MapleStory Kaiser Skill Build Guide

MapleStory Kaiser Job SelectionKaiser is one of MapleStory Nova Warrior Hero which will be coming to KMS (Korean MapleStory) on July 26 2012. Kaiser is a human-dragon race who appears to have mini horns, wings and tail with striking cyan hair. They wield 2-handed sword and Dragon Soul. Kaiser’s primary stat is STR and secondary stat is DEX. Kaiser uses a Morph Gauge and Command system, a combination of Aran, Luminous and Demon Slayer system. It works by filling up the Morph gauge quickly by performing attack + arrow-key + command. Upon filling it completely, it provides bonus stats and able to temporarily transform into a powerful Dragon Saber during 3rd and 4th Job while significantly improving Kaiser abilities potential, more specifically to attacking skills. You can trigger Combo Skills by performing a series of (attack + arrow + command) or hotkey them. Kaiser is the only Warrior class that can equip a 2-handed Sword with its own special Shield that upgrades when you complete a job advancement.

Kaiser Overview

PRIMARY WEAPON: 2-handed sword
LINK SKILL: Iron Will – Max HP +10/15/20%
CHARACTER CARD: STR +10/20/40/80
JOB SKILLS: I: KaiserII: KaiserIII: KaiserIV: KaiserHyper SkillsV: Kaiser

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Kaiser Changelog

GMS v.177 – Strange Secret Stories (2016-10-19)
GMS v.174 – Heroes of Maple: Reborn (2016-06-22)
GMS v.172 – Maple’s Eleven (2016-04-21)
GMS v.168 – Reboot (2015-12-02)
GMS v.166 – Asylum Update (2015-10-07)
GMS v.163 – FIREPOWER Updates (2015-06-30)
GMS v.160 – Black Heaven: First Chapter (2015-03-09)
GMS v.157 – Shinning Stars (2014-12-03)
GMS v.154 – Sword Art Online Updates (2014-09-16)
GMS v.150 – Rising Heroes (2014-06-17)
GMS v.149 – Legacy of Nine (2014-05-12)
GMS v.143 – RED Part 1: First Impact (2013-12-04)
GMS v.142 – Dawnveil Demons of Tynerum (2013-10-16)
GMS v.137 – Unleashed (2013-06-19)
GMS v.126 – Angelic Buster (2013-01-08)
GMS v.125 – Kaiser (2012-12-07)

Kaiser Pros and Cons


  • High HP and defense.
  • Great character card.
  • Has Link Skill.
  • Good mobile. Great mobbing and bossing.
  • High Survivability Rate.
  • Has Semi-Drain Skill.
  • Has a cool dragon transform.


  • Drain skill only works when using manual controls for skills (not a buff)
  • Low MP (Insufficient for HP Washing)
  • Lack party buff skills.
  • All skill % damage are low so kaiser is a high fund class
  • Need smashing key like Aran

Kaiser Storyline

Long ago, the legendary Nova Warrior, Kaiser, protected Pantheon and the people of Grandis from Magnus, a power-hungry emissary of the Black Mage. The two powers collided, and in the end Magnus, along with his army of abominations, proved to be the stronger of the two. Faced with certain defeat, Kaiser unleashed an all-consuming attack, eradicating Magnus’s creatures and destroying his own physical form in the process. But his spirit lived on, waiting for the perfect host to receive his power. A young Nova Knight named Kyle with his friends Velderoth and Tear forms the Heliseum Force. It is serve to protect the people of Grandis from Magnus (Nova Betrayer) and his lackeys, just like how Kaiser protect his homeland long ago. One day, these lackeys infiltrated Pantheon by disguising themselves in Nova mage dress to steal Pantheon’s secret relic which is a cube. As the trio observe the evil men chattering away, Kyle asks Belderos to report this incident to the senior who are in town. After Belderos left, both approach the enemy. Tear touches this cube and both Kyle and herself become cursed with mystical powers but Tear faints in the process. Kyle attacks the enemy with one of Kaiser skills but faints right after. Tear awakens from her unconsciousness and finishes off the remaining enemy with her Angelic Buster attack. After the battle ends, the Novans see Kaiser symbol appears upon Kyle. Therefore, he becomes Kaiser successor.

Kaiser Notes

  • Use special attacks to fill the Morph Gauge to transform into Kaiser’s ancient dragon form, which increases Kaiser’s strength and mobility. As you level your Kaiser, you’ll reach new transformation stages with distinct looks.
  • The Dragon Link UI sits below the Morph Gauge and allows you to assign certain abilities to key combinations (i.e. Left, Right + Attack, or Left, Down + Attack, etc). These skills can also be added to your Quick Slot hot keys like other abilities. However, using the Dragon Link key combinations will fill your Morph Gauge faster!

MapleStory Kaiser Video

Ayumilove MapleStory Kaiser 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Job Skill Preview

Kaiser Beginner Job Skills

MapleStory Kaiser Realign Defense Mode Realign: Defense Mode (Supportive)
Switch to Defense Mode. Permanently increases Defense, Accuracy and MaxHP.
LV1: +100 Physical and Magical Defense, +100 Accuracy, +10% Max HP.

MapleStory Kaiser Realign Switch Attack Mode Realign: Attack Mode (Supportive)
Switch to Offense Mode. Permanently increases Attack and Critical Rate.
LV1: +5 Weapon ATT, +3% Critical Rate, +3% Boss Damage.

MapleStory Kaiser Vertical Connect Vertical Grapple (Active)
Shoot a grappling hook to the highest platform above you and pull yourself up similarly to climbing on to a rope or ladder but at rocket speed.
LV1: Climbs rope at 140% Speed.

MapleStory Kaiser Iron Will Iron Will (Passive)
Permanently increases MaxHP.
LV1: +10% MaxHP.
[NOTE] Iron Will can be used as a Link Skill once you reach Level 70 which allows you to buff another character within your account with +10% MaxHP!

MapleStory Kaiser Final Form Transfiguration (Passive)
When your Morph Gauge is filled up, doubles Kaiser attacking speed and increase movement speed and jump. Also increases stance rate which allows you to avoid monster knock-back you. The Morph Gauge has 3 stages (green is 1st stage, orange is 2nd stage and red is 3rd stage). Each stage buffs Kaiser with the following stats:
Stage 1: +10% Speed, +5% Jump, +10% Stance Rate. (1st, 2nd Job)
Stage 2: +20% Speed, +10% Jump, +20% Stance Rate. (2nd Job)
Stage 1: +5% Speed, +10% Jump, +40% Stance Rate. (2nd, 3rd Job)
Stage 2: +10% Speed, +20% Jump, +80% Stance Rate. (4th Job)

MapleStory Kaiser Command Command
Activate a combo skill if Kaiser performs a series of attack and arrow key dance. It also replenishes 5% HP and charges Morph gauge when a Combo Skill is successfully activated.

Kaiser Beginner Skill Build: Everything maxed.
Explanation: These are Kaiser’s innate abilities. No SP required.

Kaiser 1st Job Skills

MapleStory Kaiser Dragon Slash Dragon Slash (Active)
Slashes multiple enemies up to 3 times by pressing ATTACK KEY repetitively similarly to Demon Slayer. 1st Slash (Attack 8 enemies 3 times), 2nd Slash (Attack 6 enemies 5 times) 3rd Slash (Attack 6 enemies 5 times). Each slash deals different damage respectively as shown below. During Final Form, damage are same for all slash stages.
LV1: 51% Damage, 31% Damage, 41% Damage.
LV20: 70% Damage, 50% Damage, 60% Damage.
[3rd Job Final Form]
LV1: Attack 8 enemies 5 times with 224% Damage.
LV20: Attack 8 enemies 5 times with 300% Damage.
[4th Job Final Form]
LV1: Attack 10 enemies 5 times with 274% Damage.
LV20: Attack 10 enemies 5 times with 350% Damage.

MapleStory Kaiser Flame Surge Flame Surge (Combo)
Combo Keys: (ATTACK) + (COMMAND)
Attack 6 enemies 2 times with fireball.
LV1: 9 MP, 62% Damage.
LV20: 10 MP, 170% Damage.

MapleStory Kaiser Air Lift Air Lift (Supportive)
Perform a second jump while in mid-air. Higher skill level improves jump distance. Also permanently increases movement speed and maximum movement speed.
LV1: 24 MP, +6% Speed and Max Speed.
LV15: 10 MP, +20% Speed and Max Speed.

MapleStory Kaiser Scale Skin Scale Skin (Passive)
Permanently increases both physical and magical defenses.
LV1: +20 Defense.
LV10: +200 Defense.

Kaiser 1st Job Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Dragon Slash, Flame Surge (1)
2. Air Lift (MAX)
3. Flame Surge (MAX)
4. Dragon Slash (MAX)
5. Skin Protection (MAX)

Flame Surge will be Kaiser’s primary attacking skill in 1st Job, not Dragon Slash! This is because Flame Surge has longer range and has lesser attacking animation which helps in speeding up of displaying enemy death. Plus, you save your fingers instead of spamming keys on Dragon Slash. However, you can use Dragon Slash for 1v1 especially boss solo unless there are mobs around it. Max Air Lift first as it makes travelling more convenient by jumping across large maps to reach from one end to the other. Then, max Flame Surge followed by Dragon Slash and Scale Skin. You do not need much protection in the early level as most of the mobs you will encounter during this period are weaklings.

Kaiser 2nd Job Skills

MapleStory Kaiser Dragon Slash Dragon Slash I (Passive)
[NOTE] Requires LV20 Dragon Slash (1st Job Skill)
Permanently increases Dragon Slash damage.
LV1: +15% Damage.
LV2: +30% Damage.

MapleStory Kaiser Attacker Mode I Attacker Mode I (Supportive)
Increases weapon attack, critical hit rate and boss damage in this mode.
LV1: +5 Weapon ATT, +2% Critical Hit Rate, +2% Boss Damage.

MapleStory Kaiser Defender Mode I Defender Mode I (Supportive)
Increases physical and magical defense, accuracy and MaxHP in this mode.
LV1: +100 Defense, +100 Accuracy, +10% MaxHP.

MapleStory Kaiser Sword Mastery Sword Mastery (Passive)
Permanently increases 2-handed Sword Mastery.
LV1: +14% Mastery
LV10: +50% Mastery

MapleStory Kaiser Inner Blaze Inner Blaze (Passive)
Permanently increases Strength and MaxHP.
LV1: +2 Strength, +2% MaxHP.
LV10: +20 Strength, +20% MaxHP.

MapleStory Kaiser Blaze On Blaze On (Supportive)
Temporarily increases weapon attack and weapon speed.
LV1: 11 MP, +1 Weapon ATT, Lasts for 12 sec.
LV20: 30 MP, +20 Weapon ATT, Lasts for 240 sec.

MapleStory Kaiser Impact Wave Impact Wave (Combo)
Combo Keys: (ATTACK) + (ATTACK) + (DOWN) + (COMMAND)
Attack 8 enemies 2 times with shockwave.
LV1: 12 MP, 194% Damage.
LV20: 17 MP, 270% Damage.

MapleStory Kaiser Piercing Blaze Piercing Blaze (Active)
Attack 12 enemies by rushing forward to knock-back them into a tight cluster and has a chance to temporarily stun them for 2 sec.
LV1: 11 MP, 169% Damage. 26% Stun Chance.
LV10: 20 MP, 250% Damage. 80% Stun Chance.

MapleStory Kaiser Tempest Blades Tempest Blades (Active)
Attacks enemy 3 times per sword with 3 copies of your sword you are currently wielding. If there is only 1 enemy, all swords will home to that enemy. Otherwise, each sword will split target whenever there are more than 1 nearby enemy. The skill has 20 sec cooldown for all levels.
LV1: 21 MP, 124% Damage.
LV20: 30 MP, 300% Damage.
[3rd Job Final Form]
Attack enemy 4 times per sword with 3 copies of your sword.
LV1: 21 MP, 224% Damage.
LV20: 30 MP, 300% Damage.

Kaiser 2nd Job Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Dragon Slash I, Attacker Mode I, Defender Mode I (MAX)
2. Piercing Blaze, Impact Wave (1)
3. Max Sword Mastery (MAX)
4. Blaze On (MAX)
5. Impact Wave (MAX)
6. Piercing Blaze (MAX)
7. Inner Blaze (MAX)
8. Tempest Blades (MAX)

Max Dragon Slash I and Attacker Mode I to get instant damage boost! Next add 1 SP to unlock Piercing Blaze and Impact Wave which will be frequently used for training. Improve Kaiser’s minimum and maximum damage with Inner Blaze and Sword Mastery and further boost max damage with Blaze On supportive skill. Then, start boosting Impact Wave as this will be your primary finishing skill to kill monsters after the first few Dragon Slashes.

Kaiser 3rd Job Skills

MapleStory Kaiser Dragon Slash II Dragon Slash II (Passive)
[NOTE] Requires Max Dragon Slash I.
Permanently increases Dragon Slash damage.
LV1: +25% Damage.
LV2: +50% Damage.

MapleStory Kaiser Attacker Mode II Attacker Mode II (Supportive)
[NOTE] Requires Max Attacker Mode I.
Increases weapon attack, critical hit rate and boss damage in this mode.
LV1: +10 Weapon ATT, +5% Critical Hit Rate, +2% Boss Damage.

MapleStory Kaiser Defender Mode II Defender Mode II (Supportive)
[NOTE] Requires Max Defender Mode I.
Increases physical and magical defense, accuracy and MaxHP in this mode.
LV1: +100 Defense, +100 Accuracy, +10% MaxHP.

MapleStory Kaiser Wingbeat Wing Beat (Combo)
Combo Keys: (ATTACK) + (ATTACK) + (COMMAND)
Attack 8 enemies with tornado created by Wings that has a chance to slow enemy movement for 5 seconds. The tornado only attacks nearby enemy within its path and will disappear after 10 seconds or after hitting 40 times or moving a certain distance. Wing Beat’s attack delay is set to 330ms. Unaffected by attack reflection.
LV1: 16 MP, 143% Damage, 21% Slow Chance, -18% Speed.
LV20: 34 MP, 200% Damage, 40% Slow Chance, -75% Speed.

MapleStory Kaiser Pressure Chain Pressure Chain (Active)
Attack 8 enemies 2 times and drag them to you with a retractable sword. Also has a chance to stun them for 2 sec.
LV1: 21 MP, 204% Damage, 23% Stun Chance.
LV20: 30 MP, 280% Damage, 80% Stun Chance.

MapleStory Kaiser Stone Dragon Stone Dragon (Active)
Temporarily summons a stationary dragon who is able to pull 6 nearby enemies to itself and attack them with a chance of slowing them (-30% Speed) for 3 sec.
LV1: 21 MP, Lasts 12 sec. 316% Damage, 22% Slow Rate.
LV15: 35 MP, Lasts 40 sec. 400% Damage, 50% Slow Rate.

MapleStory Kaiser Catalyze Catalyze (Supportive)
Temporarily increases overall damage.
LV1: 21 MP, +11% Damage, Lasts 12 sec.
LV20: 40 MP, +30% Damage, Lasts 240 sec.

MapleStory Kaiser Cursebite Cursebite (Supportive)
Temporarily increases status effect resistance and elemental resistance. Also enables Kaiser to have a chance to boost attacking skill for 2 attacks against monsters who are under status effect such as Stun.
LV1: 21 MP, +3% Resistance, Lasts 12 sec. 43% chance of +143% damage.
LV20: 40 MP, +60% Resistance, Lasts 240 sec. 100% chance of +200% damage.

MapleStory Kaiser Final Form Final Form (Supportive)
Temporarily transforms Kaiser into Silver-Armored Dragon Saber for 60 sec by consuming a completely filled-up Red Morph Gauge. This transformation increases Kaiser speed by 10%, critical hit rate and improves the potential of Dragon Slash and Tempest Blades. Dragon Saber has the ability to teleport (Magician’s Teleport) and cannot be knock-backed by monster (100% Stance).
LV1: 22 MP, +2% Critical Hit Rate.
LV10: 40 MP, +20% Critical Hit Rate.

MapleStory Kaiser Advanced Inner Blaze Advanced Inner Blaze (Passive)
[NOTE] Requires Max Inner Blaze.
Permanently increases Strength and MaxHP.
LV1: +3 STR, +3% MaxHP.
LV10: +30 STR, +30% MaxHP.

MapleStory Kaiser Self Recovery Self Recovery (Passive)
Recovers HP and MP at every interval during idle and combat.
LV1: Every 12 sec recovers 1% HP and MP.
LV5: Every 4 sec recovers 5% HP and MP.

Kaiser 3rd Job Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Dragon Slash II, Attacker Mode II, Defender Mode II (MAX)
2. Wing Beat, Pressure Chain, Final Form (1)
3. Self Recover (MAX)
4. Catalyze (MAX)
5. Advanced Inner Blaze (MAX)
6. Pressure Chain (MAX)
7. Cursebite (MAX)
8. Stone Dragon (MAX)
9. Wing Beat (MAX)
10. Final Form (MAX)

Kaiser 4th Job Skills

MapleStory Kaiser Dragon Slash III Dragon Slash III (Passive)
[NOTE] Requires Max Dragon Slash II.
Permanently increases Dragon Slash damage.
LV1: +50% Damage.
LV6: +100% Damage.

MapleStory Kaiser Attacker Mode III Attacker Mode III (Supportive)
[NOTE] Requires Max Attacker Mode II.
Increases weapon attack, critical hit rate and boss damage in this mode.
LV2: +20 Weapon ATT, +10% Critical Hit Rate, +3% Boss Damage.

MapleStory Kaiser Defense Mode 3rd Enhancement Defender Mode III (Supportive)
[NOTE] Requires Max Defender Mode II.
Increases physical and magical defense, accuracy and MaxHP in this mode.
LV2: +100 Defense, +100 Accuracy, +10% MaxHP.

MapleStory Kaiser Nova Warrior Nova Warrior (Supportive)
Temporarily boost all stats by percentage.
LV1: 10 MP, +1% All Stats, Lasts 30 sec.
LV30: 70 MP, +15% All Stats, Lasts 900 sec.

MapleStory Kaiser Hero's Will Nova Temperance (Active)
Removes all status effects such as Cursed/Seduce.
LV1: 30 MP, Cooldown 600 sec.
LV5: 30 MP, Cooldown 360 sec.

MapleStory Kaiser Advanced Tempest Blades Advanced Tempest Blades (Active)
[NOTE] Requires Max Tempest Blades.
Attacks enemy 4 times per sword with 5 copies of your sword you are currently wielding. If there is only 1 enemy, all swords will home to that enemy. Otherwise, each sword will split target whenever there are more than 1 nearby enemy.
LV1: 31 MP, 313% Damage. Permanently increases Attack Power by 2
LV30: 60 MP, 400% Damage. Permanently increases Attack Power by 20
[4th Job Final Form]
Attack enemy 5 times per sword with 3 copies of your sword.
LV1: 31 MP, 313% Damage.
LV30: 60 MP, 400% Damage.

MapleStory Kaiser Inferno Breath Inferno Breath (Active)
Attack 15 enemies 8 times with sea of flames unleashed by a summoned dragon. The ground struck by the dragon flame will continuously burns for 20 sec, dealing damage over time to 6 monsters within that area. This skill has a cooldown timer.
LV1: 32 MP, 206% Damage, 143% Burn Damage. Cooldown 36 sec.
LV20: 70 MP, 320% Damage, 200% Burn Damage. Cooldown 20 sec.

MapleStory Kaiser Dragon Barrage Dragon Barrage (Combo)
Attack 12 enemies 3 times by slashing them as your rush forward with a chance to instantly kill them. This does not push them while you lunge forward.
LV1: 21 MP, 347% Damage, 10% Instant Death.
LV30: 50 MP, 550% Damage, 25% Instant Death.
[4th Job Final Form]
LV1: 31 MP, 174% Damage. 11% Instant Death (Attack 12 enemies 4 times)
LV30: 41 MP, 290% Damage. 25% Instant Death (Attack 12 enemies 4 times)

MapleStory Kaiser Blade Burst Blade Burst (Combo)
Combo Keys: (ATTACK) + (DOWN) + (COMMAND)
Attack 12 enemies 8 times by summoning several swords in a tight formation to strike the ground exploding in contact. Enemies who are within that area will be struck by the sword lunging into them and also receive explosion damage 2 times.
LV1: 25 MP, 105% Damage, 62% Explosion Damage.
LV20: 25 MP, 200% Damage, 100% Explosion Damage.

MapleStory Kaiser Gigas Wave Gigas Wave (Combo)
Combo Keys: (ATTACK) + (ATTACK) + (ATTACK) + (COMMAND)
Attack 1 enemy 10 times with the ability to slow them by 30% for 3 sec.
LV1: 21 MP, 122% Damage
LV30: 50 MP, 180% Damage
[4th Job Final Form]
LV1: 31 MP, 142% Damage. (Attack 3 enemies 12 times)
LV30: 41 MP, 200% Damage. (Attack 3 enemies 12 times)

MapleStory Kaiser Final Form Final Form (Supportive)
[NOTE] This skill is an enhancement to 3rd Job Final Form. The level of this skill is automatically sync with your 3rd Job Final Form. It is not visible in 4th Job Skill Window. Activate this skill where it is introduced under 3rd Job Skills Tab in Skill Window.

Temporarily transforms Kaiser into Golden-Armored Dragon Saber for 90 sec by consuming a completely filled-up Red Morph Gauge. This transformation increases Kaiser speed by 10%, critical hit rate and improves the potential of Dragon Slash, Advanced Tempest Blades, Dragon Barrage and Giga Slasher. Dragon Saber has the ability to teleport (Magician’s Teleport) and cannot be knock-backed by monster (100% Stance).
LV1: 22 MP, +4% Critical Hit Rate.
LV10: 40 MP, +40% Critical Hit Rate.

MapleStory Kaiser Grand Armor Grand Armor (Supportive)
Temporarily decreases damage received by you and party members.
LV1: 22 MP, -11% Damage Received, -0% Party Damage Received. Lasts 12 sec.
LV20: 60 MP, -30% Damage Received, -10% Party Damage Received. Lasts 240 sec.

MapleStory Kaiser Expert Sword Mastery Expert Sword Mastery (Passive)
[NOTE] Requires Max Sword Mastery.
Permanently increases 2-handed Sword Mastery and increases Weapon Attack and minimum critical damage.
LV1: +56% Mastery, +1 Weapon ATT, +1% Min Critical Damage
LV30: +70% Mastery, +30 Weapon ATT, +15% Min Critical Damage

MapleStory Kaiser Unbreakable Will Unbreakable Will (Passive)
Permanently ignores enemy defense.
LV1: Ignore 11% Enemy Defense.
LV30: Ignore 40% Enemy Defense.

Kaiser 4th Job Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Blade Burst (1), Attacker Mode III (MAX), Dragon Slash III (MAX)
2. Unbreakable Will (1), Gigas Wave (1), Defender Mode III (MAX)
3. Advanced Tempest Blades, Inferno Breath, Expert Sword Mastery (1)
4. Dragon Barrage (1), Blade Burst (MAX)
5. Expert Sword Mastery (MAX)
6. Gigas Wave (MAX)
7. Unbreakable Will (MAX)
8. Advanced Tempest Blades (MAX)
9. Grand Armor (MAX)
10. Nova Warrior (MAX)
11. Inferno Breath (MAX)
12. Dragon Barrage (MAX)
13. Nova Temperance (MAX)

It is not possible to max the skills in the following order since you will need to purchase or hunt Kaiser Mastery Books plus having to use them with a chance to fail in the process of upgrading your skills. Therefore, you can add those SP in those skills and move on to the next in sequence. Otherwise you can save SP (Skill Points) and wait till you grab hold your Mastery Books. Firstly, maxed Sword Strike before Advanced Sword Mastery as it deals much more damage. Then proceed with maxing Gigas Wave to be used against 1-to-1 combat such as boss. Although it seems it does less damage compared to Sword Strike statistically, but do not forget that it deals additional damage with the help of Cursebite (Kaiser 3rd Job Skill) when enemy is under the effect of slow inflicted by Gigas Wave. Dealing tons of damage isn’t enough to take down enemy within 1-3 hits if they are equipped with high defense. Therefore, max Unbreakable Will to allow your damage to bypass their defense. This is particular useful against mini-bosses and epic bosses. Further pump up your damage with passive weapon attack boost by maxing Advanced Tempest Blades before focusing on Grand Armor. As they say, prevention is better than cure. By killing enemy quickly, you avoid receiving damage from their retaliation. Again, further pump up all your stats with Nova Warrior. By now, all of Kaiser essential skills are maxed for quick leveling and bossing. You can follow the max sequence of the remaining skills or depending on your preferences.

Kaiser Hyper Skills

MapleStory Gigas Wave - Burden Gigas Wave – Burden
Required Level: 143
Gigas Wave Slow Duration +5 seconds.

MapleStory Gigas Wave - Bonus Attack Gigas Wave – Bonus Attack
Required Level: 162
Gigas Wave Attack Count +1

MapleStory Gigas Wave - Reinforce Gigas Wave – Reinforce
Required Level: 183
Gigas Wave Damage +20%

MapleStory Inferno Breath - Blaze Inferno Breath – Blaze
Required Level: 149
Inferno Breath Flames Damage +20%

MapleStory Inferno Breath - Burn Inferno Breath – Burn
Required Level: 168
Inferno Breath Flames Duration +10 seconds.

MapleStory Inferno Breath - Reinforce Inferno Breath – Reinforce
Required Level: 189
Inferno Breath Damage +20%

MapleStory Wing Beat - Pummel Wing Beat – Pummel
Required Level: 155
Wing Beat Duration +5 seconds.

MapleStory Wing Beat - Extra Attack Wing Beat – Extra Attack
Required Level: 177
Wing Beat Attack Count +8

MapleStory Wing Beat - Reinforce Wing Beat – Reinforce
Required Level: 195
Wing Beat Damage +20%

MapleStory Kaiser's Majesty Kaiser’s Majesty
Required Level: 150
Resets cooldown, increases Attack Speed and ATT, and ignores enemy defense buffs (MP Cost: 300, Cooldowns reset, Duration: 30 seconds, ATT +30, Attack Speed +1, Ignore’s enemy’s attack ignore buff and attack reflect buff. Does not affect hyper skill cooldowns.)

MapleStory Ancestral Prominence Ancestral Prominence
Required Level: 170
Attack 15 enemies 8 times with 1000 damage by consuming 300 MP. This skill max damage cap is 9999999, cooldown in 60 seconds and affects all enemies by covering entire screen with flames.

MapleStory Final Trance Final Trance
Required Level: 200
Instantly transforms into Final Form with bonus stats (+30% Damage, +40% Critical Rate, +10 Move Speed, +2 Attack Speed, Ignore’s Enemy Attack, Ignore’s Buff and Attack Reflection Buff. This skill consumes 300 MP and lasts for 90 seconds and later cooldowns in 300 seconds.

Kaiser Hyper Skill Build:
1. Gigas Wave – Reinforce (MAX)
2. Gigas Wave – Bonus Attack (MAX)
3. Wing Beat – Pummel (MAX)
4. Wing Beat – Extra Attack (MAX)
5. Wing Beat – Reinforce (MAX)
6. Kaiser’s Majesty (MAX)
7. Ancestral Prominence (MAX)
8. Final Trance (MAX)

Check this Hyper Stats Guide for more details!

Kaiser Mastery Books

1. Advanced Tempest Blades: 20, 30
2. Dragon Barrage: 20, 30
3. Inferno Breath: 20
4. Blade Burst: 20
5. Gigas Wave: 20, 30
6. Grand Armor: 20
7. Expert Sword Mastery: 20, 30
8. Unbreakable Will: 20, 30
9. Nova Warrior: 20, 30

Kaiser 5th Job Skills

Please refer to MapleStory 5th Job Skills Guide for more details on Skill Cores, Special Cores and Enhancement Cores!

Kaiser Skill Cores

Guardian of Nova
Summon the spirits of the ancient Kaisers to fight with you. When attacking enemies using Damage Reflect, you will not take damage.
Level 1: Consumes 1000 MP. For 30 seconds, summon 3 ancient Kaisers to fight with you. The Kaisers cannot move a certain range away from you. 6th Kaiser: deals 465% damage 4 times on up to 10 enemies. 15th Kaiser: deals 260% damage 6 times on up to 10 enemies. 27th Kaiser: deals 935% damage 2 times on up to 10 enemies. Cooldown: 120 seconds.
Level 20: Consumes 1000 MP. For 40 seconds, summon 3 ancient Kaisers to fight with you. The Kaisers cannot move a certain range away from you. 6th Kaiser: deals 750% damage 4 times on up to 10 enemies. 15th Kaiser: deals 450% damage 6 times on up to 10 enemies. 27th Kaiser: deals 1600% damage 2 times on up to 10 enemies. Cooldown: 120 seconds.

Kaiser Enhancement Cores

  • Dragon Slash (2% per level)
  • Flame Shot (4% per level)
  • Impact Wave (4% per level)
  • Piercing Blaze (4% per level)
  • Tempest Blades (2% per level) [does not receive +1 monsters hit]
  • Wing Beat (3% per level) [does not receive +1 monsters hit]
  • Pressure Chain (3% per level)
  • Stone Dragon (3% per level)
  • Gigas Wave (2% per level)
  • Dragon Barrage (2% per level)
  • Blade Burst (2% per level)
  • Inferno Breath (2% per level)
  • Ancestral Prominence (2% per level)

MapleStory Old to New Official Skill Names

Kaiser 1st Job Skills
Dragon Slash → Dragon Slash (NO CHANGE)
Flame Shot → Flame Surge
Double Leap → Air Lift
Skin Protection → Scale Skin

Kaiser 2nd Job Skills
Dragon Slash 1st Enhancement → Dragon Slash I
Attack Mode 1st Enhancement → Attacker Mode I
Defense Mode 1st Enhancement → Defender Mode I
Sword Mastery (SAME)
Inner Blaze (SAME)
Blaze Up → Blaze On
Impact Wave (SAME)
Pierce Rush → Piercing Blaze
Will of Sword → Tempest Blades

Kaiser 3rd Job Skills
Dragon Slash 2nd Enhancement → Dragon Slash II
Attack Mode 2nd Enhancement → Attacker Mode II
Defense Mode 2nd Enhancement → Defender Mode II
Wing Beat (SAME)
Chain Pulling → Pressure Chain
Petrified → Stone Dragon
Catalyze (SAME)
Advanced Inner Blaze (SAME)
Self Recovery (SAME)
Regain Strength → Cursebite (AKA Final Attack)
Transfiguration → Final Form

Kaiser 4th Job Skills
Dragon Slash 3rd Enhancement → Dragon Slash III
Attack Mode 3rd Enhancement → Attacker Mode III
Defense Mode 3rd Enhancement → Defender Mode III
Nova Warrior (SAME)
Nova Hero’s Will → Nova Temperance
Advaned Will of Sword → Advanced Tempest Blades
Infernal Breath → Inferno Breath
Blow Streak → Dragon Barrage
Sword Strike → Blade Burst
Giga Slasher → Gigas Wave
Final Transfiguration → Final Form
Robust Armor → Grand Armor
Advanced Sword Mastery → Expert Sword Mastery
Unflinching Courage → Unbreakable Will

Kaiser Equipment

Kaiser shield is available upon character creation. You do not need to buy this shield and its untradeable. The shield automatically upgrades whenever you made a job advancement by increase all stats (STR – Strength, DEX – Dexterity, LUK – Luck, INT – Intellect) and also boost both weapon and magic defense.

Level – Shield Name (Stats)
10 : Nova’s Essence (+2 STR DEX LUK INT and +0 Defense)
30 : Nova Guardian Essence (+4 STR DEX LUK INT and +10 Defense)
60 : Nova Justice Essence (+6 STR DEX LUK INT and +20 Defense)
100 : Nova Truth Essence (+6 STR DEX LUK INT and +30 Defense)

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213 thoughts on “MapleStory Kaiser Skill Build Guide

  1. Allen

    Hiii Ayumilove! Allen here Can you please explain the command for kaiser especially the command for gigas wave. In the screen it shows attack+skill but I have no idea how to activate it using command. Thanks in advance.

  2. genkaix1

    You haven’t updated the new dragon link skills.

  3. Leonardo

    Hi Ayumilove! Thanks for all your wonderful guides. Have definitely helped me a lot in my mapling adventure.
    Just a question regarding the new kaiser command skill. It should be able to heal 5% HP with every hit using the arrow keys, attack button and the command button. Seen many videos of strong kaisers bossing and able to heal HP real quickly.
    For gigas wave, the tab at the side just shows Attack + Skill to be able to activate the heal and filling of morph gauge faster. But I’ve tried and it doesn’t work? Can you give an explanation of how to do it properly?

  4. BN

    I’ve only recently started playing Maplestory after a break, and when I started playing Maplestory, all you’d need to do is do the Dragon-Link commands [LeftRight + Attack, LeftUp + Attack, LeftDown + Attack, etc] to gain health.
    After noticing that that no longer healed me, and a buff, which I now know is called “Command”, kept popping up, I’m wondering, should I have in my Kaiser Basic skills “Command”?
    When you’ve explained to get the heal, for, let’s say Gigas Wave, you’d attack three times, then press “Command”. I at first didn’t understand that, since I didn’t have a skill called command.
    Am I supposed to have a basic skill called command? I’m in the North American servers.

  5. Ayumilove Post author

    @JW: Kaiser deals around +16% damage in overall DPS (Damage Per Second) and in Kaiser’s Final Transfiguration, they deal about +36% more compared to Kinesis. Kinesis is more of a fun character to play if not solely focusing on damage against boss. The overall DPS is calculated when both characters hit their max cap damage, its more of a LPS (Lines Per Second). The more damage lines you dish out on enemies at max cap damage, you will definitely defeat boss faster.

  6. JW

    Hmm so which one is good for bossing. Kinesis or Kaiser better?

  7. Ayumilove Post author

    @JW: Choose Kaiser if you want pure raw damage with lots of hack and slash. Choose Kinesis if you want to try a different playstyle of levitating-n-throwing objects at enemies.

  8. JW

    Confuse to choose between this two class to main
    Kaiser or Kinesis?

  9. Ayumilove Post author

    @drakoh: Kaiser deals better damage compared to Mihile.

  10. drakoh

    hi ayumi , i have confuse choose a class to main,i quite like mihile and kaiser which damage is better?

  11. Jonathan

    Hi ayumi!

    I’ve seen people with a kaiser set lvl 100 and I’m wondering how to get the set. You get, I think everything without android, heart, and something else maybe. I tried to do the (Nove laboratory) quest but it did only give me exp. Do you know how to get the set. It a dark and red set i think.

  12. drakoh

    did kaiser at reboot got change anything?

  13. Bash

    In final form fighting against mobs it appears that I take more damage vs my normal self. Has anyone experienced this before?

    It’s the same for thunder breaker I notice when i do slower attacks I can manage my hp better. As soon as I start to do the combo attacks my hp drains so fast.

  14. Ayumilove Post author

    @yichor: Thanks for sharing your pros and cons regarding Kaiser :)

  15. yichor

    ayumi, this is my kaiser pros and cons :

    pros:high hp,high defence,good survivalrate,good mobbility and got cool dragon tranform(everyone love dragon),link skill is nice, charater card also nice

    cons:all skill % damage are low so kaiser is a high fund class , low mp , somebody hate dragon link because need smashing key like aran,party buff not so useful

  16. Ayumilove Post author

    @ayumilove: Reboot updated!


    2nd Job

    Blaze On: Cast delay reduced.

    3rd Job

    Stone Dragon: Ignores damage reflect.

    4th Job

    Inferno Breath: Ignore damage reflect.
    Grand Armor: Cast delay reduced.

    Hyper Skills

    Ancestral Prominence: Cooldown decreased from 90 sec to 60 sec.

  17. Nahoni

    Nvm i didnt see that you already wrote it at the top oops haha

  18. Nahoni

    Ayumi when do i max Final Form? I think you left it out XD luv your guides by the way

  19. drakoh

    oh thx,and after you done all quest or still incomplete can list out the quest reward equip?

  20. Ayumilove Post author

    @drakoh: I have yet to complete my Kaiser questline. Correct me if I’m wrong, the quest usually offers a large sum of EXP for that particular level and also equips (e.g. medals/etc).

  21. drakoh

    if dont do kaiser quest have anything thing i will miss?

  22. battleang3l

    Hello Ayumi I have a lvl 155 kaiser in gms in Renegades, my question is on the hyper skill through passive skill after lvl 140 my kaiser only have 1 sp point to distrube in the passive skill, is their a glitch in the kaiser class having just 1 sp skill pt, like you mentioned on hyper skill being maxed out will my kaiser maxed out those hyper skills?

    Thank you for your input

  23. Darren

    Which is better , Aran or Kaiser ?
    If you , which would you choose?

  24. kaiserlover

    Ayumi,i have a question.Is did kaiser and demon slayer which is better damage and who is better mobbing and bossing.Last is how to i increase my kaiser damage it is lvl 160 damage range just 19k~24k i try to create knight cygnus to lvl 120 but also hard increase damage

  25. bob

    what happens if I would throw away all the medal ?

  26. Shii

    Hihi, just curious on what equipment I should be working towards as a newly fledged kaiser. Early game and late game. :)

  27. Ayumilove Post author

    @Tumu: Kaiser is better in terms of sheer raw power damage. Dual Blade has higher focus on higher mobility and flexibility. So it all boils down to your gaming preference. Raw sheer damage vs high mobility/flexiblity.

  28. Tumu

    Hi Ayumilove

    I’m currently stuck between going with a kaiser or with a dual blade, so which would be better as a main? Thanks

  29. Rob

    Thanks for your detailed analysis about the two classes. I may end choosing both.
    Also, I’m sure many people have said this but I really liked your explanations of the skill build guides. Keep up the good work :)

  30. Ayumilove Post author

    @Rob: Both are tanky (high HP). Kaiser is much more interesting in playstyle since it allows you to perform transformation and deal extra-ordinary damage, beautiful skill animations, etc. One major difference is that Dawn Warrior does not require purchasing Mastery Books. Therefore, you do not need to farm lots of meso to purchase mastery books to unlock Level 20 and Level 30 – 4th Job Skills. Apart from that, you can stack up Cygnus Knight Link Skills for additional resistance for other characters in the same world/account. In short, if you would like a unique playstyle, go for Kaiser. If you are unfunded, go for Dawn Warrior. Both are fairly easy to level up.

  31. Rob

    How does Kaiser compare to Dawn Warrior? I’m having trouble deciding between the two and would like your opinion.

    Best Regards,

  32. Ayumilove Post author

    @TickleMeDora: Dragon Slash does not require Mastery Books!

  33. TickleMeDora

    Is it possible to use mastery books on dragon slash?

  34. Katayama

    Dear Ayumilove
    The kaiser new patch in EMS, require dragon link (or command in GMS) skill to absorb the hp, but my skill level still 0 even I have done the quest.
    is this bug?

    My kaiser lvl 157

  35. Ayumilove Post author

    @Miaofen: Mastery Books 20 and 30 can be purchased from an NPC residing in Leafre and Henesys. You can also purchased Mastery Books from the Traveling Merchant which is obtainable from Cash Shop.

  36. Miaofen

    Hi! Just wanna ask the mastery book for kaiser can be bought from leafre ? or izzit must be hunt

  37. Miaofen

    May I know is it possible to get skillbook for kaiser in leafre by buying it from the mastery book npc?

  38. PapaGrimly

    @DREW: The Maple Saint armour set will give you considerably higher damage. The Old Kaiser set’s main purpose is allowing you to look like Kaiser from the cutscenes (which you can use NX to anvil the appearance onto other gear). If you want higher damage, and can’t afford the Empress set or better, then the Saint set is a sound investment. If you can buy Empress though, the Old Kaiser armour is nice to have due to it’s fitting aesthetic and limited availability.

  39. DREW

    Hey Ayumi, love the guides thanks for posting them for so long! I was wondering if you could help me with a gear choice regarded the 10th anniversary. Should I select the Old Kaiser armor set or the Maple Saint armor set? Thanks a bunch ^^

  40. Ayumilove Post author

    @OpBaka: Thanks for pointing out the mistake. I have corrected the skill name Chain Pulling skill name to Pressure Chain.

  41. Kraise

    Why is the 4th job final form red and gold?
    My kaiser’s final form in 4th job is black and gold.

  42. OpBaka

    Edit* You have to change it where you put the skill build in for 3rd job at the end

  43. OpBaka

    @Ayumilove The chain pulling skill was renamed to pressure chain

  44. Ayumilove Post author

    @Jackson: Hyper Skill Points for stats are provided not in every level but they are rewarded every 10 levels starting from Level 140 to Level 200. In short, you will gain a total of 6 Hyper Skill Points for Passive (stats) at Level 140, 150, 160, 170, 190 and 200. (180 not included). For more info, kindly refer to this guide

  45. Jackson

    Hi Ayumi! I always love reading your guide because it guides me since last year I started playing MapleSEA. I wonder why after adding Hyper Strength in lvl 140, why can’t I add Hyper Dexterity in lvl 141?

  46. Ayumilove Post author

    @RamenPanda: I have not encountered this MapleStory message before. I don’t think its referring to a Hyper Skill Point as your Kaiser is below Level 140. Does it relate to Link Skill? (Iron Will Level 2 Link Skill is achieved at Level 120).

  47. RamenPanda

    Ayumilove, On my level 120 Kaiser I have almost maxed all my characters. Every time I level up and raise my skills it says I have a skill point boost. I’m not sure if this is supposed to happen and I don’t know what is going on.

  48. sam

    wingbeat is still a dmg increase
    you put like 1-3 of them up while bossing and they do work while you sit back and gigas wave

  49. john

    question. can u reupdate the proper hyper skill build? i dont use Wing Beat and its super weak to use now.

  50. Can Kaiser do the Hog Mount Quest, and get the hog to ride on?

    Can Kaiser do the Hog Mount Quest, and get the hog to ride on??

  51. jenna kiviadi

    Can Kaiser do the Hog Mount Quest, and get the hog to ride on?

  52. a

    @PureDarkWhite *Final final form

  53. KaiserNub101XD

    Hello, does anyone notice HOW hard kaiser is? Because if you don’t put the skills on your keyboard and use commands, you’ll notice it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to use the skills. It will just move you and use attack :/ and I need help, Kaiser HP is pretty dangerous. My Demon Slayer was a LOT safer so plz correct that it is high hp. Or does this increase drastically in the higher levels? Please state that too.

  54. PureDarkWhite

    and Dragon baggage only have 5 % KO at lv 1

  55. PureDarkWhite

    Giga waves only hit 9 hit normal and 11 hit at final form

  56. Ayumilove Post author

    @DrKaiser: Check the Dragon Link Skill quest in the Light Bulb section or inside the Quest Window.

  57. KaiserErupt

    Can you still instantly transform in and out of Transform mode with no cooldown. I saw that in one of Kradenine’s videos. Also, what level do you have to be. Is it due to the 200 Hyper.

  58. DrKaiser

    I forgot to do the Dragon Link Skill at lv10 now i am lv30 then how now ? Please reply me !!!!

  59. Ayumilove Post author

    [GMS v.154 Updates]
    1. Wing Beat attack delay is set to 330ms.
    2. Tempest Blades skill description has been updated.
    3. Advanced Tempest Blades skill description has been updated.

  60. Ayumilove Post author

    @Kaiserjhd: All all AP (Ability Points) into STR (Strength) as it will boost up your damage much more than DEX (Dexterity) by approximately 5 times. Also, MapleStory will unlock the AP Cap of 999, therefore you can add more STR into it instead of distributing into other stats.

  61. Ayumilove Post author

    @RedHotPower: You can add 50 DEX for extra damage (its approximately equivalent to 10 STR in terms of damage), but for me I add MP so I can save more on meso and more convenient for me to reduce pot consumption with Elixirs.

  62. RedHotPower

    you should change the hyper skill build to add 50 dex instead of MP unless you can give me a good reason why you shouldn’t

  63. Eddielogy

    Since I’ve been playing Kaiser as main, what I can suggest for Hyper Skill is not to add Wingbeat. What I have done is to pump into Inferno Dragon as it gives a higher damage and longer burn effect on mobs.

    You’ll be using Gigas Waves, Blade Burst and Dragon Barrage very often when bossing. Also, Gigas Wave does slows enemies down, thus there’s no reason to add Wingbeat hyper skill.

    It’s just suggestion but I feel that this order is better.

  64. Kaiserjhd

    Hi Ayumilove, just a little quick question. My Kaiser is at 60+ and has a lot of STR+, but thought ‘what would be a good status for a Kaiser?’ It has a lot of health, STR+ is amazing and would DEX+ be good to build since its God like to be fast and strong at the same time. What would be your suggestion in building a Kaiser status?

  65. Hui

    Hi ayumi. i am consider a newbie to maplestory (coz i just started play for 2 days !) and can u recommend me to play a new job? coz i am currently no mesos. and i also not interested to put real money to gaming. so can u recommend me a job to play? i am currently playing maplesea. i seek for power and mobility ( moving ability)

  66. james tan

    hi, i am lv 120my dmg is only 10k with buff pls help me ?

  67. kalvin

    ayumi,after the path that xenon nerfed,kaiser or xenon better in bossing?
    thx for your comment :)

  68. daszxc

    i accidentally added gigas wave burden by mistake. is that okaY?

  69. starl3uck

    Thanks for the awesome guide. :)

  70. Kang

    hi…thx for your guide ayumi
    i hav a question here

    is the kaiser hav been nerfed in MS Sea? because i mention that my dmg is quite low compared to xenon and angelic buster of my fren and all of us are nt funded…is kaiser still nice at bossing? :D

  71. Lucas0531

    U need to do quest to get Nova Temprance? At what lvl do u get the quest?

  72. Helax

    what the minimum level for nova temperance?

  73. Kaiserososo

    Nooo. Its weird being a Kaiser without horns. Well, thanks anyway ;)

  74. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Kaiserososo, you will lose your tiny horns if you change Kaiser hairstyle. It will not attach those tiny horns on the new hairstyle. If you are annoyed of that torns, hairstyle is one alternative to remove it *permanently*.

  75. Kaiserososo

    Ayumi! While browsing through Cash Shop’s hairstyle coupons, I realized that when i “try” the hairstyles, my Kaiser loses his horns!! Does this mean that if I buy a hair coupon, and change to a different hair, the horns will disappear?!

    Thanks in advance ;)

  76. kjh07

    Thx for your explain Ayumi

  77. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi kjh07, their drop rate is much more generous compared to MSEA, and multiple times more in Tespia Server (KMST).

  78. kjh07

    is KMS drop rate higher than MSEA

  79. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi SimplyHumble, as ELLO replied, they are passive upgrade of the first attacker mode. Same applies with defender mode.

  80. ELLO

    @simplyhumble: they are just an upgrade so you attacker mode just get more and more powerful

  81. SimplyHumble

    Hi Ayumi, Just curious are the upgrades to the attacker mode stack? or do they just change to the upgraded effect? Thank you in advance. :3

  82. ELLO

    @ John Keyes: plz read the guide. it has been stated it will not show in 4th job skill. simply going to 4th job will enhance ur final form; no sp required at all

  83. john keyes

    where do i find Kaiser’s final final form for 4th job???

  84. Ray

    What is nova temperance

  85. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi ace, I have added 2 videos below the guide on how to get the Nova Temperance.

  86. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi jeckson, check this video out

  87. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Wesley, when a new job such as Kaiser is released, GM NPC will reward free weapon and equipment for approximately 1 month. After that, you need to hunt those by yourself or purchase them at Free Market from other players who put them up for sale! Therefore, always play new job when they are first release to cut down the trouble of search equipment.

  88. i play maplesea

    can’t believe so many people play maplestorysea

  89. ace

    hi ayumi sorry to bother u how do i get my nova temperance currently lvl 154

  90. jeckson

    hello ayumi,can i ask how to get the Nova Temperance ???>.<

  91. Wesley

    I’m lvl 30 but I am not getting my new equipment!? help?!!

  92. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Hans, I recommend that you do not add any AP into MP as this will degrade your damage output. Just dump all AP into STR (Strength – primary stat for warrior). Currently my Kaiser is approximately level 100+ and my MP is more than sufficient for multiple trips of airlifts :) It did not occur to me about having little MP or the need to conserve MP for these flying trips. During my newbie Kaiser levels, I stick to training areas which is packed with mobs like a can of sardines and this training spots would be quite close to town area, probably 3-4 maps away which I just walk while killing enemies on the way.

  93. hans

    Hi, thanks for this awesome guide. I know kaiser has really low MP and with airlift maxed, was wondering if you adivce pumping in some ap points to mp. Or should i hold out? Im in maplesea btw.

  94. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Phoong Zan Yip, previously I train in Stronghold and monsters there just drop mysterious mastery book. It will randomly give a Mastery Book which isn’t just Kaiser. Then trade those book for meso and purchase the one you need from Free Market.

  95. Phoong Zan Yip

    Err, Ayumilove, your guide is great. I am currently lv 110 in maplestorySEA. Can i know which monster drop mastery skill book for kaiser?

  96. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Sean, the information should be based on GMS patch.

  97. Sean

    Uhm, is this infomation based on latest patch in kms? which is already post nerf on kaiser…kinda confuse with other guide though

  98. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Howlongdiduplaymaplestory, I could not find the error you are pointing out o__o Could you copy a snippet of the sentence?

  99. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi GlowinSmiles, do you have a graphic card with shaders? If not, you will not be able to see your Final Form. This happens to me with my Mechanic. After changing the color of my tank/mecha, I could not see my robot but only left the visible part of my character in a sitting position on top of an invisible robot. To solve this, you will need a 3rd party grapic card though.

  100. Howlongdiduplaymaplestory

    Kaiser Equipment , INT – intelligent , u have a mistake there :)

  101. vietbeo

    Hi Ayumi, I’m 152 right now but why i don’t have Kaiser’s Majesty skill. Can u tell me how to get it

  102. Blazeman22

    hi ayumi i am now lv 113 with kaiser and i was just wondering where or how do u get mastery books? please answer im lost on where to get them

  103. GlowinSmiles

    Ermm ayumilove Help? i recently used the main colour change coupon and after i used it i can no longer see me in my final form! i only used the coupon when i was the 4th job.
    so why cant i see myself in the final form after using the main colour changing coupon?

  104. Branden

    Friend, how can i master blade burst? any skill book available?

  105. DaLittleDevil

    Hey Ayumi just wondering what armor set should i get as i’m extremely(a bit ridiculously) well funded

  106. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Bob craver, most of my equips are obtain from looting monster drops instead of purchasing from shops. Drop rate from monsters has increased compared to previous MapleStory versions.

  107. Bob craver

    Hey Ayumi i was just wondering for a kaiser are there any special swords, hats, clothes, etc. you can get or just buy them from the shop in different cities.

  108. Ayumilove Post author

    You’re welcome NovaBoy.

  109. Wkong

    can I know , why the attack base at lv 1 to 70 is so low ?

  110. NovaBoy

    Hi Ayumilove, your informations are always the best! Thanks!

  111. Benjamin

    Uh ayumi,my kaiser transformation turned black at 4th job,is there a reason for this? Cos my friend had the same problem too…

  112. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi It’s Me, you can grab Expert Sword Mastery. Then purchase Blade Burst Mastery Book and maxed that first before Expert Sword Mastery.

  113. Its Me

    Hey AyumiLove, what sb shud i choose? :Gigas Wave, Dragon Barrage, Advanced Tempest Blades, Unbreakable Will and Expert Sword Mastery.

  114. DeSnowy

    The price also depends on the server as the price is not the same in every server. In Aquila, kaiser books arn’t that expensive, ranging from 20-50m.

  115. Cloudspell

    Hi LeeKwangSoo, I’ve heard from a friend who does mechanting that nova warrior mastery book can go for about 200m++. And besides that, expert sword mastery is probably the most useful/recommended from what I’ve searched :)
    Someone correct me if I’m wrong ><

  116. LeeKwangSoo

    who know kaiser which mastery book is most expensive or useful in maple sea ?????????

  117. Andy IsBored

    Ayumi can u post a video on how to do Kaiser quest Dragon Link Practice? I dont know how to do the quest

  118. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Eric, thanks for the update :) Hopefully we can get to Xenon soon!

  119. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks John for the Advance Tempest Blades Skill Update, I’ll be correcting it right away and also tweak the skill build guide to take advantage of the passive weapon attack it provides :)

  120. Eric

    Hi Ayumi, MapleSEA is now available of Kaiser and Luminous 2 new class too. Thanks

  121. John

    Hey ayumi, I just find it weird that u maxed the Advance Tempest Blades at 4th job, the last, cause when i see it on MSEA, it has a passive, that adds 1 WA per skill level. Please reply ;D

  122. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi KaiserNub try using right + down + attack to activate the skill.

  123. KaiserNub

    Hello I just started a kaiser and trying to learn about the dragon link combo. It says to use left and down plus attack so use a skill but i can only use that skill in the left direction but not the right. Is that supposed to happen?

  124. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi JR, sorry I do not have any advice on better set/upgrade gear. Normally, I just use regular equips :) Perhaps some other veteran MapleStory players can share their opinion on this.

  125. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Cloudspell for answering Justin’s query regarding the attacker mode II which could not be assigned to the key slot :)

  126. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Justin, as Cloudspell said, you can only drag and drop the attacker mode I. The rest of the attacker mode receive on different job advancement is a passive improvement of the first.

  127. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Blazeman22, sorry for the late reply. Petrified skill was the unofficial skill name for Stone Dragon.

  128. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Eddie, thanks for pointing it out. I will be changing the name Petrified to Stone Dragon.

  129. Eddie

    Hi Ayumilove

    I want to ask you about the Petrified skill. I don’t see any from my 3rd Job window. Appreciate if you can explain it to me? Thanks.

  130. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Jason, thanks for the compliment :)

  131. jason

    ayumi sogood

  132. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Benjamin, you can get the skillbooks based on the order of the skills to be maxed first.

  133. Benjamin

    Hey ayumi,can u list a complete order of which skillbooks to get 1st?

  134. Blazeman22

    um ayumi, in the 3rd job skills when u say petrified skill do u mean stone dragon?

  135. Cloudspell

    Hi Justin, attacker mode II is just a skill that adds on to the normal attacker mode skill. Once you have that, the attacker mode skill will be improved but you still use the first attacker mode skill.

  136. Justin

    Hi ayumi, I was wondering why I can drag and drop attacker mode but not attacker mode II. Please help~

  137. JR

    Hey, when is a good time to upgrade gear? I’m almost level 110 and right now I’m just using the Grand Maple Leaf set (all 8 items). What gear would you recommend once i get higher in levels? Oh and I have low funds :P Thanks!

  138. Jinn

    SRY AYUMI~jus ignore the equipment thing, didnt read the post correctly~

  139. Jinn

    Hi there Ayumilove~can i ask that why u are not adding the inner blaze(and advance) in the first place?
    cause i thought it will increase more HP when we enter higher level.
    and if all AP of kaiser goes to STR, how bout the equipment?
    and thanks for this webpage u hav done~this is awesome!!! >.<

  140. pau

    Hi Ayumi, it’s me.. pau. I’d like to ask for your advice on what profession would be best for kaiser? I know that STR is his main stat.. and the most logical choice might be mining.. but I was thinking.. would herb and alchemy be good too? Considering that it would improve his max mp?

  141. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Aaron, the one you should get is the one that boost your weapon mastery at 4th Job.

  142. Aaron

    Ayumilove, if got free mastery skill book to get, which one is the most worthy to get?

  143. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Blazeman22, sorry for the confusion. I’ll update the explanation since Kaiser 2nd Job can max out all skills without worries :)

  144. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Light for the correction! I have updated Kaiser Grand Armor Max Level from 30 to 20.

  145. Light

    Grand Armor maxes at lvl 20

  146. Blazeman22

    um, for the second job is piercing blaze the only skill u cap at lv 8 or doo u also cap another skill too?

  147. DeSnowy

    Yes I suppose so, but that would be a little slow right? :/

  148. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi DeSnowy, using Blade Burst would take down those 8 arms simultaneously and quickly compared to using pure Gigas Wave in Final Form, right?

  149. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Phan, use Blade Burst since its max monster hits is 12. Zakum has 8 arms (4 left arms, 4 right arms) that would suffice. Then for the main body, use Giga Wave in Final Form. Hope that helps :)

  150. DeSnowy

    Use gigas wave in final form. If are lv 170, use that hyper skill 1st.

  151. Phan

    Hey ayumi, lets say im fighting zakum arms which skill should i use

  152. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Grimmjow4644, just use the auto-assign to allocate all AP (Ability Points) into STR (Strength)!

  153. Grimmjow4644

    Hi Ayumi, do i need to increase dex point or just use auto-assign and put all in str?

  154. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Kirito, I’m not sure what you mean about Kaiser changing color, but by default, its red (3rd job) and black (4th job). But you can use tickets to change the strips color. For instance, 4th job can have purple, gold, blue, green, red, etc color stripes on the black armor.

  155. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Anything, Kaiser isn’t gender lock :)

  156. Kirito

    dear ayumi with the kaiser colour will i retain my 3rd jobs main colour scheme when i reach 4th job or will it reset?

  157. Anything

    Does kaiser have a gender lock?

  158. Dylan

    When I reached 4th job my final form became black. Does everyone get the same color or do you get a random one when u advance?

  159. Benjamin

    Thanks ayumi your sites the best.

  160. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Benjamin, Kaiser skills can be activated in 2 manners, one is similar to Aran where you execute a chain of keys OR just assign the skill key to a keyboard button like how we use to play the normal jobs. I prefer the later since I hate spamming the keyboard. Tires my fingers :D

  161. Benjamin

    Oh yeah im playing sea n i dont have kaiser yet thats y im asking 2 b sure

  162. Benjamin

    Hey ayumi, i just wanted 2 ask if command is n active key or do we have 2 do something else?

  163. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi XxslayerxX, you can only choose 1 mode, either Attack or Defense. If you are on Defense Mode, and you activate Attack Mode, it will cancel the previous mode. Also, you could only activate 1 type of mode (Example: If you activate Level 3 Attack Mode, your current mode such as Level 2 Attack Mode will be replaced). For me, I opt for Attack Mode since its better to kill the monster faster than having it retaliating, thus losing health. Usually Attack Mode helps a lot in 1 hit kills – based from my experience training my Kaiser around Level 100+ at Herb Town: Red-Nose Pirate Den 2/3 :D

  164. XxslayerxX

    Ayumi can we actually use attacker mode one,two and three at the same time?and another question,can we use both defenser mode and attacker mode at the same time?

  165. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Demonzen, Kaiser is really strong! Stronger than Hayato even with basic equips (weapon and armor from quests).

  166. Demonzen

    So strong…..

  167. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Dark_Wizzie, for me, I just plugin the keys itself into the keyboard as like how you do with other jobs. Drag/Click the skill icon and place it into the Keyboard Config. That way, you don’t need to spam-clicking the keyboard-arrows to get the skill activated. However, if you find it hard to memorize the keys, key combination is the way to go :)

  168. Dark_wizzie

    Sorry for spam (can’t edit posts). I see I can attack either direction, the best way is to press down, left, attack at the same time. It’s still hard to get it every time though…

  169. Dark_wizzie

    I’m having trouble activating linked-UI skills. The Linked-UI is basically a Kaiser attack skill assigned to a key comination, right? So I need need to attack a few times before using link it seems. Sometimes I get it activated, sometimes I don’t. I can activate left/down/attack, but not left/up/attack. And why left? I can’t activate if I attack on the right hand side?

  170. Dark_wizzie

    Considering the high cooldown of Kaiser’s hyper, it’s actually quite weak compared to the new hypers coming in.

  171. greenarrowspark2

    Could you make a Hyper Skill guide for Kaiser? I don’t know what to put the SP into for the Stat and Passive ones.

  172. Edwin

    hmm… can kaiser hold two handed axe?? (curious)

  173. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi 1337h4x0rz, there is (Tempest Blades) skill on Kaiser 2nd Job and (Advanced Tempest Blades) skill on Kaiser 4th Job. You need to max the (Tempest Blades) on 2nd Job in order to unlock (Advanced Tempest Blades). Hope that clarifies your doubt!

  174. 1337h4x0rz

    Hi Ayumi. How can u max Advanced Tempest Blade, when it requires max lvl Tempest blade?

  175. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Melia, probably next month Asiasoft releases another patch but it might not be kaiser but something else. They are enjoying their Chinese New Year break hahaha. Based on Asiasoft patching update history, it seems they will be releasing updates every 20-30 days (max 1 month) such as the Phantom, Liberation of Azwan and finally Dual Blade Reorganization + Hilla.

  176. Melia

    Will Kaiser Come To MSEA?T_T

  177. Crazy

    question, I play on GMS. I want to know how to use my dragon link skills from the UI slot rather than the hot key in my final form. I dont know how since when i go to final form, the commands are gone but the skills are there. Please help.

  178. Ayumilove Post author

    Added Kaiser storyline!

  179. Ayumilove Post author

    Kaiser 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th Job Skill Build have been revamped for better leveling.

  180. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi GDlyFlashXCc, what is happening to mapleesa economy?

  181. GDlyFlashXCc

    sos maple sea economy crisis

  182. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Sang, thanks for stopping by to leave a comment. :)

  183. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi VizardLord, the 4th Job Skill Build Guide maxes Advanced Tempest Blades first (higher priority). But you will need to have 1 SP (Skill Points) into some of the 4th Job Active Skills first to allow you to try and see which skills fits your playing style. Some skills works better in certain area (use Dragon Barrage for flat lands, Blade Burst for multiple platforms ) depending on your training area.

  184. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Evictoria, it is through experience with playing multiple jobs :)

  185. Evictoria

    How do you know which skill to max out first? What’s the secret to building skills?

  186. Vizardlord

    Shouldn’t Advanced tempest blades have higher priority due to the passive attack bonus?

  187. Sang

    I had no idea you were still around. I used to use your guides back when GMS was new. I thought you disappeared sometime after pirates came out. xD Thanks for the help

  188. Captain

    I heard kaiser is coming out in dec and also I was wondering if anyone who played kms knew if the empress gear has had the dex removed with them now only requiring you to lvl your main stat.

  189. matthew

    @joel thank for the help

  190. Joel

    @matthew When it comes out.
    I’d guess in early/mid 2013 though.

  191. matthew

    do u know when this job will be out in gms

  192. Benny Chan

    well,i think GMS will get Nova class,after all,i saw luminous story line got magnus,so i think got nova class in GMS

  193. Yu King

    lol agree

  194. Ayumilove Post author

    @Khor Yu King: Hmm, I hope the job and skill art created by MapleSEA looks as good as KMS generated. By the appearances of the monsters in Malaysia Map Park, it looks too simple and a bit awkward.

  195. Khor Yu King

    I hope that MapleSea will cr8 it own job same like the others

  196. Ayumilove Post author

    @Deity: We will have to wait and see :)

  197. Deity

    Ok, thanks! And what other nova classes are out there?

  198. Ayumilove Post author

    @Deity: KMS might be distributing this new content to USA probably 6-12 months as seen by previous release of Phantom Thief Job (took approximately 6 months) from KMS to GMS. Nova classes does not seem to be an exclusive job like Hayato/Kanna (JMS Jobs)

  199. Deity

    Ayumilove, will Kaiser be available in the USA soon? Because I think this might be my favorite out of the new classes to come.

  200. killallbabies

    @Maplerxsszz, since there are 5 Nova Classes, and each one is connected to each other by storyline, Kaiser and the other 4 jobs are most likely going to be realeased for all versions of Maplestory , so don’t worry. MapleSEA will get them eventually.

  201. Ayumilove Post author

    It might but we wouldn’t know for sure unless a public announcement is made by the official MapleSEA Developers/Administrators on their site.

  202. MaplerXsszz

    Is the Kaiser job available for MapleSEA(Singapore/Malaysia/Phillipines) version in the future?

  203. ConfusedRaika

    @Jonas I think MapleSea isn’t going to get this class in years.

    I’m just more concerned about Kaiser being gender restricted. Though Angelic Burster looks like a female restricted class, because MEN can’t be Mahou Shoujo.

  204. Jonas

    Is this an exclusive character? or will it be available in the future for all countries? Because im playing maplesea

  205. Mano

    You are correct, it is changing to golden/yellow armor, but I need to check if it is autmatically level 20 or raises from level to level.
    But I don’t think it is really cretain, you are doing a great job, thank you. :)

  206. Ayumilove Post author

    I have re-updated the Kaiser skill build guide.

  207. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Mano, if you can’t find the Final Transfiguration in 4th Job, I think its a skill hidden from players skill window. (The skill is an enhancement to that Final Transfiguration in 3rd Job but does not require any SP, automatically sync level to it)

    I assume that when Final Transfiguration is used in 3rd Job, you will be in silver armor whereas in 4th Job, you transform with golden/yellow armor, am I correct?

    If yes, I have to amend the guide above :)

  208. Mano

    (I think the 20 SP points needed for Golden Final Transfiguration that got removed as been added to the cap of Sword Strike and Infernal Breath to 30, but I am not really sure, that’s just my opinion.)

  209. Mano

    Moreover, there is no such a skill as Golden Final Transfiguration at the 4th job from what I have seen.

  210. Ayumilove Post author

    Kaiser Skill Information has been updated to KMS 1.2.167 (25-July-2012)

  211. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Mano for the notice. I guess JMS/KMS is planning to reward 5 SP for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Job Advancement just to fill up those gaps :)

  212. Mano

    I leveld my kaiser to 100, and from what I know so far, on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd job you max every single skill. Just wanted to correct you.
    On each job advance excluding the 1st one you get 4 SP to fill up the reshuffles and the dragon slash buff.

  213. Tanner

    Ayumi i downloaded the hackshield update that u told me to download, i launched the game and then i got this error 0x3000ffff(805371903) This is an error that occurs when there is an unknwon porblem.