be advanced but I’m not quite sure how, could you explain how to do this.