MapleStory Maple Union aka Legion System Guide

Maple Union is a new feature added in MapleStory Beyond Patch update to replace Character Cards and Part Time Job system. To enroll your characters to be a Maple Union member, they must complete 2nd Job Advancement which is done at Level 60, except for Zero who needs to reach level 130. Maple Union quests are provided by the NPC named as “Ms. Appropriation the Dragon Slayer (Maple Union)” when you have at least 3 Maple Union members and the Union Level of all members in Maple Union is at least 500 levels.

Maple Union Overview

What is Maple Union?
What is Maple Union Level?
What is Maple Union Rank?
Attack Unit and Combat Power
Battle Map and Character Bricks

Maple Union Character Rank

Characters in the Maple Union have their Character Rank increased according to their level.

  • Rank SSS: Level 250
  • Rank SS: Level 200-249
  • Rank S: Level 140-199 (Zero: Level 180-199)
  • Rank A: Level 100-139 (Zero: Level 160-179)
  • Rank B: Level 60-99 (Zero: Level 130-159)

Maple Union Attacker Effects

Angelic BusterDEX+10/20/40/80/100
Aran70% to recover HP2/4/6/8/10%
Beast TamerIgnore Enemy Defense+1/2/3/5/6%
BlasterIgnore Enemy Defense+1/2/3/5/6%
Blaze Wizard | Flame WizardINT+10/20/40/80/100
Bow MasterDEX+10/20/40/80/100
CorsairSummon Duration+4/6/8/10/12%
Dark KnightHP+2/3/4/5/6%
Dawn Warrior | Soul MasterHP+250/500/1000/2000/2500
Demon AvengerBoss Damage+1/2/3/5/6%
Demon SlayerStatus Resistance+1/2/3/4/5
Dual BladeLUK+10/20/40/80/100
Evan70% to recover MP+2/4/6/8/10%
Fire/Poison ArchmageMP+2/3/4/5/6%
HayatoCritical Damage+1/2/3/5/6%
Ice/Lightning ArchmageINT+10/20/40/80/100
JettCritical Damage+1/2/3/5/6%
KannaBoss Damage+1/2/3/5/6%
MarksmanCritical Rate+1/2/3/4/5%
MechanicBuff Duration+5/10/15/20/25%
MercedesReduce Skill Cooldown+2/3/4/5/6%
Night LordCritical Rate+1/2/3/4/5%
Night WalkerLUK+10/20/40/80/100
PhantomMeso Rate+1/2/3/4/5%
Shade | EunwolCritical Damage+1/2/3/5/6%
Thunder Breaker | StrikerSTR+10/20/40/80/100
Wild Hunter 20% to boost damage+4/8/12/16/20%
Wind Breaker | Wind ArcherDEX+10/20/40/80/100
XenonSTR, DEX and LUK+5/10/20/40/50
ZenCritical Damage+1/2/3/5/6%
ZeroExperience Rate+4/6/8/10/12%

Maple Union Tetris/Brick Stats

StatsValue per SquareTotal SquaresTotal Stat
HP, MP250153750
ATT, M.ATT11515
Critical Rate1%4040%
Critical Damage0.5%4020%
Boss Damage1%4040%
Bonus EXP0.25%4010%
Buff Duration1%4040%
Ignore Defense1%4040%
Status Resistance1%4040%

Maple Union Ranks (Level/Coin Requirement)

Union RankMax Union AttackersReq. Total Union LevelReq. Coins
Novice Union 195000
Novice Union 2101000120
Novice Union 3111500140
Novice Union 4122000150
Novice Union 5132500160
Veteran Union 1183000170
Veteran Union 2193500430
Veteran Union 3204000450
Veteran Union 4214500470
Veteran Union 5225000490
Master Union 1275500510
Master Union 2286000930
Master Union 3296500960
Master Union 43070001000
Master Union 53175001030
Grand Master Union 13680001060
Grand Master Union 23785002200
Grand Master Union 33890002300
Grand Master Union 43995002350
Grand Master Union 540100002400

Maple Union FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Maple Union?

  • Maple Unions are units of your characters in the same world.
  • Not all your characters are eligible to join Maple Unions.
  • They must be at least Character Level 60 and completed 3rd Job Advancement.
  • If you have 40 or more characters in the same world, only the 40 highest-Leveled characters can join your Maple Union.
  • If you have multiple Zero characters, only the highest-leveled one that is at least Level 130 can join your Maple Union.
  • If you have multiple jobs of the same kind, example: 10 of Level 250 Eunwol/Shade in your account, you can see 10 Eunwol/Shade in Maple Union, but you will only receive a single Attacker Effect of Eunwol/Shade which is 6% Critical Damage and not 60% Critical Damage. Still, those 10 Eunwol/Shade will still boost up your Maple Union Level and can still be placed on to the board.

What is Union Level?

  • Your Union Level is the total of your Maple Union members’ Character Levels.
  • The higher your Union Level, the higher you can increase your Union Rank and the stronger your Maple Union will be.
  • You can check your Union Level ranking on our official website.

What is Maple Union Rank?

  • Your Union Rank is the indication of your growth, which you can increase at certain Union Levels.
  • The higher your Union Rank, the more Attack Unit Members you can add to occupy more parts of the Battle Map.
  • Increasing your rank at a certain Union Level requires Union Coins.

Attack Unit and Combat Power

  • The Attack Unit is the unit of characters added to the Battle Map.
  • The members of the Attack Unit can join the Union Raid and fight formidable enemies, collecting Union Coins.
  • Also, they activate different Attack Unit Member effects and Attack Unit Occupation Effects, depending on their character type and Battle Map occupation status, increasing stats for all your characters in the same world.

Battle Map and Character Bricks

  • The Battle Map is a map you can occupy by adding your Attack Unit Members strategically. It consists of 16 areas, 8 internal and 8 external areas.
  • Each area offers different character stats, and the more bricks you occupy, the greater your stat bonus.
  • Stats for the 8 internal areas are customizable. Those for the 8 external areas are not.
  • Drag and drop a character onto the Battle Map, and it’ll appear in the shape of a brick, occupying a part of the Battle Map.
  • Character bricks grow differently from their original shape, depending on their Level and Job.
  • When you first add characters to the Battle Map, the very first character brick must be added to one of the 4 central areas.
  • You can add the rest to where ever you want, placing them next to each other or even stacking them on top of each other.
  • Character bricks can be rotated and inverted to create desired shapes, and can be unequipped with a right-click.

Maple Union Raid

  • The Union Raid is considered Combat content that you can use with your Attack Unit members.
  • You can enter it by selecting one of your Attack Unit Members and pressing the Join Battle button in the Union UI.
  • Enter the Raid, and you’ll see your Attack Unit Members already fighting.
  • Two types of monsters appear in the Union Raid.
  • The first one is the gigantic dragon in the center of the battlefield.
  • Your Attack Unit Members will automatically attack the dragon.
  • The character you are controlling can also attack the dragon, but once it runs out of the green portion of its HP, it puts up a barrier, blocking your attacks and letting only the damage from the other Attack Unit Members.
  • Your Attack Unit Members will continue to fight the gigantic dragon even after you leave, earning you Union Coins.
  • The number of Union Coins that they have earned are settled when they leave the Raid.
  • I suggest you visit me (Ms. Appropriation the Dragon Slayer Maple Union NPC) and collect the Coins that your Attack Unit Members have collected for you.

Maple Union Formula/Findings

Union Base Damage for Character Rank

Level 60 = ~100k/s
Level 100 = ~400k/s
Level 140 = ~1.9m/s
Level 200 = ~8m/s
Level 230 = ~14.5m/s
Level 250 = ~20m/s (estimate)

Extra Damage from Star Force (Level does not matter)

Star ForceTotal DamageDamage BoostDamage Per StarBoost %

Maple Union Star Force Equip for Mule

  1. Cracked/Solid Belt and Pendant (purchase, 20 SF)
  2. Horntail Earring (purchase, 10 SF)
  3. Horntail Ring (purchase, 10 SF)
  4. Ifia’s Ring (if available for purchase, 10 SF)
  5. Zakum Eye Accessory: Aquatic Letter Eye Accessory (purchase, 8 SF)
  6. Zakum Face Accessory: Condensed Strength Crystalline (purchase, 10 SF)
  7. Any gear set Level +120: Hat, Glove, Shoe, Cape, Overall, Weapon (purchase, 70 SF)
  8. Magnus Shoulder Pad: Royal Black Metal Shoulder (purchase, 10 SF)
  9. Total Star Force = 150

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  1. vincent

    did MapleSEA remove character card system to replace Maple Union ?

  2. Stuph

    Does anyone know if the buffs can stack with each other (like can the Legion Might stack with Cold Winter)?

  3. Sinnatrue

    I heard kms has Maple M character in union too. if you link account maple m with maple id.
    Any idea ayumi ?

  4. Ayumilove Post author

    @Kingu: Thanks for the notice! I have perform the necessary correction :-)

  5. Kingu

    Lvl 60 is 3rd job not 2nd job. @Ayumilove

  6. Hachi

    I’m curious about evan’s skill effect, does the mp recovery have a cooldown or is it just 70% chance with every hit you do.

  7. Ayumilove Post author

    @Menemeno: I have added Jett into the list! Jett is same as Zen which provides Critical Damage. Jett (GMS) vs Zen (MSEA).

  8. Menemeno

    Hum Jett is missing in the attacker sheet is it normal ?

  9. Ayumilove Post author

    @TreeNuggets: To retrieve the coins, click the menu button and click on the “Maple Union” option. This brings up the Maple Union window. Click “Join Battle” to enter the dragon map. Once entered, click “Exit” button to visit the NPC. Talk to NPC to gain Maple Union Coins and later exit the Maple Union map. I recommend you to try using a level 60 or above character to join battle.

  10. TreeNuggets

    I left my maple union for a few days and it reached the coin limit. i don’t know how can i possible to retrieved the coin, when i cant join battle( its says i had to on the character in the exit map to retrieve the coin) and i don’t have any character in the exit map of maple union. is there any access to the exit map or something. Or should i just give up and left the thing dead?

  11. Noire6214

    Oh wait, Aaron you mean the Stat from the Union Board or from the Union Characters?

    I can confirm Stat from Union Characters are not affected by Potential Stat% but not sure whether those Stat gained from the Union Board brick affected or not, never bother to test it out.

  12. Noire6214

    “Is the maple union effects like addition of STR affected by the STR% (potential)”

    @Aaron – No, they’re not affected by Potential Stat%.

    I added a lvl200 Soul Master which gives 2,000 HP to the Union Board. My DA max HP only increased by EXACTLY 2,000 despite I have tons of HP% Potential on my equipments so I can say for sure Stat from Union Characters are not affect d by Potential Stat%.

  13. Shadez

    @Jenn you need at least 500 union levels to participate, you have a total of 493 so it should work once you get those 7 levels

  14. Pepetrueno

    wow thx very much for guide *.*

  15. Harrex

    @Jenn you dont have a total of 500 levels (thats what you need to access the legion system) 493 is your total. Level any of the characters you have over 60 7 levels and you have access.

  16. Ezm

    According to some gms players and a rude guy on stream, they said that starforce bonus doesnt cap at 180, is that true?

  17. Ahrie9tails

    u need at least 9 or 10 character in order to use union

  18. Ayumilove Post author

    @Jenn: Could you provide a screenshot of the Maple Union quest message?

  19. Jenn

    Hi Ayumilove

    I have a 204 Bowmaster, 160 Eunwol, 62 Windbreaker and a 67 Phantom but my Union quest says I am short of something? is there a pre-requisite or something?

  20. Ben

    Which class would be the fastest to level to 140 to boost union levels?

  21. Ayumilove Post author

    @Ezm: I believe that it will only receive the effects of a unique job that is the highest level placed on the Maple Union board.

    If you have 10 Level 200 Eunwols in Maple Union, you will only receive the Attacker Effect of 3% Critical Damage.

    If you have 9 Level 200 Eunwols and 1 Level 250 Eunwol/Shade in Maple Union, you receive the Attacker Effect of 6% Critical Damage.

    However, having multiple Eunwol/Shade does boost up your Union Level and still can be placed on to the board.

  22. Ezm

    Can i have 40 of the same job class if i wanted to and get the effects?
    For ezample having 10 lv200 eunwols for 30% crit dmg?

  23. John

    How does Wild Hunter Effect work? Increases your total dmg ?

  24. Ayumilove Post author

    @Aaron: I believe that Maple Union stats (e.g. STR/DEX/INT/LUK) is affected by STR%/DEX%/INT%/LUK%.

  25. Aaron

    Is the maple union effects like addition of STR affected by the STR% (potential)

  26. Ayumilove Post author

    @Maak: The MapleStory Card Deck system is replaced with Maple Union system in Maplestory Beyond Patch.

  27. Ayumilove Post author

    @duck: I have added Hayato, Kanna and Zen into the list. :-)

  28. Ayumilove Post author

    @Zack: You can have a maximum of 40 Maple Union Characters (Level 250 x 40 characters = 10,000 Maple Union (Level) = Obtain the “Grand Master Union 5” Rank. You need to meet the required total union level to unlock more Union attackers. I have provided a table of the MapleStory Union Ranks for more details :-)

  29. duck

    update the list with kanna and hayato! MSEA has reached BEYOND patch

  30. Maak

    hmm so now don’t have the deck bonus effect already right?

  31. Zack

    What is the maximum number of Union characters that we can have?

  32. Ayumilove Post author

    @David: Jobs that are not available in KMS such as Beast Tamer, Jett, Zen, Hayato, Kanna will not be available until it reaches GMS/MSEA/JMS as they will be providing those data!

  33. David

    Aww, does this mean Jetts don’t receive one? I know they aren’t available to KMS and all, but they didn’t implement one anyways for GMS?