MapleStory Beast Tamer Skill Build Guide

MapleStory Beast Tamer Job Selection Chase, the Beast Tamer (BT) is one of a unique MapleStory Magician class which controls 4 types of animals (hawk, bear, cat and snow leopard). It boasts over 70 unique skills with 20 of them being attack skills. This class has several styles to play similarly to Xenon Multi-Mode Linker. Skills are unlocked by level instead of job advancement. This new playable class comes with a gang of cute animal friends to help defeat monsters, and is available January 22 2014 in GMS.

Beast Tamer Overview

CLASS: Beast Tamer
PRIMARY WEAPON: Beast Scepter (1-handed unique weapon)
PRIMARY STAT: Intelligence (INT)
LINK SKILL: Elf Focus – Boss damage and Critical Rate +4/7/10%, MaxHP MaxMP +3/4/5%
CHARACTER CARD: Call of Elf – Ignore Monster DEF: +2/4/6/8%

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Beast Tamer Changelog

GMS v.154 – Sword Art Online Updates (2014-09-16)
GMS v.148 – Grand Athenaeum (2014-03-26)
GMS v.145 – Beast Tamer Update Notes (2014-01-22)

Beast Tamer Pros and Cons

+ Switch between multiple skills similarly to Xenon based on training situation.
+ Beast Tamer does not require any Mastery Book or Skill Book to unlock higher level skills.
+ Beginner and Common Skill upgrades automatically.
– Does not gain additional SP upon job advancement.
– Passive skills from a particular animal only takes effect when you are using that animal.
– Insufficent SP to max all animal skills, therefore players unable to experience them.

Beast Tamer Storyline

In a small forest south of Dawnveil called Arboren, there lived a young girl by the name of Chase, who grew up idolizing the Heroes of Maple World. One day Chase saved a cat named Arby, but this was no ordinary cat. Arby is a founding member of the Critter Champs, a band of mighty animals. By befriending Arby and forming a pact with the Critter Champs, Chase just might have the potential to be the hero she always wanted to be. Meet Chase, a simple girl with big dreams. Chase has longed to be a hero since she was little, but it wasn’t until the day she saved a cat named Arby that her wish came true. Through Arby’s mysterious powers, Chase has gained the ability to control animals, and thus, her adventure has begun. As Chase and Arby set out on their journey, more animals start to flock to their side. Now Chase can harness the power of the bear, the snow leopard, the hawk, and of course, Arby the cat.

Beast Tamer Notes

  • Beast Tamers start with a tail and animal ears.
  • The Beast Tamer tail and ears can be hidden with transparent Cash items.
  • Obtain gifts from your critter pals for each level gained between Lv. 11-150. Rewards include Animal SP Potion, Animal Reset Scroll, Revolution Kitty Soul Scepter, Red Cube, and more!
  • Possible gifts are split up between different level ranges. 11-30, 31-60, 61-100, and 101-150.
  • An envelop will appear over your head whenever you level between 11-150 to quickly take you to the reward window.
  • Gifts can be reviewed and obtained by clicking on the available quests button on the left and selecting the quest “[Beast Tamer] A Guardian’s Blessings”.
  • Each gift listed can only be obtained once. All gifts listed in each level range will be obtainable when leveling to the end of the level range.
  • Fort the Bear will allow you to stand your ground and pulverize your enemies. Lai the Snow Leopard will allow you to quickly blaze through the battlefield to bring the hurt. Eka the Hawk will give you unparalleled mobility to traverse any terrain and offer support skills. Arby the Cat will make you the most popular person around thanks to the numerous party buffs and healing abilities.
  • Beast Tamers are able to expand the skill inventory window to view the skills of all their animals at the same time by pressing the green button on the bottom right of the skill inventory window.
  • Passive skills from each animal are not shared between all animal modes.
  • SP (Skill Points) is shared between all animals.
  • Skills must be learned in order to obtain the next skill.
  • All of the SP for an individual animal can be reset with the Cash item Beast Tamer Animal SP Reset Scroll.
  • Beast Tamers don’t use Mastery Books.
  • Shared skills will be learned and increase in mastery automatically from leveling.

Beast Tamer Skill Build Guide

What animals should you pick? Currently, it is possible to only max 2 out of 4 animal skills. To max out an animal skill tree would take 280 SP (Skill Points) which is approximately 93 levels. So, maxing 2 animal tree would require 186 levels excluding 10 levels as Beginner. The selected animals are determined by your goals. If you are planning to get Beast Tamer up to Level 120 for its Link Skill, your best route would be Bear + Snow Leopard combination. If you are planning to get Beast Tamer as a mule to buff your main character, you can opt for Snow Leopard + Cat. Based on my experiences, Snow Leopard makes it easier to level up characters from early-to-mid levels, followed by Bear at mid-higher levels where monsters are much more tougher to kill. If you have SP Reset Scrolls, go for Bear + Snow Leopard, upon reaching target level, reset one of the animal skills and distribute it to Cat skills which will be used to buff your main character. Most Hawk skills are for mobility and it lacks sufficient firepower similarly to Cat. In short, both Hawk and Cat aren’t great animals to start with for leveling, that should explain why MapleStory Developers disabled Beast Tamer from selecting these animals in earlier levels with some cover up storyline indicating both guardians are too much for her to handle.

To summarize the skill build for the above:
Goal: To get link skill only = Bear + Snow Leopard
Goal: To reach Level 200~250 = Bear + Snow Leopard
Goal: To get link skill + mule buff (at Level 120) = Snow Leopard + Cat
Goal: To get link skill + mule buff = Bear + Snow Leopard –> Level 200 Reset SP –> Cat + Hawk

Perfect Mule Beast Tamer Skill Build:

Goal: Gain all Cat Supportive Skills to act as a passive supportive party member by Level 130.
1. Level 10 –> 33 (Leopard Skills +23 Levels)
2. Level 34 –> 72 (Bear Skills +39 Levels)
3. Level 73 –> 130 (Cat Skills +59 Levels)

Leopard: (Train from Level 10-53)
Start with Leopard skills for early-mid training. 71SP = 23 Levels.
1. Leopard’s Paw (MAX/20)
2. Thunder Dash (1/10)
3. Leopard Hide (MAX/15)
4. Leopard’s Pounce (MAX/20)
5. Rippling Feline Muscles (MAX/15)

Bear: (Train from Level 54-130)
Switch to Bear Skills for mid-late training + bossing. 114 SP = 39 Levels.
6. Paw Swipe (MAX/20)
7. Majestic Trumpet (6/20)
8. Well Fed (MAX/10)
9. Dumb Luck (MAX/10)
10. Deep Breath (1/10)
11. Fort Follow-Up (MAX/20)
12. Defense Ignorance (6/15)
13. Furious Strikes (MAX/25)
14. Bear Strength (MAX/15)
15. Really Deep Breath (1/20)

Cat: (Leech EXP from Level 131-250)
Proceed with Cat skills to act as your mule. 177 SP = 59 Levels.
16. Friend Launcher (1/10)
17. Cat Wit (MAX/10)
18. Kitty Battle Squad (MAX/15)
19. Kitty Treats (MAX/15)
20. Purr-Powered (MAX/10)
21. Sticky Paws (MAX/20)
22. Meow Heal (1/20)
23. Cat’s Claws (MAX/20)
24. Meow Cure (2/10)
25. Purr Zone (MAX/15)
26. Meow Card (MAX/20)
27. Friend Launcher – Enhancer (1/15)
28. Mouser’s Insight (MAX/20)
29. Fire Kitty! (1/20)
30. Meow Revive (1/15)
31. Meow Gold Card (MAX/15)
32. Friends of Arby (MAX/20)

When you first start off as a Beast Tamer, you will train using Leopard Skills from Level 10 to Level 53. The SP (Skill Points) you gained from Level 10 to Level 33 is sufficient for you to max the essential skills as listed above. Once you have done that, use the remaining SP from Level 33-53 into Bear Skills. At Level 54, you will unlock Furious Strikes, which is a formidable skill that attacks enemies within the same platform as you and above. It has a wide attacking range, so use it to train Beast Tamer from Level 54 to 133. The SP you gained from Level 54 to 74 is sufficient to max the essential Bear Skills listed above too. From Level 75 to 133, all your gained SP will now focus on maxing Cat supportive skills since this will be your party mule which you will use to train your main character faster. It’s quite tempting to add extra SP into higher level Bear skills but that might require you to level up more and its kinda time consuming.

Shared Skills

Beast Tamer Character Card
Ignore Monster DEF: 2%/4%/6%/8%
Grade B : Level 30-59 : +2%
Grade A : Level 60-99 : +4%
Grade S : Level 100-199 : +6%
Grade SS : Level 200 : +8%

Focus Spirit: (Link Skill)
LV1: Boss Damage: +4%, Critical Rate: +4%, Max HP/MP: +3%.
LV2: Boss Damage: +7%, Critical Rate: +7%, Max HP/MP: +4%.
LV3: Boss Damage: +10%, Critical Rate: +10%, Max HP/MP: +5%.

Guardian Leap (Active)
LV1: MP Cost: 10, while jumping, use the jump key to jump a certain distance.

Critter Select (Active)
LV1: Use the direction keys to select an animal mode.
1. Bear Guardian Mode relies on durability, strength, and a little mobbing.
2. Snow Leopard Guardian Mode is the mobile, mobbing animal.
3. Hawk Guardian Mode gives Beast Tamer mobility and has supportive abilities.
4. Cat Guardian Mode is almost exclusively a support animal.

Fort the Bear will allow you to stand your ground and pulverize your enemies. Lai the Snow Leopard will allow you to quickly blaze through the battlefield to bring the hurt. Eka the Hawk will give you unparalleled mobility to traverse any terrain and offer support skills. Last but not least, Arby the Cat will make you the most popular person around thanks to the numerous party buffs and healing abilities.

Homeward Bound (Active)
LV1: Return to Arboren Ferry, Cooldown: 600 sec.

40 – Beast Scepter Mastery (Passive)
LV10: Scepter Mastery: +70%, Magic ATT: +50.

60 – Growth Spurt (Passive)
Everytime Beast Tamer receives experience, its own experience will increase and automatically level. Every time Beast Tamer levels, for 30 minutes, Elf’s Self-Cultivation growth rate will increase by 200%. And every time Elf’s Self-Cultivation levels up, awarded experience will also be increased by two-fold. These two effects can be stacked.
LV30: Level Required: 60: At Master Level: INT: +60, LUK: +30, Critical Rate: +16%, Max HP: +40%, Max MP: +16%, Boss ATT: +11%, Magic ATT: +5%, Weapon/Magic DEF: +2000, All Abnormal Status and Elemental Resistance: +40.

120 – Maple Guardian (Supportive)
LV30: MP Cost: 70, All Stats: +15%, Duration: 900 sec.

150 – Beastly Resolve (Active)
LV5: MP Cost: 30, ignore some abnormal status effects, Cooldown: 360 sec.

Bear Skills

10 – Paw Swipe (Active)
Required Bear Skill Points: 0
Attacks 8 enemies 1 time. You can chain up to 3 attacks by tapping the attack key multiple times.
LV1: Damage: 303%, MP Cost: 3
LV20: Damage: 360%, MP Cost: 9

14 – Majestic Trumpet (Active)
Required Bear Skill Points: 7
Attack 10 enemies 1 time and leaves a trailing flame that deals damage over time to enemies within it. The bear uses the power of nature to ignite a fire. Enemies caught in the blaze take damage.
LV1: MP Cost: 30, Damage: 153%, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Duration: 9 sec.
LV20: MP Cost: 35, Damage: 210%, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Duration: 15 sec.

19 – Well Fed (Passive)
Required Bear Skill Points: 15
Increases Max HP and INT while in Bear Mode.
LV1: Passive Effect: Max HP: +6%, INT: +4
LV10: Passive Effect: Max HP: +30%, INT: +40

25 – Dumb Luck (Passive)
Required Bear Skill Points: 24
Improves stance chance and DEF while in Bear Mode.
LV1: Passive Effect: Stance Chance +27%, DEF: +55
LV10: Passive Effect: Stance Chance +90%, DEF: +100

31 – Deep Breath (Active)
Required Bear Skill Points: 39
The bear suck in air to pull enemies close.
LV1: MP Cost: 30, Damage: 405%, Max Enemies Hit: 8
LV10: MP Cost: 30, Damage: 450%, Max Enemies Hit: 8

39 – Fort Follow-Up (Passive)
Required Bear Skill points: 47
Li’l Fort appears after every 4th attack to deal an additional attack. Attack 4 times with a Bear Mode Active Skill to activate it.
LV1: Additional Damage: 405%, Number of Attacks: 1
LV20: Additional Damage: 500%, Number of Attacks: 1

47 – Defense Ignorance (Passive)
Required Bear Skill Points: 62
Ignores a portion of enemy defense and increases Attack speed while in Bear Mode.
LV1: Passive Effect: Enemy DEF Ignored: 2%, Attack Speed: +1
LV15: Passive Effect: Enemy DEF Ignored: 30%, Attack Speed: +2

54 – Furious Strikes (Active + Passive)
Required Bear Skill Points: 73
Using Paw Swipe 4 times in a row will activate a special skill, allowing multiple follow-up hits. [Command]: Continued to attack after the 3rd hit of Paw Swipe.
LV1: MP Cost: 20, Damage: 105%, Number of Attacks: 4, Max Enemies Hit: 8. Extra Paw Swipe Damage: +26%
LV25: MP Cost: 32, Damage: 225%, Number of Attacks: 4, Max Enemies Hit: 8. Paw Swipe Damage: +50%

63 – Bear Strength (Passive)
Required Bear Skill Points: 93
Permanently increases Critical Rate, Minimum Damage, Maximum Damage, and Magic ATT while in Bear Mode.
LV1: Passive Effect: Critical Rate: +18%, Critical Minimum Damge: +12%, Critical Maximum Damage: +12%, Magic ATT: +1
LV15: Passive Effect: Critical Rate: +60%, Critical Minimum Damge: +40%, Critical Maximum Damage: +40%, Magic ATT: +15

70 – Really Deep Breath (Active)
Required Bear Skill Points: 105
The bear suck in air to pull enemies close from the left and right.
LV1: MP Cost: 65, Damage: 556%, Max Enemies Hit: 10
LV20: MP Cost: 70, Damage: 670%, Max Enemies Hit: 10

76 – Li’l Fort (Supportive)
Required Bear Skill points: 120
Summons a toy bear to just go nuts on the enemy.
LV1: MP Cost: 25, Bear Damage: 1060% Bear Duration: 60 sec.
LV15: MP Cost: 46, Bear Damage: 1900% Bear Duration: 60 sec.

82 – Fort the Brave (Passive)
Required Bear skill Points: 130
LV1: Passive Effect: Magic ATT: +1%
LV20: Passive Effect: Magic ATT: +10%

90 – Bear Assault (Supportive)
Required Bear Skill Points: 140
Sets all skills to only hit 1 target with additional damage!
LV1: [Active Effect] MP Cost: 50, Damage: +16%, Critical Rate: +11%, Min Critical Damage: +1%, Max Enemies Hit by Any Skill: 1, Duration: 60 sec Cooldown: 120 sec [Passive Effect] Max HP: +1%, Max MP: +1%, Weapon DEF: +5%, Magic DEF: +5%, Ignore Enemy DEF: 1%
LV20: [Active Effect] MP Cost: 62, Damage: +35%, Critical Rate: +17%, Min Critical Damage: +10%, Max Enemies Hit by Any Skill: 1, Duration: 60 sec Cooldown: 120 sec [Passive Effect] Max HP: +20%, Max MP: +20%, Weapon DEF: +100%, Magic DEF: +100%, Ignore Enemy DEF: 20%

98 – Fishy Slap (Active)
Required Bear Skill Points: 155
Attacks 8 enemies 1 time nearby up to 13 seconds.
LV1: MP Cost: 15, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Damage: 258%, Skill Duration: 5 sec, Cooldown: 15 sec
LV25: MP Cost: 20, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Damage: 450%, Skill Duration: 13 sec, Cooldown: 10 sec

105 – Bear Reborn (Passive)
Required Bear Skill Points: 175
Allows you to resurrect while in Bear Mode. You gain invincibility as your HP recover. Resurrection is available when the skill icon is active in the upper right.
LV1: Resurrection Cooldown: 2250 sec, Resurrection Invincibility: 5 sec
LV10: Resurrection Cooldown: 1800 sec, Resurrection Invincibility: 10 sec

109 – Billowing Trumpet (Active)
Required Bear Skill Points: 183
Enhances the spark in Majestic Trumpet to form a hellish inferno.
LV1: Magic ATT: +2, Majestic Trumpet Damage over Time: +84%.
LV15: Magic ATT: +30, Majestic Trumpet Damage over Time: +140%.

114 – Table Flip (Active)
Required Bear Skill Points: 190
Attacks 15 enemies 5 times with an overturned table flipped aggressively.
LV1: MP Cost: 300, Damage: 270%, Max Enemies Hit: 15, Number of Attacks: 6. Cooldown: 24 sec
LV10: MP Cost: 300, Damage: 450%, Max Enemies Hit: 15, Number of Attacks: 7. Cooldown: 15 sec

Bear Skill Build: Max everything except Deep Breath, Really Deep Breath, Li’l Fort. Uses 237 SP, approximately 63 Levels.
1. Paw Swipe (MAX)
2. Majestic Trumpet (MAX)
3. Well Fed (MAX)
4. Dumb Luck (MAX)
5. Deep Breath (1)
6. Fort Follow-Up (MAX)
7. Defense Ignorance (MAX)
8. Furious Strikes (MAX)
9. Bear Strength (MAX)
10. Really Deep Breath (1)
11. Li’l Fort (1)
12. Fort the Brave (19/20)
13. Bear Assault (MAX)
14. Fishy Slap (MAX)
15. Bear Reborn (1)
16. Billowing Trumpet (MAX)
17. Table Flip (MAX)
18. Bear Reborn (MAX)

Paw Swipe is maxed, no doubt its the lowest level attacking skill, but it is boost up by another higher level Bear Attacking Skills such as Furious Strike. It’ll be a long used primary skill for Beast Tamer early levels. Majestic Trumpet is a great supportive skill where you lay tiles of flames, burning and killing enemies within vicinity. It isn’t similar to Poison Mist since it actually kills the enemy without leaving it at 1 HP. Spam it across the map for better efficiency. Deep Breath and Really Deep Breath are just utility skills, not for killing enemies. So you can leave them at Level 1 to unlock the higher level skills. If you have leftover skills from Bear, it can be used to distribute to a different animal OR save those SP to max a higher level skill faster. The rest of the passive skills are maxed to get most out of Bear DPS and increased survivability during boss raiding and training at higher level maps. Bear Reborn is maxed last since you don’t get yourself killed often, well for me at least, unless you aren’t careful or AFK (away from keyboard) at an unsafe spot, or perhaps someone wants to kill your character by agitating a magical ranged monster to hit you. Li’l Fort is also maxed near the end, similarly to Bear Reborn. It is mostly useful against stationary targets such as Zakum since it has very short attacking range. If you don’t use Li’l Fort often, you can leave it as Level 1 and save Sp for other animal or skills. Table Flip can be left at Level 1 since it does not deal much damage compared to Furious Strike as it has a slight delay before its able to flip the table (bear animation delayed it). Having said that, you can dish out more damage compared to Table Flip even its at max level. Fort the Brave is not required to max as both Level 19 and Level 20 presents the same stats, plus its a passive skill (no longer buff duration for higher skill level).

Snow Leopard Skills

10 – Leopard’s Paw (Active)
Required Leopard Skill Points: 0
Required Character Level: 10
Get a dose of Lai’s muscles to knock back enemies in your path. [Command]: After 2 hits, combo with Leopard’s Pounce [Extra Command]: Combo with Leopard’s Roar
LV1: Damage: 122% (first two hits), Max Enemies Hit: 8, Number of Attacks: 2. MP Cost at 2nd Hit: 5
LV20: Damage: 160% (first two hits), Max Enemies Hit: 8, Number of Attacks: 2. MP Cost at 2nd Hit: 9

15 – Thunder Dash (Active)
Required Leopard Skill Points: 9
Required Skill: Leopard’s Paw (1)
Attacks 8 enemies 2 times. Your snow leopard buddy dashes at the enemy, dealing damage.
LV1: MP Cost: 8, Damage: 128%, Number of Attacks: 2, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Cooldown: 10 sec
LV10: MP Cost: 10, Damage: 155%, Number of Attacks: 2, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Cooldown: 5 sec

21 – Leopard Hide (Passive)
Required Leopard Skill Points: 18
Chance to recover HP when attacking. Maximum 10% per attack.
LV1: Proc Chance: 12%, Restores 1% of the damage as HP
LV15: Proc Chance: 40%, Restores 8% of the damage as HP

27 – Leopard’s Pounce (Active)
Required Leopard Skill Points: 27
Dash forward and rip into enemies. Triggers after 2 hits of Leopard’s Paw
LV1: MP Cost: 11, Damage: 115%, Number of Attacks: 4, Max Enemies Hit: 8
LV20: MP Cost: 30, Damage: 210%, Number of Attacks: 4, Max Enemies Hit: 8

35 – Rippling Feline Muscles (Passive)
Required Leopard Skill Points: 39
Increases Magic ATT, Intelligence, Speed, and Jump when in Snow Leopard Mode.
LV1: Magic ATT: +11, INT: +11, Speed: +7, Jump: +1
LV15: Magic ATT: +25, INT: +25, Speed: +35, Jump: +6

41 – Macho Dance (Active)
Required Leopard Skill Points: 48
Shoot up into the air, damaging nearby enemies. Can be chained into Macho Slam.
LV1: MP Cost: 17, Damage: 164%, Number of Attacks: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 8
LV20: MP Cost: 20, Damage: 240%, Number of Attacks: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 8

49 – Macho Slam (Active)
Required Leopard Skill Points: 60
Can be used in while in midair or during Rye’s Dance
LV1: MP Cost: 17, Damage: 205%, Number of Attacks: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 8
LV20: MP Cost: 20, Damage: 300%, Number of Attacks: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 8

57 – Bro Attack (Supportive)
Required Leopard Skill Points: 72
Gain a chance to summon a baby snow leopard to deal extra damage when you attack. Bosses and some monsters are immune.
LV1: MP Cost: 80, Summon Chance: 1%, Buff Duration: 66 sec. Baby Leopard Damage: 270% Baby Leopard Duration: 12 sec. Cooldown: 28 Sec
LV15: MP Cost: 120, Summon Chance: 15%, Buff Duration: 150 sec. Baby Leopard Damage: 550% Baby Leopard Duration: 40 sec. Cooldown: 0 Sec

67 – Leopard’s Roar (Active)
Required Leopard Skill Points: 87
Roar to inflict additional damage after Leopard’s Pounce. Also enhances the Damage and Number of Enemies Hit with Leopard’s Paw and Leopard’s Pounce. [Command] Press the [attack key] after using Leopard’s Pounce.
LV1: MP Cost: 11, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Damage: 230%, Number of Attacks: 2. Leopard’s Paw and Leopard’s Pounce Damage: +2%, Max Enemies Hit: +1
LV20: MP Cost: 30, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Damage: 325%, Number of Attacks: 2. Leopard’s Paw and Leopard’s Pounce Damage: +11%, Max Enemies Hit: +3

73 – Thunder Trail (Active)
Required Leopard Skill Points: 96
Unleashes a ghostly Snow Leopard mirror image during Thunder Dash, damaging nearby enemies.
LV1: Afterimage: Damage: 102%, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Duration: 2 sec., Number of Attacks: 1
LV15: Afterimage: Damage: 130%, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Duration: 3 sec., Number of Attacks: 2

80 – Macho Incarnate (Passive)
Required Leopard Skill Points: 107
Required Skill: Thunder Trail (1)
Lai shows his true from after Macho Slam, shocking and stunning all nearby enemies. Also increases the Max Enemies Hit with Macho Dance and Macho Slam.
LV1: Damage: 660%, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Duration: 4 sec., Number of Attacks: 1, Chance to Stun: 24%. Number of mobs attacked with Macho Dance, Macho Slam: +1, Damage: +2%
LV20: Damage: 850%, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Duration: 4 sec., Number of Attacks: 1, Chance to Stun: 100%. Number of mobs attacked with Dance, Macho Slam: +3, Damage: +11%

86 – Three-Point Pounce (Active)
Required Leopard Skill points: 116
The snow leopard makes a three-point attack, slashing at nearby enemies with his claws.
LV1: MP Cost: 35, Damage: 233%, Number of Attacks: 1, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Cooldown: 12 sec
LV20: MP Cost: 130, Damage: 385%, Number of Attacks: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Cooldown: 2 sec

91 – Advanced Thunder Dash (Active)
Required Leopard Skill Points: 123
Travel further during Thunder Dash to deal more damage.
LV1: MP Cost: 17, Damage: 260%, Number of Attacks: 2, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Cooldown: 5 sec
LV20: MP Cost: 112, Damage: 355%, Number of Attacks: 4, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Cooldown: 2 sec

95 – Deadly Fangs (Active)
Required Leopard Skill Points: 129
Chance to instant kill. No effect on boss monsters.
LV1: Instant Kill Chance: 1%, Magic ATT: +2
LV15: Instant Kill Chance: 4%, Magic ATT: +30

101 – Lethal Lai (Passive)
Required Leopard Skill points: 138
Increases the attack count and damage of certain Snow Leopard Mode skills. Affected Skills: Leopard’s Paw, Leopard’s Pounce, Leopard’s Roar, Macho Dance, Macho Slam, Thunder Dash.
LV1: Damage of #cLeopard’s Paw, Leopard’s Pounce, Leopard’s Roar, Macho Dance, Macho Slam, Thunder Dash#: +2%, Max Enemies Hit: +2, Ingore DEF: +2%
LV15: Damage of ‘s Paw, Leopard’s Pounce, Leopard’s Roar, Macho Dance, Macho Slam, Thunder Dash#: +9%, Max Enemies Hit: +4, Ingore DEF: +30%

108 – Leopard Reflexes (Passive)
Required Leopard Skill points: 149
While in Snow Leopard Mode, get a boost to Attack Speed and Magic Attack.
LV1: Increases Attack Speed, Magic ATT: +1%, Accuracy: +45, Avoidability: +40, Mob DEF Ignored: +6%.
LV10: Increases Attack Speed, Magic ATT: +6%, Accuracy: +450, Avoidability: +400, Mob DEF Ignored: +60%.

116 – Party Time (Active)
Required Leopard Skill Points: 190
The snow leopard charges wildly across the entire map, dealing damage.
LV1: MP Cost: 300, Damage: 270%, Number of Attacks: 6, Max Enemies Hit: 15, Cooldown: 24 sec
LV10: MP Cost: 300, Damage: 450%, Number of Attacks: 7, Max Enemies Hit: 15, Cooldown: 15 sec

Snow Leopard Skill Build: Everything maxed except Thunder Dash, Advanced Thunder Dash, Thunder Trail. Uses 219 SP, approximately 73 Levels.
1. Leopard’s Paw (MAX)
2. Thunder Dash (1)
3. Leopard Hide (MAX)
4. Leopard’s Pounce (MAX)
5. Rippling Feline Muscles (MAX)
6. Macho Dance (MAX)
7. Macho Slam (MAX)
8. Bro Attack (MAX)
9. Leopard’s Roar (MAX)
10. Thunder Trail (1)
11. Macho Incarnate (MAX)
12. Three-Point Pounce (1)
13. Advanced Thunder Dash (1)
14. Deadly Fangs (MAX)
15. Lethal Lai (MAX)
16. Leopard Reflexes (MAX)
17. Party Time (MAX)

Training with Snow Leopard is a different league compared to Bear, because it is more mobile and does not leave you stationary in 1 spot. Use Snow Leopard when you can 1 hit kill enemies with your skills OR when enemies are spread out vastly across the maps. Most of the time, you will be using a combination of 2-3 skills in Snow Leopard Career. For instance, Leopard’s Paw + Leopard’s Pounce + Leopard’s Roar for flat platform, Macho Dance + Macho Slam + Macho Incarnate for maps that has no floating platforms above you, or go for Three-Point Pounce should you wish to train on maps that has multiple platform below you (it can hit enemies above you too, just make sure the platform above is close). Most Snow Leopard trainers would use the first 2 training method and seldom performing Thunder Dash or Advanced Thunder Dash to leave trail of blue flames originated from Thunder Trail, so these are optional skills. You will still need to add 1 SP (Skill Point) into them to unlock higher level skill above it. Max the other beneficial passive skills and your ultimate Party Time should you wish to spam that often to showoff your Leopard might!

Hawk Skills

30 – Formation Attack (Active)
Required Hawk Skill Points: 0
Baby hawks attack in formation. Can be directed left or right. Can’t be used while airborne.
LV1: Damage: 52%, Max Enemies Hit: 3, Number of Attacks: 1
LV10: Damage: 70%, Max Enemies Hit: 3, Number of Attacks: 1

30 – Sky Walk (Active)
Required Hawk Skill Points: 0
Eka gives you a little lift, giving you an extra double jump.
LV1: MP Cost: 19. Jump up to two more times in midair after your initial jump.
LV5: MP Cost: 13. Jump up to two more times in midair after your initial jump.

33 – Vertical Draft (Active)
Required Hawk Skill Points: 10
Tap Up and Up Arrow Key while jumping to jump even higher.
LV1: Jump: 750
LV10: Jump: 1650

37 – Eka Express (Active)
Required Hawk Skill Points: 14
Creates a portal to the nearest town. All party members can use it to travel.
LV1: MP Cost: 240, Portal Duration: 20 sec. Cooldown: 380 sec.
LV10: MP Cost: 60, Portal Duration: 200 sec. Cooldown: 200 sec.

43 – Fly (Active)
Required Hawk Skill Points: 20
Launch into the air with Eka to unlock additional attacks. [Command]: Press and hold [up] + [jump] to fly. Press [down] +[jump] to land.
LV1: Flight Duration: 11 sec, Cooldown: 60 sec.
LV30: Flight Duration: 40 sec, Cooldown: 48 sec.

48 – Hawk Flock (Supportive + Passive)
Required Hawk Skill Points: 27
Increases the speed of the entire party while in hawk mode.
LV1: MP Cost: 10, Duration: 10 sec, Speed: +2, Jump: +1 [Passive Effects] – Max Movement Speed: +1
LV15: MP Cost: 25, Duration: 150 sec, Speed: +30, Jump: +15 [Passive Effects] – Max Movement Speed: +15

52 – Max Mobility (Passive)
Required Hawk Skill Points: 40
Increases your Hawk mode Speed and Speed cap. Dexterity and Avoidability will also increase.
LV1: Accuracy: +18, Avoidability: +18, Speed: +8, Jump: +1. Max Speed: +7
LV15: Accuracy: +270, Avoidability: +270, Speed: +50, Jump: +4. Max Speed: +21

62 – Defensive Formation (Supportive)
Required Hawk Skill Points: 50
Eka’s friends come to your aid while you’re flying, attacking enemies in range. Can only trigger while airborne. Defensive Formation can’t penetrate boss armor.
LV1: Damage (Eka’s friends): 6%, Max Hits: 1
LV30: Damage (Eka’s friends): 35%, Max Hits: 2

65 – Eka Glider (Active)
Required Hawk Skill Points: 70
Press the skill key while in the air to switch to Glider status.
LV1: Glide: Jump Key (hold the key)

72 – Feather Cloak (Passive)
Required Hawk Skill Points: 71
Boosts your Jump in Hawk mode.
LV1: Jump +1, Accuracy +20
LV15: Jump +4, Accuracy +300

78 – Regroup (Active)
Required Hawk Skill Points: 81
Summons any party members on the same channel who are above Lv. 9 to your location.
LV1: Summons party members. MP Cost: 240, Cooldown: 3300 sec.
LV10: Summons party members. MP Cost: 60, Cooldown: 600 sec.

83 – Raptor Talons (Supportive)
Required Hawk Skill Points: 82
Eka’s talon becomes so sharp, your ATT increases. Passive Effects: Adding bleeding damage to all attacks while in hawk mode.
LV1: [Supportive Effects] MP Cost: 200, Duration: 30 sec, Magic ATT: +4, Cooldown: 86 sec [Passive Effects] Bleed Chance: 14%, Bleed Damage: 190% per sec, Bleed Duration: 1 sec.
LV15: [Supportive Effects] MP Cost: 200, Duration: 30 sec, Magic ATT: +60, Cooldown: 30 sec. [Passive Effects] Bleed Chance: 70%, Bleed Damage: 190% per sec, Bleed Duration: 6 sec.

88 – Baby Bombers (Active)
Required Hawk Skill Points: 103
Calls Eka’s ground-bound allies to attack. Can only be used while airborne.
LV1: MP Cost: 100, Damage: 153%, Number of Attacks: 1, Max Enemies Hit: 6
LV30: MP Cost: 121, Damage: 240%, Number of Attacks: 1, Max Enemies Hit: 9

94 – Bird’s-Eye View (Supportive)
Required Hawk Skill Points: 126
Eka uses her sharp eyesight to increase the Critical Rate, Critical DEF, Magic DEF, Accuracy, and Avoidability of nearby party members.
LV1: MP Cost: 150, Duration: 30 Sec., Critical Rate: +1%, Weapon DEF: +25, Magic Defense: +25, Accuracy: +15, Avoidability: +15
LV15: MP Cost: 300, Duration: 450 Sec., Critical Rate: +8%, Weapon DEF: +375, Magic Defense: +375, Accuracy: +225, Avoidability: +225

99 – Veteran Formation (Passive)
Required Hawk Skill Points: 137
Improves the damage of Formation Attack. Displays the improved effect after the threshold is reached.
LV1: Formation Attack Damage: +3%
LV30: Formation Attack Damage: +61%

104 – Razor Beak (Supportive)
Required Hawk Skill Points: 145
Eka’s beak becomes so sharp, your whole party’s ATT increases.
LV1: MP Cost: 15, Weapon ATT: +1, Magic ATT: +1, Duration: 66 sec
LV15: MP Cost: 22, Weapon ATT: +22, Magic ATT: +22, Duration: 150 sec

110 – Feather Boots (Passive)
Required Hawk Skill Points: 150
Boosts your Speed in Hawk mode.
LV1: Movement Speed +3
LV15: Movement Speed +45

118 – Tornado Flight (Active)
Required Hawk Skill Points: 170
Eka’s friends stir up a tornado to attack. Hold down the skill key and press the direction keys to steer.
LV1: MP Cost: 40, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Damage: 208%. #cSteer by holding the skill key and pressing Left, Right, Up, and Down.# Max Range: 350, Cooldown: 30
LV10: MP Cost: 42, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Damage: 235%. by holding the skill key and pressing Left, Right, Up, and Down.# Max Range: 350, Cooldown: 25

Hawk Skill Build: Everything maxed except Defensive Formation, Feather Cloak, Baby Bombers, Veteran Formation, Feather Boots, Tornado Flight. Uses 160 SP, approximately 54 levels.
1. Formation Attack (MAX)
2. Sky Walk (MAX)
3. Vertical Draft (MAX)
4. Eka Express (MAX)
5. Fly (MAX)
6. Hawk Flock (MAX)
7. Max Mobility (MAX)
8. Defensive Formation (1)
9. Eka Glider (MAX)
10. Feather Cloak (1)
11. Regroup (MAX)
12. Raptor Talons (MAX)
13. Baby Bombers (3)
14. Bird’s-Eye View (MAX)
15. Veteran Formation (4)
16. Razor Beak (MAX)
17. Feather Boots (0)
18. Tornado Flight (0)

This guide is aimed to gain Hawk Supportive Skill Buffs for party members such as Razor Beak, Bird’s Eye View for training and some travel convenience such as Eka Express and Regroup. Hawk isn’t a great animal for solo training. Since it lacks the raw damage and the mobs it can hit compared to Bear and Snow Leopard. So use this animal for support buff skills and travel aid.

Cat Skills

50 – Friend Launcher (Active)
Required Cat Skill Points: 0
Attack 4 enemies 4 times by throwing your four guardians at the enemy.
LV1: Damage: 315%
LV10: Damage: 450%

50 – Cat Wit (Passive)
Required Cat Skill Points: 0
Increases Intelligence while in Cat Mode.
LV1: Passive Effect – INT: +8
LV10: Passive Effect – INT: +80

53 – Kitty Battle Squad (Passive)
Required Cat Skill Points: 8
Boosts ATT and Magic ATT of party members in the same map while in cat mode.
LV1: Passive Effects: ATT/Magic ATT: +11
LV15: Passive Effects: ATT/Magic ATT: +25

56 – Kitty Treats (Passive)
Required Cat Skill Points: 15
Party members in the same map as you get extra Max HP & MP while you’re in cat mode.
LV1: Max HP: +275, Max MP: +275
LV15: Max HP: +625, Max MP: +625

61 – Purr-Powered (Passive)
Required Cat Skill Points: 27
Increases stance chance, and recovers HP and MP over 4 seconds while in Cat Mode.
LV1: Passive Effect – Stance Chance: +21%, HP Recovery: 10 per 4 seconds, MP Recovery: 10 per 4 seconds
LV10: Passive Effect – Stance Chance: +30%, HP Recovery: 100 per 4 seconds, MP Recovery: 100 per 4 seconds

66 – Stick Paws (Passive)
Required Cat Skill Points: 39
Increases item drop chance for party members in your map while in cat mode.
LV1: Passive Effect – Party Item Drop Chance: +5%
LV20: Passive Effect – Party Item Drop Chance: +15%

71 – Meow Heal (Active)
Required Cat Skill Points: 51
Heals your allies by shooting yarn of love.
LV1: MP Cost: 26, Max Number:6, HP Recovered: 5%
LV20: MP Cost: 46, Max Number:6, HP Recovered: 15%

75 – Cat’s Claws (Passive)
Required Cat Skill Points: 60
Increases Critical Rate and Min Critical Damage for party members in your map while in cat mode.
LV1: Passive Effect: Critical Rate: +1%, Min Critical Damage: +1%
LV20: Passive Effect: Critical Rate: +20%, Min Critical Damage: +10%

79 – Meow Cure (Active)
Required Cat Skill Points: 70
Removes Abnormal Status and Magic Effects of nearby party members.
LV1: MP Cost: 100, Chance to nullify magic effects and remove abnormal status: 10%, Cooldown: 5 sec
LV10: MP Cost: 10, Chance to nullify magic effects and remove abnormal status: 100%, Cooldown: 5 sec

84 – Purr Zone (Supportive)
Required Cat Skill Points: 83
Creates an aura of love that damages enemies and heals allies.
LV1: MP Cost: MP 101, Max Targets Affected: 8, Damage: 504%, Friends Healed: 60, Duration: 15 sec, Cooldown: 15 sec
LV15: MP Cost: MP 115, Max Targets Affected: 8, Damage: 560%, Friends Healed: 200, Duration: 22 sec, Cooldown: 15 sec

89 – Meow Card (Supportive)
Required Cat Skill Points: 95
Draws a random card that buffs your party.
LV1: MP Cost: 285, Red Card (Damage: +11%) Blue Card (DEF: +105) Yellow Card (Attack Speed: +1, Speed: +1) Buff Duration: 63 Sec, Cooldown: 40 Sec
LV20: MP Cost: 0, Red Card (Damage: +30%) Blue Card (DEF: +200) Yellow Card (Attack Speed: +2, Speed: +20) Buff Duration: 120 Sec, Cooldown: 30 Sec

93 – Friend Launcher – Enhancer (Passive)
Required Cat Skill Points: 104
Allows you to launch your friends more powerfully.
LV1: Friend Launcher Damage: +44%
LV15: Friend Launcher Damage: +100%

97 – Mouser’s Insight (Passive)
Required Cat Skill Points: 113
Any party members near you will ignore some enemy DEF while you’re in Cat Mode.
LV1: DEF Ignored: 1%
LV20: DEF Ignored: 10%

102 – Fire Kitty! (Active)
Required Cat Skill Points: 125
Arby rolls forward to attack. Targets temporarily have less DEF.
LV1: MP Cost: 26, Damage: 205%, Number of Attacks: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Enemy DEF: –1%
LV20: MP Cost: 46, Damage: 300%, Number of Attacks: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Enemy DEF: –20%

107 – Meow Revive (Active)
Required Cat Skill Points: 137
Revive a party member with Arby’s soothing powers.
LV1: MP Cost: 285, Revives KO’d party member within range, Cooldown: 1170 sec
LV15: MP Cost: 75, Revives KO’d party member within range, Cooldown: 750 sec

111 – Meow Gold Card (Passive)
Required Cat Skill Points: 147
Gives you a chance to draw the Gold Card when using the Lucky Cat skill, which has all the effects of the Red, Blue, and Green Cards.
LV1: MP Cost: 285, Passive Effect: #Gold Card# Chance: 16%
LV15: MP Cost: 75, Passive Effect: Card# Chance: 30%

115 – Friends of Arby (Passive)
Required Cat Skill Points: 160
Party members on the same map will get bonus EXP. When stacked with Holy Symbol, only the highest EXP bonus will take effect.
LV1: Passive Effect: Party EXP: +11%
LV20: Passive Effect: Party EXP: +30%

120 – Cat’s Cradle Blitzkrieg (Active)
Required Cat Skill Points: 170
Whenever a party member successfully attacks an enemy, all enemies in range take damage.
LV1: Damage from Party Member: 730%, Number of Hits: 1, Duration: 10, Cooldown: 300 sec
LV10: Damage from Party Member: 1000%, Number of Hits: 1, Duration: 12, Cooldown: 300 sec

Cat Skill Build: Everything maxed except Meow Heal, Meow Cure, Purr Zone, Fire Kitty, Meow Revive, Cat’s Cradle Blitzkrieg. Uses 196 SP, approximately 66 Levels.
1. Friend Launcher (MAX)
2. Cat Wit (MAX)
3. Kitty Battle Squad (MAX)
4. Kitty Treats (MAX)
5. Purr-Powered (MAX)
6. Stick Paws (MAX)
7. Meow Heal (1)
8. Cat’s Claws (MAX)
9. Meow Cure (1)
10. Purr Zone (1)
11. Meow Card (MAX)
12. Friend Launcher – Enhancer (MAX)
13. Mouser’s Insight (MAX)
14. Fire Kitty! (1)
15. Meow Revive (1)
16. Meow Gold Card (MAX)
17. Friends of Arby (MAX)
18. Cat’s Cradle Blitzkrieg (1)

This Cat Skill Build aims to make this as a mule party member where you run it on a different PC to buff up your main character who is solo training. Supportive skills such as Meow Heal, Meow Cure, Purr Zone and Meow Revive are optional skills which you can max at your choice. For me, I would rather have it standing-by providing passive effects and once-awhile receive card buffs. Do take note that each skill requires at least 1 SP to unlock a higher level skill and some skills require a certain number of Cat Skill Points to make higher skill available too! Cat seriously lacks attacking skills and most of it are heavily focus in supporting. Therefore, add SP into Cat once your main animal (Bear/Snow Leopard) has their main skills maxed to aid in your training.

Hyper Skills

149 – Furious Strikes – Boss Rush Boss ATT: +20%

168 – Furious Strikes – Reinforce Damage: +20%

189 – Furious Strikes – Critical Chance Critical Rate: +20%

155 – Three-Point Pounce – Extra Strike Number of Attacks: +1

177 – Three-Point Pounce – Spread Monsters Hit: +2

195 – Three-Point Pounce – Reinforce Damage: +20%

149 – Formation Attack – Spread Monsters Hit: +2

168 – Formation Attack – Reinforce Damage: +20%

189 – Formation Attack – Guardbreak Ignore DEF: +20%

143 – Friend Launcher – Range Range: +50

162 – Friend Launcher – Spread Monsters Hit: +2

183 – Friend Launcher – Reinforce Damage: +20%

Team Roar
Required Level 150
Become invincible and boost the Damage of your whole party.
LV1: MP Cost: 1000, Become invincible for 30 seconds. All party members increase Total Damage by 30%, Cooldown: 90 sec.

Group Bear Blaster
Required Level 170
Help your friends catapult a Bear at the enemy. Craziness!
LV1: MP Cost: 500, Damage 800%, Max Enemies Hit: 14, Number of Attack: 8, Cooldown: 90 sec.

Beast Tamer Hyper Skill Build Guide:
1. Furious Strikes – Boss Rush
2. Furious Strikes – Reinforce
3. Furious Strikes – Critical Chance
4. Three-Point Pounce – Extra Strike
5. Three-Point Pounce – Reinforce
6. Team Roar
7. Group Bear Blaster
8. *Level_200_Hyper-Skill_Not_Available*
9. Hyper Intelligence (MAX)
10. Hyper Luck (MAX)
11. Hyper Health (MAX)
12. Hyper Weapon Defense (MAX)
13. Hyper Magic Defense (MAX)
14. Hyper Critical Rate (MAX)

Beast Tamer Video

Other Information

There’s also four more medals, one for each animal:
Level 115 (Bear Paw): +3% Boss Damage, +5 Accuracy, +3 Magic Attack, +50 HP
Level 115 (Snow Leopard Paw): +5 Accuracy, +6 Magic Attack, +50 HP
Level 115 (Bird Feather): +5 Accuracy, +20 Avoidability, +50 HP
Level 115 (Cat Paw): +5 Accuracy, +3 Magic Attack, +15 Magic DEF, +50 HP, +25 Weapon DEF

Beast Tamer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Beast Tamer Gender locked?
No. You can play either male or female.

How does Beast Tamer SP (Skill Points) works?
Beginner and Common Skills does not require SP but it works similarly to Timeless Equipment where they automatically gain experience through your monster kills. You receive normal amounts of SP upon leveling plus the chance of gaining extra SP through the prize boxes. Beast Tamer does not get any additional SP unlike Adventurers since there isn’t any job advancement involved.

Non-Official to Official Skill Names

Shared Skills
Guardian Mode –> Critter Select
Return to Arben –> Homeward Bound
Maple Warrior –> Maple Guardian
Elf Will –> Beastly Resolve
Elf Self-Cultivation –> Growth Spurt
Tamer Stick Mastery –> Beast Scepter Mastery

Bear Skills
10 – Forepaw Slash –> Paw Swipe
14 – Flame Fart –> Majestic Trumpet
19 – Bobo’s Grain Stock –> Well Fed
25 – Bobo’s Patience –> Dumb Luck
31 – Inhale –> Deep Breath
39 – Bobo’s Additional Attack –> Fort Follow-Up
47 – Bobo’s Tenacity –> Defense Ignorance
54 – Angry Slash –> Furious Strikes
63 – Bobo’s Critical Strike –> Bear Strength
70 – Powerful Inhale –> Really Deep Breath
76 – Bobo’s Cub –> Li’l Fort
82 – Bobo’s Bravery –> Fort the Brave
90 – Concentrated Strike –> Bear Assault
98 – Fresh Fish Tornado –> Fishy Slap
105 – Bobo’s Resurrection –> Bear Reborn
109 – Advanced Flame Fart –> Billowing Trumpet
114 – Lift the Table –> Table Flip

Snow Leopard Skills
10 – Snow Leopard Slash –> Leopard’s Paw
15 – Thunder Sprint –> Thunder Dash
21 – Enhance Rye’s Fur –> Leopard Hide
27 – Snow Leopard Strike –> Leopard’s Pounce
35 – Enhance Rye’s Power –> Rippling Feline Muscles
41 – Rye’s Dance –> Macho Dance
49 – Rye’s Pace –> Macho Slam
57 – Hey, Brother! –> Bro Attack
67 – Snow Leopard Roar –> Leopard’s Roar
73 – Thunder Image –> Thunder Trail
80 – Rye’s Gesture –> Macho Incarnate
86 – Bermuda Triangle –> Three-Point Pounce
91 – Advanced Thunder Sprint –> Advanced Thunder Dash
95 – Enhance Rye’s Teeth –> Deadly Fangs
101 – Enhance Rye’s Paw –> Lethal Lai
108 – Enhance Rye’s Heart –> Leopard Reflexes
116 – Carnival –> Party Time

Hawk Skills
30 – Attack in Formation –> Formation Attack
30 – Eka Jump –> Sky Walk
33 – Eka High Jump –> Vertical Draft
37 – Eka Stage –> Eka Express
43 – Eka Soar –> Fly
48 – Eka’s Wing –> Hawk Flock
52 – Eka’s Sensitive –> Max Mobility
62 – Cover From Formation Flight –> Defensive Formation
65 – Eka Glide –> Eka Glider
72 – Eka’s Feather –> Feather Cloak
78 – Call Me! –> Regroup
83 – Enhance Eka’s Talons –> Raptor Talons
88 – Bombing in Formation –> Baby Bombers
94 – Enhance Eka’s Eye –> Bird’s-Eye View
99 – Enhance Formation –> Veteran Formation
104 – Enhance Eka’s Beak –> Razor Beak
110 – Eka’s Feather shoes –> Feather Boots
118 – Tornado –> Tornado Flight

Cat Skills
50 – Cast Friends –> Friend Launcher
50 – Moe Ale –> Cat Wit
53 – Ale Charming –> Kitty Battle Squad
56 – Ale is Full! –> Kitty Treats
61 – Ale’s Will –> Purr-Powered
66 – Ale Steal –> Stick Paws
71 – Meow Heal –> Meow Heal
75 – Ale’ Paw –> Cat’s Claws
79 – Meow Sneak –> Meow Cure
84 – Meow Space –> Purr Zone
89 – Meow’s Cards –> Meow Card
93 – Enhance Cast Friend –> Friend Launcher – Enhancer
97 – Explore the Weakness –> Mouser’s Insight
102 – Meow Cast! –> Fire Kitty!
107 – Meow’s Resurrection –> Meow Revive
111 – Meow’s Golden Card –> Meow Gold Card
115 – Ale Good Friend –> Friends of Arby
120 – Gorgeous Shock –> Cat’s Cradle Blitzkrieg

Hyper Skills
149 – Angry Slash – Boss Rush –> Furious Strikes – Boss Rush
168 – Angry Slash – Reinforce –> Furious Strikes – Reinforce
189 – Angry Slash – Critical –> Furious Strikes – Critical Chance
155 – Bermuda Triangle – Extra Strike –> Three-Point Pounce – Extra Strike
177 – Bermuda Triangle – Spread –> Three-Point Pounce – Spread
195 – Bermuda Triangle – Reinforce –> Three-Point Pounce – Reinforce
149 – Attack in Formation – Spread –> Formation Attack – Spread
168 – Attack in Formation – Ignore Guard –> Formation Attack – Guardbreak
189 – Attack in Formation- Reinforce –> Formation Attack – Reinforce
143 – Cast Friends – Add Range –> Friend Launcher – Range
162 – Cast Friends – Spread –> Friend Launcher – Spread
183 – Cast Friends – Reinforce –> Friend Launcher – Reinforce
150 – Mercilessness –> Team Roar
170 – Bear Cannon! –> Group Bear Blaster

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116 thoughts on “MapleStory Beast Tamer Skill Build Guide

  1. PapaGrimly

    After getting sufficiently bored and attempting to math it out, I have discovered how many points, exactly, I would want for each animal. (Not counting any extra SP Chase gets from her leveling up gifts– I can’t remember how many she gets.)

    To max everything important in Bear, you need at least 195 points.

    For Leopard, you need 156 as a bare minimum, but 162 would be preferred.

    As for the Bird, you require 88 points to max everything I care about (basically, up to Regroup). 82 can be used instead, if you only wish to put one point into regroup.

    For the Cat, you need 178 to max up to his exp buff (17 points in due to +3 passive), with one point extra used for his ultimate.

    This whole build requires the 623 SP, or 611 if you use the minimum numbers for Leopard and Bird. Unfortunately, this means (to my knowledge– I still don’t know how much SP Chase gets from all of her SP potions) that, even using +3 to all skills, you still aren’t able to quite get all of them to their most useful points (since skill boosts don’t count toward the requirement to unlock skills).

    With 570 SP (plus some unknown amount extra from SP potions), as well as maxing Bear+Leopard+Cat to their most useful points only taking 535 points, you would have 35 points (a bit more, actually) left to put into Bird. This is enough to max everything up to Eka Express, with some points left over to put into Fly (11 before SP potions, which would be buffed to 14).

    Just my two cents on how I’ll likely be building my BT (whenever they finally come out again.) Unfortunately, due to the way the build works, until 140 (with both the Leafre card set and the Empress set bonus), this build will feel rather lackluster. If you want, you could buy/use resets to your already existing builds once you get to 140 to equip the gear, but I’ll probably just brave through some lackluster levels. :P

  2. PapaGrimly

    If you were to make a skill build attempting to fully utilize the Leafre card set (+1 to all skills), as well as the Empress set bonus (+2 to all skills), how close could one get to being proficient in all four animals?

  3. MisterLuck

    I would also advise a skill build where it has Skill point additives like The leafre card set, since it makes a large impact on the skill build yet it doesn’t make a difference in SP requirement for each skill. Considering that each animal has about 17/18 skills to learn, you’ll basically save about 4 times that amount.

  4. MisterLuck

    Hey Ayumi, I always had a question about Meow Heal. is the heal based on magic damage or your hp? and does the heal distribute the % within the party? (1% to 5 members if the skill is level1)
    Cause i could actually see this be a use some how if it was m attk based!

  5. Jane

    Hi Ayumi, I just started my Beast Tamer and currently level 10. I have 1 SP in Leopard’s Paw and 2 SP in Paw Swipe with 2 SP left over.

    Before I really started playing, I just wanted to know the exact skill build if I wanted to play my Beast Tamer like a regular character and not just for link skill mule or party buff mule.

    What is the best skill build if I wanted to make this my main? It’s so confusing to figure out how many SP I should put in each skill @_@. (Also, could I change it into a Party Buff mule by getting a SP Reset Scroll if I decided not to make it my main anymore?) I look forward to your advice!

  6. Traq

    I wonder, whats the ideal skill build for training + bossing only, without buff or mobility. Also, is it ideal to create another beast tamer with leopard + cat and some skills of the hawk for buffing?

  7. Azas

    Hi Ayumi , just kinda wondering if beast tamer is just exclusively for gms or will it be released in maplesea at a much later date ? Love your guides by the way ^^

  8. Ayumilove Post author

    @DanyRyo: The music in Beast Tamer is “Transcendence” by Lindsey Sterling. Thanks to WildHeartless for replying :)

  9. Ayumilove Post author

    @Dave: Yes, Beast Tamer can boss with their Furious Strikes, Fishy Slap, Bear Assault and Majestic Trumpet. Once awhile casting Group Bear Blaster and Team Roar.

  10. Ayumilove Post author

    @Yukino: Sorry for the late reply. I have added Beast Tamer Hyper Skills Build Guide.

  11. Dave

    Can Beast Tamers even boss? I’m asking this because I never seen a funded Beast Tamer nor a bossing video for a Beast Tamer. So can they boss or not?

  12. Yukino

    You didn’t add the hyper skill build

  13. wildheartless

    DanyRyo – it is “Transcendence” by Lindsey Sterling

  14. DanyRyo

    hi Ayumilove, i’d love watching the video of each classes, but the music of beasttamer is most impressed. Can u give the name of that song? i whr can i get it or another?

  15. Ayumilove Post author

    [GMS v.154 Updates]
    1. Bear Reborn cooldown changed from 1800000 to 1800 (1800 seconds = 30 minutes)

  16. Ayumilove Post author

    @Alyndri: It’s mentioned in the guide above for the optimum leveling speed for Beast Tamer. Start out with Leopard but don’t max it all the way, then dump the skills in to Bear because this beast is the one will get you high on top. For long term playing, its best to use Leopard and Bear route, unless you want to make it as your mule, you can do the combo above, Leopard -> Bear -> Cat.

  17. Alyndri

    Heya! I’m a bit late to the party, but I made a beast tamer in Feb and only just started using her. I’d like her to be my main, so what is the strategy? Do I go all Leopard at once? Or all Bear at once? or level them up at the same time according to your ‘non mule’ guides for each animal above?


  18. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Angelina, Beast Tamer as well as other seasonal jobs will be made available (unlocked) later on but there is no fixed date.

  19. Angelina

    (I’m totally new to Maplestory so I apologize if this question is stupid.)
    So on the class selection there’s the beast tamer!:D but it says it’s unavailable, does that mean it’ll be available soon enough?

  20. Ayumilove Post author

    @Darren: Thanks for your feedback. The Beast Tamer video has been fixed :)

  21. Darren

    You embedded the wrong video.

  22. Ayumilove Post author

    @Charles Wang: I have level up Beast Tamer until level 160ish. Therefore, based on my experiences, you should go for Bear + Snow Leopard if you wish to train up to Level 200 for the SS Card. I do not know when Beast Tamer will be out but usually during their first release date, its when they are reopen back. Sometimes, on some occasion they open on events to bring in more players when server becomes less hectic. Mobbing and bossing for me was Evan, but didn’t like the stationary attack. Mercedes is nice lots of movement but lack the oomph power to drive enemies back to the wall. Kaiser and Xenon, and Eunwol/Flame Wizard (KMS) is one good choice you can consider. Dawn Warrior is the best warrior for me, high mobility like Demon Slayer and deals multiple damages.

  23. Charles Wang

    Hey Ayumi. I have three questions for you.

    1) Do you know when beast tamers will be able to be created again?

    2) What two animals should I go for if I plan on playing the class not for the link skill nor the mule?

    3)Irrelevant to beast tamers, but what is a good class that’s decent at mobbing and/or bossing that is fun? Damage is not that important, but should do average/decent damage with minimal funding.


  24. Ayumilove Post author

    @Inatoshi: Make sure to upgrade your armor to have better defense against their attack. Also, train on monsters which are same level or below you to inflict more damage + 0 misses + better EXP rate. If you are going against higher level monster, you should have better weapon stats to deal 1 HKO (One Hit Kill) to prevent them from retaliating.

  25. Ayumilove Post author

    @DarkDagger: Yeah, MapleStory player who has tried most of the jobs except for the ones from KMS Tespia (new releases) :)

  26. Ayumilove Post author

    @Jackii: Some skills are not necessarily required to be max if the is use as an utility skill or the max level of the skill does provide minuscule benefit or its left at minimum level to unlock the dependent skills (to meet the level requirement).

  27. Jackii

    Hey Ayumi just wondering u said u have 1 skill builds on this website one is for the mule (which I found) and one for if you are activ. I cant find the activ ones or is it the one where u put everywhere a bit in under it? And i know you can just max 2 animals out. if you max them out should you max out all of their skills or have some with less SP ?

  28. Ayumilove Post author

    @Chen Chen: Previously when I tested Cat’s Cradle Blitzkrieg, it did not work out for me. Thought it was a bug or something. If you have tested, let me know the effect :)

  29. Chen Chen

    Dear Ayumilove, how does the current cat’s cradle blitzkrieg work?

  30. DarkDagger

    Hi ayumilove,how did you know everything about maplestory?Are you a player in maplestory?

  31. Inatoshi

    Ayumi. I just created a Beast Tamer on GMS and I’m level 51.
    I’m currently doing the required quest El Nath. I feel like I’m taking a ton of damage from the mobs that are around my own level? If I compare this to any of this class it feels like I’m taking way more then I should.

  32. Rashid

    I wouldn’t really recommend maxing both bear and snow leopard. But for the rest, you could probably just put them in whatever the heck you want. But if you insist on those two, I guess you could try hawk, since you get some nice utility for a few points.

  33. blazrman22

    i know that you have to get bear and snow maxed but where do you put the rest of your points? i plan to get to at least 200+ with this class

  34. Hui

    Thx alot ayumilove :D i guess i will go for mercedes ba.

  35. Ayumilove Post author

    @Hui: You can start off with Mercedes job. It has a passive skill that gives bonus EXP (experience points) whenever you defeat a monster/enemy. Other jobs that might interest you are Kanna, Zen, Jett, Demon Slayer, Demon Avenger and Angelic Buster. These classes uses very little potions, therefore saving lots of meso(s). They are quite strong too even though you are unfunded.

  36. Hui

    hi, rashid. i just do some research on dawn warrior. they say dawn warrior only pro with high funded. but because i am newbie and i doesn’t have any mesos to fund it lol.

  37. Rashid

    Hui, you can try a Dawn Warrior. They’ve got decent speed, good power, look cool and they don’t need to buy skill books.

  38. Hui

    Hi ayumi. i am consider a newbie to maplestory (coz i just started play for 2 days !) and can u recommend me to play a new job? coz i am currently no mesos. and i also not interested to put real money to gaming. so can u recommend me a job to play? i am currently playing maplesea. i seek for power and mobility ( moving ability)

  39. Rashid

    It’s right there in the introduction: “PRIMARY STAT: Intelligence (INT)”
    Or just use the auto AP distribution feature.

  40. Untaimed_coconut

    Hi, I am looking for what stats to put on a beast taimer. Like I dont even know what they are exactly.

  41. AshidaSate

    @Ayumi: Is bear mode’s table flip better than furious strikes for boss? (with and without bear assult)

  42. AshidaSate

    @Ayumi, The Fort Follow-Up skill for bear mode, does it always appear after 4 attacks? does he appear after every 4 hits from Furious Strikes? and say you’re attacking 8 mobs, when he appears, how many can he hit? or can more than 1 fort follow-up happen at the same time?

  43. AshidaSate

    Nvm, problem fixed with game booster XD

  44. Ayumilove Post author

    @Lemonie: The strongest is obviously the bear, followed by Snow Leopard, Bird and lastly the Cat. In terms of supportive skills, is basically the other sequence around.

  45. Ayumilove Post author

    @AshidaSate: What are your PC spec? (CPU? RAM? Graphic Card? SSD?) I have not encountered this issue since my computer spec is kinda high. I’m using a third-party external graphic card (not the IGP = Intergrated Graphic Card) and an Intel i7 Ivy Bridge.

  46. AshidaSate

    @Ayumi:I get lag spike whenever I hit a large number of mobs with my beast tamer skills and only beast tamers skills, if the skills don’t hit, I don’t lag, is there a way to fix this?

  47. Rashid

    Lemonie, most people go with bear/cat for bossing & training/muling.

  48. Lemonie

    @Ayumi: What do you think is the best monster or animal for beast tamer? I can’t tell which is better… I really want to make my beast tamer strong, but first I need to know what monster is the strongest

  49. Shadowcape

    @Ayumi: The Skill “Team Roar” Is more different then the JMS one It states ” MP Cost: 1000, Invincibility Duration: 20 sec, Team Damage: +30%, Cooldown: 420 sec. master Level: 1″

  50. Irene

    Haha I mean would the RA Set for example be better ot Dragon Tail or it doesnt matter?

  51. Ayumilove Post author

    @Irene: The Beast Tamer Stick is given free from Beast Tamer event. Most of the stats should go for INT and Magic Attack to boost Beast Tamer damage.

  52. Irene

    Hey there, I was just wondering which equipment set is good for beast tamer? And should most of the stats add INT/MAG ATK?

  53. Ayumilove Post author

    @CodeGash: For the error 11004, Close your entire browser, clear your Internet Cache, then relogin MapleStory Nexon website, it should work. Otherwise, spam click on the login on MapleStory Nexon website. Some players are able to login by attempting that method.

  54. Ayumilove Post author

    @Codgash: Make sure you are in USA to play the game. If you are from Europe, you will need to play in EMS (but currently does not support Beast Tamer). Usually this warning message pops up due to MapleStory region block. Other than that, the game server in GMS is under maintenance. If this persists for more than 3 days, basically should be region block. Check whether your Firewall is blocking MapleStory from running. You can test this by disabling your anti-virus and firewall temporarily and run MapleStory.

  55. Codgash

    there is also a problem like ‘error code : 11004 (the requested name is valid but no data of the requested type was found

  56. Codgash

    help… i cant start maple…. there will be a popout saying firewall thing ‘We are unable to connect to the login server due to a server chack, a firewall block or other network issues. Please checj=k the maplestory homepage for ongoing server checks as well as your firewall settings’ help? i really wanna play beast tamer and experience the global type of maplestory

  57. Ayumilove Post author

    @JamesLe: You can do merchanting and crafting. Craft an item and sell in Free Market, or craft nebulite and sell them. Or do bossing and sell its loot. More meso = you can fund your Beast Tamer. Some players goes even to hardcore where they spend thousand on NX Cash just to get the perfec equipment stat. They would recube with Premium MIracle Cubes and enhancements to boost its potential by alot. Another free way is to build up several characters in 1 account and point their link skills to your Beast Tamer.

  58. JamesLe

    Hi ayumilove, I’m a beast tamer lvl 150 and my damage is actually low to me(my damage: 100k-250k) so do I need to fund my beast tamer a lot cuz I am VERY poor. Pliz answer

  59. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Adam for your note! I’ll add that to my Bear Skill Build description :)

  60. Adam

    just a small note, when raising Fort the Brave, it can be left at 19 points, as it will still give the 10%, same as lv 20

  61. Ayumilove Post author

    Beast Tamer for passive support and Bishop for active support. Take note that Holy Symbol does not stack with Friends of Arby, they overwrite one another. If you are lazy to switch PC to buff your character, use Beast Tamer.

  62. Ayumilove Post author

    Yeah, I agree with Devin hehehe. Eka and Cat not really good for training. Use Leopoard for fast map maneuver and Bear for bossing. Cat for mule training support. Eka, not sure what I can use it for. Probably for the active support skill but that’s basically it.

  63. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi PreEnables, are you playing Beast Tamer as a mule or your main character? I tried Cat and its damage is so much weaker compared to Bear and Leopard, its not used for training nor bossing. It can help your party to gain the extra EXP+Bonus Loot before performing the last hit kill. But I would recommend anyone to go for Bear + Leopard. For mule, go for the Leopard->Bear->Cat as described in the guide above (just above the skill descriptions section).

  64. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi blaire, you can purchase the Beast Tamer SP Reset Skill (I think it costs 5,000 NX) and update the Leoopard Skill Section. Once reset, then you can use the guide above as reference. Take note that I have 2 types of skill build, 1 is for mule and the other is going pure Bear+Leopard = playing it as your main.

  65. blaire


    I have a question. I did not read your guide before I started doing my points and I’ve only made one error according to your guide (*Frown*) and that is that I put 15 points to Snow Leopard Thunder Dash, what skills should i take from in order to make up for this? Please let me know!!

  66. PreEnables

    Hi I have a question, I’m not really funded and all so I was thinking in going support which is cat. whats a good beast to pick with it? should I be going only leopard/cat?

  67. Devin

    And after respeccing and putting more points into bear, I take it back. Bird can really only compete with the first few bear attacks. but he’s doing 10x the damage to twice as many enemies.

  68. Devin

    I’ve actually found training on Eka to very fast once you hit 83 and get Raptor Talons. Especially on flat maps. you can just hold down the attack button and move back and forth across the map. any mobs that aren’t killed by your initial onslaught will have the bleed reduce them to 1hp for your return trip. If you’re impatient you can simply turn around for a split second and kill them off early. plus you can jump up, down, and across platforms very quickly for maximum mobility. I’m honestly looking forward to seeing how crazy formation attack gets with the hypers. Still, Eka isn’t very good for bossing, so I’m currently working on a Fort(bear)/Eka(Hawk) build.

  69. Pompomdidi

    Which is better for buffing?Bishop or Beast Tamer?

  70. Joshua

    Hello! this character really leaves a bad taste, not to raise points all the beasts … And worse to not choose the 4 beasts from the beginning … The nexon are really one and useless beasts.

  71. PowerofGods1

    The guide is nice but there’s one little mistake, team roar the level 150 hyper skill is nerfed in gms. It’s new stats we’re changed to invincible for 20 seconds, still 30% damage, but the cooldown got heavily increase to 420 seconds.

  72. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi SEA, ya, miscalculated. Used the wrong SP chart for Bear haha.

  73. SEA

    is your bear skill point in total calculated error?

  74. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Aloysius, it is not possible to max all 4 animal skills. However, if you wish to cover the important ones, it is possible if you could possibly reach Level 200+ which many casual gamers would not go for. It just takes up too much time.

  75. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Apocalypse, I have fixed the Hyper Skill Furious Strike icons. For Eka, I focused on getting the supportive skills once reach Level 200. Training on either Eka (hawk) or Arby (Cat) is kinda slow.

  76. Apocalypse

    Wrong image Hyper Skill – Furious Strike. And i have a question, why u no plus attack skill for Eka?

  77. Jeff

    Can you post a quick article of what the changes are in RED? I haven’t played in years and thought about getting back into it, but I’m not sure what to main, and what are the benefits of being an explorer still since the other classes (hero, cygnus knights, resistance) seem to be of more interest at the moment. Thanks!

  78. Aloysius

    So.., it’s not possible to max all 4 different types of animal skills right?

  79. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Devin, you can submit it by posting in the comments :)

  80. Devin

    Is there a way I could submit a Hawk guide? No one seems to give Eka any love.

  81. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi amoory, if you are playing in MSEA (MapleStory South East Asia), you can contact the official MapleSEA customer service via They will get a GM (Game Master) to force-teleport you out to a specific location (e.g. Henesys) OR if you are playing in GMS (Global MapleStory), you can contact their customer support service The best way is to contact your local GM (Game Master) in your server and explain your situation to him. Usually GM can receive whispers but they are unable to view them, so players would message GM using SMEGA (Super Megaphone purchased from CashShop).

  82. amoory

    Heliseum Quest. While I was attempting the quest named “Operation Go” (if i didn’t remember wrongly as I don’t really keep track of the quest name) and the character was sent to another place to wipe out the monsters before proceeding to the next stage. (I believe there are at least 3 stages) After which, I think I was at the final stage when a cut scene was supposed to appear. From then on, the character cannot move and no monsters appeared. This situation happened on 20th Dec 2013 and until now it is still the same whenever I log-in to this character.

    Steps to reproduce the bug :
    1. Attempt “Operation Go”
    2. Complete until the final stage where the cut scene is triggered.

    The character was stuck in the cut scene status and it cannot move. Only one of the NPC “Edea” can be clicked on but does not lead to anything.

    what i do help me

  83. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks elyasaf elbaz for the correction. I have updated Fort The Brave skill stats.

  84. elyasaf elbaz

    Change Fort The Breve Skill’s stats to this:
    82 – Fort the Brave (Passive)
    Required Bear skill Points: 130
    LV1: Passive Effect: Magic ATT: +1%
    LV10: Passive Effect: Magic ATT: +5%
    LV20: Passive Effect: Magic ATT: +10%

    The Current Stats are incorrect.

  85. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Meri for the notice! I’ll correct it now :)

  86. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Naj, the passive effects from cat applies to all your party member including yourself. However, the Cat passive effects will wear off once you switch to a different animal and if that animal has party member passive effect skills, then those will immediately take effect.

  87. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Mapler, thanks for your feedback! I’ll add them to it once I have the time :)

  88. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi PowerofGods1, I agree with your point. Currently the best route would be Bear + Snow Leopard. I’ll change the animal selection :)

  89. Naj

    Are cat skill have “of party members within same map” include me ????
    P/s : i’m not good at english ^^

  90. Aloysius

    Mind if you can do a level by level SP guide? Like how the rest used to be..

  91. Meri

    Ayumi, correction on three-point pounce for snow leopard: the current skill in GMS, without the hyper skills, is 3 attacks and a 2 second cooldown.

  92. PowerofGods1

    Hi ayumi, the cat doesn’t seem like a wise choice unless you are leeching, because the cat buffs only work if you are in that form, and if you change animals, they disappear, not sure if this is a glitch or if Nexon purposely intended it.

  93. Mapler

    Ayumi, can you be a little more specific in the build? Like which skills to raise and such, but if it too unnecessary then do what suits you, but please make the build a little more specific, Beast Tamer’s skills are rather hard to figure. Thank you.

  94. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Felipe, its impossible to max all skills for all 4 animals, but you can with 2 animals. The best is the Bear + Cat. Bear deals much more damage compared to Leopard, but it isn’t mobile, therefore its best to get a map with monsters tightly packed like a can or sardines and hammer them with your bear hammer skills. For bossing, players would use cat to perform the last hit to gain bonus EXP and drop rate. With Bear and Cat, you enjoy both supportive and offensive sides of this character.

  95. Felipe

    Ayumi, u have any Build ?? or all skill max ??

  96. BlindOtaku

    Beast Tamer Passive skills only work when that “animal” is being used.

  97. sam kim

    is the beast tamer story line mandatory?

  98. Tempest

    Am I the only one that accidentally misread “Bobo’s Grain Stock” as “Bobo’s Groin Stick”?

  99. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks henry for the link! I’ll update them now :D

  100. henry

    Hi ayumi, the bt skills names have been officially translated differently in GMS, see this:
    for details.

  101. Person

    For the skill unlock levels, for example, if I make a eagle and cat, would I not be able to use anything until level 30 because of the required skill levels? Or would I be able to use them? Email me if needed…. Please answer asap as beast tamer is in 2 days.

  102. MisterLuck

    Hey Ayumi, Do you Happen to know if Beast Tamer can Share Cash Inventory with Adventurers and such?.

  103. Greiga

    Do the passives from one tree cross into another? So if I level up the cat tree will I get 30% stance even in Bear Mode?

  104. Drake

    Question! If i want to use the passive effects of the Leapord, but am going to use Bobo’s Set, would i have to use the Leapord For the passive effects to work? Same goes for the other 2. :)

  105. new

    Question, i have never been on this site before so thank you for the help, but do i have a choice of which animal i would like to use first? or do i have to wait until level 30 for the hawk?

  106. Ayumilove Post author

    Added Beast Tamer Secondary Weapon and Medals to this guide at the bottom section!

  107. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Kooler for the correction. I’ll update the description above :)

  108. Dylan

    Op passive like that boos critical strike one

  109. Kooler

    theres some incorrect info in here, first only some beginner skills automatically lvl up uppon lvling your character, second they use alot of SP, not based on how much its used, they have special SP elixirs they unlock in the event boxes and also special SP scrolls in the CS because they use around 1100 Sp total to max every skill and they only receive normal amounts of SP per lvl

  110. Mastel

    After reading the skill description , i gonna rule out that passive only stay at 1 beast. so no extra Passive Hp,Mp, MA, or stance stack with Bobo and Ale. TwT

  111. Mastel

    hmm, for Buff, mostly it will gone when you change beast. but passive mostly will say.

  112. Mastel

    Most of Beast Tamer Skill change when you switch Beast, so For active skill or buff skill you put on keyboard will stay the exact place when you change back, so no need worried when you wanted to change form half way battle for support role. I Mostly can tell that Active, and buff stay at keyboard. But for Passive and perm passive example cat passive party buff, i still don’t really know does it still in effect when you change to other form. But In theory it suppose to stay perm, as it imply.
    So I will Choose Bobo and Ale, for strong buff and passive , and a interesting self-healing role for Rye with it Enhance Rye’s Fur, for a bit of healing when attacking.My Battle style will me, Primary Bobo, Supports Ale, and Training Rye. >W<

  113. Mastel

    OMG, I did a bit of calculation. Mostly all Beast need 280 sp max all it skill. 4 Beast total 1120 sp, and with current lv cap lv250 we can get 750 sp with 3 point each not included the 5 sp at job advance or quest. Unless we get the event or perm event/quest for beast tamer we wont max out all beast skill. So we can max out 2 beast with normal method around lv 180+ . I wonder how the sp do.

  114. Mastel

    It’s seen that Beast Tamer, is a must be very well plan class to build. It’s recommend that you only control 1 beast and max out it skill for better performance. Even you can change between 4 beast, you can’t max out all beast skill. You can mostly max 1 beast skill, but with event you might able to max 2 beast skill with the extra sp point it throw at you. But after the event end most player can only max 1 beast. So it very sad, If Beast Tamer come to MSEA, and with Extra Sp, i might choose Bear and Cat. me no fan of bird.

  115. SYugamai

    do the passives/buffs from other animal modes stack? or do you lose all the passives when you switch?

  116. Jessie

    What do you think about this class Ayumi? Do you think its going to be good?