MapleStory Character Card System Guide (Grade + Bonus Effects)

MapleStory Card System allows you to make use of your idle characters within your account. However, that character must be at least Level 30 for the system to create a card out of it. Each card has unique attributes based on the job and card grade. Mix and combine 3 different cards and the resulting effect/benefits will be applied to all characters in the same world of that account. You will be provided 2 card decks, each with 3 card slots. The card grade is determined by the level of your character. Cygnus Knights can only have up to Grade A (Level 120). To access the “Character Card”, click the button located on the top-right of the login screen.

List of Grades by Level

Applies to all jobs except Cygnus Knights
Grade B : Level 30-59
Grade A : Level 60-99
Grade S : Level 100-199
Grade SS : Level 200

Cygnus Knights Grade
Grade B : Level 30-69
Grade A : Level 70-120

Zero Grade
Grade B : Level 120
Grade A : Level 140
Grade S : Level 160
Grade SS : Level 200

Beast Tamer Grade
Grade B : Level 30-59
Grade A : Level 60-99
Grade S : Level 100-199
Grade SS : Level 200

Job (Bonus Effects) : Grade B/A/S/SS

ClassBonus Effects
ExplorerWarriorHeroWeapon DEF +2/3/4/5%
PaladinFinal Physical Damage +0.5/1/1.5/2 per character level
Dark KnightMax HP +2/3/4/5%
MagicianFire/PoisonMax MP +2/3/4/5%
Ice/LightningM. ATT +0.5/1/1.5/2 per character level
BishopMP Potion Effect +5/10/15/20%
BowmanBow MasterAccuracy +2/4/6/8%
Crossbow MasterCrit chance +1/2/3/4%
ThiefNight LordJump +2/3/4/5%
ShadowerMovement Speed +2/3/4/5%
Blade MasterAvoidability +2/3/4/5%
PirateViperBonus damage +2/3/4/5 per character level
CaptainSummon duration +4/6/8/10%
Cannon ShooterDeath EXP loss -2/3/4/5%
ZenMinimum Critical Damage increase by 1/2/3/4%
JettSummon duration +2/4/8/10%
ResistanceWarriorDemon SlayerAbnormal Status Resistance +1/2/3/4%
WarriorDemon AvengerBoss Damage +1/2/3/5%
MagicianBattle MageDamage when hit -2/3/4/5%
BowmanWild Hunter0.5/1/1.5/2% chance to instant kill (bosses excluded)
ThiefXenonBonus Stat +5/10/20/40 for STR, DEX, and LUK.
PirateMechanicBuff duration +5/10/15/20%
HeroWarriorAran70% chance to restore 2/4/6/8% of max HP on successful hit
MagicianEvan70% chance to restore 2/4/6/8% of max MP on successful hit
MagicianLuminousINT +10/20/40/80
BowmanMercedesSkill cooldown -2/3/4/5%
ThiefPhantomMeso acquisition +1/2/3/4%
PirateEunwolMin and Max Critical Damage +1/2/3/5%
NovaWarriorKaiserSTR +10/20/40/80
PirateAngelic BusterDexterity +10/20/40/80
SengokuWarriorHayatoMinimum Critical Damage +2/4/6/8%
MagicianKannaBoss Damage +1/2/3/4%
UniqueWarriorZeroBonus EXP Per Monster Kill +4/6/8/10%
MagicianBeast TamerIgnore Monster DEF +2/4/6/8%
CygnusWarriorDawn WarriorDefense +2/3/4/5%
MagicianBlaze Wizard0.5/1/1.5/2 magic damage per character level.
BowmanWind ArcherAccuracy +0.5/1/1.5/2
ThiefNight WalkerAvoid +2/3%
PirateStrikerFinal Damage +(2/3/4/5 * Playing character level)
WarriorMihileDefense +2/3/4/5%

Angelic Buster Dexterity +10/20/40/80
Aran +70% chance to restore HP on hit every 60 sec. HP +2/4/6/8%
Battle Mage Damage when hit -2/3/4/5%
Beast Tamer Ignore Monster DEF +2/4/6/8%
Bishop MP Potion Effect +5/10/15/20%
Blaze Wizard 0.5/1/1.5/2 magic damage per character level.
Bow Master Accuracy +2/4/6/8%
Buccaneer Bonus damage per level +2/3/4/5
Cannoneer EXP loss on death -2/3/4/5%
Corsair Summon duration +4/6/8/10%
Dark Knight Max HP +2/3/4/5%
Dawn Warrior aka Soul master Defense +2/3/4/5%
Demon Avenger Boss Damage +1/2/3/5%
Demon Slayer Abnormal Stat Resistance +1/2/3/4%
Dual Blade Avoid +2/3/4/5%
Eunwol Min and Max Critical Damage +1%/2%/3%/5%
Evan +70% chance to restore MP on hit +2/4/6/8%
Fire/Poison Magician Max MP +2/3/4/5%
Hayato Minimum Critical Damage +2/4/6/8%
Hero Defense +2/3/4/5%
Ice/Lightning Magician Final Magical Damage +(0.5/1/1.5/2 * Playing character level)
Jett Summon duration +2/4/8/10%
Kaiser STR +10/20/40/80
Luminous INT +10/20/40/80
Kanna Boss Damage +1/2/3/4%
Marksman Critical chance +1/2/3/4%
Mechanic Buff duration +5/10/15/20%
Mercedes Skill cooldown -2/3/4/5%
Mihile Defense +2/3/4/5%
Night Lord Jump +2/3/4/5%
Night Walker Avoid +2/3%
Paladin Final Physical Damage +(0.5/1/1.5/2 * Playing character level)
Phantom Meso Rate +1/2/3/4%
Shadower Speed +2/3/4/5%
Striker aka Thunder Breaker Final Damage +(2/3/4/5 * Playing character level)
Wild Hunter Chance to instant kill +0.5/1.0/1.5/2.0%
Wind Breaker aka Wind Archer Accuracy +0.5/1/1.5/2
Xenon Bonus Stat +5/10/20/40 for STR, DEX, and LUK.
Zen Minimum Critical Damage increase by 1/2/3/4%
Zero Bonus EXP Per Monster Kill +4/6/8/10%

[Note] Playing character level means the character that you have selected to play in-game (boss/training) instead of the character card level.

Three-of-a-kind Bonus Breakdown

Deck NameConditionBonus Effects
Powerful Charge3 Warrior Cards+4/6/8/10% of MaxHP Bonus Damage
Magical Storm3 Magician Cards+4/6/8/10% of MaxMP Bonus Damage
Pinpoint Aim3 Bowman CardsFinal Attack Damage +1/2/3/4%
Weak Point Targeting3 Thief CardsMax Critical Damage +1/2/3/4%
Pirate’s Way3 Pirate CardsIgnore Defense +2/4/6/8%
Free Spirit3 Explorer CardsAll Stats +2/5/7/10
Honour of Cygnus3 Cygnus CardsAll Stats +2/5
The Glorious Return3 Hero CardsAll Stats +2/5/7/10
Blaze of Resistance3 Resistance CardsAll Stats +2/5/7/10
Warrior’s First Step3 Rank B CardsHP +300, MP +300
Warrior’s Growth3 Rank A CardsATK +1, M.ATK +1, HP 500, MP 500
Warrior’s Feat3 Rank S CardsATK +3, M.ATK +3, Boss ATK +3%, HP +700, MP +700
Completed Warrior3 Rank SS CardsATK +5, M.ATK +5, Boss ATK +5%, HP +1000, MP +1000

3 of a Kind Deck (Condition – Bonus) Effects

Powerful Charge (3 Warrior Cards – HP bonus damage) +4% +6% +8% +10%
Magical Storm (3 Magician Cards – MP bonus damage) +4% +6% +8% +10%
Pinpoint Aim (3 Bowman Cards – Final Attack damage) +1% +2% +3% +4%
Weak Point Targeting (3 Thief Cards – Max Critical damage) +1% +2% +3% +4%
Pirate’s Way (3 Pirate Cards – Ignore DEF) +2% +4% +6% +8%
Free Spirit (3 Explorer Cards – All Stats) +2 +5 +7 +10
Honor of Cygnus (3 Cygnus Cards – All Stats) +2 +5
The Glorious Return (3 Hero Cards – All Stats) +2 +5 +7 +10
Blaze of Resistance (3 Resistance Cards – All Stats) +2 +5 +7 +10
Warrior’s First Step (3 Rank B Cards – HP and MP) HP 300, MP 300
Warrior’s Growth (3 Rank A Cards – ATK, HP and MP) ATK +1, M.ATK +1, HP 500, MP 500
Warrior’s Feat (3 Rank S Cards – ATK, HP and MP) ATK +3, M.ATK +3, Boss ATK +3%, HP +700, MP +700
Completed Warrior (3 Rank SS Cards – ATK, HP and MP) ATK +5, M.ATK +5, Boss ATK +5%, HP +1000, MP +1000

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Rank determined by Character Card Level?
Rank is determined by the rank of the average character level in the set. 100+100+94 -> A rank (98 average), 106+100+94 -> S rank (100 average).

Do we gain benefits from two decks at once? Essentially granting you 6 class bonuses and two combo bonuses? Yes. You get the effects of all 6 cards, + 2 set bonuses for the 2 sets.

If I have 3 Explorer cards but they’re not in the same deck, do I still get the effect? Or do the cards all have to be together for that to work? A: All 3 Explorer cards MUST be in the same deck in order to benefit from Three-of-a-kind Bonuses.

Can I have 2 or more of the same job placed within these 2 decks? A: No, only 1 unique job can be place in both decks. If you have a Buccaneer in the 1st Deck, you are not allowed to place another Buccaneer into the 1st nor the 2nd deck of cards. In short, you can’t place 3 Buccaneer card in a deck, let alone 2 Buccaneer for its awesome damage. Only unique jobs.

What “level to physical+magical damage” means. Is it just % Total Damage?
Your level multiplied by the card’s effect, added to your damage range. The Paladin card only affects physical damage ranges, the I/L Archmage card only affects magical damage ranges, the Buccaneer card affects both.
Ex. Level 120 Bucc (Mutliplier is 4)
Level 200 character, range is 100000.
200 * 4 = 800, range becomes 100800.

Ex. Level 200 IL (Multiplier is 2)
Level 180 Mage, range is 50000.
180 * 2 = 360, range becomes 50360.

Ex. Level 200 IL (Multiplier is 2)
Level 180 Warrior, range is 50000.
Range is unchanged, IL only affects damage range for magicians.

List of Best Card Combinations

Below is a list of card combinations which might be suitable for you. Create and level up 3 characters to 3rd Job to gain Grade A benefits for your primary or favorite character (making it easier to reach Level 200). Then setup both decks with the equivalent card combinations to gain DOUBLE benefits! NOTE: You are given a total of 2 decks and both decks apply their benefits to all characters within your account in that world.

Money Saver Deck
1. Every attack has 70% chance to replenish 4% of Max HP. (Aran)
2. Every attack has 70% chance to replenish 4% of Max MP. (Evan)
3. Increases meso acquisition by 4% for every meso loot. (Phantom)
4. Boost all stats by 5. (3 Hero Cards)
5. +1 Weapon Magic Attack, +500 Max HP MP (3 Rank A Cards)

Magician Damage Boosting Deck
1. +1 Magic Attack per level (Ice/Lightning Magician)
2. +4% Magic Attack per level (Blaze Wizard)
3. +3% Max MP (Fire/Poison Magician)
4. 6% of Max MP add into damage (3 Magician Cards).
5. +1 Weapon Magic Attack, +500 Max HP MP (3 Rank A Cards)

Non-Magician Damage Boosting Deck
1. Every attack has 70% chance to replenish 4% of Max HP. (Aran)
2. +3% Max HP (Dark Knight)
3. +1 Weapon Damage per level (Paladin)
4. 6% of Max HP add into damage (3 Warrior Cards)
5. +1 Weapon Magic Attack, +500 Max HP MP (3 Rank A Cards)

Pure Damage Deck
1. +3 damage per level (Buccaneer)
2. +3 damage per level (Thunder Breaker)
3. +1 Weapon/Magic Damage per level (Paladin / Ice-Lightning Magician)
4. +1 Weapon Magic Attack, +500 Max HP MP (3 Rank A Cards)

Survivability Deck for Boss Raid
1. +3% Defense (Dawn Warrior)
2. +3% Defense (Hero)
3. +3% Defense (Mihile)
4. 6% of Max HP add into damage (3 Warrior Cards)
5. +1 Weapon Magic Attack, +500 Max HP MP (3 Rank A Cards)

Kent Deck Build

1) Dark knight + Kaiser + paladin( 4% hp + 40 Str + 1.5 x level damage) 8% hp to damage
2) Battle mage + Evan + F/P mage( -4% damage taken + 70% chance to restore 6% mp + 4%mp) 8% mp to damage
3) Angelic buster + buccaneer + Xenon ( 40 dex + 4 damage/level + 20 str/luk/dex) ignore 6% def

1) Dark knight + aran + paladin
2) luminous + I/L mage + F/P mage
3) Buccaneer + xenon + Cannoneer or Angelic Buster

Udin Card Deck Build

If you have many normal adventurer card (mage), you should use all. In order to help reduce mp pot usage. I use ice lightning card, bishop card and fire poison card in one deck. This three card give good effect which is adding % max mp as damage. Besides, ice lightning card itself give magic attack base on level of character. Luminous card give INT which can increase MP. Evan card also can regain mp, also can regain more mp. Furthermore, xenon link skill also give 10% all stat at lv2, enhance max mp at the same time each lvl up.


Share your card combinations by posting a comment below!

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148 thoughts on “MapleStory Character Card System Guide (Grade + Bonus Effects)

  1. Element

    Are I/l Mage and blaze wizard final damage or magic attack?

  2. Element

    Can a deck have 2 unique deck effects? Ex. All 3 explorer Mage cards. Will it give both the magician set effect and explorer set effect? I saw on another site it says we can only get 3 unique effects from decks.

  3. Xeo322

    @Powstrike: Xenon is both thief and pirate and can activate both set effects as needed when it is sloted.

  4. Powstrike

    For the Kent deck build, the last deck consists of 2 pirates and a thief. Are there any particular reasons for not getting the pirate or thief deck set bonus?

  5. Ayumilove Post author

    @Csy21st: All 3 decks will take effect.

  6. Csy21st

    currently there are 3 decks, so only the first 2 decks affect or all 3?

  7. Paxton Ly

    Is zero+palidin+dark knight good?

  8. yooo

    Can I have two of the same set bonuses at one time, like say, two ‘Magical Storm’ combos stacked together? In other words, I have 2 decks of 6 Magician class character cards.

  9. Ayumilove Post author

    @AlexNg: Let’s take an example: Your account has 2 jobs. Level 200 Paladin and Level 100 Kaiser. Level 200 Paladin provides a multiplier physical damage of 2 in your deck card. When you are playing Kaiser, Kaiser’s level will be multiplied by 2 and this produces 200 physical damage (Level 100 x 2 = 200). This damage will be added to the final damage of Kaiser’s (after the deduction of enemy’s defenses and skill multiplier). Assuming Kaiser deals 1000 damage to an enemy, he/she will now deal 1200 with Paladin’s deck card bonus.

  10. AlexNg

    Paladin Final Physical Damage +(0.5/1/1.5/2 * Playing character level)
    what does it mean? @@?

  11. Unknown

    @Ayumilove thank u for replying to my comment hope maple will update it. Gd luck with future maplestory guides :D!

  12. Ayumilove Post author

    @Unknown: Previously they were only 2 decks and they have upgraded to 3 decks. I’m not sure if they would want to increase 1 more deck. We will need to wait for the official announcement :D

  13. Unknown

    Do u think it’s possible to have more than 3 decks in future maplestory? It wld be useful

  14. Ayumilove Post author

    @ChuChuTrain: “Powerful Charge” is a unique deck effect. Therefore, having 2 warrior decks does not stack more than 1 Powerful Charge. This was tested with my characters (Mihile + Dawn Warrior + Dark Knight) + (Demon Avenger + Kaiser + Aran). This limitation also extends to other 3-of-a-kind effects such as “Magical Storm”, “Pinpoint Aim”, “Pirate’s Way”, “Honor of Cygnus” etc.

  15. ChuChuTrain

    lets say if i have 2 warrior deck….will the Powerful Charge stack? ._.

  16. reephlex

    @nar, yes the warrior’s feat effect stacks, my question is however, does putting 6 different warrior classes give 16% of hp into damage? or does powerful charge not stack?

  17. nar

    correction: can all 3 decks contain rank S cards of different characters AND different jobs?

  18. nar

    hi, i play msea. is it possible to have 3 decks of the same three-of-a-kind combo?

    eg. if most of my non-cygnus characters are above level 100, can all 3 decks contain rank S cards of different characters and achieve 3 times the warrior’s feat effect?

  19. Sleipnir

    Sorry, i meant *final damage.

  20. Sleipnir

    Hi, Ayumi,
    by “playing character level,” does that mean that the level of my thunder breaker or paladin (no matter how low) does not affect the bonus damage i’ll get?

    let’s say my thunder breaker is level 30, but my main character that i play is level 140, will i get a total of 5×140 bonus damage?

  21. yuki

    Hi, Ayumi, if you are free could you mind telling me if 3 warrior card and all S rank card stacked? Just that phantom health is low, so im looking into maximising his health.

  22. Ayumilove Post author

    @TribalArcher: Thanks for your feedback. Hayato Card Details has been corrected!

  23. Ayumilove Post author

    @SoFunny: Thanks for your feedback. Hayato Card Details has been corrected!

  24. So Funny

    ..the hayato info is wrong his card is min cri damage.

  25. Oz

    I used this to improve my Battle mages hit

    BaM(cuz i like it and is my main)

    so i get extra ILs dmg and lumins Int, also mp goes to dmg nad lumins link 15%df ignore


    Not best cards but gets att buff on hp (notice that BaMs has lots of hp, extra hp from DK and boss dmg from Ds, the DW is cuz i had it from before card system it was my cygnus knight i recommend changing it for either kaiser or a paladin

    3 thiefs


    Ok Xenon and phantom cuz of link skills also xenon at 120 gives 10% stats and +40 stats
    the 3 thief deck gives extra 4% min crit dmg, as my Bam has 90% crit chance (60% on skills+ 15% from phantom + 10% on ring and 5% on a cape) improving my crit dmg was pretty much cool so i recomend this build, what do u think?? XD

  26. TribalArcher

    The Hayoto Card effect you have up there is incorrect. Hayoto gives increased minimum critical damage by “x”%. Not Crit rate.

  27. Ayumilove Post author

    @darren: To answer the question regarding Buccaneer vs Paladin card effect, its best to use Buccaneer if your damage multiplier is below 2.5x. A level 200 paladin effect on another level 200 character provides +410 damage range. (Adds to your min-max damage in your stat window), whereas a level 200 Buccaneer effects on another level 200 character gives a nett +1000 damage to your total damage you have output to an enemy (bypasses the critical damage/skill multiplier damage/etc).

  28. darren

    does this mean that i can see an increase attack stat? because at lvl 100 my buccaneer adds only 80 damage in the attack stat line for my lvl 143 demon slayer. dont know if its worth to make a paladin in this case

  29. Ayumilove Post author

    @darren: Paladin and Buccaneer are similar though. Just that both of them does not directly increases your Weapon Attack but added to the total damage.

  30. darren

    Dear Ayumilove,

    can you explain more about paladin and buccaneer card?
    i made a buccaneer to lvl 100 but it only increase the damage of my demon slayer by about 80.
    thus i am unsure if i should create paladin since its card is quite similar yet does not provide any link unlike other warrior classes

  31. Ayumilove Post author

    @Emimen: Yeah, both Min and Max Critical for Hero Eunwol Card.

  32. Ayumilove Post author

    @Blade: Thanks for your notice regarding the differences between these 2 pages. The correct one would be Final Physical Damage. If it was Weapon Attack, Paladin card will be too OP (Over Powered)!!!

  33. Blade

    In Paladin’s Skill Build Guide, u stated his character card is Final Physical Damage increases per level but here its Weapon Attack increase per level. Which one is correct or did I misunderstood the term final physical damage? :)

  34. Ayumilove Post author

    @jam: You could only have 1 unique job in the character card system. You can’t have 3 paladin in 1 combination card, or 1 paladin in each 3 combination card.

  35. jam

    Wouldn’t the best dmg be 3 palidan 200 cards?

  36. Ltohack

    Hayato’s character card skill is minimum crit damage % (On GMS atleast). I don’t know its exact values but at S rank it’s 6% more minimum crit damage.

  37. Emimen

    Hero Eunwol card Bonus Effects (in) and Max Critical Damage +1/2/3/5%

    in O_O Min right?

  38. Ashdown

    Hi Ayumi! I am somewhat new to MapleStory and now have a level ~165 Phantom. What cards would you recommend for me to have if I’m going to main him? The pure damage deck seems very tempting, but perhaps there’s a better option? Since I haven’t played much, it’s difficult for me to get to that “funded” level. I am working my way there, but until then, would that pure damage deck maximize my efficiency as a Phantom?

  39. VamosRamos

    Hi ayumilove, what would you suggest if I wanted to main a wildhunter? Thanks :)

  40. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Hank, here is a suggestion (Zero + Demon Avenger + Hayato) = warrior deck set + 3 Link Skills, and (Mercedes + Phantom + Eunwol) = mix deck set + 3 Link Skills. You will need to do some research on your side, whether you can play them till level 100 without getting bored and also whether you are interested in using those link skills more than the stats provided by the deck card. You will need to weigh your options :)

  41. Hank

    if i want to play a Angelic buster, what character card and what link skill are best / i only have 6
    character slot

  42. jerry

    Dear ayumi,
    So ice lightning and blaze wizard give m.atk per lv or magic damage per lv

  43. Ayumilove Post author

    @Jerry: Magic Attack is the value that multiplies your Magic Damage. The source of magic attack can be obtained from equipment.

  44. jerry

    dear ayumi, the flame wizard add magic attack or magic damage. what was the different between magic attack and magic damage

  45. Ayumilove Post author

    @KC: Its added upon your total net damage against an enemy (after deduction of enemy’s defense). Also, the damage boost is minuscule. I would pick up other warrior types just to get a warrior deck (e.g. Zero + Demon Avenger + Dark Knight)

  46. KC

    Ayumi. I want to ask how does the damage per level character card work? Is it shown in our attack range or something else? Cause I don’t see any difference in my damage after putting them together.

  47. Kreami

    So Ayumi, which would you prefer in a third deck for pure dmg?
    Pinpoint Aim or Weak Point Targeting.

    It can either be Xenon, Jett, Angelic Buster.
    Or Xenon, Dual Blade, Phantom.

    Decks I already have:
    Powerful Charge Deck 1.
    Kaiser, Hayato, and Demon Avenger.

    Magical Storm Deck 2:
    Luminous, Kanna, Beast Tamer

    List of Cards I have (All S+):
    DK, DB, Jett, DS, Kaiser, Lumi, AB, Kanna, Hayato, Xenon, DA, WA, BT, Phan, I/L Mage.

  48. KC

    Dear Ayumilove,

    What set of character cards would you recommend for Demon Slayer and Viper?

  49. JiaChen

    Dear Ayumilove,

    What set of character cards would you recommend for Phantom?

  50. Ayumilove Post author

    @sniper: All warrior card deck (Aran, Kaiser, Demon Avenger) + (Mihile, Dawn Warrior, Dark Knight) + (Luminous, Battle Mage, Kanna) just for its bonus 3-deck card effect.

  51. sniper

    Dear Ayumilove,

    What set of character cards would you recommend for Demon Avenger?

  52. SoFarSoFail

    @Ayumilove: Ahh I see…. Thank you so much for your prompt clarification.

    Btw, is Hayato card effect Critical Rate +1/2/3/4% or +2/4/6/8%? Some other guide stated that its +2/4/6/8%. I’m not sure which is the right one though. Just so you know..


  53. Ayumilove Post author

    @SoFarSoFail: At the point the guide was made, there was only 2 card decks. MapleStory has increased the limit to 3 card decks. Xenon is considered both Thief and Pirate. So you can mix Xenon with 2 Thief Cards (Shadower + Night Lord) or 2 Pirate Cards (Buccaneer + Gunslinger).

  54. SoFarSoFail

    Hi, I’ve got some questions.

    Well can say that I’m confused actually.

    From the 3rd deck KENT Deck Build suggested to include Angelic buster + buccaneer + Xenon for Ignore 6% Def effect. If im not mistaken the % def effect will only take place when there’s 3 Pirate job in the deck.

    Is Xenon consider a Thief or Pirate?


    P/S you mentioned on the introduction “You will be provided 2 card decks”. Is it not 3 actually? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  55. Jay

    Does this mean that kanna will not get any bonus damage from the Magical Storm Set? Kinda hard figuring out the best setup for kanna since she is the only mage without mana

  56. Ayumilove Post author

    @lifeless: Thanks for the notice! I have added Luminous into the table and Zen at the bottom part.

  57. lifeless

    the job bonus effect table is missing luminous while the bottom part is missing zen

  58. solid_ice8

    @sCxLumi; that’s not the case.

    3 S Rank Cygnus VS 3 S Rank Explorers

    You’ll noticed that Cygnus set is missing that +5 all stats

    I imagine that they’ll fix it when Night Walker and Blaze Wizard gets revamped as well.

  59. sCxLumi

    Isnt the cygnus have S and SS grade since some Cygnus had revamped

  60. Ayumilove Post author

    @Dizzykiller: Xenon character card can be used as a Thief/Pirate (example: Xenon + Angelic Buster + Corsair OR Xenon + Dual Blade + Night Lord). Tested in GMS v145.

  61. Dizzykiller

    Ayumilove , may I ask? Xenon consider theif card or pirate card? And let’s say if I put xenon in 1st deck with another 2 theif, and as my 2nd 2 pirate..which set bonus will active?

  62. Ayumilove Post author

    @John Paul: Thanks for the note! I’ll add them right away :)

  63. John Paul

    Zero’s Character card system is quite different if you feel like editing it :o

    Lv 120 – B
    Lv 140 – A
    Lv 160 – S
    Lv 200 – SS

  64. Ayumilove Post author

    @Days: They should stack with one another since both are from different classes. I have yet to test it. Please feedback if you manage to test it :)

  65. Days

    Hello Ayumi, does marksman and hayato link skill stack? both adding critical %

  66. Eomin

    Is the warrior set bonus based on max hp or base hp

  67. ltohack

    Does anyone know if the Three-of-a-kind Deck bonuses stack?

    For example, if I were to have three decks made with characters of all S rank:
    Deck 1: Paladin-Demon Slayer-Demon Avenger
    Deck 2: Hayato-Dark Knight-Hero
    Deck 3: Mihile-Dawn Warrior-Kaiser

    Would I recieve 3x Warrior’s Feat (3 Rank S Cards – ATK, HP and MP – ATK +3, M.ATK +3, Boss ATK +3%, HP +700, MP +700) and 3x Powerful Charge (3 Warrior Cards – HP bonus damage – +8%)? That would be 24% bonus damage from Hp lol.

  68. Ieatmonkey

    to Teddy, yes that set works, i’m currently using that set bonus with all 3 of em at rank S, and giving 6% ignore def as a set bonus.

  69. lego101

    hello ayumi. As you know, the RED patch is coming soon to GMS, so i decided to open the new cleric. i have a lot of cards, and i dont know which decks combination will be the best. my cards are: mrcedes-A, cannoner-B, demon slayer-A, phantom-A, luminous-S, kaiser-B, aran-B, angelic-B, kanna-B, hayato-A, thunder braker-B and spearman-B. I really apprecaite if you’ll help me

  70. Teddy

    Hi ayumi just wondering the pirate set deck can I have like a striker bucc and xenon and still get the effect?

  71. Angrybirds

    How can i get a deck that adds both luk and wepon attack?

  72. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Shulily, they are not the same. Damage and weapon attack are totally different. 1 Weapon Attack would produce around 30-50+ damage depending on your job. Claw with higher attack than average would produce more damage compared to a sword if used by an Assassin.


    hello ayumi. i love all your guides. when i need help or im confused about something i check your guides. all are a big help! thanks! my question is about the “+3 damage per lvl” can you pls clear me that part? this is how i understands it. +3 per lvl = i multiply +3 to my current lvl e.g 3×150 giving me +450 damage. is that correct? wait ummm.. nvm… i thought damage and weapon attack are the same thing lol. my bad

  74. Pandi

    Do you think you could update the “LIST OF BEST CARD COMBINATIONS”?

  75. uchihajaw

    paladin att 1.5 is better then bucanner ?

  76. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Leonid, thanks for the feedback on the Hayato Card :D I learnt something new from you too!

  77. Leonid

    well this is embarrassing, apparently you have to have 2nd job before you can use even the first card.
    i got the 2nd job for my hayato and the it was the hayato card

  78. Leonid

    Hi Ayumilove, i got a lvl 49 cannoneer, lvl 91 dawn warrior and just go a lvl 30 hayato and i have no idea why i cant find a card for hayato it only shows 2 card. i got hayato so i can get a warrior set cause my dawn warrior has like no mp capacity. so can you help me understand why i got no third card, do i have to get to higher lvl or get second job first?
    Thank you in advance amyumilove

  79. Juniar

    hello Ayumilove , i want to ask that if i have 6 mage , can i get double
    Magician Damage Boosting Deck ?

  80. SoR0XaS

    @lalalalala, yes it does.

  81. lalalalala

    is evan and luminous counted as magician??? for example if i were to have luminous evan and ice/lightning in one set does it count as 3 magician cards?? :O

  82. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi PyreXiaVzla, you can have several Warrior’s Feat Bonus. If you have 2 Decks that meets that requirements, you have 2 Warrior’s Feat.

  83. PyreXiaVzla

    Hi Ayumilove, thank you so much for providing us the best guide for maple!

    I have a question though, let say I have Deck 1,
    a Rank S Luminous
    a Rank S Mercedes
    a Rank S Phantom
    this deck will give me the bonus of “Warrior’s Feat” and “The Glorious Return” correct?

    If I equip my Deck 2,
    a Rank S I/P Mage
    a Rank S Luminous
    a Rank S Battle Mage

    Will I have another bonus of “Warrior’s Feat” or I can only receive 1 “Warrior’s Feat” from 2 decks?
    Please correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks a lot!

  84. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi GW, it only adds few damage to your total damage, not weapon attack.

  85. GW

    Hi ayumi,about paladin card info.Does it add weapon attk per lvl? And baucaneer,what does bonus dmge per level mean? It adds to ur range/to ur dmge applied on boss??

  86. SoR0XaS

    Here’s mine.

    Xenon + AB + Striker (6% def ignored) [S rank Pirate’s way]
    Captain + DB + Crossbowmaster ( all stat +7) [S rank Free Spirit]
    Kaiser + DA + Mihile ( 8% hp to bonus damage) [S rank powerful charge]

    Hope this helps!

  87. Leonid

    Hi Ayumilove, thx for your help but i for got to mention that my Cygnus knight is i magician and and not one of the 3 that got buffed so i he can only go up to 120 and i don’t know if any of those are an issue.

  88. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Leonid, perhaps MapleStory developers have yet to update Cygnus Knight card rank yet even though they have implemented the Cygnus Awakening patch.

  89. Leonid

    Hi Ayumilove, i was just wondering why dont i get a second triple S effect when i have a triple S effect and in the second set have 2 lvl 140 cards with one cygnus knight at lvl 120? is it because cygnus knights dont count? or someting like that?

  90. proSnapple

    For all explorer theif, SPEED and JUMP is mandatory. technically this make theives useless.

  91. A noob

    Marksman (Critical chance) +1/2/3/4% vs Hayato (Critical Rate) +1/2/3/4%

    Don’t these two mean the same thing?

  92. Edwin

    izzit now Cygnus up to 200 lvl can get SS card in MapleSea?

  93. Kent

    hm maybe the 3 of a kind bonus section can be improved to split into “unique deck bonuses(only can have one of each)” and “stack-able deck bonuses” all those bonuses that start with “warrior’s … to completed warrior are stack-able. Magical storm and the rest that require a specific combination are unique, and can only provide the bonuses once.

  94. Amosai

    Hi! Can i ask if i have 6 magician cards, is it possible for me to get 2 magical storm decks? Would they stack? Thanks in advance for the answer!

    Special Note: This website is GREAT! Helped a lot when i started maplestory! Keep it up!

  95. Kent

    Some minor changes that can be made to the card deck build, replace Angelic Buster with striker to further increase damage, and if u boss a lot u may want to replace paladin with Demon Avenger for a little more damage on bosses.

    So the new deck builds I use as shown below

    1) Dark knight + Kaiser + paladin( 4% hp + 40 Str + 1.5 x level damage) 8% hp to damage
    2) Battle mage + Evan + F/P mage( -4% damage taken + 70% chance to restore 6% mp + 4%mp) 8% mp to damage
    3) Striker + buccaneer + Xenon ( 4 damage/level + 4 damage/level + 20 str/luk/dex) ignore 6% def
    The second deck build /2) can be replaced by 3 thieves for 3 % max crit damage ( only for characters with high crit rate 70% or more to be effective)

    You can do the calculations to see either 3 thieves or 3 Mage gives you a better damage boost, e.g. a 17k range 4k mp, 0.08 x 4000 = 320 damage from mp, 0.7 x 0.03 x 17000 = 357 effective damage increase(not shown in range) which makes 3 thieves only slightly better in this case.

    Another thing, I’m not sure if % total damage increase (wild rage/elementalism/ potential from weapons) affects these damage increase whether from buccaneer/striker/ % hp to range/ % mp to range. Has anyone tried it? Does it add the damage before or after the % total damage multiplier has been applied?

    Finally, status resist etc, utility wise, I can get enough from link skills , therefore I choose to maximise damage for Deck builds

  96. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks for your input Guilt, probably I could try our your deck card combination once I have my Dark Knight and Battle Mage setup :)

  97. Guilt

    My all-purpose warrior setup:

    1.) Dark Knight [+% Max HP], Kaiser [+STR], Hayato [+% Min. Crit. Dmg.] => 3 Warrior Bonus.

    2.) Angelic Buster [+DEX], Xenon [+STR/DEX/LUK], Mechanic [+% Buff Duration] => 3 Pirate Bonus.

    3.) Battle Mage [+% Dmg. Reduction], Demon Slayer [+% Status Resist], Demon Avenger [+% Boss Dmg.] => 3 Resistance Bonus.

    It doesn’t completely maximize damage, but since the Bucc and Pally effects are negligible even at lvl 200+, I’ve foregone them for more utility. Likewise, as warriors don’t exactly have the highest MP, I’ve found more success with the diverse effects of various Resistance cards than with the 3 Magician Bonus.

  98. Kent

    yep tried it too, doesn’t work, upon inspection I found that it read unique deck bonus, which means you can only have 1 type of deck bonus, “powerful charge/ Pirate’s Way.. etc “

  99. izoZZZ

    hmm tried making 2 decks of warrior(consisting of 6 different warriors) didnt work to get the additional 8% hp added to damage

  100. Kent

    That’s also an interesting idea, I’ve never tried that myself, was just playing around with the characters i already created. Maybe I’ll try that out, and if i do , ill post if you can stack 2 powerful charges.

  101. izoZZZ

    Kent build looks interesting,
    BUt if i were to change it from

    2) Battle mage + Evan + F/P mage( -4% damage taken + 70% chance to restore 6% mp + 4%mp) 8% mp to damage
    Demon Avenger+Demon Slayer+(any other warrior ie aran/hero) Would the 8% hp added to dmg stack with 1?

  102. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Kent for sharing your MapleStory Deck Card Build! Other players might find it useful to learn how to increase their current damage.

  103. Kent

    My 3 decks, for maximum damage, not including cygnus chars

    1) Dark knight + Kaiser + paladin( 4% hp + 40 Str + 1.5 x level damage) 8% hp to damage

    2) Battle mage + Evan + F/P mage( -4% damage taken + 70% chance to restore 6% mp + 4%mp) 8% mp to damage

    3) Angelic buster + buccaneer + Xenon ( 40 dex + 4 damage/level + 20 str/luk/dex) ignore 6% def

    Or for mage
    1) Dark knight + aran + paladin
    2) luminous + I/L mage + F/P mage
    3) Buccaneer + xenon + Cannoneer or Angelic Buster

  104. anonymous

    I think it was a mistranslation they did from kms, probably + 150 physical damage(ATT)/ 150 damage to your range

  105. Colin

    hey Ayumi,
    I’m just curious about something :
    Buccaneer (Bonus damage per level) +2/3/4/5
    Paladin (ATK per level) +0.5/1/1.5/2

    this means per character level right? like for Buccaneer, if I’m lvl 100 it adds 500dmg to my range. and for Pala’s card, if I’m lvl 100, it adds 150 atk? and atk meaning damage range or atk as in Weapon Attack?

  106. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Dylan, probably I guess Xenon can fit in both roles (pirate and thief).

  107. Dylan

    My Deck was:

    I think this works best for Kaiser, what do you thinkt

    Btw, if I did a set of 3 thieves or 3 pirates, would Xenon be pirate or thief?


  108. bryan

    hmm what is your opinon on aran card? do you think it is good?

  109. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi iDreamyDark, net damage is acquired by subtracting from physical defense, whereas net magic damage is acquired by subtracting from magical defense. If you are a non-magician hitting on a high-magic-defense monster, your damage will not be reduced by it. Therefore, to train efficiently, you need to know your monsters specs :) Some of the high magic defense monsters are pixies (star, lunar, sun). Warriors love to train on them but they deal quite a punch with magic attacks. If you could kill them within 1-2 hits quickly, you avoid receiving magic damage.

  110. iDreamyDark

    Ayumi i was wondering is their a diffrence between Damage in general and Magic Damage ?

  111. Kelvin

    Can I have 1 hero set n 1 resistance set together?

  112. micklyo

    What is the different between Critical Rate (Hayato) & Critical chance (Marksman)?
    Thanks in advance.

  113. Joel Chan

    Does Luminous count as a Magician card?

  114. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi bryan, thanks for highlighting the missing Zen Grade + Bonus Effects. Could any Zen players share what effects they provide?

  115. bryan

    what about zen?

  116. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Joe, I have updated Blaze Magician Rank B and Rank A stats. Thanks for the notice!

  117. Joe

    Blaze Mage B rank 0.5ma, A rank 1ma per lv. Not %. >.<.

  118. Benard Peh Chong Lin

    If I got 6 Warriors of S rank, Can I make 2 Warrior Deck of Powerful charge [2x(8% Hp into damage)]?
    And how is the %Hp damage being calculate?
    Is the damage output of powerful charge higher than S rank Buccaneer & Striker & Xenon combine effect? Take example if the Powerful charges has Paladin & Aran & Dark Knight. Effect on a Warrior class, maybe Kaiser
    I know there is a lot of calculations for the last question but if u can explain the maths of hp% damage then mostly I will be able to calculate myself for the last question.

  119. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Anything, currently GMS has 2 decks. Maximum is 3 decks. Not sure if KMS has 5 decks.

  120. Anything

    In msea we r allowed to use 3 decks

  121. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi IxKatarax, they can stack with one another as long the link skills differs (different name skill from different jobs)

  122. IxKataraxI

    Hi Ayumilove,thanks for the reply.Here is my last question.Is the paladin and baucanner card effect stackable??

  123. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi IxKataraxI, Paladin Card formula is something like this: For instance, you have SS Paladin Card (effect is 2x) and your Dual Blade (DB) is Level 100. Physical Damage = Dual Blade Level * Paladin Effect. So, 100 x 2 = 200 damage added to your physical damage range. So if your current Dual Blade physical damage range is 3000-4000, it will become 3200-4200. The higher your Dual Blade is, the more damage you will gain from Paladin Card Effect. However, for Buccaneer, it boost both physical and magical damage, and does it alot more than Paladin. For example, you have SS Buccaneer Character Card (effect is 5x) and your Dual Blade (DB) Level is 100, Physical and Magical Damage = Dual Blade Level * Buccaneer Card Effect, 500 = 100 x 5. If your current damage range is 3000-4000, it will become 3500-4500 for both magician and non-magician. In short, go get the Buccaneer Character Card if you want to link to Magician and Non-Magician.

  124. IxKataraxI

    Hi Ayumilove,
    Firstly,i would like to thank you for the guides,its really good and I had recommended to my friends.I have one question about the card effect on paladin and baucanner. For baucanner (plus 3 dmge per lvl),lets say i have a lvl 100 baucanner,does it mean that my db will receive 3*100 dmge as well?If it is,can it be stacked with paladin’s dmge (1 weapon dmge per lvl)?
    Please please reply asap.I would like to train both if there is dmge added to my db :)
    Many thanks

  125. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Jose Kok for the compliment :)

  126. Jose Kok

    ayumi.. your guide is the best =D

  127. Ah Jin

    Is Striker and Thunder Breaker the same job?Why they are Adding different stats?=…=

  128. Ayumilove Post author

    Sorry RaikaZero for the slow reply. Was busy preparing for exams :( I have added Xenon Card stats into the list. Thanks for the reminder!

  129. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Collis, Buccaneer would be better than Paladin.

  130. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Jeremy, it only applies to your total base damage. Obviously its not weapon attack or magic attack. Otherwise, it will be to overpowered :D

  131. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Edward, 3 Warrior Cards means any job which is a warrior (can equip warrior armor) is a warrior. For example, Dawn Warrior is a Warrior. Mihile is a warrior. Warrior can be from different categories such as Cygnus Knight, Resistance, Legends, Explorer, Nova, Sengoku.

  132. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Bubbles, to answer your question, three-of-a-kind deck effect is stackable.

  133. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi cheh1, I have added Luminous Deck/Card Stats Benefits :)

  134. cheh1

    Hello Ayumi. You seem to be missing Luminous from the list~

  135. Jeremy

    for the pure damage deck does the +3 damage for buccaneer and thunder breaker apply to both wa and ma or does it apply to wa only?

  136. Bubbles

    Hi Ayumilove and all,

    Just wondering if anyone happen to know whether the three-of-a-kind deck effect is stackable? For example, if I have 6 unique warrior cards – hero, dark knight, aran, mihile, paladin, demon slayer, does that mean that I would have 2 times of “Powerful Charge (3 Warrior Cards – HP bonus damage)” effect?

    Thanks in advance. =)

  137. edward

    i was wondering, 3 Warrior Cards mean any character that is using warrior equipment? or must be Dark Knight, Paladin n Hero?

  138. collis

    what the different of +3 damage per level (Buccaneer) and +1 Weapon Damage per level (Paladin) ? which more better ? which card shld i get ?

  139. collis

    hi, i play maplesea and i had done my lvl 120 stricker and planning to create a ua to get the nice dmg character card. To create paladin or buccaneer which better to boost my main WH dmg ? any suggestion for me ? thx and appreaciate alot.

  140. Hollow

    Hi I have three characters a hayato, kanna, and demon slayer. I’m wondering which would give my characters more of a damage boost in the long run.

    -Deleting my kanna and creating another warrior in order to get the 3 warrior card set

    -keeping my kanna and using its link skill (10% damage)

    and if I were to pick another warrior to make what options should i consider?

  141. RaikaZero

    Dark_wizzie@ It stacks, I have 2 Warrior’s Feats & The Glorious Return.
    Also Ayumi you forgot Xenon card.

  142. Dark_wizzie

    I assume bonus set effects don’t stack; 3 adventurers level 200 will get the level 200 set effect, instead of having 3 adventurer set effect.

  143. Neph

    How does buccaneer and pally’s atack/dmg per lvl works? And does Marksman’s critical chance have any diff from critical rate? Answers would be much appreciated.

  144. RaikaZero

    The Sengoku class has a custom card. It appears to be white. Possibly having it own deck.

  145. AznInQuestion

    Okay Thanks Ayumi!!

  146. Darkstar

    nice post… what’s the difference between +? Damage & +? Weapon attack and which one is better? TQ for your kind reply :)

  147. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi AznInQuestion, all jobs that can reach level 200 is based on the following grade system: (Grade B : 30-59) , (Grade A: 60-99) , (Grade S: 100-199) , (Grade SS: 200). Cygnus Knights which have a maximum level cap of 120 follows this grading system: (Grade B: 30-69) , (Grade A : 70-120).

  148. AznInQuestion

    Thanks for the post and are you sure it is still 120? I have a Mihile and he is level 100 but has a S card grade is that for all classes but cygnus and evans? just my curiosity sorry if it is bothersome