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MapleStory Magician Bishop Priest Cleric Magician can advanced as a Fire-Poison Archmage, Ice-Lightning Archmage or Bishop. This specific job route is determined when you reach Level 30. For this job, you will undergo as Cleric (2nd Job Advancement), Priest (3rd Job Advancement) and Bishop (4th Job Advancement). Bishop has the highest amount of supportive skills at their disposal in healing allies, dispelling negative spell effects and buffing their stats to make them beefier. This allows his/her party members to take on difficult challenges that provides better rewards compared to soloing in activities such as boss raids or to effectively speed up leveling progress. However, this job deals the least amount of damage compared to all classes, therefore, it will be a little difficult for them to train alone against powerful enemies with strong defenses. Bishop have some fondness with dark monsters, giving them an edge in dealing extra damage against them.

Bishop Overview

CLASS: Adventurer/Explorer
SECONDARY WEAPON: White Gold Book, Shield
PRIMARY STAT: Intelligence (INT)
CHARACTER CARD: MP Potion Effect +5/10/15/20%
JOB SKILLS: I: MagicianII: ClericIII: PriestIV: BishopHyper Skills

Bishop Changelog

GMS v.143 – RED Part 1: First Impact (2013-12-04)
GMS v.137 – Unleashed (2013-06-19)
GMS v.132 – Hyper Evolution (2013-04-03)
GMS v.123 – Tempest (2012-11-28)
GMS v.118 – Champions (2012-09-21)
GMS v.112 – Jett
GMS v.109 – Alliance Eternal

Magician 1st Job Skills

Please refer to Magician 1st Job Skill Build Guide for more details as it is shared by Fire-Poison, Ice-Lightning and Bishop.

Cleric – Magician 2nd Job Skills

Holy Arrow (Active)
Attacks multiple monsters with Holy Arrows. Very effective against Undead and Devil monsters.
Level 1: MP Cost: 12, Damage: 328%, Max Enemies Hit: 4
Level 20: MP Cost: 36, Damage: 518%, Max Enemies Hit: 4

Blessed Ensemble (Passive)
Increases your total damage in proportion to the number of nearby party members you have buffed. Obtains additional Party Bonus EXP based on the number of Clerics, Priests, Bishops in the party. Bonus cannot be greater than 60% and does not apply if the level difference is too big between party members. Your own effects do not apply to you.
Level 1: Increases total damage by 3% in proportion to the number of nearby party members you have buffed. 20% bonus EXP for each Cleric in the party.

Heal (Active)
Restores the HP of all surrounding party members. Monsters within the skill range are inflicted with the effect that increases incoming damage for a short duration. Undead monsters take additional damage.
Level 1: MP Cost: 18, Recovery: 15%, up to 6 surrounding monsters receives 10% extra damage. Deals 258% damage to up to 6 Undead monsters
Level 20: MP Cost: 24, Recovery: 300%, up to 6 surrounding monsters receives 20% extra damage. Deals 410% damage to up to 6 Undead monsters

Bless (Supportive)
Required Skill: Invincible (5)
Increases Weapon ATT, Magic ATT, DEF, Accuracy, and Avoidability of all nearby team members for a set amount of time. Can be stacked with other buff skills.
Level 1: MP Cost: 15, Weapon ATT: +6, Magic ATT: +6, Weapon DEF: +30, Magic DEF: +30, Accuracy: +18, Avoidability +18, Duration: 78 sec
Level 10: MP Cost: 20, Weapon ATT: +15, Magic ATT: +15, Weapon DEF: +300, Magic DEF: +300, Accuracy: +180, Avoidability +180, Duration: 240 sec

Magic Booster (Supportive)
Increases the attack speed of your spells.
Level 1: MP Cost: 56, Duration: 20 sec
Level 10: MP Cost: 20, Duration: 200 sec

Invincible (Supportive)
Required Skill: Heal (5)
Temporarily decreases all damage received.
Level 1: MP Cost: 15, Damage decreased by 7% for 30 sec
Level 10: MP Cost: 24, Damage decreased by 25% for 300 sec

Spell Mastery (Passive)
Increases Magic Mastery and Magic Attack.
Level 1: Magic Mastery: 14%, Magic ATT: +1
Level 10: Magic Mastery: 50%, Magic ATT: +10

High Wisdom (Passive)
Permanently increase INT through mental discipline.
Level 1: Permanently increase INT by 8
Level 5: Permanently increase INT by 40

MP Eater (Passive)
Required Skill: Spell Mastery (5)
Absorbs the enemy’s MP when attacking with Magic skills until the enemy’s MP reaches 0.
Level 1: MP Absorb Chance: 2%, Amount Absorbed: 1% of the enemy’s Max MP
Level 10: MP Absorb Chance: 20%, Amount Absorbed: 10% of the enemy’s Max MP

Cleric Skill Build Guide: Everything maxed except Holy Arrow.
0. Blessed Ensemble (MAX)
1. Heal, Holy Arrow, Spell Mastery (1)
2. Spell Mastery (MAX)
3. High Wisdom (MAX)
4. Heal (5)
5. Invincible (5)
6. Bless (MAX)
7. Magic Booster (MAX)
8. Invincible (MAX)
9. Holy arrow (19/20)
10. MP Eater (MAX)
11. Heal (MAX)

Cleric (Magician 2nd Job) primary attacking skill will be either Heal or Holy Arrow. Based on my experience training a Cleric, there aren’t many undead monsters around to use Heal to eliminate them. Therefore, Heal skill will be maxed last. You will be solely relying on Energy Bolt (Magician’s 1st Job Skill) as your early 2nd job primary attacking skill. Once you maxed all 3 supportive skills (Bless, Invincible and Magic Booster), you can start maxing Holy Arrow and use it in areas where the platform is flat and packed with monsters (e.g. Chyrse Questline Training Grounds). Reason being, Holy Arrow has two-thirds (2/3) of Energy Bolt attacking range which makes it inconvenient to eliminate enemies that are escaping from your screen. Begin your Cleric career by maxing Spell Mastery followed by High Wisdom to improve your overall base damage. Next, max the supportive skills, and move on to maxing Holy Arrow (primary attacking skill) and last but not least, MP Eater to siphon enemy MP (Mana aka Magic Points) and Heal (for party healing skill).

Priest – Magician 3rd Job Skills

Shining Ray (Active)
Attacks multiple enemies at once with a ray of holy light. Deals massive damage to the Undead and Devil-type monsters.
Level 1: MP Cost: 29, Damage: 159%, Number of Attacks: 4, Max Monsters Hit: 6, Stun Chance: 22%, Stun Duration: 3 sec
Level 20: MP Cost: 45, Damage: 254%, Number of Attacks: 4, Max Monsters Hit: 6, Stun Chance: 60%, Stun Duration: 5 sec

Holy Fountain (Active)
Summons the Holy Fountain to recover party member’s HP using holy power. Even a party member in Undead status can use it. Go near the fountain and press the up arrow key to recover. Cannot be summoned near a portal.
Level 1: MP Cost: 24, restores 13% HP when used, able to use 11 times total. Duration: 33 sec. Cooldown: 87 sec
Level 10: MP Cost: 40, restores 40% HP when used, able to use 20 times total. Duration: 60 sec. Cooldown: 60 sec

Divine Protection (Supportive)
Permanently increases Abnormal Status and all Elemental Resistances. When used, you use holy power to create a holy barrier that blocks critical Abnormal Status. Upon casting Dispel, the cooldown is reduced according to the number of recovered party members.
Level 1: MP Cost: 152, resist critical Abnormal Status once. Cooldown: 405 sec. Passive Effect: Increases Abnormal Status and all Elemental Resistances by 4%
Level 10: MP Cost: 80, resist critical Abnormal Status once. Cooldown: 180 sec. Passive Effect: Increases Abnormal Status and all Elemental Resistances by 40%

Mystic Door (Active)
Required Skill: Dispell (3)
Creates a portal that leads to the nearest town. All members of the party can use it multiple times until the portal disappears. Press Up Key to move.
Level 1: MP 240, Portal Duration: 20 sec
Level 10: MP 60, Portal Duration: 200 sec

Dispel (Supportive)
Nullifies all enemy magic effects within the targeted area while removing all abnormal conditions suffered by nearby allies. Decreases Divine Protection’s cooldown based on the number of treated party members. The Dispel skill can remove critical abnormal conditions, including Knocked Out, Seduction, Confusion, and Zombified.
Level 1: MP Cost: 100, after nullifying magic and curing Abnormal Status at 10% chance, the Divine Protection cooldown will be reduced according the number of cures by 60 sec
Level 10: MP Cost: 10, after nullifying magic and curing Abnormal Status at 100% chance, the Divine Protection cooldown will be reduced according the number of cures by 60 sec

Holy Symbol (Supportive)
Required Skill: Dispel (3)
Temporarily allows all nearby party members to gain additional EXP while hunting.
Level 1: MP Cost: 129, Duration: 66 sec, EXP obtained increases with Skill Level (EXP +21%)
Level 20: MP Cost: 300, Duration: 180 sec, EXP obtained increases with Skill Level. (EXP +50%)

Teleport Mastery (Toggle On/Off)
Required Skill: Teleport (MAX)
When activated, enemies at the teleport location will take damage and become Stunned. Also permanently increases teleport distance. This skill can be toggled on and off with the skill key.
Level 1: MP Cost: 2, Damage: 250%, Max Monsters Hit: 6, Stun Chance: 35%, Stun Duration: 2 sec, Teleport Distance: +2
Level 10: MP Cost: 20, Damage: 340%, Max Monsters Hit: 6, Stun Chance: 80%, Stun Duration: 4 sec, Teleport Distance: +20

Holy Magic Shell (Supportive)
Fully restores an ally’s HP and grants them a holy shield which will absorb up to 10 hits. The shield can last up to 20 seconds, and when it’s activated once, it will not be reactivated for a short time even if a different character uses Holy Magic Shell.
Level 1: MP Cost: 50, HP Recovery: 100%, Duration: 10 sec, Max Number of Attacks Absorbed: 5, Time to Next Shield Available: 90 sec, Cooldown: 90 sec
Level 20: MP Cost: 70, HP Recovery: 100%, Duration: 20 sec, Max Number of Attacks Absorbed: 10, Time to Next Shield Available: 30 sec, Cooldown: 90 sec

Arcane Overdrive (Passive)
Permanently increases Critical Rate and Minimum Critical Damage.
Level 1: Critical Rate: +12%, Minimum Critical Damage: +7%
Level 10: Critical Rate: +30%, Minimum Critical Damage: +25%

Holy Focus (Passive)
Required Skill: Spell Mastery (MAX)
Permanently increases all magic attacks, Heal magic Critical Rates, Accuracy, and Magic Mastery.
Level 1: For all attacks and the Heal skill, Critical Rate: +4%, Accuracy: +6%, Magic Mastery: +58%
Level 10: For all attacks and the Heal skill, Critical Rate: +40%, Accuracy: +15%, Magic Mastery: +70%

Priest Skill Build Guide: Everything maxed except Shining Ray.
1. Shining Ray, Holy Fountain, Dispel, Teleport Mastery (1)
2. Holy Focus (MAX)
3. Dispel (3)
4. Holy Symbol (MAX)
5. Arcane Overdrive (MAX)
6. Teleport Mastery (MAX)
7. Shining Ray (14/20)
8. Mystic Door (MAX)
9. Holy Fountain (MAX)
10. Holy Magic Shell (MAX)
11. Divine Protection (MAX)
12. Dispel (MAX)

Priest (Magician 3rd Job) primary attacking skill will be Shining Ray. This skill is very flexible, allowing you to hit monsters located at the top and bottom platform if they are close to you. It also hits monsters on your left and right side. Best place to use it is in Monster Park area where mobs just swarm around you and that place have lots of platforms to play with. Add 1 SP (Skill Point) into Shining Ray, Holy Fountain, Dispel and Teleport Mastery so you can use these utility skills in times of need. Begin with maxing Holy Focus to reduce damage gap between your min-max damage while boosting your Critical Chance/Rate and Accuracy when fighting monsters. Next, max Holy Symbol to obtain significant amount of experience points per monster kill. Then, max Arcane Overdrive for the additional damage boost. Proceed to max Teleport Mastery for the added Teleport distance boost and increase teleport damage. Coupled with powerful gears, you can teleport and kill monsters instantly without having to use Shining Ray, which speeds up your leveling experience termendously at Level 70-80. Cap off Shining Ray at Level 14 since there is insufficient SP to max all skills. If you plan to solo-train like me, I distribute some SP from Holy Fountain to max Shining Ray as I used it less often. Another reason I did not max Holy Fountain is most players would rely on their Elixir-Potions to keep them alive during boss raids or Pet Auto-pot during training. After that, max Holy Magic Shell and Divine Protection for the added bonus defense. Finally, max Dispell. Holy Magic Shell is the ultimate Priest protection against all enemy attacks, very useful for collecting boss items (4th Job Advancement) without taking in any damage for a short period of time.

Bishop – Magician 4th Job Skills

Angel Ray (Active)
Attacks with a holy arrow, dealing tremendous holy damage. Very effective against Undead or Devil type monsters. Restores allies’ HP. Restores Undead allies as well.
Level 1: MP Cost: 26, Max Enemy Hit: 6, Damage: 191%, Number of Attacks: 4. Restores your and your party members’ HP at the Recovery rate of 32%.
Level 30: MP Cost: 56, Max Enemy Hit: 6, Damage: 365%, Number of Attacks: 4. Restores your and your party members’ HP at the Recovery rate of 90%.

Genesis (Active)
A holy ray of light shines down from the sky, burning up to 15 monsters at once. An additional Critical Rate will be applied. If Genesis is on cooldown, Big Bang will be cast immediately.
Level 1: MP Cost: 590, Max Enemy Hit: 15, Damage: 520%, Number of Attacks: 6, Additional Critical Rate: 5%, Cooldown: 45 sec. Big Bang will be casted immediately during the cooldown.
Level 30: MP Cost: 300, Max Enemy Hit: 15, Damage: 810%, Number of Attacks: 6, Additional Critical Rate: 20%, Cooldown: 45 sec. Big Bang will be casted immediately during the cooldown.

Big Bang (Active)
Gathers power to form an energy vortex, culminating in a powerful Holy explosion that decreases enemy DEF if the skill is fully charged when cast. DEF reduction effect can be stacked.
Level 1: MP Cost: 25, Max Enemy Hit: 10, Damage: 306%, Number of Attacks: 4, When casting the fully charged skill: DEF -1% for 8 sec. Can be stacked up to 4 time(s).
Level 30: MP Cost: 50, Max Enemy Hit: 10, Damage: 480%, Number of Attacks: 4, When casting the fully charged skill: DEF -10% for 15 sec. Can be stacked up to 4 time(s).

Blessed Harmony (Passive)
Increases the effect of Blessed Ensemble.
Level 1: The total damage increases by 5% for each party member that received the buff.

Resurrection (Active)
Resurrects a party member using a ray of holy light.
Level 1: MP Cost: 285. Revives all KO’d party members within range. Cooldown: 1110 sec
Level 10: MP Cost: 150. Revives all KO’d party members within range. Cooldown: 300 sec

Lets you use skills without spending MP and has a chance to trigger Power Stance on hit. Continually recovers HP and MP, and increases the damage of all attack magic. Enemy attacks will not remove this effect. Cooldown: 3 min.
Level 1: MP Cost: 45, Recovers HP and MP by 1% every 4 secs, Increases damage by Magic ATT by 1% every 4 sec, Chance of Activation Power Stance Effect: 21%, Duration: 11 sec
Level 30: MP Cost: 80, Recovers HP and MP by 10% every 4 secs, Increases damage by Magic ATT by 10% every 4 sec, Chance of Activation Power Stance Effect: 50%, Duration: 40 sec

Temporarily summons Bahamut to deal Holy damage. Bahamut can attack multiple enemies at the same time.
Level 1: MP Cost: 60, Bahamut Summon Duration: 28 sec, Damage: 476%, Max Enemy Hit: 3 at once
Level 30: MP Cost: 120, Bahamut Summon Duration: 260 sec, Damage: 650%, Max Enemy Hit: 3 at once

Advanced Blessing
Required Skill : Bless (5)
Greatly increases nearby party member ATT, Magic ATT, DEF, Accuracy, Avoidability, Max HP, and Max MP. Reduces MP consumption upon using the skill. Can be stacked with other buff skills, excluding Bless.
Level 1: MP Cost: 43, Weapon ATT: +11, Magic ATT: +11, Weapon DEF: +398, Magic DEF: +398, Accuracy: +224, Avoidability +224, Max HP: +275, Max MP: +275, MP Consumption: -10%, Duration: 240 sec
Level 20: MP Cost: 52, Weapon ATT: +30, Magic ATT: +30, Weapon DEF: +550, Magic DEF: +550, Accuracy: +300, Avoidability +300, Max HP: +750, Max MP: +750, MP Consumption: -20%, Duration: 240 sec

Maple Warrior
Increases the stats of all party members. Mastery Book is required to master the skill to level 30.
Level 1: MP Cost: 10, All Stats: +1%, Duration: 30 sec
Level 30: MP Cost: 70, All Stats: +15%, Duration: 900 sec

Hero’s Will
By focusing your mind, you can ignore some abnormal status effects. However, this will not work on all abnormal status effects.
Level 1: MP Cost: 30, Cooldown: 600 sec
Level 5: MP Cost: 30, Cooldown: 360 sec

Buff Mastery
Permanently increases Magic Attack and increases the duration of all buffs on you.
Level 1: Permanently Increased Magic ATT: +3, Buff Duration: +5%
Level 10: Permanently Increased Magic ATT: +30, Buff Duration: +50%
Buff mastery only increases self-timing, and screws your rebuff timing for party skills as others do not receive that extended duration. If one chooses to solo, this is the perfect skill for the job.

Arcane Aim
Ignores a portion of enemy Defense when attacking. Damage dealt increases with consecutive attacks. Stacks up to 5 times.
Level 1: Ignores 6% of enemy DEF. When attacking enemy 3 or more times, damage will increase by 2% with 21% probability. Damage increase effect will accumulate up to 5 times.
Level 30: Ignores 20% of enemy DEF. When attacking enemy 3 or more times, damage will increase by 8% with 50% probability. Damage increase effect will accumulate up to 5 times.

Bishop Skill Build Guide: Everything maxed.
1. Angel Ray, Genesis, Big Bang, Arcane Aim (1)
2. Buff Mastery (MAX)
3. Advanced Blessing (MAX)
4. Big Bang (MAX)
5. Arcane Aim (MAX)
6. Infinity (MAX)
7. Maple Warrior (MAX)
8. Bahamut (MAX)
9. Angel Ray (MAX)
10. Genesis (MAX)
11. Resurrection (MAX)
12. Hero’s Will (MAX)
13. Free 44 SP.

Bishop (Magician 4th Job) primary attacking skill will be Big Bang + Genesis. You might be wondering why is it not Angel Ray? Even though Big Bang has this annoying charge delay that Angel Ray doesn’t, casting Genesis will temporarily remove this charge-delay limitation which allows you to spam Big Bang in your heart’s content and Big Bang damage is significantly more compared to Angel Ray and is much more convenient to attack monsters in all directions (top, bottom, left, right) similarly to how Shining Ray works. The only time I used Angel Ray was to heal party members while attacking boss simulatenously but the damage is not on par with Big Bang. First, max Buff Mastery to improve your buff skills duration and magic attack. Second, max Advanced Blessing to obtain better overall boost stats to replace Bless skill. Third, max Big Bang followed by Arcane Aim, Infinity and Maple Warrior to boost your overall damage. You can max Bahamut to have a sidekick to fight alongside with you. Then, max Angel Ray or Genesis depending on your playstyle (solo or party at this level). Finally, max Resurrection and Hero’s Will last as they are the least frequent used skills.

Bishop Hyper Skills

Holy Symbol – Item Drop
Required Level: 149
Holy Symbol Drop Rate: +30%

Holy Symbol – Experience
Required Level: 168
Holy Symbol EXP Bonus: +20%. Applies to self only!

Holy Symbol – Preparation
Required Level: 189
Holy Symbol Status Effect and Elemental Resistance: +10%

Advanced Blessing – Extra Point
Required Level: 155
Advanced Bless HP and MP: +1000

Advanced Blessing – Boss Rush
Required Level: 177
Advanced Bless Boss Damage: +10%

Advanced Blessing – Ferocity
Required Level: 195
Advanced Bless Weapon and Magic Attack: +20

Holy Magic Shell – Cooldown Cutter
Required Level: 143
Reduces Holy Magic Shell’s cooldown time. Cooldown Reduction 50%

Holy Magic Shell – Persist
Required Level: 162
Increases Holy Magic Shell’s duration. Duration: 5 sec

Holy Magic Shell – Extra Guard
Required Level: 183
Increases Holy Magic Shell’s guard count. Guard Count +2

Righteously Indignant
Required Level: 150
Absorb an angel’s pure wrath and destroy your enemies. Toggle Skill. While active, only Teleport and Angel Ray are available. MP Cost: 100, Magic Attack: +50, Defense Ignored: +20%, Angel Ray Damage: +20%, Angel Ray Hits: +1, Max Damage: 5,000,000, Attack Speed: -1.

Heaven’s Door
Required Level: 170
Open the gates of heaven to punish your enemies and bless your allies. Affected allies can ignore death once. MP Cost: 500, Damage: 1000%, Number of Hits: 8, Max Enemies Hit: 15 – Cooldown Time: 180 sec

Epic Adventure
Required Level: 200
A power only available to Adventurers who have explored the Maple World that increases your damage and maximum damage. MP Cost: 100, Duration: 60 sec, Damage: +10%, Max Damage: +5,000,000 – Cooldown Time: 120 sec

Bishop Hyper Skill Build:
1. Holy Symbol – Preparation (MAX)
2. Holy Symbol – Item Drop (MAX)
3. Advanced Blessing – Ferocity (MAX)
4. Holy Magic Shell – Cooldown Cutter (MAX)
5. Holy Magic Shell – Persist (MAX)
6. Righteously Indignant (MAX)
7. Heaven’s Door (MAX)
8. Epic Adventure (MAX)
9. Hyper Intelligence (MAX)
10. Hyper Health (MAX)
11. Hyper Mana (MAX)
12. Hyper Weapon Defense (MAX)
13. Hyper Magic Defense (MAX)
14. Hyper Critical (MAX)

The above hyper skill build guide focuses on the defensive side. If you would like to have more firepower for boss raids, swap the “Holy Magic Shell – Persist” with “Advanced Blessing – Boss Rush”. It’s preferable to get “Holy Symbol – Experience” first and later swapped it out with “Holy Symbol – Preparation” at Level 200 but this means it will require you to purchase NX Cash Reset Skill Coupon from Cash Shop. “Holy Symbol – Preparation” is useful to avoid getting inflicted by negative buffs that are not removable by Dispel skill.

Ayumilove MapleStory RED Cleric, Priest, Bishop Skills Video Preview

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  2. Ayumilove Post author

    @Vivek: There is no need to spend NXCash/@Cash for that matter since Bishop does require “Hyper Int” for better damage. The Hyper Skill Guide skills are not prioritized in any order but as reference to selected skills recommended to add SP (Skill Points). You can’t max out all the Hyper Skills available for the active and passive ones as you have limited Hyper SP.

  3. Vivek

    Hey, just wondering about the Hyper Skills, it says you can only have one each 10 lvl, how do you max everything out if you only get one SP ? and i MAY have messed out ( meaning i did messed up ) i already put one hyper skill point on * Hyper Int * is there a way to take that off if i need follow your guide ?

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    @mushimushi: Thanks for the correction! I’ll be updating Bishop 3rd Job Skill Build Guide. (Adding 3 SP into Dispel before Holy Symbol)

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    I know it’s a matter of personal taste but I would love to hear what you think :D thanks in advance. – A.

  9. Rob

    Thank you for replying :)

    I’m also wondering if its normal for a lvl 150+ Bishop to have a damage range of about 29,000-30,000 since my lvl 153 Bishop has that range in the stat window without applying active buffs (with most skills maxed and some equipment enhancements)?

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    @Rob: Battle Mage deals much more damage compared to Bishop as its tuned for combat whereas Bishop is more focus on support.

  11. Rob

    Which has higher damage, Bishop or Battle mage?

  12. Pierre

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  13. Ayumilove Post author

    @Celestine Khor: Hi, Bishop does not have link skill. However, you can get link skills from other jobs. The list of jobs that has link skill can be found at Does that answer your question? Thanks for dropping by :)

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    @william: You can advanced as Bishop (4th Job) when you reach Level 100. Talk to the Magician Job Instructor aka Gritto who is residing in Leafre Forest of the Priest

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    at what lvl change to 4th job

  19. Rob

    Hey Ayumilove, How would the Bishop compare with the Battle Mage?

  20. Ayumilove Post author

    @DedicatedBishop: after getting the Level 150 sets, you can use Star Force to upgrade those equipment. Next, you can potential it using Cube from Cash Shop till it becomes Legendary (I kinda regret though spending so much NX Cash for 100+ Cubes per equip just for the sake of high damage ~ my word of advice: damage is not all the fun things in MapleStory, spend it for something much more enjoyable). Then you can do the random stat rolling on your character (it has its own potential). Next, create lots of character slots in 1 single account/server (e.g. Scania), and point the link skills to your main character. Then, get extra items such as Totems, special medals from Events (e.g. Sword Art Online) that has high stats, then catch-them-all monster familiar card to gain additional stats. next, you can add Nebulite crystals to your equip, hammer it for more slots. Quite time consuming. But once you get all those done. Your damage will hit the cap and everything will be 1 Hit KO except for bosses (e.g. horntail, pink bean, chaos boss).

  21. DedicatedBishop


    I am a high level bishop. What are the last best mage equips out there? I know there are tyrants and level 150 sets, but what else do I need to become stronger? How can I get them? I know they cost a lot of money and selling nx isn’t always an option for me. Please advise! Thank you.

  22. PapaGrimly

    @Tigger: The Bishop, Paladin, and Beast Tamer (Cat) can all revive directly, while the Bishop and Evan can use a party buff that gives allies a self revive, allowing them to revive themselves once. Other than that, certain classes have a self revive as a passive skill, like Night Walker, Zero, and Beast Tamer (Bear).

    If a Kaiser revived himself, he had either been recently buffed to gain a self revive, had Eunwol’s link skill (provides a low chance of self revive), or had the NX item “Wheel of Destiny.”

  23. Ayumilove Post author

    @-: The attacker level and your level must be within 20 levels.

  24. -

    Hi ayumi, if I want to leech from others, what requirements must I fufil? What is the maximum level gap between players, and players and monsters?

  25. nc4228

    Holy Magic Shell – Persist is probably the most useless hyper to get. Do NOT get it, adv bless boss rush is infinitely better both for yourself and for your party.

  26. Tigger

    Ayumi, is it possible for other jobs excluding bishop and paladin to revive party members? because today i just saw one kaiser reviving i think or was it cash item I’m not sure.

  27. Ayumilove Post author

    @Panda-Chan: Yes you can use Mastery Book for skills other than Maple Warrior. Use the Mastery Book to max the 4th job skills as shown in the guide above. Don’t max Maple Warrior as your first 4th job skill as the damage increment is way lesser than others.

  28. Panda-Chan

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    Ayumi, I accidently maxed Shining Ray instead of. Will this decrease my damage ratio? I am concerned because Dispel won’t be maxed. Please reply.

  30. RamenPanda

    Ayumi, I messed up and maxed Shining Ray on accident, will it decrease my damage ratio? I am concerned now because Dispel won’t be maxed. Please respond.

  31. Ayumilove Post author

    @Eomin: Only the Advanced Blessing – Experience its said to be non-party effective.

  32. Ayumilove Post author

    @seah: I appreciate your constructive feedback on Bishop HyperSkills. I’ll revise the Bishop hyper skill build again based on those important points you have mentioned :)

  33. seah jeremy

    i disagree with ur explaination of the hyperskills.

    1. Plus, Holy Magic Shell doesn’t last quite long when the enemy attacks you rapidly, extinguishing the protective shell very quickly. it is for this very reason y u should get holy magic shell cooldown cutter.

    2. Reason not to max “Holy Symbol – Preparation” is you can use Dispell skill to remove all negative buffs inflicted on your character at 100% success rate. there are certain negative buffs that dispell can’t remove like stun and most imptly seduce. hero’s will can remove those but problem is its cd is 6 mins. that extra 10% status resistance is more impt than the extra 1k hp/mp imo.

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  35. Xemnas89

    Dear Ayumilove,

    I just wanna said thank you for your hard work giving details for every class and guide deepest from bottom of my heart, well especially, Tamyoun Cooking Class guide for party quest and elaboration for skill at each class. I can fell the dedication and passion of you when you explaining it. It helps me a lot.

    Do you have suggestion or advise or at least where i can find guide
    regarding equipment guide or for every class ?

    Thanks again Ayumilove.

    You are the best.. (two thumbs up)

  36. Ayumilove Post author

    @Kazuko: (MAX) refers to maxing a particular skill mastery level. For example, Bishop 4th Job Skill “Advanced Blessing” has a cap of Level 10. Once you add 10 SP (Skill Points) into it, you will not be able to add any more SP until you purchase a mastery book Level 20 to unlock Advanced Blessing Level 20. Upon maxing that skill up to 20, you will reach the true (MAX) mastery level. Some other skills such as “Bahamut” has Level 30 mastery level. Therefore, you will need to purchase Level 20 Mastery Book (to unlock Level 20 Bahamut) and Level 30 Mastery Book (to unlock Level 30 Bahamut) before you can distribute SP into that particular skill.

  37. Ayumilove Post author

    @Basil: I believe that the Bishop Hyper Skill “Holy Symbol – Extra Drop” affects the entire party as opposed to “Holy Symbol – Experience” that only applies to self.

  38. Kazuko

    Hey Ayumi,

    Thank you so much for this awesome guide!! Your website has helped me out so much! Sorry if this sounds like a bit of a dumb question, but when you say “(MAX)” for the 4th job skills, do you mean including mastery book enhancements? Or is there a certain level in which we stop receiving skill points?



  39. Basil

    Hi Ayumi, I am just wondering if the increase drop rate from HS affects party members too?

  40. Basil

    Hi Ayumi, I am just wondering for the Bishops increase drop rate, does it affects party members too?

  41. Ayumilove Post author

    @merc: Teleport Mastery only adds a very slight increase in distance and its useful for 1 Hit KO monsters at lower levels. It wouldn’t inflict serious damage against higher level mobs. Therefore, you do not need to worry much having not maxing the Teleport Mastery. I think the requirement for those Hyper Skills for Holy Symbol is it needs a maxed Holy Symbol skill. Perhaps you can use SP Reset Scroll to transfer some SP from Shinning Ray / Holy Fountain (depending on the skill which you least use) to Holy Symbol skill.

  42. Ayumilove Post author

    @Josh: Sure you can restart your Bishop. It would take about 3-6 days to reach Level 100 with EXP Coupon or Party Questing. Before you delete your character, move all your important assets to your mule character (a secondary account to hold your equipment, potions, etc). 94 LUK is kinda a lot. If it was like 3-5 SP, it wouldn’t make much difference :)

  43. Ayumilove Post author

    @Kevin: Sure, its worth it when you wish to level up faster :) Once you reach Level 200 where you obtain all Hyper Skills, then you can reset your Hyper Skill stat for something else such as Holy Magic Shell – Cooldown Cutter.

  44. Kevin

    Hey Ayumi, im just wondering if its still worth to put points in The Holy Symbol Experience hyper skill as it is changed to 20% additional exp to only yourself

  45. Josh

    Hi Ayumilove, love your skill builds. They help me out quite a lot especially the dark knight build. I was just wondering if you can help me. My bishop is level 120 and has a base luck of 94. Do you think I should restart it? I don’t want to spend money on cash to get a ap reset scroll but my damage is really low and it’s really frustrating. Do you think I should restart or just go with it? Any advice is appreciated thanks =)

  46. merc

    i managed to clear all the AP backto zero because maplesea nopw having the nut coin event to get kuro equip . so i spent some coins on getting Ap reset scroll but my skills i added wrong because i max holy fountain and shining ray for my 3rd job instead . will it affect because i never really use teleport mastery much . i feel weird my hyper skills for the holy symbol that add drop rate is not available for me to add and i am 156 now . so weird maybe is the SP points have problem

  47. merc

    @ayumi i managed to clear all the AP backt o to zero ebcause maplesea nopw having the nut coin event to get kuro equip . so i spent some coins on getting Ap reset scroll but my skills i added wrong because i max holy fountain and shining rayfor my 3rd job instead . will it affect because i never really use teleport mastery much . i feel weird my hyper skills for the holy symbol that add drop rate is not available for me to add and i am 156 now . so weird maybe is the SP points have problem

  48. Ayumilove Post author

    @Jeremiah Tan: I have added the analysis/explanation below each skill build :)

  49. Jeremiah Tan

    Hi Ayumilove, just wanted to say thank you for all these skill build guide. They make adding sp easier and more correct.

    Do miss all those little analysis you wrote on every job skill.
    Example, why u max certain skills 1st…what skill will be the primary trainging skill… etc.
    When you got the free time, just do some simple write-up analysis, to those section you miss out.

    Happy mapling :D

  50. Ayumilove Post author

    @merc: Cast the Genesis first, so you can spam Big Bang without any cooldown. On my side, Big Bang deals much more damage when they are both Level 1. Purchase Mastery Book from NPC at Leafre to unlock Level 10 cap to Level 20 (7 million meso) and Level 30 (10 million meso).

  51. merc

    AYUMILOVE i based on the old built where you have tp add luk into the account. so i guess for safe. somehow for me if eel like the attack of angel ray is higher compare to big bang , but big bang sometimes you have to charge and it is quite i always use angel ray when hunting but angel ray will have lag time whne it is use. what about the bahamut drafgon do i have to max it? i currently max arcane overdrive, buff mastery,hero will,advance blessing,bless harmony.the rest the skills are only till 10 .which skil should i max yet? now i am 146,so i have like about 15 sp left do not know which skill to be added? dragon or bigbang or angel ray

  52. Ayumilove Post author

    @Pang: Personally I use Big Bang for training as it deals much higher damage compared to Angel Ray and it has lower activation/casting delay. If you are in a party, Angel Ray can be quite useful to heal allies/party-members while attacking the enemy, but they have to remain in the Angel Ray shooting path to be healed by it.

  53. Pang

    should i use bigbang to lvling or angel ray?

  54. Ayumilove Post author

    @skyy: Are you referring to Epic Adventure and Heaven’s Door? Both skills are Hyper Skills. Epic Adventure is unlocked at Level 200 and Heaven’s Door is unlocked at Level 170.

  55. skyy

    hey, ayumi can I ask what is the last two skills? Why my character don’t have?

  56. Ayumilove Post author

    @Thugles: No worries though. If you are solo mostly during training or bossing, then you can skip the Holy Fountain and have all the SP (Skill Points) distributed into Mystic Door. Also, once you reach 4th Job, you can switch to a different sub job (example: Ice/Lightning Archmage or Fire/Poison Archmage). You can switch into that and switch back to Bishop to have all your SP reset. This method costs a lot of meso but does not cost you any real money to purchase NX SP Reset Coupon from Cash Shop.

  57. Thugles

    Ayumi, I maxed Shining Ray by mistake in EMS(I was confused with the old build D: ) and I’m lvl 98 now, I have everything maxed except Mystic Door(3) and Holy Fountain(5). Is I keep going with this character, will I have trouble with 4º job skills? Can I keep with him normally? I was planning to max Mystic Door and leave Holy Fountain since I barely use it… I really don’t want to delete my character… do I need to?

    Thanks in advance!

  58. Ayumilover

    Thank you.

  59. Ayumilove Post author

    @Ayumilover: Mastery 20+30 books is used to unlock the following Bishop Skills (Angel Ray, Genesis, Big Bang, Infinity, Bahamut, Advanced Blessing and Maple Warrior).

    Purchase mastery book from NPC at Leafre based on the sorted 4th job skills in the 4th job skill build. In short, max Buff Mastery (Level 10), then moved on to purchasing Mastery Book 20 to fully unlock Advanced Blessing, max that skill, (rinse and repeat) for the other skills that requires mastery book.

    Regarding the Hyper Skill, you could grab the ones that are first available to you. The skills listed in the recommended Hyper Skill Build isn’t sorted from lowest-to-highest unlock skill level :)

  60. Ayumilove Post author

    @Eric: You’re welcome :)

  61. Ayumilover

    This is the only trust worthy site that I use for guides.

    One thing I can’t figure out. Which mastery 20 books should I get first? Buff Mastery then Advanced Blessing or are bishops limited to only maxing out Maple Warrior with master books.

    Also Holy Symbol – Item Drop (MAX) has a lower level requirement. Would it be okay for me to pick up say, Holy Symbol – Item Drop then Righteously Idignant then Holy Symbol – Experience?

  62. Eric

    Hey Ayumi have to say this guide really helped me out and I just became a Bishop which is awesome, thank you for this amazing guide and your hard work :)

  63. Ayumilove Post author

    @Chong: Shining Ray will be replaced with more powerful skills in 4th job such as Angel Ray and Big Bang. Mystic Door is very useful when you want to return to town quickly to re-pot (purchase potion) or sell junks (equips that aren’t suitable for your job), and quickly return to your training ground before it gets taken by someone else, or just save time instead of walking or using teleporting scrolls.

  64. Chong

    Why dont max shining ray but mystic door ?

  65. Ayumilove Post author

    @Yuiko: Thanks for the note! I removed that one point into Bless first, since down the road, there is the add 5 SP into Invincible :D

  66. Yuiko

    For second job, it says to put one point into bless as one of the first things to put points into but you don’t get bless until you get level 5 invincible, just pointing that out.

  67. Ayumilove Post author

    @Arceland: Thanks for your feedback! I have corrected the required level for the Hyper Skills based on your list.

  68. Arceland

    It seems that your listed required levels for the Hyper Skills may be slightly jumbled up. For your convenience:

    Holy Magic Shell – Extra Guard (Req Lev : 183)
    Holy Magic Shell – Persist (Req Lev : 162)
    Holy Magic Shell – Cooldown Cutter (Req Lev : 143)
    Holy Symbol – Experience (Req Lev : 168)
    Holy Symbol – Preparation (Req Lev : 189)
    Holy Symbol – Item Drop (Req Lev : 149)
    Advanced Blessing – Ferocity (Req Lev : 195)
    Advanced Blessing – Boss Rush (Req Lev : 177)
    Advanced Blessing – Extra Point (Req Lev: 155)

  69. unknown

    hi,can you please refer me to a build that statesat what level,you have to up which skills please.i cant seem to find on your page a build which says which lvl up what would be great if you could do it thou.

  70. Unknown

    Do u have any suggestions or guides on which skills to up first and stuff like that,cause I definitely will not reach lvl200, and I’m not sure which skills should I up,and which to not.

  71. Ayumilove Post author

    @Mee: Thanks for your feedback regarding the buggy Angel Ray in MapleSEA :D

  72. Meee

    Thanks alot ayumi.
    Angel Ray seems to be bug though.
    It does not seem to heal my party members.


  73. Ayumilove Post author

    @nickson: Bishop pros (has the most supportive skills, followed by Beast Tamer Cat, able to heal themselves so save meso from purchasing HP potion, highest defense compared to other magicians, so they don’t die that easily, demanded more in party for its Holy Symbol EXP skill) Bishop cons (lower damage compared to Ice-Lightning and Fire-Poison magician, low variety of offensive skills, slow leveling as most enemies are non-zombie/undead to take full advantage of their damage)

  74. nickson

    i means pro and cons of the bishop…sorry for double posting

  75. nickson

    hi what is the pro and cons or the bishop?

  76. Ayumilove Post author

    @meee: Only few powerful boss monsters such as Pink Bean are able to inflict Undead status to you and your party members. If they are in Undead status, if they were to receive healing skill, instead of having their health replenished, it drains their health according to the portion being heal by the skill. Holy Fountain negates that effect. Also, Bishop have an arrow skill that heals allies while damaging enemies, and that skill is called Angel Ray (4th Job Skill)

  77. meee

    Holy Fountain
    Summons the Holy Fountain to recover party member’s HP using holy power. Even a party member in Undead status can use it. Go near the fountain and press the up arrow key to recover. Cannot be summoned near a portal.

    Sorry for not being clear, i was asking about this. Undead status party member

  78. EdwardLimChinShen

    @py You max teleport mastery because you usually use teleport to travel around and at 4th job, you usually would be buffing a lot of other players and probably resurrect. And what’s more, Teleport Mastery increases distance of the teleport and does damage so you would probably need it a lot.

  79. py

    Hi, may i ask why max teleport mastery instead of Shining ray for 3rd job? Is it because 4th job you no longer use it?

  80. Ayumilove Post author

    @Meee: Undead as in Zombie Mushroom, Zombie Lupin (prefix Zombie). These undead enemies will get damage from Cleric’s Heal. For Dark enemies (e.g. Malady, Dark Yeti, Dark Pepe (prefix Dark)), they are immune to this Heal, but they are weak against Holy.

  81. Meee

    hi. may i know what does undead status means? Thanks alot for your site.

  82. Ayumilove Post author

    @ramubottle: You can try out using a Cleric. If you do not like the job, you can switch to Ice/Fire at 4th Job Advancement. So no worries about having to recreate another character and starting over from Level 1. Fire-Poison is geared towards dealing high damage, whereas Ice deals lesser damage but compensated with freezing effect (stops enemies from retaliating) while Cleric has the ability to perform variety of supportive skills to aid and your party members from status ailments and boosts EXP rate.

  83. ramubottle

    Hi! I really find your website very helpful however, despite your thorough guide, I’m still unable to choose between Cleric, Fire-Poison and Ice-Lightning. Any recommendations? I’ve played other classes before, but this is my first time training a Magician. Thanks!

  84. vizer33

    master magic is missing

  85. Ayumilove Post author

    @lifeless: Thanks for the note on the missing specialized skill. Will be adding in later.

  86. Ayumilove Post author

    @midend: Thanks for your comment on the Buff Mastery skill. I’ll add that note below the skill :)

  87. midend

    buff mastery is no longer a good skill since it only increases self-timing, and screws your rebuff timing for party skills as others do not receive that extended duration. that being said, if one chooses to solo, this is the perfect skill for the job

  88. lifeless

    missing specialized skill as well

  89. Ayumilove Post author

    @AvalonXion: Yes, once your MapleStory region has RED applied, dump all stats into INT for Magician. When you reach 999 INT (max), you can dump in other stats (e.g. LUK) secondary stat for boosting damage. I think KMS has removed the cap for 999 INT but for us, we still do not have this privilege.

  90. AvalonXion

    Just wondering what are your thoughts on the APs. I’m a returning player and wondering if i should just go auto assign or just put everything into INT.

  91. Ayumilove Post author

    @David: Thanks for the notice. Made the necessary correction :)

  92. David

    I think the description for Big Bang was copied exactly from Genesis? :P

  93. Ayumilove Post author

    @A Friendly Priest: Thanks for your feedback! I have added your correction to the guide :)

  94. A Friendly Priest

    I have noticed something off about the skills in your guide.

    Bishop 3rd Job
    1. Magic Critical –> (SAME)

    should be

    Bishop 3rd Job
    1. Magic Critical –> Arcane Overdrive

  95. Ayumilove Post author

    @Zanjox: If you are playing GMS RED, they have somehow changed how Genesis works. You can’t spam Genesis like last time. Try casting Big Bang. It will allow you to spam Gensis afterwards. Also, make sure you have sufficient MP to cast the spell and have a wand/staff equip to cast offensive skills. And try to have all your 1st, 2nd and 3rd job SP (Skill Points) allocated.

  96. Ayumilove Post author

    @Leu: No worries. You will need Level 5 Bless to unlock 4th Job Advanced Blessing.

  97. Zanjox

    Hi can someone help me i am a bishop with maxed genesis but i cant use it since 2012 it says you may not use this skill yet. It has nothing to do with the cooldown. Who can help me?

  98. Leu

    hey ayumi! i accidentaly didnt raise Skill Bless (adv, 2) to its max. I have 9 points on it. Do u know if this is going to affect me somehow in supperior lvls?

  99. Luu

    I’m shocked; majority of the players here are english educated BUT their english isn’t up to standard. DAT ENGLISH THOU!
    But thanks for the skill build guides. ever thought of trying Dragon Nest?


    ayumi can u pls add a training spots for cleric? thank you

  101. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Darian, I don’t think skill book are required for Adventurer once the RED patch has been implemented. All the skills are made available. However, the skill level cap (Level 20 and Level 30) for some skills are unlocked by using mastery books purchased from an NPC located in Henesys and Leafre (7m, 10m). It can be use on any skills that requires unlocking.

  102. Ello

    @darian: Pre Red: Yes, Post Red: No

  103. Darian

    hey Ayumi, will you need a skill book for angel ray?

  104. HeroezMastazz

    I saw on cleric skills, to save up for “pre-requisite” skills. What does pre-requisite mean by that???

  105. Exi

    Hi Ayumi,

    I have heard that the mastery book system will be changed/removed, but how is it changed, and as a player, should I sell all my mastery books prior to the patch to prevent losses? Or are they still useful after?

    Thank you!

  106. dvdemon

    The cleric bless add bonus exp can stack with holy symbol and enjoyable winter? If yes i am going to train bishop~

  107. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Sam, the skill described that Angel Ray only hits 1 maximum target (not 6) but additional 4 more hits (total 8 hits vs 1 enemy) when Vengeance of Angel buff is active.

  108. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks for the notice Pillr! I was wondering why Bishop is missing 3 passive boosting skills, usually there are 9 of them but here there is 6. I have added the 3 Holy Magic Shell Hyper Skills above.

  109. Sam

    Vengeance of Angel: damage boost to Angel Ray has been removed, Angel Ray’s number of hits boost has been increased from 1 to 4, in addition to existing effects Vengeance of Angel now decreases Angel Ray’s number of monsters hit to 1 and reduces its HP healed by 40%, you can now use buffs while Vengeance of Angel is active, while this skill is not active your total damage will be increased by 40%

    Source: Orange Mushroom

    So which is correct? Yours mention that this hyper only gives +1 line to Angel’s Ray whilst the other says its +4 lines now.

  110. Pillr

    Hi,are all holy magic shell hyper skill removed after RED patch?

  111. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Concerned Mapler, you can create priest for Holy Symbol as it will provide additional EXP for faster leveling. If MapleSEA implements the RED patch update, it will be the same with RED, unless they perform a nerf if they see its OP and vice versa.

  112. Concerned Mapler

    Hi ayumilove!

    Just wondering, before I create a priest for the sole purpose of Holy Symbol, is mapleSea’s version exactly the same as RED? In other words, if i create a priest in mapleSea, will the Holy Symbol buff, at max level, be an increase of 50% exp?

    Please reply. Thank You!

  113. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Coixon, the revamp makes most of their skill much more practical for training purposes. Stronger or weaker is more or less the same (balance) :)

  114. Coixon

    Hello Ayumi , in your opnion
    after RED EXPLORER , Bishop becomes much stronger or weaker than before ?

  115. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi xinyi, Magician teleport skill has moved from 2nd job skill to 1st job skill in MapleStory RED (Revolution Evolution Delight) Update.

  116. xinyi

    Hi, did you miss out teleport in 2nd job skill? Should also max right?

  117. omar

    really the skill angel revenge will low me of speed attack???

  118. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Brian, all skills will be made available in MapleStory RED. Therefore you do not need to hunt skill book from bosses such as Hard Hilla or Chaos Zakum. However, they have kept the need for mastery books for all jobs except Cygnus Knights. In MapleStory RED, they have simplified the Mastery Book System, which makes all Mastery BOok Level 20 applicable to any skill. So now, the mastery book that is unrelated to your class are converted via NPC/automatically (not sure which 1) you can use it on your skill.

  119. Brian

    Will bishops still need the angel ray skill book???

  120. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Jared Rainey, I spend approximately 30 minutes to an hour updating this site, replying commentators and/or correcting mistakes found on the guides. The ad is sufficient to pay my website hosting fees but doing this for a day-job is kinda wishful thinking. Are you planning to create a website to earn money or out of hobby?

  121. Jared Rainey

    Hey Ayumi, I really love how much dedication you have with this website. Whenever I’m looking for something related to a class build or training, I see you on the first page in Google! I really want to make a successful website myself, not MS though, I enjoy playing the game occasionally, but nothing I’m passionate about. Could you share some of the statistics for your site with me possibly? I’m really interested in how much time you spend to update/maintain the content, and possibly a ballpark range of what you make on ad revenue? Knowing these things would help me find the motivation to act I think. :) I totally understand if you don’t want to share these things in public, but maybe you would be willing to email me? You should have that from this form I’m filling out…

    Thank you!

  122. Anzu

    @Lee Shao Wei- I’m no Ayumilove but i believe you can train at mp3 as i think they are undead so that you holy skills and heal will be great againts them and people would want you for hs, bless, maybe heal, door, etc

  123. Lee Shao Wei

    Ayumilove , do you know where to train when my priest is at level 95? Cause I have no idea where to train my priest.

  124. Lee Shao Wei

    Thanks for the help .

  125. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Lee Shao Wei, KMST has just launched the new explorer/adventurer reorganization. As a result, MSEA is still using the old Tempest Explorer skills. We will need to wait approximately 6-8 months after KMS has finalize the skill changes, but this also depends on how well MSEA can deliver them. MSEA has been slowly launching patches, moving towards 1 big patch instead of giving out in intervals.

  126. Lee Shao Wei

    On MSEA , there’s no holy fountain and divine protection in my priest . May I know why ?

  127. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi EMSDERP, I’m currently busy with some work, so probably will be publishing those guides a little later.

  128. EMSDERP

    Have you not done Ice/lightning or Fire/poison mages yet?