MapleStory Angelic Buster Skill Build Guide

MapleStory Angelic Burster Job Selection

Angelic Buster is a MapleStory Nova Pirate who wields Soul Shooter (primary weapon) and Soul Ring (secondary weapon). Her primary stat is DEX (Dexterity). This job uses Soul Recharge System where each regular attack and attack skills has a chance recharge powerful charge skills to be used later on. These charge skills are displayed in Soul Recharge UI. There is no cooldown limitation to these charge skills but depending on how fast you can charge. It recharges one skill at a time starting from the weakest to strongest charge skill. Angelic Buster regular attack is special as they can attack while moving similarly to Phantom Mille Aiguilles or Bow Master Storm of Arrows. Angelic Buster is gender-locked, which means you can only make female-character to play this job! Also you will need to be transformed into this pink-haired idol to use those skills below. Don’t worry about looking same as every Angelic Buster. You can change the appearances of this character via Coordinate Skill under Beginner Skill Tab. KMS (Korea MapleStory) released Angelic Buster on Aug 1 2012. GMS (Global MapleStory) released Angelic Buster on Jan 8 2013.

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Angelic Buster Overview

PRIMARY WEAPON: Soul Shooter (unique 1-handed weapon)
SECONDARY WEAPON: Soul Ring (unique offhand)
LINK SKILL: Terms and Conditions – Damage +60/90/120% for 10 sec. Cooldown 90 sec.
CHARACTER CARD: DEX +10/20/40/80

Angelic Buster Pros and Cons

+ High skill % percentages, so unfunded people can have fun too.
+ Consumes no MP potions.
+ You can spam Trinity infinitely once you get Affinity IV maxed.
+ Uses Nova Warrior which is easy to obtain during Tempest Events
+ Cosplay as Hastune Miku and Megaman.
– Gender locked as Female.
– Health is very low for a Melee job.
– Trinity has to be mashed to be used multiple times
– 1 Party Buff but it’s very short and cool down is pretty long.
– Default Hair and Eyes aren’t decent.

Angelic Buster Storyline

Born without a tail or magic, a young Nova named Tear endured disappointment from Nova elders and flat-out torment from her peers. Her only friends were two kind boys, Kyle and Velderoth, who watched over her from the get-go. Together, they formed the Heliseum Force, dreaming of one day recapturing the homeland that was stolen from them. But they were too young to stand up to the attacks on Pantheon. When the Heliseum Force is overwhelmed at Pantheon, Tear calls on the power of an ancient relic to save her friends. Her plan works, but she gets much more than she bargained for. Now, the voice of the ancient Nova dragon warrior, Eskalade, rings out in her head. It tells Tear of her new destiny… to become the Angelic Buster!

Angelic Buster Notes

  • Angelic Buster implements a Dress Up Skill System where you can transform into a lovely pink-hair celebrity idol or transform back normally to view your equipment (helm, armor, shoe, glove, etc). This transformation is similar to Cygnus Knight Wind Archer 3rd Job Skill (Eagle Eye) or Kaiser’s Transfiguration into Dragon Saber without the need of charging Morph Gauge. Kaiser is one of Angelic Buster biggest fan – This can be seen where she dances and sings on the stage while Kaiser enjoys her performance.
  • Angelic Buster uses Soul Battery skills are powerful attacks that must be recharged after use, and the only way to recharge them is by attacking enemies! Different attacks will recharge the skills at different rates, and the Affinity Heart skills can help them recharge faster. You’ll know a skill needs to be recharged when its icon turns gray. The Soul Battery UI lists all available Soul Battery skills and their availability.

Angelic Buster Beginner Skills and Traits

Day_Dream Day Dream
Teleports you to your bedroom. Leaving this room will lead to Pantheon. Cooldown in 10 minutes.

Soul_Successor Soul Buster (Active)
Press and hold ATTACK button to constantly attack enemies with your regular attack. You can move while attacking too! Attacks 3 enemies 1 time with 60% damage. Permanently increases Soul Shooter Mastery by 10%.

Magical_Lift Grappling Heart
Shoot a grappling hook to the highest platform above you and pull yourself up similarly to climbing on to a rope or ladder but at rocket speed.

Soul_Contract Terms and Conditions
Boost your next 4 attacks by +100% damage. Cooldown in 90 sec.
[NOTE] Terms and Conditions can be used as a Link Skill which allows you to buff another character within your account with +50% Damage for their next 4 attacks! Cooldown still applies to them.

Coordinate Coordinate
Use this skill to open Coordinate UI to customize Angelic Buster appearances.

Dress_Up Dress Up
Use this skill to transform into Angelic Buster

Angelic Buster Beginner Skill Build: Everything maxed.
Explanation: These are Angelic Buster’s innate abilities. No SP required.

Angelic Buster 1st Job Skills

Affinity1 Affinity Heart 1 (Passive)
Permanently increases chances to Recharge, Movement Speed and Jump.
LV1: +1% Recharge, +21% Speed, +1% Jump, +6% Max Speed.
LV20: +20% Recharge, +40% Speed, +20% Jump, +25% Max Speed.

Bubble_Star Star Bubble (Active)
[Charge Skill] Attack 6 enemies 1 time with sparkling bubbles. Has 70% chance to recharge.
LV1: 367% Damage.
LV20: 500% Damage.

Lyrical_Cross Melody Cross (Supportive)
Temporarily increases accuracy.
LV1: +170 Accuracy, 40 sec.
LV15: +450 Accuracy, 180 sec.

Feather Hop (Active)
Jump forward while in mid-air. Distance increases as skill level increases.
LV1: -11 MP, jumps a certain distance
LV10: -20 MP, jumps a certain distance

Angelic Buster 1st Job Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Star Bubble (1)
2. Feather Hop (MAX)
3. Affinity Heart 1 (MAX)
4. Star Bubble (MAX)
5. Melody Cross (MAX)

Star Bubble will be Angelic Buster 1st Job primary attacking skill. Use it against solo and mobs of monsters since it deal higher damage compared to regular attacks. Therefore, add 1 SP into Star Bubble first. Next, max both Feather Hop and Affinity Heart 1 to make travelling easier especially in large wide maps. Then, max Star Bubble, your very first Charge Skill where you can make use of those recharge from Affinity. Finally, max Melody Cross last because it will not be useful now but later against higher level monsters who has high avoid (evasion).

Angelic Buster 2nd Job Skills

Soul_Shooter_Mastery Soul Shooter Mastery (Passive)
Permanently increases weapon mastery and accuracy.
LV1: 14% Mastery, +20 Accuracy.
LV10: 50% Mastery, +200 Accuracy.

Inner_Fire Beautiful Soul (Passive)
Permanently increases Dexterity.
LV1: +8 DEX.
LV5: +40 DEX.

Affinity2 Affinity Heart II (Passive)
Permanently increases resistance against elemental and status effect.
Has a chance to recharge upon killing a number of enemies.
LV1: +2% Resistance, +62% Recharge for every 20 kills.
LV20: +40% Resistance, +100% Recharge for every 10 kills.

Pink_Scud Pink Pummel (Active)
Attacks 12 enemies 1 time by rushing into them, causing them to be pushed back. Has 20% chance to recharge.
LV1: 347% Damage.
LV20: 480% Damage.

Sting_Explosion Lovely Sting (Active)
[Charge Skill] Attack 8 enemies 1 time while debuffing them simultaneously. Has 50% chance to recharge.
LV1: 353% Damage.
LV20: 600% Damage.

Power_Transfer Power Transfer (Supportive)
Temporarily protect yourself with a shield that absorbs 1% damage inflicted by enemy. Shield disappear upon reaching its absorb limit.
LV1: 12% Damage can be absorbed. 47 sec.
LV20: 50% Damage can be absorbed. 180 sec.

Angelic Buster 2nd Job Skill Build: Everything maxed except Lovely Sting.
1. Pink Pummel, Lovely Sting (1)
2. Soul Shooter Mastery (MAX)
3. Beautiful Soul (MAX)
4. Affinity Heart II (MAX)
5. Pink Pummel (MAX)
6. Power Transfer (MAX)
7. Lovely Sting (DUMP)

Add 1 SP (Skill Point) into Pink Pummel. This skill will be beneficial to cluster monsters into a corner and finish them with your charge skill. Start by maxing your Soul Shooter Mastery (damage stabilizer) followed by Beautiful Soul (for additional boost to min max damage) and Affinity Heart II (speed up recharge rate). Next, max Pink Pummel as it is much faster to travel and attack at the same time instead of using regular attack. The reason why Pink Pummel is maxed instead of Lovely Sting is because Pink Pummel does not require any recharge to activate and the damage between both skills is roughly the same at max level. Furthermore, Pink Pummel does cover some area by charging forward into enemies and you will be able to discover more monsters along the way. If you are able KO (knockout) monsters in 1 hit, Pink Pummel is the way to go as it will be a great combo with 3rd Job Skills. If you like Lovely Sting, you can max that instead and the remaining SP is dumped into Pink Pummel. Finally, max Power Transfer last as it won’t be much help until you reach higher level where monsters deal high physical or magical damage.

Angelic Buster 3rd Job Skills

Affinity Heart III (Passive)
Permanently increases dexterity and damage. Has a chance to recharge if your attack failed to recharge 3 times consecutively.
LV1: +3 DEX, +1% Damage, +5% Recharge.
LV20: +60 DEX, +20% Damage, +100% Recharge.

Call_of_Ancient Dragon Whistle (Supportive)
Temporarily increase your attack.
LV1: +2 Attack, 28 sec.
LV20: +40 Attack, 180 sec.

Land_Crash Heavenly Crash (Active)
Attack multiple enemies 1 time by slamming them with a ban hammer, causing them to temporarily float up in mid-air. Has 20% chance to recharge.
LV1: 570% Damage. Attack 6 enemies.
LV20: 760% Damage. Attack 8 enemies.

Falling_Star Shining Star Burst (Active)
[Charge Skill] Attacks 6 enemies 1 time with Shining Star Burst. Deals double damage when used on enemies who are floating in mid-air. Use Heavenly Crash to float enemies up followed by Shining Star Burst for maximum damage. Has 40% chance to recharge.
LV1: 590% Damage.
LV20: 790% Damage.

Soul_Seeker Soul Seeker (Active)
[Charge Skill] Summon 4 homing souls that randomly attacks 2 enemies 1 time. It will continue attacking the enemy as long as its success rate for next attack does not fail, otherwise it will just disappear. Has 40% chance to recharge. Ignores attack reflect, Jump shot is now allowed
LV1: 205% Damage. 47% Chance to Attack again.
LV20: 300% Damage. 85% Chance to Attack again.

Inner_Peace Love Me Heart (Passive)
Permanently increases MaxHP, Weapon and Magic Defense.
LV1: +100 MaxHP, +100 Defense.
LV10: +1000 MaxHP, +1000 Defense.

Iron_Lotus Iron Blossom (Supportive)
Has a chance to temporarily avoid being knockback by enemy attack.
LV1: +21% Stance, 28 sec.
LV20: +40% Stance, 180 sec.

Angelic Buster 3rd Job Skill Build: Everything maxed except Shining Star Burst.
1. Heavenly Crash, Shining Star Burst, Soul Seeker (1)
2. Affinity Heart III (MAX)
3. Dragon Whistle (MAX)
4. Heavenly Crash (MAX)
5. Shining Star Burst (14/20)
6. Love Me Heart (MAX)
7. Iron Blossom (MAX)
8. Soul Seeker (MAX)

Angelic Busters 3rd Job Primary attacking skill will be a combo of Heavenly Crash and Shining Star Burst. Soul Seeker would be a great additional supportive attack. Start maxing Affinity Heart III (recharge skills faster) and Dragon Whistle (damage booster) first followed by your 3 charge skills. Shining Star Burst should be prioritized first because it deals a whopping double damage towards floating enemies caused by Heavenly Crash. Next, max Love Me Heart (reduce damage taken when training at higher level areas), followed by Iron Blossom (for anti-knockback convenience) and lastly Soul Seeker.

Soul Seeker is maxed instead of Shining Star Burst because Celestial Roar (4th Job Skill) can easily replace both Heavenly Crash and Shining Star Burst for its stun, high damage and wide-long range attack! Soul Seeker will be beneficial during 4th Job Training especially Boss Raids/Solo as it acts as a supportive damage while you attack with either Trinity/Celestial Roar (4th Job Skills).

Angelic Buster 4th Job Skills

Affinity4 Affinity Heart IV (Passive)
Permanently increases damage. Also alters recharge success rate for next attack if recharge failed for the current attack. Upon successful recharge, 50% chance to gain damage buff for 5 sec.
[GMS] LV1: 42% Recharge. +11% Buff Damage. LV30: 100% Recharge. +25% Buff Damage.
[KMS] LV1: 42% Recharge. +5% Buff Damage. LV30: 100% Recharge. +50% Buff Damage.

Soul Shooter Expert (Passive)
Permanently increases Soul Shooter Mastery, Weapon Attack and Critical Rate.
LV1: 56% Mastery, +1 Weapon ATT, +1% Critical Rate.
LV30: 70% Mastery, +30 Weapon ATT, +30% Critical Rate.

Soul_Resonance Soul Resonance
Attack all enemies with a giant stationary tornado summoned at your position by pressing and holding the skill key for 8 sec. Enemies who constantly receives damage from this skill can only receive up to Max Damage. When attacking boss, deals +50% damage. This skill has a cooldown.
LV1: 320% Damage. 1500% Max Damage. Cooldown 118 sec.
LV30: 610% Damage. 3000% Max Damage. Cooldown 60 sec.

Finitura_Fettuccia Finale Ribbon
Attack 10 enemies 1 time and cast a spell on enemy so that they receive extra damage from yourself and party members for 30 sec. This skill has a cooldown and deals 1.2 million max damage. Has 80% chance to recharge.
LV1: 1100% Damage, +1% Self, +1% Party, Cooldown 119 sec.
LV30: 4000% Damage, +60% Self, +20% Party, Cooldown 90 sec.
LV1: 2100% Damage, +1% Self, +1% Party, Cooldown 119 sec.
LV30: 5000% Damage, +60% Self, +20% Party, Cooldown 90 sec.

Soul_Gaze Star Gazer
[NOTE] Does not stack with Sharp Eyes (Bow Master 4th Job Skill)
Temporarily boost your Critical Min Max Damage.
LV1: +1% Min, +2% Max, 35 sec.
LV30: +30% Min, +60% Max, 180 sec.

Primal_Roar Celestial Roar
[Charge Skill] Attack 8 enemies 2 times with a chance to temporarily stun them while pushing/knock-back them away from you. Does at most 30 million max damage. Has 50% chance to recharge.
[GMS] LV1: 551% Damage, 2% Stun for 3 sec. LV30: 1160% Damage, 60% Stun for 8 sec.
[KMS] LV1: 765% Damage, 3% Stun for 5 sec. LV30: 1200% Damage, 90% Stun for 8 sec.

Attack multiple enemies 3 times within line of fire with 3 attack phases, each deals same damage. Also able to stack damage up to 6 times, each stack temporarily boost +10% Damage for 7 sec. The last phase attacks enemies twice. Has 40% chance to recharge.
[GMS] LV1: 1223% Damage. Stacks up to 3 ignore buff. Passive effect added +1% passive damage, and +1% DEF ignore.
[GMS] LV30: 1600% Damage. Stacks up to 3 ignore buff. Passive effect added +15% passive damage, and +15% DEF ignore.
[KMS] LV1: 1220% Damage. LV30: 1600% Damage.

Nova_Hero Nova Warrior
Temporarily boost all stats by percentage.
LV1: 10 MP, +1% All Stats, Lasts 30 sec.
LV30: 70 MP, +15% All Stats, Lasts 900 sec.

Nova_Heros_Will Nova Hero’s Will
Removes all status effects such as Cursed/Seduce.
LV1: 30 MP, Cooldown 600 sec.
LV5: 30 MP, Cooldown 360 sec.

Angelic Buster 4th Job Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Celestial Roar, Affinity Heart IV, Trinity, Finale Ribbon (1)
2. Soul Shooter Expert (MAX)
3. Affinity Heart IV (MAX)
4. Celestial Roar (MAX)
5. Star Gazer (MAX)
6. Trinity (MAX)
7. Finale Ribbon (MAX)
8. Soul Resonance (MAX)
9. Nova Warrior (MAX)
10. Nova’s Hero Will (MAX)

Angelic Buster Hyper Skills

MapleStory Soul Seeker - Make Up Soul Seeker – Make Up
Required Level: 143
Chance to attack again +10%

MapleStory Soul Seeker - Reinforce Soul Seeker – Reinforce
Required Level: 162
Soul Seeker Damage +20%

MapleStory Soul Seeker - Recharge Up Soul Seeker – Recharge Up
Required Level: 183
Soul Seeker Recharge Success Rate +10%

MapleStory Finale Ribbon - Reinforce Finale Ribbon – Reinforce
Required Level: 149
Finale Ribbon Damage +20%

MapleStory Finale Ribbon - Overwhelm Finale Ribbon – Overwhelm
Required Level: 168
Finale Ribbon Debuff Damage +100,000

MapleStory Finale Ribbon - Cooldown Cutter Finale Ribbon – Cooldown Cutter
Required Level: 189
Finale Ribbon’s Cooldown -20%

Soul Resonance – Reinforce
Required Level: 155
Soul Resonance Damage +20%

MapleStory Soul Resonance - Cooldown Cutter Soul Resonance – Cooldown Cutter
Required Level: 177
Soul Resonance Cooldown -20%

MapleStory Soul Resonance - Persist Soul Resonance – Persist
Required Level: 195
Soul Resonance Duration +4 seconds.

MapleStory Pretty Exaltation Pretty Exaltation
Required Level: 150
Ignore inactive Recharge skills for 30 seconds, Cooldown: 90 seconds.

MapleStory Supreme Supernova Supreme Supernova
Required Level: 170
Large supernova attack. Max Enemies Hit: 15, Duration: 12 seconds, Damage: 800%, Cooldown: 90 seconds, Max Damage: 9999999.

MapleStory Final Contract Final Contract
Required Level: 200
Duration: 30 seconds, Critical Rate +30%, Stance Chance +100%, Abormal Status Resistance +100%, Elemental Resistance +100%, Cooldown: 120 seconds.

Angelic Buster Hyper Skill Build:
1. Soul Seeker – Make Up (MAX)
2. Soul Seeker – Reinforce (MAX)
3. Soul Seeker Recharge Success Rate +10% (MAX)
4. Finale Ribbon – Cooldown Cutter (MAX)
5. Soul Resonance – Reinforce (MAX)
6. Pretty Exaltation (MAX)
7. Supreme Supernova (MAX)
8. Final Contract (MAX)
9. Hyper Dexterity (MAX)
10. Hyper Health (MAX)
11. Hyper Strength (MAX)
12. Hyper Weapon Defense (MAX)
13. Hyper Magic Defense (MAX)
14. Hyper Critical Rate (MAX)

Angelic Buster Mastery Books

1. Affinity Heart: 20, 30
2. Soul Shooter: 20, 30
3. Soul Resonance: 20, 30
4. Finale Ribbon: 20, 30
5. Star Gazer: 20, 30
6. Trinity: 20, 30
7. Celestial Roar: 20, 30
8. Nova Warrior: 20, 30


Angelic Buster Beginner Job Skills
Day Dream -> ???
Soul Successor -> Soul Buster
Magical Lift -> Grappling Heart
Soul Contract -> Terms and Conditions
??? -> Exclusive Spell (Unlocks at Level 200)
??? -> True Heart Inheritance

Angelic Buster 1st Job Skills
Bubble Star -> Star Bubble
Magical Shift -> Feather Hop
Lyrical Cross -> Melody Cross
Affinity 1 -> Affinity Heart I

Angelic Buster 2nd Job Skills
Sting Explosion -> Lovely Sting
Pink Scud -> Pink Pummel
Power Transfer (SAME)
Soul Shooter Mastery (SAME)
Inner Fire -> Beautiful Soul
Affinity 2 -> Affinity Heart II

Angelic Buster 3rd Job Skills
Soul Seeker (SAME)
Falling Stars -> Shining Star Burst
Land Crash -> Heavenly Crash
Call of Ancient -> Dragon Whistle
Iron Lotus -> Iron Blossom
Inner Peace -> Love Me Heart
Affinity 3 -> Affinity Heart III

Angelic Buster 4th Job Skills
Primal Roar -> Celestial Roar
Trinity (SAME)
Finitura Fettuccia -> Finale Ribbon
Soul Resonance (SAME)
Soul Gaze -> Star Gazer
Soul Shooter Expert (SAME)
Affinity 4 -> Affinity Heart IV
Nova Warrior (SAME)

Angelic Buster Hyper Skills
Soul Seeker – Make Up (SAME)
Soul Seeker – Recharge Up (SAME)
Soul Seeker – Reinforce (SAME)
Finitura Fettuccia – Cooltime Reduce -> Finale Ribbon – Cooldown Cutter
Finitura Fettuccia – Reinforce -> Finale Ribbon – Reinforce
Finitura Fettuccia – Maxed Reinforce -> Finale Ribbon – Overwhelm
Soul Resonance – Add Time -> Soul Resonance – Persist
Soul Resonance – Cooltime Reduce -> Soul Resonance – Cooldown Cutter
Soul Resonance – Reinforce (SAME)
Super Nova -> Supreme Supernova
Final Contract (SAME)
Soul Exalt -> Pretty Exaltation

MapleStory Angelic Buster Videos

Angelic Buster All Job Skill Preview + Solo Boss

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  1. Tekky

    lol just got my hypers, the debuff damage for finala ribbon is +3000000 and damage cap for soul resonance is at 100 mil.. sorry just got some new infos from my buddies

  2. Ayumilove Post author

    @Tekky: Oh ok, I realize that this new update for Angelic Buster is from GMS v.142 Dawnveil Demons of Tynerum which I missed for this job. I’ll update it now :)

  3. Tekky

    the thing i am still unsure of is the damage cap. I’ll try ask some of the people i know using AB as main. cuz it will be weird if the dmg cap stay at the low amount you written up there. ><

  4. Tekky

    Angelic Buster 2nd Job

    Lovely Sting: At Master Level: Damage has increased to 600%

    Angelic Buster 3rd Job

    Heavenly Crash: At Master Level: Damage has increased to 760%
    Soul Seeker: At Master Level: Essence respawn chance has increased to 85%, Ignores attack reflect, Jump shot is now allowed

    Angelic Buster 4th Job

    Celestial Roar: At Master Level: Stun Duration has increased to 8 sec, Damage has increased to 1160%
    Trinity: At Master Level: Decreased the DEF ignore buff to 3 stacks, Passive effect added +15% passive damage, and +15% DEF ignore

    there u go not quite a lot of change but pretty decent buff up since most classes are like so strong.

  5. Tekky

    Ayumi you need to update the skill information for GMS. We had some changes and skills % damage and some tweaks. Love your guides btw :3

  6. ANgelicccc

    Hi I’ve maxed affinity IV but i’m still failing my skills quite often. Is there a change in the skills?

  7. Ayumilove Post author

    @Sandara: I think Angelic Buster is a season-job. It is made available for a specific duration which will be announced on official website.

  8. InvincibleIII

    @Ameno Mikune
    You can’t make an Angelic Buster right now in MSEA, it was removed in a recent patch.

  9. Miko

    soul resonance “Enemies who constantly receives damage from this skill can only receive up to Max Damage”means that the max damge the enemies take is 9,999,999(the max dmg),isnt it right?btw,ayumi why my AB dmg range keep going up and down??any ideas?

  10. Katara

    Hi ayumi,i would like to know how much will ab nerfed if the job has balanced?? I’m playing maplesea currently.

  11. Udin

    Hi Ayumi. My question is the same as ABgal. From my understanding, you can freely use soul battery skill for 30 seconds. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    Is there any videos showing Angelic Buster soloing Horntail?

  12. ABgal

    Hi ayumilove, can you explain what pretty exaltation (the angelic buster hyper skill) does? Like what its effect is? Thanks a lot!

  13. jonathan

    hi I would like to ask what is ab’s bossing skill after the nerf? is it still soul seeker or trinity?

  14. hermes

    Hi AyumiLove , its great following your guide . i currently have a lv 120 AB with maxed out soul shooter expert . with 1 on all the attacking skills and lv 10 on affinity heart and celestial issue is i dunno how and where to hunt for crucial skillbooks like affinity heart iv and the remaining sp i have , should i pump them to fill up to lvl 10 on skills such as trinity or wait till i get my skillbooks ?
    any idea where I can hunt for affinity heart skillbook?

  15. AngelicLuminous

    thanks. I would also like to know what does this statement mean: “Enemies who constantly receives damage from this skill can only receive up to Max Damage.”
    does it mean they can receive more than max damage on the first hit? or they would only receive max damage? why aren’t they just constantly receiving 660%?
    sorry I still have a lot to learn about maple

  16. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi AngelicLuminous, it should be the 660%. Regarding the Soul Resonance’s Fire Rate, I do not know. From my wild guess, its roughly 8 times per second? I just use it without counting how many times it hits the enemy.

  17. AngelicLuminous

    hi ayumilove, what is the rate of fire of soul resonance? also, does +50% damage against bosses mean it does 660% or 915%?

  18. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi MisakiMuun, read up on this guide

  19. MisakiMuun

    Hello Ayumi! I followed this guide but my problem is dat my damage is weak n low. Can u plz help me? Plz reply. Ty.

  20. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi ABPlayer, check this guide out

  21. ABplayer

    Thanks for the reply :) What quest do I have to do to get the Nova Hero’s Will? Thanks again!

  22. ABplayer

    Hi, why does my angelic buster character not have the Nova Hero’s Will even though it has reached 4th job? I am playing on Maplesea. Thanks!

  23. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Affinity Existance, my advice to you is try different jobs and find out which 1 you like playing the most (not just about damage). Once you really like that job, then spend some time getting it to level to 200. My favorite jobs is Demon Slayer compared to Demon Avenger since it has more moves/skills to play with even though Demon Avenger is easier to play (do not need to worry about health and magic/mana)

  24. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Affinity Existance, my advice to you is try different jobs and find out which 1 you like playing the most (not just about damage). Once you really like that job, then spend some time getting it to level to 200. My favorite jobs is Demon Slayer compared to Demon Avenger since it has more moves/skills to play with even though Demon Avenger is easier to play (do not need to worry about health and magic/mana)

  25. Affinity Existance

    By the way, I am a leveled 120 Angelic Buster, who has spent quite a bit of money on my Angelic Buster although I am relatively new to Maplestory. Therefore, I am seriously in a dilemma on what I should do now. :/

  26. Affinity Existance

    Hello, I would like to ask if I should continue to train my Angelic Buster. I heard from my guild mates that Angelic Buster is not as strong as it used to be and many people gave me the advice to switch to Dual Blade or Xenon once the characters can be created in MapleSEA. What should I do? :/

  27. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Athenares, you should grab Soul Shooter Expert which significantly boost your minimum damage, closing the gap between min-max damage output.

  28. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Jazm, they probably have godly scrolled equipment, deck of cards, empress blessing / cygnus blessing, link skills and/or using attack potions. These are the many factors that increases one’s damage substantially.

  29. JAZM

    I see other ab have high damages to mobs, while im still at an average damage to mobs. Why is this so?

  30. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Its Me, I would choose Soul Shooter Expert since it stabilizes your damage (allowing you to deal high damage all the time) and it also boost your weapon attack and critical rate.

  31. Its Me

    Theres something like an event that gives me a quest to choose skillbooks
    There is :Celestial Roar,Trinity, Finale Ribbon, Soul Resonance, Star Gazer,Affinity Heart IV and Soul Shooter Expert. what should i choose among them?

  32. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi finnjake, it is true that Trinity requires to be charged, similarly to Star Bubble (Angelic Burster/Buster 1st Job Skill). As long as your recharge success rate is high (90% and higher), you can spam it all day :) During my 1st Job as an Angelic Buster, I just spam Star Bubble as it can kill monsters faster than regular pew-pew attack.

  33. finnjake

    is trinity a charge skill? coz according to maplesea it must be charged meaning it cannot be spammed.

  34. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Tyrus, bossing with Demon Avenger (DA) will be easier to handle since your HP is so much that it would take at least 3-4 big hits from a boss to knock you out unless you have a pet to repot your HP during emergency (like 10% HP left). Angelic Buster allows you to cast some cool hyper skills while performing some other 4th job skills to take down boss quickly. With a pet to replenish your health and mana, it will be easy like Demon Avenger. One thing that bothers me about Angelic Buster is the recharge rate, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. The one thing I dislike about Demon Avenger is their damage goes rock bottom upon reaching 70% or below for your current HP (Health Points).

  35. Jovelle

    Hellos. I am doing the lv 35 ‘Put up your dukes’ quest where onw has to find the Temple at orange forest but I can’t seem to find it. Anyone knows? Thanks in advance (^ ^)

  36. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Tyrus, try Demon Avenger first as its easier to play compared to Angelic Burster/Buster. When I played Demon Avenger, there is not a single time I need to use a health/magic potion. If you came from other job/classes that uses lots of potions/elixirs, you won’t find yourself using them at all :D Oh yeah, there isn’t a single moment that my character is killed by monsters. The damage reduction by Demon Avenger is simply amazing. It reduces most monster damage to 1 whereas your healing its by %MaxHP.

  37. Tyrus

    I’m Don’t Whether Should Choose Demon Avenger Or Angelic Buster..
    Can Give Some Idea ?

  38. ineedhelp

    hey ayumi, im currently playing maplesea. im stuck at the part where the angelic buster, kaiser and velderoth, meets the bad guy. its a part of the quest where they are trying to restore the shields (lvl38-40). there will be a picture that shows up after the conversation and after that picture shows up, my entire game closes. is there anyway of solving this? help me please :(

  39. Muhammad Zulhusni

    the step u post at the morning is worked,thank you very much ayumilove i really appreciate your help.

  40. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Muhammad Zulhusni, go to your MapleStory installation folder, and double-click on setup.exe. That program sets your monitor frequency up for MapleStory. Please run this program if your screen turns pitch black, or if you see a warning on your monitor on exceeding the range of frequency of your monitor. Click NO if you are not able to see the game clearly when game starts. Follow the instructions given by the setup.exe

  41. Muhammad Zulhusni

    ayumilove i already try the step u post but it still check signal cable when i open maplesea can give me more step for this?

  42. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Muhammad Zulhusni, check whether MapleSEA is down for maintenance, then try disabling all anti-virus and firewall before restarting MapleStory to see whether this solution works!

  43. Muhammad Zulhusni

    ayumilove pls can u tell me why i get check signal cable problem when i enter maplesea pls reply this as fast as possible

  44. ShYGuY154

    I would go for Affinity IV because having it maxed will give you 100% recharge, based on the information given. :P Very helpful in training since Celestial Roar and Trinity will most likely be your main attacking moves, and you’ll most likely be spamming it.

  45. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Ryan for the feedback! If you spot any mistakes in my guide, please let me know and I’ll quickly correct them :)

  46. sarf

    hi ayumi, you got a great class guide out here and i always ended up checking up this good little site of yours,

    i wanted to ask you what kind of 100% skill book should i take for the 100% skill book giveaway?
    the passive, affinity heart and soulshooter expert both are good, couldn’t choose between them frankly

    thanks in advance

  47. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Anything, all jobs that has Link Skills can upgrade their link skill from Level 1 to Level 2 upon reaching Level 120. If you have reached that level but it did not upgrade, it means that GMS has not implemented it yet.

  48. ShYGuY154

    Everything maxed except Shining Star Burst.
    1. Add 1 SP into Heavenly Crash, Shining Star Burst and Soul Seeker.
    2. Max Affinity Heart III and Dragon Whistle.
    3. Max Heavenly Crash and Cap Shining Star Burst at Level 14.
    4. Max Love Me Heart, Iron Blossom and Soul Seeker.
    Not sure if you misread, but it says “MAX Heavenly Crash and Cap Shining Star Burst at Level 14.”
    If that’s not what you meant, AB’s skill points gained can ONLY be used in their current job advancement (Similar to Evans, Luminous, Kaisers, etc.) since the SP for each job advancement is separate from the other job advancements.
    Ex- You have 15 SP while training and you hit 100 and become 4th Job AB. The 15 SP you’ve accumulated doesn’t show up for the 4th job skill list because it’s separate from the previous skill list. Instead, you get 4 (3?) skill points for 4th job, and the other 15 for 3rd.

  49. AngelicBally (lol)

    But i’ve calculated that you just have one skill whcih you can’t max…Why do we just need to put the hammer and the twinkle at 14?

  50. JamyTea

    heya ayumi i love using ur guide for the info because its clearer than anything else i used

  51. Jasquan

    Hrmm… if my calculations are right, which they probably arent, you should have loads of SP for 4th job left, right? :s
    so I’m confused, yeah…

  52. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Kaze, if the Mastery Book specifically mentions a job that could use that book, it means that job could use it only :D You can also verify it using Owl of Minerva (if you are a Cash User)

  53. Kaze

    Hi, Ayumi, i lastday got a masterybook is but at there it only write for Angelic buster job , i wan to ask u that isit is only for Angelic buster job use or Kaiser also can use it? Or Kaiser got his different Nova Warrior to use too? Cos they are same race?

  54. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Mac, yeah, I really hate Angelic Buster’s nerf. When I was training my AB, it was frustrating for the Recharge skill not work on the time that I needed it, and had to charge it using my pewpew skill (regular attack). Thanks for stopping by here, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below :)

  55. Mac

    Oh, GMS has nerfed some of AB’s recharge rates the last time and it’s kinda frustrating now. There has been some buff ups as well, i just hope this is the last adjustment. Nice page Ayumi, this has been my guide since day 1 of training my AB :)

  56. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi LumiLover, I do not know when GMS will unlock Angelic Buster again. But sadly to say, its not as fun as Kaiser and it kinda annoys me when the skill does not charge at the right moment.

  57. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi ivan111, the video skill preview was made before GMS released Angelic Buster :)

  58. ivan111

    there seems to be a mistake on the video. there was no gigantic icicles for angelic buster 3rd job.

  59. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Brylon, perhaps next big patch released by GMS or when they introduce a new character like Xenon.

  60. Maplechristian

    Ayumi there is no information for gigantic icicles in the 3rd job. Or us it replaced by shining star burst? Thanks

  61. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Hidden, I believe that EMS will follow GMS Angelic Buster version instead of JMS assuming that they figured out it would be best to make them “balance” to compensate Angelic Buster’s unique ability to not consume any MP at all. It’s kinda annoying to recharge a skill not knowing whether it will work first time or second time.

  62. hidden

    AB just came to EMS, and it has the same low dmg as GMS i think. Is this perma, or will the dmg on skills be the same as JMS’s skills, or even better at all? I think the hammer skill does so crappy dmg with only 440% dmg at lvl 30….

  63. Ragebourne

    Hi Ayumi. Just wanna ask for your opinions that which one of the DEX classes has the highest output and is good at mobbing and bossing at the same time? Im playing AB on KMS with 160% of DEX but im running TARGA/SCARLION pretty slowly :

  64. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Angel, you can choose Soul Shooter Expert 30 (GM Mastery Book is 100% success rate). This will unlock level 11-30. Also, do a survey in MapleStory Freemarket to see the price of each Mastery Book. Lets say Soul Shooter Expert 20+30 total cost is 10 million meso, whereas Celestial Roar 20+30 total is 50 million meso due to its rareness. From this information, select the more expensive mastery book and purchase Soul Shooter 20+30 with meso. The price for each mastery book differs for each server (Scania / Bera / etc)

  65. Angel

    This is guide is really good! Ayumilove, i’m lv.70 and I get to selecet a special Mastery book from the maple administrator, but i don’t know which one to select. Would u mind selecting a good one for me?
    These are the choices
    - Celestial Roar 30, Trinity 30, Finale Ribbon 30, Soul Resonance 30, Star Grazer 30, Soul Shooter Expert 30, Affinity lV 30, Thanks ^-^

  66. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Uhou Chio, you can max either one (Pink Pummel or Lovely Sting). My recommendation is to max Pink Pummel. I have updated Angelic Buster 2nd Job Skill Build Guide with my reasons on why I prefer that instead of Lovely Sting. Its up to your playing preference though. Some players would want to have all their Angelic Buster charge skills maxed. For me, if you can 1 hit KO monsters, Pink Pummel is much better as it kills more mobs in 1 area. Faster and more monster eliminated means quicker progress in leveling up.

  67. Uhou Chio

    For 2nd job, Lovely Sting was said to be maxed but in the description, you said to max Pink Pummel. Which skill should be maxed?

  68. Jason Huang

    This is really good! I play Angelic Burster and following this guide, so much help! Thank you! Are you playing maplestory too?

  69. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi :D, I doubt its not Miku but resembles like Hatsune Miku with twin side pink pony tails.

  70. Pancakiee

    The only thing I’m confused about is .. why Finitura Fettuccia looks so alike to Fatality.. and the same for Falling stars with Icicle crash.. (Or something like that.)

  71. Ayumilove Post author

    In GMS (USA/Global) its called Angelic Buster.
    In KMS (Korea), its called Angelic Burster.
    I wonder why GMS loves to change the names.

  72. Pancakiee

    Hey guys, Angelic burster is a class that uses the ”Recharge” system, which is basically her mp bar, which means you have to constantly recharge in order to use your attacks.

  73. Apple 3.14

    Yeah this is for Angelic Burster, for solo dps zakum, the AB had a long hp bar and a exp bar below it, does this mean no more Mana Points? or other sources of energy?

  74. Sammeh

    angelic is coming next month in 2013, i cant wait. i have my lumi but i want the angelic so much more!

  75. Benny Chan

    hi,ayumilove,i wanna ask a thing,i saw the video about AB killing zakum,and then i feel something different between tat video and the other job skill one,tat AB didn’t got show it MP,can i ask why??

  76. Ayumilove Post author

    @Deity: Truth to be told, I do not know until we see a public announcement from GMS Official Site. This same applies to new jobs released by other MapleStory regions (JMS/KMS/CMS)

  77. Ayumilove Post author


    There won’t be a male Angelic Burster. But maybe there will be a job with only male (gender-lock). This has been introduced in JMS Hayato where you can only make male Hayato, not female. Female version will be Kanna in JMS (Japan MapleStory)

  78. Mano

    Thank you very much! You are doing an excellent job!
    When the Angelic Burster will come out I will play with it and comment again about what I think is the best from my playing experience, and correcting if needed. :)

  79. Ayumilove Post author

    @Mano: Thanks for the note! The 3rd Job build above only considered the best skills during that time without 4th Job included. I’ll update the skill build again :)

  80. Mano

    Just so you know, you posted different skill builds and explaintions.
    For example on the 3rd job, you said not to max Soul Seeker but the explaintion says not to max Iron lotus.
    Also, I wanted to clear that Soul Seeker is a must and you should not max Falling Stars, with much respect to Land Crash and Falling Stars you most likely won’t be using them on the 4th job when you get Primarl Roar and Finitura Fettuccia, at least that’s my opinion.

  81. Ayumilove Post author

    @ConfusedRaik: Not really, its kinda funny and simple for new players.

    @Hmm: I have added Angelic Buster 4th Job Skill Descriptions :)

    @Arsh: Thanks for stopping by!