MapleStory Hayato Skill Build Guide

MapleStory Hayato Job Selection Hayato is one of Sengoku Warrior or also known as a samurai wielding Katana (primary weapon) and a kodachi (secondary weapon). Hayato’s primary stat is STR (Strength). His fighting style is Battojutsu (one of Kenjutsu – Art of Sword) that deals specifically with rapid drawing and sheathing of a sword. Watch Rurouni Kenshin (a Japanese anime) to understand how this works where the main character Kenshin beats the enemies with his super fast sword. It is said that Hayato is only available as male character. GMS (Global MapleStory) released Hayato on March 13 2013. JMS (Japan MapleStory) released Hayato on Jul 24 2012. [NOTE] 5 SP rewarded in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Job Advancement.

Hayato Overview

CLASS: Sengoku
PRIMARY WEAPON: Katana (unique 2-handed weapon)
SECONDARY WEAPON: Kodachi (GMS) / Wakizashi (MSEA)
LINK SKILL: Keen Edge – All stats +10/15/20, Weapon/Magic Attack +5/10/15
CHARACTER CARD: Minimum Critical Damage +2/4/6/8%

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Hayato Changelog

GMS v.143 – RED Part 1: First Impact (2013-12-04)
GMS v.142 – Dawnveil Demons of Tynerum (2013-10-16)
GMS v.131 – Hayato (2013-03-12)
SEA v.135 – Sengoku Era Patch Notes (2013-11-12)

Hayato Pros and Cons

+ Fastest Cross-Map Movement via 3x Surging Blade and wait 0.5s and repeat.
+ Extraordinary Mobbing Skills (Best mobber in High Spawn Rate areas)
+ Easy To Learn
+ Fast Attack Speed
+ Free Maple Warrior 30 aka Akatsuki Hero 30.
– Hard To Fund (400m funds = 20k-25K range)
– Low Single Target DPS in comparison to Mercedes/Hero/Dual Blade/Demon Slayer.
– Difficult to find equipment due to its weapon uniqueness.
– Hayato skills cost the highest MP consumption compared to most jobs. Drinks MP like water.

Hayato Storyline

Hayato, Japan. June 21, 1582. Honnou-ji, Kyoto. Although the brutal warlord Oda Nobunaga was cementing his control of Japan, it wasn’t enough to slake his thirst for power. Seeking immortality and to become a new demon king, he prepared a ritual at Honnou-ji in Kyoto. The feudal lords banded together and waged a fierce battle with the Oda forces in a desperate last bid to stop the evil lord. While the armies clashed outside, the legendary samurai, Hayato, fought his way into the temple and challenged Oda himself to stop the ritual. While the two traded blows, a pillar of light erupted from the temple, casting all it enveloped into a stranged world. Weakened by the unfamiliar energy of this world, Hayato must regain his strength and battle once more against the spread of Nobunaga’s dark ambitions.

Hayato Notes

  • Although Hayato is male as far as the story is concerned, you’ll be able to play as female or male version of Hayato.
  • After the tutorial at Honnou-ji, your journey will continue at Momijigaoka, in the Mushroom Shrine area of Zipangu.
  • Hayato must have one of his special katana equipped in order to use all of his skills. Make sure that the weapon type says “katana” in the item description.
  • Since he is from ancient Japan and his primary language is Japanese, Hayato’s voice is in Japanese. His animated video has subtitles, and he occasionally speaks when performing some skills. The female version of Hayato has also been given voiceovers when performing certain skills.
  • Hayato and his Sengoku allies and enemies are able to communicate with the denizens of their new home through the magic of Maple World. Thus, their text dialogue will be translated.
  • The Tot’s Know-How guide system has been enabled for Hayato.
  • Katana for Hayato have been added to the wares of many weapon vendors.
  • Each Hayato character has its own individual Cash Inventory not shared with other characters.

Hayato Beginner Skills

Master_of_Blades Master of Blades
Permanently increase speed, jump, evasion,willpower and weapon mastery.
LV1: +20% Speed, +25% Max Speed, +10% Jump, +20% Evasion Rate, +30 Willpower, +60% Mastery.

Keen_Edge Keen Edge
Permanently increases all stats and weapon attack.
LV1: +10 All Stats, +5 Weapon ATT.
[NOTE] This skill can be shared with to one other character on same account. Limit one transfer a day.

Summer_Rain Summer Rain
Attack 15 enemies 6 times with raining swords covering entire screen.
LV1: 500% Damage, +15% Damage, 120 sec. Cooldown 600 sec.

Shimada_Heart Shimada Heart
Permanently increases defense and damage.
LV1: +100 Defense, +0.5% Damage.

Hayato Beginner Skill Build: Everything maxed.
Explanation: All the skills listed above are Hayato innate abilities. No SP required.

Hayato 1st Job Skills (GMS / MSEA)

Sanrenzan Sanrenzan (Active)
Press skill button repetitively OR hold down skill button to perform up to 3 different slashes. All slashes attacks 4 enemies with varying damage and hits per enemy. Below is 1st, 2nd and 3rd slash damage with total hits per slash.
LV1: 5 MP, (51% Damage x 2) + (61% Damage x 2) + (81% Damage x 3)
LV20: 11 MP, (70% Damage x 2) + (80% Damage x 2) + (100% Damage x 3)

Surging_Blade Surging Blade (Active)
Attack all enemies 1 time within your path as you rush past them.
LV1: 18 MP, 58% Damage.
LV15: 10 MP, 100% Damage.

Battoujutsu_Stance Battoujutsu Stance / Battojutsu (Supportive)
[NOTE] This skill can be toggle on/off.
While in Battojutsu stance, you will lose few MP per sec but boost Critical Rate, Attack Speed and enable slashes to stun enemies for few seconds.
LV1: 5 MP/sec, +6% Critical Rate, 1% Stun Rate for 1 sec.
LV20: 1 MP/sec, +25% Critical Rate, 20% Stun Rate for 4 sec.

Center_Ki Center Ki (Passive)
Permanently increases STR and DEX.
LV1: +3 STR, +3 DEX.
LV10: +30 STR, +30 DEX.

Hayato 1st Job Skill Build (MSEA): Everything maxed.
1. Sanrenzan, Surging Blade (1)
2. Battojutsu (MAX)
3. Sanrenzan (MAX)
4. Center Ki (MAX)
5. Surging Blade (MAX)

Hayato 1st Job Skill Build (GMS): Everything maxed.
1. Sanrenzan, Surging Blade (1)
2. Battoujutsu Stance (MAX)
3. Sanrenzan (MAX)
4. Center Ki (MAX)
5. Surging Blade (MAX)

Hayato primary attacking skill for 1st Job will be Sanrenzan and Surging Blade. Therefore, add 1 SP (Skill Point) into both skills first! Use Surging Blade to dash towards monster quickly instead of walking by tapping the skill 3 times in a row, wait for 0.5 second and repeat. Begin maxing Battoujutsu Stance (boost min max damage), followed by Sanrenzan (primary attacking skill), Center Ki (for additional damage) and Surging Blade.

Hayato 2nd Job Skills (GMS / MSEA)

Jin_Sanrenzan Jin Sanrenzan (Active)
[REQUIRE] Max Sanrenzan.
Press skill button repetitively OR hold down skill button to perform up to 3 different slashes. All slashes attacks 5 enemies with varying damage and hits per enemy. Below is 1st, 2nd and 3rd slash damage with total hits per slash.
LV1: 5 MP, (81% Damage x 2) + (101% Damage x 2) + (121% Damage x 3)
LV20: 11 MP, (100% Damage x 2) + (120% Damage x 2) + (140% Damage x 3)

MapleStory Hayato Shouryuusen Shouryuusen (Active)
Attack 6 enemies 4 times with whirlwind that floats them up in mid air.
LV1: 18 MP, 86% Damage.
LV15: 24 MP, 100% Damage.

MapleStory Hayato Dankuusen Dankuusen (Active)
[REQUIRE] LV1 Shouryuusen.
Attack 6 enemies 4 times by rushing forward and slashing them simultaneously. You can use Dankuusen after Shouryuusen to perform a chain/combo attack or while mid-air. Damage will be 100% Critical if used after Shouryuusen.
LV1: 6 MP, 141% Damage.
LV15: 12 MP, 170% Damage.

Vapor Blade Vapor Blade (Active)
Attack 8 enemies 4 times while jumping up and slashing them. Press UP-button 2 times to perform this skill. Jump height increases per level.
LV1: 30 MP, 76% Damage.
LV5: 12 MP, 100% Damage.

Military_Might Military Might / Bushido’s Focus (Supportive)
Temporarily increases HP, MP, attack, speed and jump.
LV1: 63 MP, 66 sec. +6 Attack, +1% MaxHPMP, +1% Speed, +1% Jump.
LV20: 120 MP, 180 sec. +15 Attack, +20% MaxHPMP, +20% Speed, +10% Jump.

Unfaltering_Blade Unfaltering Blade (Passive)
Permanently increases Critical Damage and Accuracy.
LV1: +15% Critical Damage, +12 Accuracy.
LV10: +25% Critical Damage, +120 Accuracy.

Katana_Booster Katana Booster (Supportive)
Temporarily boost weapon attack speed.
LV1: 30 MP, 20 sec.
LV10: 11 MP, 200 sec.

Hayato 2nd Job Skill Build (MSEA): Everything maxed except Shouryuusen.
1. Sarenzan, Shouryuusen, Dankuusen (1)
2. Katana Booster (3)
3. Bushido’s Focus (MAX)
4. Unfaltering Blade (MAX)
5. Sarenzan (MAX)
6. Dankuusen (MAX)
7. Vapor Blade (MAX)
8. Katana Booster (MAX)
9. Shouryuusen (14/15)

Hayato 2nd Job Skill Build (GMS): Everything maxed except Shouryuusen.
1. Sarenzan, Shouryuusen, Dankuusen (1)
2. Katana Booster (3)
3. Military Might (MAX)
4. Unfaltering Blade (MAX)
5. Sarenzan (MAX)
6. Dankuusen (MAX)
7. Vapor Blade (MAX)
8. Katana Booster (MAX)
9. Shouryuusen (14/15)

Hayato’s 2nd Job primary attacking skill will be Sarenzan 2 with combo/chain skill of Shouryuusen and Dankuusen. Unlock all active skills with 1 SP (Skill Point) and add 3 SP into Katana Booster (Weapon Booster) to increase the weapon speed buff duration. Next, max Military Might (boost your min max damage), Unfaltering Blade (increase chance of dealing critical damage) and lastly Sanrenzan (your primary attacking skill for bossing and mobbing). After that, start maxing Dankuusen for 1-2 hit kills against mid-strong enemies while travelling in search for more enemies. Vapor Blade is max later since the current training ground does not have much platforms above you to leap upwards to avoid climbing rope which is a hassle to reach enemies. Take note that Vapor Blade is difficult to getting used to as it requires lots of practise. Finally, max Katana Booster for a longer duration speed buff. Dump the remaining skill points into Shouryuusen as it will be replaced by 3rd and 4th Job skills.

Hayato 3rd Job Skills (GMS / MSEA)

Fuu_Sanrenzan Fuu Sanrenzan (Active)
[REQUIRE] Max Jin Sanrenzan.
Press skill button repetitively OR hold down skill button to perform up to 3 different slashes. All slashes attacks 6 enemies with varying damage and hits per enemy. Below is 1st, 2nd and 3rd slash damage with total hits per slash.
LV1: 18 MP, (122% Damage x 2) + (142% Damage x 3) + (162% Damage x 3)
LV20: 24 MP, (160% Damage x 2) + (180% Damage x 3) + (200% Damage x 3)

Battoujutsu_Soul Battoujutsu Soul / Advanced Battojutsu (Supportive)
[REQUIRE] Max Battoujutsu Stance.
Further improves Critical Rate of Battojutsu. During Battojutsu, you have a chance to avoid knockbacked by monsters (stance ability) and a golden aura will be created around you. Any enemies within that aura will take damage. Also permanently increases weapon attack.
LV1: 21% Critical Rate, 21% Stance, 103% Damage, +1 Weapon ATT.
LV20: 40% Critical Rate, 40% Stance, 160% Damage, +20 Weapon ATT.

Whirlwind_Cut Whirlwind Cut
[REQUIRE] Max Dankuusen
Attack 6 enemies 3 times by pushing them as you rush forward slashing them simultaneously. You can use Whirlwind Cut after Shouryuusen to perform a chain/combo attack or while mid-air. +100% Damage if skill use on enemy who are in mid-air. Also permanently increases Shouryuusen and Dankuusen damage.
LV1: 27 MP, 304% Damage, +12% Damage (Shouryuusen and Dankuusen)
LV20: 33 MP, 380% Damage, +50% Damage (Shouryuusen and Dankuusen)

Sweeping_Sword Sweeping Sword (Active)
Attack 10 enemies 6 times in front of you by appearing behind enemies from mid air, lunging into them and knocking all enemies to your jump location in a blink of an eye! Basically pulling those monsters towards you with the flashy skills.
LV1: 15 MP, 131% Damage.
LV20: 31 MP, 150% Damage.

Tornado_Blade Tornado Blade (Active)
Attack 8 enemies 7 times around you with a whirlwind.
LV1: 20 MP, 181% Damage. Cooldown 12 sec.
LV20: 32 MP, 200% Damage. Cooldown 4 sec.

Willow_Dodge Willow Dodge (Passive)
Permanently increases evasion. Upon evading, has a chance to stack +6% damage up to 5 times.
LV1: +15% Avoid, 6% Stack Chance.
LV10: +25% Avoid, 60% Stack Chance.

Warriors_Heart Warrior’s Heart / Bushido’s Soothing (Passive)
Has a chance to recover HP if you deal a critical hit.
LV1: 2% chance to recover 1% HP.
LV10: 30% chance to recover 3% HP.

Merciless_Blade Merciless Blade (Passive)
Has a chance to wound enemy causing them to temporarily take damage every sec. Wound effect cannot be stacked nor kill enemy but can reduce enemy health till 1 HP.
LV1: 2% Wound Rate, 74% Damage/Sec for 3 sec.
LV10: 20% Wound Rate, 150% Damage/Sec for 5 sec.

Hayato 3rd Job Skill Build (MSEA): Everything maxed except Sweeping Sword.
1. Sanrenzan, Whirlwind Cut, Sweeping Sword and Tornado Blade (1)
2. Advanced Battojutsu (MAX)
3. Bushido’s Soothing (MAX)
4. Sanrenzan (MAX)
5. Whirlwind Cut (MAX)
6. Tornado Blade (MAX)
7. Merciless Blade (MAX)
8. Willow Dodge (MAX)
9. Sweeping Sword (14/20)

Hayato 3rd Job Skill Build (GMS): Everything maxed except Sweeping Sword.
1. Sanrenzan, Whirlwind Cut, Sweeping Sword and Tornado Blade (1)
2. Battoujutsu Soul (MAX)
3. Warrior’s Heart (MAX)
4. Sanrenzan (MAX)
5. Whirlwind Cut (MAX)
6. Tornado Blade (MAX)
7. Merciless Blade (MAX)
8. Willow Dodge (MAX)
9. Sweeping Sword (14/20)

Hayato’s 3rd Job primary skill will be spamming combo skills (Sanrenzan3 + Whirlwind Cut). As usual, add 1 SP to unlock those active skills to see which 1 fits best for your play style. Max Battoujutsu Stance Shingitai (boost damage and provides an orange aura that attacks nearby enemies), Warrior’s Heart (heal you when you successfully perform a critical), Willow Dodge (improve dodge rate = increase survivability), Merciless Blade (every attack has a chance to deal DoT – damage over time bleed/poison effect) and finally dump remaining SP into Sweeping Sword since has less impact towards your training progress and not required to be max to unlock skills in 4th Job.

Hayato 4th Job Skills (GMS / MSEA)

Rai_Sanrenzan Rai Sanrenzan (Active)
[REQUIRE] Max Fuu Sanrenzan.
Press skill button repetitively OR hold down skill button to perform up to 3 different slashes. All slashes attacks 6 enemies with varying damage and hits per enemy. Below is 1st, 2nd and 3rd slash damage with total hits per slash. Also has a chance to deal extra damage (Final Attack) when performing Rai Sanrenzan.
LV1: 22 MP, (162% Damage x 2) + (192% Damage x 3) + (242% Damage x 3), 1% Activation Rate, +207% Activation Damage.
LV30: 32 MP, (220% Damage x 2) + (250% Damage x 3) + (300% Damage x 3), 30% Activation Rate, +410% Activation Damage.

Hitokiri_Strike Hitokiri Strike (Active + Supportive)
Attacks 15 enemies 8 times with 100% Critical Rate. Deals instant death against monsters except those who are immune to this effect. Temporarily increases your Critical Rate after using this skill.
LV1: 82 MP, 339% Damage, Cooldown 148 sec. +3% Critical for 10 sec.
LV30: 142 MP, 455% Damage, Cooldown 90 sec. +45% Critical for 40 sec.

Falcon_Dive Falcon Dive (Active)
[REQUIRE] Max Whirlwind Cut.
Attack 8 enemies 6 times by jumping into mid-air and lunging towards enemies to unleash powerful slashes. Has a chance to temporarily stun enemies. Enemies who are stun takes additional damage from you and your ally.
LV1: 25 MP, 152% Damage, 24% Stun for 6 sec. +1% Ally Damage. +62% Damage.
LV20: 45 MP, 190% Damage, 100% Stun for 10 sec. +20% Ally Damage. +100% Damage.

Shinsoku Shinsoku (Active)
Attack 1 enemy 10 times by brandishing your sword.
LV1: 13 MP, 133% Damage.
LV30: 28 MP, 162% Damage.

Akatsuki_Blossoms Akatsuki Blossoms / Akatsuki Cleansing (Active)
Cures yourself from Seduce Effect. Higher skill level decreases cooldown.
LV1: 30 MP, Cooldown 600 sec.
LV5: 30 MP, Cooldown 360 sec.

Akatsuki_Hero Akatsuki Hero / Sengoku Warrior (Supportive)
Temporarily increases you and all party member stats.
LV1: 10 MP, +1% All Stats, 30 sec.
LV30: 70 MP, +15% All Stats, 900 sec.

Iron_Skin Iron Skin / Bushido’s Will (Supportive)
Temporarily improves resistance against status effect and elemental damage.
LV1: 70 MP, +12% Resistance, 30 sec.
LV20: 130 MP, +50% Resistance, 180 sec.

Cleaver Cleaver / Precision Cutting (Passive)
Permanently ignores a portion of enemy’s defense and increase your damage.
LV1: Ignores 6% Enemy Defense, +1% Damage.
LV30: Ignores 35% Enemy Defense, +30% Damage.

Counterattack Counterattack (Passive)
Has a chance to retaliate against 3 enemies when an enemy attacks you.
LV1: 6% Retaliation, 125% Damage.
LV15: 20% Retaliation, 195% Damage.

Jinsoku Jinsoku (Supportive + Passive)
After successfully avoiding an attack, grants a chance to temporarily buff yourself with protection which reduces incoming damage inflicted by enemy for 8 sec. Also permanently increases avoidability.
LV1: 6% chance to -3% incoming damage. +11% Avoidability.
LV30: 35% chance to -45% incoming damage. +40% Avoidability.

Bloodletter Bloodletter (Supportive + Passive)
Further improves Merciless Blade effect.
LV1: 21% Wound Rate, 152% Damage/Sec for 5 sec.
LV10: 30% Wound Rate, 170% Damage/Sec for 5 sec.

Hayato 4th Job Skill Build (MSEA): Everything maxed.
1. Sanrenzan, Shinsoku, Falcon Dive, Hitokiri Strike, Bushido’s Will, Jinsoku, Precision Cutting (1)
2. Precision Cutting (MAX)
3. Sanrenzan (MAX)
4. Falcon Dive (MAX)
5. Hitokiri Strike (MAX)
6. Jinsoku (MAX)
7. Sengoku Warrior (MAX)
8. Counterattack (MAX)
9. Akatsuki Cleansing (MAX)
10. Bushido’s Will (MAX)
11. Bloodletter (MAX)
12. Shinsoku (MAX)

Hayato 4th Job Skill Build (GMS): Everything maxed.
1. Sanrenzan, Shinsoku, Falcon Dive, Hitokiri Strike, Iron Skin, Jinsoku, Cleaver (1)
2. Cleaver (MAX)
3. Sanrenzan (MAX)
4. Falcon Dive (MAX)
5. Hitokiri Strike (MAX)
6. Jinsoku (MAX)
7. Akatsuki Hero (MAX)
8. Counterattack (MAX)
9. Akatsuki Blossoms (MAX)
10. Iron Skin (MAX)
11. Bloodletter (MAX)
12. Shinsoku (MAX)

Hayato’s 4th Job primary skill will be Sarenzan4. Most of the skills here are supportive and passive. You will not be able to max out these skills unless you have the 4th Job Mastery Books available for unlocking the cap placed on these skills. You could follow the guide above and use your SP on them first, else save SP till you unlock the skills. Please note that maxed Rai Sanrenzan is better than Shinsoku on 1v1 in term of DPS (Damaga per Second).

Hayato Hyper Skills (GMS / MSEA)

Shinsoku – Extra Strike
Required Level: 143
Increases the number of attacks with Shinsoku. Number of Attacks: +1

Shinsoku – Boss Rush
Required Level: 162
Shinsoku Boss ATT is increased. 20% additional damage against bosses

Shinsoku – Reinforce
Required Level: 183
Increases the damage for Shinsoku. Damage +20%

Falcon Dive – Extra Strike
Required Level: 149
Increases the number of attacks for Falcon Dive. Number of Attacks: +1

Falcon Dive – Spread
Required Level: 168
Number of monsters attacked with Falcon Dive is increased. Monsters Hit: +2

Falcon Dive – Reinforce
Required Level: 189
Increases the damage for Falcon Dive. Damage +20%

Hitokiri Strike – Extra Strike
Required Level: 155
Increases the number of monsters attacked with Hitokiri Strike. Number of Attacks: +1

Hitokiri Strike – Spread
Required Level: 168
Increases the number of monsters attacked with Hitokiri Strike. Monsters Hit: +2

Hitokiri Strike – Cooldown Cutter
Required Level: 177
Hitokiri Strike’s cooldown is reduced. Cooldown -100%

God of Blades
Required Level: 150
Call upon the ancient spirits of the sword to enhance Hayato’s abilities.
MP Cost: 80, ATT +50 for 30 seconds, All abnormal status and elemental resistance increased by 100. Cooldown: 90 sec

Falcon’s Honor
Required Level: 170
Call upon the powers of Hayato’s ancestors to unleash a furious barrage of attacks.
MP Cost: 200, Damage: 350%, Number of Attacks: 8, Max Enemies Hit: 14, Cooldown: 8 sec

Princess’s Vow
Required Level: 200
Recalls the oath spoken to Princess Sakuno to increase damage and max damage cap.
MP Cost: 80, Duration: 60 sec, Damage: +10%, Max Damage: +5000000, Only applies to hero classes within the party

Hayato Hyper Skill Build Guide:
1. Shinsoku – Reinforce (MAX)
2. Shinsoku – Extra Strike (MAX)
3. Shinsoku – Boss Rush (MAX)
4. Hitokiri Strike – Extra Strike (MAX)
5. Hitokiri Strike – Cooldown Cutter (MAX)
6. God of Blades (MAX)
7. Falcon’s Honor (MAX)
8. Princess’s Vow (MAX)
9. Hyper Strength (MAX)
10. Hyper Health (MAX)
11. Hyper Mana (MAX)
12. Hyper Weapon Defense (MAX)
13. Hyper Magic Defense (MAX)
14. Hyper Critical Rate (MAX)

Hayato Mastery Books

1. Cleaver / Precision Cutting: 20, 30
2. Hitokiri Strike: 20, 30
3. Iron Skin / Bushido’s Will: 20
4. Jinsoku: 20, 30
5. Shinsoku: 20, 30


Hayato Beginner Job Skills
Natural Talent -> Master of Blades
Shippu Denju -> Keen Edge
Shippuu Samidarejin -> Summer Rain
Defensive Attack -> Shimada Heart

Hayato 1st Job Skills
Sanrenzan 1 -> Sanrenzan
Renjinzan -> Surging Blade
Battoujutsu -> Battoujutsu Stance
Kengoudou -> Center Ki

Hayato 2nd Job Skills
Sanrenzan 2 -> Jin Sanrenzan
Shouryuusen -> Shouryuusen
Dankuusen -> Dankuusen
Hien -> Vapor Blade
Bushin Shourai -> Military Might
Hiken Ikaru -> Unfaltering Blade
Hiken Hayabusa -> Katana Booster

Hayato 3rd Job Skills
Sanrenzan 3 -> Fuu Sanrenzan
Battoujutsu Shingitai -> Battoujutsu Soul
Senpuuzan -> Whirlwind Cut
Hikarasu -> Sweeping Sword
Senpuu no Jin -> Tornado Blade
Yanagi Yoke -> Willow Dodge
Shintou Mekkyaku -> Warrior’s Heart
Kurenai Jubaku -> Merciless Blade

Hayato 4th Job Skills
Sanrenzan 4 -> Rai Sanrenzan
Issen -> Hitokiri Strike
Yousousen -> Falcon Dive
Shinsokumusou -> Shinsoku
Akatsuki no Sakura -> Akatsuki Blossoms
Akatsuki no Yuusha -> Akatsuki Hero
Gouken -> Iron Skin
Ittouryuoudan -> Cleaver
Saki no saki -> Counterattack
Jinsoku -> Jinsoku
Guren Jubaku -> Bloodletter

Hayato Skill Combo/Chaining Guide

When using compatible combo skills, it reduces skill delay at most by half except for the last activated combo skill. Also some combo skills boost up one another. In other words, using together deals extra damage.

Surging Blade x3 : Moves from Point A to Point B fastest.
Surging Blade x3 + Dankuusen : Same as using Surging Blade x3 but slower.
Shouryuusen + Dankuusen
Shouryuusen + Whirlwind Cut
Vapor Blade + Dankuusen : Travel maps where Surging Blade x3 would not be possible.
Vapor Blade + Whirlwind Cut : Gets you up on higher platforms than just Vapor Blade.
Vapor Blade + Falcon Dive : Grants you the best vertical height.
Sweeping Sword + Dankuusen : 3rd Job Grinding Skil Combo.
Falcon Dive + Dankuusen : 4th Job Grinding Skill Combo.
Falcon Dive + Whirlwind Cut + Dankuusen : Favorite Skill Combo.
Falcon Dive + Sanrenzan : Best Combination for Maximum DPS.
Hitokiri Strike + Dankuusen : Covers long distance in an instant but has cooldown.

Player Combos

Below is a list of skill combo used by players while training their Hayato.

  • 2nd Job : Shouryuusen > Dankuusen > Sanrenzan x3
  • Sweeping Sword > Dankuusen > Whirlwind Cut > Sweeping Sword > Dankuusen
  • 3rd Job : Whirlwind Cut > Dankuusen
  • 3rd Job : Sanrenzan > Whirlwind Cut > Sweeping Sword > Dankuusen

Delay Reduction

[NOTE] Below is a list of combo skills with delay reduction when using the following skills.

Shouryuusen (Delay 810ms -> 450ms)
Dankuusen, Whirlwind Cut.

Dankuusen (Delay 810ms -> 450ms)
Shouryuusen, Surging Blade, Sweeping Sword, Whirlwind Cut, Falcon Dive, Hitokiri Strike, Sanrenzan.

Vapor Blade (Delay 690ms -> 600ms)
Dankuusen, Whirlwind Cut, Falcon Dive, Shinsoku, Sweeping Sword, Sanrenzan.

Whirlwind Cut (Delay 1110ms -> 810ms)
Shouryuusen, Sweeping Sword, Dankuusen, Falcon Dive, Surging Blade, Hitokiri Strike.
[NOTE] Surging Blade and Hitokiri Strike can’t be chain to Whirlwind Cut.

Sweeping Sword (Delay 960ms -> 780ms)
Dankuusen, Shouryuusen, Whirlwind Cut, Surging Blade, Shinsoku, Hitokiri Strike.
[NOTE] No skills chain back to Sweeping Sword.

Falcon Dive (Delay 1260ms -> 360ms)
Shouryuusen, Dankuusen, Whirlwind Cut, Shinsoku.

Hitokiri Strike (1800ms -> 1080ms)
Dankuusen, Whirlwind Cut.

Mount Skill

Hayato can obtain the war horse Onikageh to ride after you complete certain requirements. You can get the Great Horse Onikageh mount skill starting at Lv.50. You can get the Sacred Horse Onikageh mount skill at Lv.200 if you’ve already learned the Great Horse Onikageh mount skill.

Maplestory Hayato Videos

Ayumilove Hayato 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Job Skill Preview


What weapon does Hayato use?
Hayato uses a Katana, with a Wakizashi as his sub-weapon. The Wakizashi can be scrolled for potential.

What type of weapon is a Katana?
Katana is a two-handed weapon.

What is Hayato’s character card bonus?
Hayato’s character card bonus is +% minimum critical damage. 2% for B rank, 4% for A rank, 6% for S rank, and 8% for SS rank.

Which Vip hair should i get get for my Hayato?
Spiky Shag from NLC/Orbis, Short Top Tail from Kerning/Showa, Battle Mage from Edelstein.

How are DBs compared to Hayato
From your person preference, how are DBs (Dual Blades) compared to Hayato. Are they more fun or less fun compared to Hayato. If they’re more fun, what do they have that Hayato doesn’t? I’m debating on making a DB without trying Hayato. (Below is a list of opinions from MapleStory players)

  • Much more fun than my DB. One of the big downers for me is that DB’s need (NX) mastery books for almost all advancements. That’s like an instant class killer for me. Then, just the fluid play-style of Hayato convinces me to never try another class.
  • DB has more movement mobility and Hayato has more attacking mobility. DB is stronger than Hayato but Hayao has a pretty unique play system.
  • If you ask me the only thing DB has over Hayato is shadow partner and a solid 1v1 attack skill that doesn’t suck lol. The only real comparison you can make is that flying assaulter chains into tornado spin/bloody storm like Hayato chains his spinning rush skill into his assaulter like skill. Other than that, I’d say they’re two completely different experiences. Try them both and see what you like the most. Also, I think Hayato overall has more mobility than Dual blades. If you chain skills correctly they can clear large distances in no time flat. Plus Vapor blade when combined with Falcon dive gives them far superior vertical mobility.
  • Hayato- Sucks mp dry, I am sorry but he is drinking potions like water, minor annoyance but an annoyance nonetheless. No FJ, in an age where nearly every job has some sort of FJ, Hayato not having a FJ is eh… That being said a Hayato moblity is still very good and you can certainly get from point A to point B- but you wont be flash jumping.
  • Hayato is pretty fun, but I feel like he’s kind of overdone. Still prefer DBs even though they have less things. DBs have simplicity and movement and Hayato just has a bunch of stuff.

Hayato uses too much MP!
[QUESTION] Hayato uses way too much MP, which one of the downsides of the class. Anyone got thoughts on that? [ANSWER] Get Jr. boogie 1 Familiar, which helps a lot. (15% of mp every so seconds). Also, toggle off Battoujutsu Stance if you are not training.

What Hayato has taught me?
Hayato has taught me to not spam the up key when approaching portals as it triggers Vapor Blade. You are not the only one looking retarded trying to leave a map, just to jump 50 ft in the air.

What are the 4th Job Skills that requires Mastery Book?
Hayato 4th Job skills that requires Mastery Book are Shinsoku, Falcon Dive, Hitokiri Strike, Iron Skin, Jinsoku and Cleaver.

What mystery mastery book should I get from the event?
Upon reaching Level 70 Hayato, the GM NPC will speak to you to reward 1 of the 4 Mastery Book for 4th Job Skill which are Shinsoku 30, Hitokiri Strike 30, Jinsoku 30 and Cleaver 30. I recommend choosing Cleaver as your free mastery book as it significantly boost your damage by 30% and ignores 35% enemy defense!

Is Willow Dodge not working for anyone else?
[QUESTION] It’s maxed and I never get the damage buff. [ANSWER] It most definitely works but the problem is that its proc rate is 60% of 25% (0.6 x 0.25 = 0.15) which means at max level, you have 15% chance of activating and stacking the buff. Once you maxed Jinsoku, it will be a easier to get the buff. It’s a lot more common to see it hit x5. It doesn’t last long and it isn’t a skill you can rely on, but if it were a skill that activated and stacked to 5 all of the time with ease, it’d be over powering in a sense.

Does Shouryuusen combos not work?
[QUESTION] Like I can’t seem to chain dankuusen or whirlwind cut to it. I go into the air, but the attack doesn’t hit the launched monsters. Not really lagging… but I guess I am? Anyone else have a problem? [ANSWER] It’s because they’re dead before they launch into the air. Try it on monsters 20 levels higher than you.

Is Battoujutsu Soul Skill Messed Up?
[QUESTION] Am I the only one who had my Critical Rate at 30% (stance added 25%) before, but after putting 3 points into it, have it down to 28%? [ANSWER] Battoujutsu Soul intentionally reduces Critical Rate until the skill is around level 6.

Adding 1 Skill Point into Bloodletter upon 4th Job Advancement?
[QUESTION] Shouldn’t Blood Letter be a one-pointer at the beginning? Usually upgraded poison is worth one point (Thief experience). [ANSWER] Unlike the Thief DOT skill, it does not stack. The difference between max level Merciless Blade and Level 1 Bloodletter is 2% damage per second and a 1% higher activation rate. It’s not worth it at all.

What would you suggest a Hayato strive for with Inner Ability?
[ANSWER] Critical rate, total damage, or boss damage. Something along those lines.

Hayato Rai Sanrenzan additional attack chance not activating?
[QUESTION] I maxed Rai Sanrenzan, so it has 30% chance of activating bonus hit (green numbers). But I see it maybe once every 10 attacks, is it just me? [ANSWER] 30% chance to activate is only happens on the 2nd and 3rd slash of Rain Sanrenzan. When it successfully occurs, it will pop up a green number instead of red (critical) nor yellow (regular damage).

Is Hitokiri Strike bugged?
[QUESTION] Hitokiri Strike (Issen if you use the JMS names) is meant to add Critical Rate during its buff after you use it. I see the buff icon appear at the top right, but no additional Critical Rate is added to my stats page. Is this Critical Rate Boost hidden? Can someone who has it maxed confirm if you see more Critical damage with it up? Or is it just plain bugged? [ANSWER] With maxed Hitokiri Strike, you will notice the difference in amount of critical hits after using it. The Critical Rate boost is hidden from the Stats Window.

A quick tip to help you guys out with Vapor Blade
I repeatedly have other Hayato asking how I use Vapor blade with out the landing delay (sheathing your sword in time consuming manner). It’s easy. Just use any Sanrezan skill right after Vapor Blade and spam away.

Can you fuse Wakizahis?
You can’t do it in JMS. I’d assume you can’t do it in GMS, either, but I haven’t tried yet.

Hayato quests necessary?
[QUESTION] Is the questline for hayato necessary? Are there any rewards? [ANSWER] Not necessary.

Hayato Ap build?
[QUESTION] Is it all STR? I looked at some guides but it didnt say anything. [ANSWER] After the Tempest Update, you don’t have to put AP (Ability Points) in secondary stats. Click the big auto-assign button and allow MapleStory to distribute all AP into STR (Strength) for Hayato as he is a warrior.

Trouble with Shouryuusen
[QUESTION] Is it me or i can’t link combination skills with Shouryuusen? [ANSWER] you press the skills in rapid succession, one after the other. Don’t wait for the animation just press the buttons.


Skill Name Voice Japanese Translation
Shippuu Samidarejin Katsumoku shiro! Shippuu Samidarejin! 刮目しろ!疾風五月雨刃 Pay close attention to this! Shippuu Samidarejin!
Sanrenzan – Shi Shi *grunts* Shi*
Renjinzan *grunts* Renjinzan! 連刃斬 Connected Blade Kill
Battoujutsu shingitai! 心技体 Heart, Technique, Physique
Sanrenzan – Puu Puu *grunts* Puu*
Shouryuusen Upward Rotation 昇流旋 Shouryuusen (Upward Rotation)
Sanrenzan – Jin Jin *grunts* Jin*
Senpuuzan Senpuuzan! 旋風斬! Whirlwind Kill
Sanrenzan – Rai Rai *grunts* Rai*
Yousousen Yousousen! 鷹爪閃! (Hawk’s Talon Flash
Issen Kega! 怪我! You’ll get hurt!

Skills marked with asterisk * hold a special connection to each other. When they spell out together, it sounds like Shippuu Jinrai (疾風迅雷 – Gale Thunderclap) the move used by Hayato in the promotional video.

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229 thoughts on “MapleStory Hayato Skill Build Guide

  1. Pepsi

    Hello, a quick tip for hayato beginners: (lvl10-29) Hayato, as mentioned, is great for mobbing. For the lower levels, hold down Sanrenzan while using Battojutsu and have some MP in your quickslots for the greatest damage. I also recommend Surging Blade for mobbing in a single spot because it is like DS’s dark thrust (Same key for me!)

  2. Galleigo_808

    Hayato’s sanrenzan is good for bossing in my opinion. But you need lots of MP pots as a hayato and to boss with sanrenzan… Turn on Battojutsu and then spam a few slashes of sanrenzan (Hold down key) and use the finisher move, Summer Rain! It is a beginner skill, so giant slime (example for noob hayatos) would be easily killable with hayato. However, it can mob too (Spam surging blade).

  3. Brandon

    Is the iron skin for hayato glitched it keeps stacking up when I keep buffing. Got to 2k % then stopped because I got bored of buffing it lol

  4. stan

    I was wondering if gms is gonna do anything about this class since its a really fun class but lacks dps compared to other classes…

  5. Eyan

    I reached level 40 but the quest from takeda requires me to be level 50 which means i train on my own right? What do you suggest I do?

  6. Ayumilove Post author

    @confused freak: Yes. -100% cd means 0 cooldown and this allows you to spam Hitori Strike to your heart’s content.

  7. iEclipse

    And I do realize you mentioned it in the later parts of the guide, but I usually look at the pros and cons first, and I think it’d be useful for others to know before starting a Hayato.

  8. iEclipse

    I think in the pros and cons section, you should include the fact that Hayatos use ridiculously high amounts of MP, especially when using any of the sanrenzan skills, because of their high attack rates. None of my other characters drink down as many mana potions as this one does.

  9. Maria jose

    Aunque llego algo tarde para comentar, estupendo post! estare al tanto de las nuevas actualizaciones. un besito.

  10. Kirisaya

    Hello. I’m at lvl 166 and lacking a little defense. Is it worthy to use 1 sp (got 2) to activate Hyper Weapon Defense at this lvl? Or should I wait until lvl 192 to unlock Hyper Health and respect the order in your build? Please, help.

  11. Hayato The Great?

    Loved playing as Hayato, okay so the damage is low but I don’t care, I play for fun and Hayato was really my first class on Maple. I liked how you added the translations, I couldn’t understand what he was saying but now. I feel pretty awesome, espically when using the 4th job strike KO. Go Hayato.

  12. Animefreak

    Hi Ayumi, just wondering whether shinsoku would be a better bossing attack than sanrenzan after hyper skills.

  13. Rashid

    Bryan, you can’t (unless you sell mesos illegally, then buy mesos again, also illegally). They removed world transfers, I think.

  14. Bryan

    Ayumi, do u know how to trasfer money to another character in another world but in the same id account.

  15. Rashid

    Please make up your mind. Does the Hayato character card boost critical rate, or minimum critical damage? ;_;

  16. deemeeneesh

    Hi Ayumi! Great guide, esp. on the FAQs! They addressed a lot of my concerns. Anyway, can the Jr. Boogie Familiar be obtained in all Maplestory servers? I happen to be in the SEA one, but I’ve never seen anybody sell/buy it, as well as any dropped from the Boogies themselves. I really need the Mana regen for Hayato lol… What are your thoughts?

  17. Ayumilove Post author

    @Thugles: Activation Chance only occurs when you perform Rai Sanrenzan. Thanks for noticing the unconverted skill names, I have replace with the official ones in the explanation section :)

  18. aran888888

    @Thugles: the activation chance is for another hit or line of damage after the main attacks, similar to the Final Attack skill. I am fairly certain it is only for Rai Sanrenzan, but i could be wrong on that one.

  19. Thugles

    Hi Ayumi, I have a little doubt here(first of all, please forgive my English). It’s about the Rai Sanrenzan skill(fourth job advancement). The “Activation Chance” is like a passive that gives an activation chance for ALL Hayato’s attacking skills? Or it’s just for the Rai Sanrenzan? Also, the “+207% Activation Damage.”, for example. The damage will be (Damage) + (207%) OR just 207%?

    Also, in the third job build there some odd skill names like “Kurenai Jubaku”(I know it’s Merciless Blade, but you just type it “Kurenai” without any explanation on the build :P).

    Oh, and I want to say: Thank you. I just love this site, and here is the first place I came when I want to know about any class or build. I’m brazilian and, um… actually, I translate some of your guides to portuguese, so people who don’t understand much english can read them too. Of course I put the credits in the end of the guide and strongly reccomend your website, so… I hope you don’t mind D:

  20. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Anonymous, last time I played Hayato, when I hold down the key, it only activates the first slash of Sanrenzan. Not sure if they have modify the skill so that the hold-down does all 3 slashes in sequence. Thanks for the heads up!

  21. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Reayldon for the notice of the Kanna’s Guide Comment section is closed. Not sure what made it disabled, I have re-enabled it back. Let me know if there are other guides have this issue, and I’ll rectify it ASAP :) Regarding the Haku Perfected (4th Job Skill), it requires a Mastery Book (requires at least 5 SP into Haku Perfected before the mastery book can be used) to uncap Level 10 to Level 20. Try searching the FreeMarket (if you are NX Cash User, use Minerva Owl to scout quickly for the cheapest Mastery Book).

  22. Reayldon

    Ayumi, the comments on kanna’s guide had been closed so i decided to post it here, about kanna’s stuff. I have just checked through your kanna’s skill build and found that the maximum level for the haku perfected (4th job skill) is level 20 but we could only upgrade it to the maximum of level 10 . However, you did not state its mastery book on your guide. So, i would like to ask you, is that level 20 the maximum level for haku perfected or it just level 10? Do we need the mastery book to upgrade the skill to level 20? I rarely see people selling the book, perhaps it can only be obtained using other methods such as cash shop or gachapon?

  23. Annonymous

    Hi Ayumi. On November 24, you commented to Junior that it is tiring for Hayato to battle bosses because it will be tiring to our fingers as we spam the main skill. But, I’ve tried holding down Sanrenzan skill key on my keyboard and it actually works!

  24. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Miko, you can’t max all the Hyper Skills except for the Active ones (Level 150, 170, 200). You can choose 6 passive stats and 5 passive skill boosts.

  25. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Junior, they are just ok for bossing. But they are quite tiring for fingers having to spam the primary skill unless you use Shinsoku and hold skill down.

  26. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Reth, just stop attacking until the damage reflect (purple sword icon with armor) on boss has disappeared, then start attacking again. Usually the mini-boss will cast it around 40% of their HP and big boss cast it earlier around 80-90% of their HP.

  27. Reth

    Ayumi, for any job, u shouldn’t add any counter atk/final atk or else when u are bossing and the boss have reflect, when the reflect is on and u used final atk u will hit the boss with reflect and die

  28. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Epical, perhaps MSEA would add them once they have Kanna released on December 4 2013, or maybe they will delay it again till next year 2014 :D

  29. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Dominique, have you tried weapon crafting in MapleStory? Personally I went to FreeMarket and purchase Katana instead of making 1 though, saves my time :D

  30. Dominique

    hi ayumi! thanks for all the awesome advice you’ve been posting. I can’t seem to find any katanas or other equips for my level 100 hayato and the highest level available katana is only at 120. armor is also hard to find as i’m using the one given by the princess :/ any advice on what equips i should get?

  31. Ayumilove Post author

    @dvdemon: Does your Demon Slayer got banned recently? Notice any GM Banned Notice? Sometimes it happens to me when I log into Cash Shop, and from there somehow MapleStory crash. When I try to re-login, it wouldn’t let me login until I did it for 3-4 logins. If that still does not help, perhaps you can shoot MapleSEA and GMS an e-mail about your character does not load into game mode. There is another reason why it doesn’t come out though, let say if you were in an event map, and that event map were to be deleted/removed/unaccessible, then your character isn’t able to be logined from that map – stuck.

  32. Ayumilove Post author

    @Jinki: Kaiser is more powerful and uses less MP compared to Hayato. Hayato attack speed and movement is marvelous, however the damage is packs in each sword slash is non-superior compared to Kaiser.

  33. Ayumilove Post author

    @Yuno: Yeah, I have tested the Hayato character, there is no voice from Hayato when he executes his skills + no hyper skills. It’s life half-baked released. I wonder why they did not grab the translation updates from GMS which has it long time ago.

  34. Yuno

    Too bad that MapleSEA Hayato doesn’t live up its expectation.

    They doesn’t have Hyper skills and character voice.

  35. Ayumilove Post author

    1. Download the latest Hack Shield from MapleSEA and extract its content.
    2. Rename the HShield in your MapleStory Folder as HShield_Backup
    3. Copy over the extracted HShield into Maplestory installation folder.
    4. Next, go into HShield folder and run the HSUpdate.exe
    5. Finally, run MapleStory.exe

    This works for me.

  36. Dalvinx

    Hayato link skill ‘keen edge’ says it only add +5 WA but why in MSEA it add +5 MA too. is this some kind of mistake?

  37. StOMP

    I can`t login to Maple. it keep repeating Hack Shield detected. is it the same problem as the maplers who are `seniors`? I login frequently though

  38. Ayumilove Post author

    @Zetsu: Beginner Quest are required. But the rest not required though. You can power level up as usual but you will lose out in gaining lots of EXP from those Quest (similarly to Luminous Quest that gives lots of EXP). You will also miss out in gaining some free equips at certain quest such as Level 200 Hayato/Kanna Quest.

  39. Error

    Erm i dont mean to be bad but ur hayato 2nd job, u wrote “Everything maxed except Shouryuusen” but below the orders of skill point input, ur last skill u put “9. Shouryuusen (MAX)” . sorry for my bad english.

  40. sapit

    in 13Nov only hayato will release,kanna will release in 4 december

    P/S sory for telling 13Nov hayato and kanna release :D

  41. Reth

    Ayumi , Which `type` of Maplestory do u play? GMS, JMS , SEA or something else?
    Btw, ur blog have helped me a lot! Thanks!

  42. Reth

    For the Hayato and Kanna build u forgot to change the first photo to the newer version, the max level there stated 200

  43. Reth

    Okay thanks Ayumi , because I am bad at both warrior and mage type jobs so I am confused what to play, so I shall play Kanna !

  44. Ayumilove Post author

    @Reth: I prefer Kanna because it has unique skills and unique combat system. For those who enjoy super fast attacking skills, go for Hayato. Their speed is comparable to Aran and Battle Mage hits, very fast and large AOE attack.

  45. Ayumilove Post author

    @zElite: Thanks for the feedback. MapleStory has a tendency to change its skill names so often times the video will refer to an old name compared to the one shown in this guide. You could pause the video and see the skill icon and match it with the guide here :)

  46. Ayumilove Post author

    @all: Updated the Katana Sheath name to Kodachi. A kodachi literally translating into “small or short tachi (sword)”, is one of the traditionally made Japanese swords (nihontō) used by the samurai class of feudal Japan. Kodachi are from the early Kamakura period and are in the shape of a tachi. Kodachi are mounted in tachi style but with a length of less than 60 cm.

  47. zElite

    ayumi i love all your vids and skill build but i think for the vids u should do a commentary cause im having trouble looking at the skill and the name

  48. Ayumilove Post author

    @sapit: Thanks for the notice regarding MapleSEA new job releases (Kanna + Hayato) :)

  49. Ayumilove Post author

    @SoR0XaS: Currently MapleStory developers have not released Level 2 and Level 3 Link Skills for Sengoku Jobs/Classes (Kanna + Hayato). For me, I’ll create 1 till Level 120 for fun :)

  50. SoR0XaS

    Ayumi, does Hayato have a level 2 link skill? I’m planning to play both Hayato and Kanna to 120.

  51. Ayumilove Post author

    @StormSeven: When a new job is released, MapleStory will give out freebies such as Mastery Books and Equipment (Level 10 to Level 70) since the job has very rare items (not in FreeMarket yet). As more people farm for that gear, it saturates the market, and MapleStory stops giving these freebies. Approximately 1 month after the release of the new job, MapleStory will stop giving out freebies. So take this opportunity to create a new character when new job is released. Saves the trouble purchasing mastery book (at level 70) and gears.

  52. Ayumilove Post author

    @Tsurugi: Thanks for sharing this message! It would seem apparent that GMS will take the lead again to have RED patch first before MSEA unless something miracle happen (as in RED + Hayato + Kanna)

  53. Tsurugi

    And it looks like MSEA’s holding up RED for a while in favor of these folks. :D

  54. StormSeven

    Ayumi thanks for the guide, I have a quest about the Lv70 Mastery Book event you mentioned a few times. You suggests that we should grab the Cleaver mastery book, (I’m now lvl 100 and just got 4th job), but I dont recall ever getting a quest when I was lvl 70 that lets me choose a mastery book. I talk to the Maple Admin now and she doesn’t have such a quest either. Was it a temporary event that not longer exist?

  55. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Scott, GMS have not released Level 2 (120) and Level 3 (210) link skills yet. GMS players will need to wait for them to release another patch that contains those updates though.

  56. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Shadowolfcub, currently Hayato and Kanna does not possess any Hyperskills at the moment. But I believe they will once the creators develop them. I wonder why it takes them so long to come up one.

  57. Dez

    For Sanrenzan on 2nd job, the amount of MP required for it is wrong. Now it takes 12 MP at level 1.

  58. aran888888

    Hey – just wanted to say nice guides :) a question however-how does hayato do at high levels? From what I’ve seen, passive 60% mastery gives him a lot of damage, but other classes get 70%-is hayato able to keep up with their damage at high levels?

  59. Icky

    Yeah, because of some patch, some of the mobility skills are no longer effective. They require you to be in mid air to use (which in my opinion is stupid and pointless). Anyway, just thought I’d put my two-cents in

  60. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi myfirstnamedotlastname, usually the place where monsters can kill you in 2-3 hits isn’t a great place for training. Its more like sacrificial pit if you were to ask me unless you can kill them first in 2-3 hits. Try equipping the latest high-defense gears to decrease the amount of damage received. Also, use link skills to increase your max hp and also use warrior deck card to further increase your hp (hit points / health points).

  61. [email protected]

    I am not sure what I am doing wrong… My Hayato dies so easily! I’m taking 1,500 to 3,000 damage from monsters, and I’m level 174! How do I reduce damage taken using Hayato?

  62. Shadowolf

    Yeah I’ve watched Naruto, but I’ve seen other shows that include a “sasuke” and he’s always a ninja prodigy. I just think that it would be cool if they had a single class shinobi for the sengoku characters.

  63. Parfate

    Ayumi, Okay, thank you. It’s not grayed but i remember that last time it was colored and cant create it. But ill try to download it again so hope that i remember wrong and it will be available again.

  64. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Parfate, you can check it out by logging into JMS and head over to the character creation. From there, if you notice that Hayato/Sengoku icon is grayed, it means its not available. This applies for all jobs icon.

  65. Blazeman22

    okay as i found out by high enough it means that i have ti jump up into the air to use dankuusen i can no longer use it on the ground, as it seems, but if that is the case i can’t use the combo anymore with dankuusen and shouryuusen

  66. Blazeman22

    after the unleashed patch i can no longer use dankuusen, it says i am not high enough to use this skill, i have the one point shoryuusen but i still can’t use it . p.s. i am a lv 34 hayato

  67. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Shadowolf, Sasuke sounds like one of the characters in Naruto. Have you watch the anime before?

  68. Shadowolf

    I know it would be redundant to make a sengoku Ninja Class since there’s already the assassin for explorers, but I think they should at least explore a possible Sasuke Class, since it’s well known that Sasuke is the name of one of the best shinobi during the sengoku jidai. And if not a Sasuke then maybe Hanzou. That would be sweet.

  69. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi JamyTea, Kenshin the Samurai is one of my favorite anime I watched :)

  70. JamyTea

    OMG I didnt know u watch rurouni kenshin cuz that one of my favorite anime and i didnt know that hayato was sorta based on kenshin

  71. OniAeon

    Hayato is currently available, and is NOT genderlocked. I currently play a female Hayato named OniHighwind.

  72. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi CHKFNRS, usually locked jobs will be back when there is a big event or the day when they are first released as a commemoration.


    I just got back into maple today, and I wanted to make a hayato.. unfortunately they are disabled. When will I get the chance to make one?

  74. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Kanna Karma, job advancement is not affected by quest because its independent from it. Just remember that all the quests except for job advancement are link to one another. If you have not completed the earlier quest, the npc will not give you the next quest. See the list of quest below and check your quest menu or click the light-bulb icon on the left-side of the screen to see for any incomplete Hayato quest.

  75. Kanna Karma

    Ayumilove i have a hayato char but i cant finish a quest and its the search for tekeda shingen 1. ive seen in the internet that you finish by speaking to mouri but still he has no quest to tun in to me. Can you tell me what to do i really want to play this char also does this effect me from jod advancing?

  76. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Elms, as Cake mentioned about the Mastery Book, some skills requires at least 1 or 2 mastery books to achieve the maximum level. For example, Hitokiri Strike has a max level of 30. Therefore, when your Hayato reaches 4th Job, he will only be able to max it to 10. Remove level 10 cap by using Hitokiri Strike 20, followed by Hitokiri Strike 30 to remove level 20 cap.

  77. elms

    hello, how come in 4th job skills like hitori strike or cleaver, the master level is 10 but when u put ur mouse over it, it says stuff like next level 11?

  78. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi BumbleBee, I guess at least 100% STR and above (approximately 300% STR) from Potential Equips and with the party buffs, godly scrolled equip and etc.

  79. Bumblebee

    Hi Ayumi, do you know how much % you need on str to hit max damage?
    And how much range should you have?

  80. Zach

    Well for me when i was doing it around level 72ish
    I would just go to the end of the lane of monsters Whirlwind cut -> Sweeping Strike -> and Tornado Blade worked well, or Sanranzen. Doing this mostly allowed me to get majority of the monsters in a lane in one go XD. PLus since you can whirlwind cut after doing Vapor Blade it works well.

  81. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Zach for your input on Hayato’s 3rd Job. Whats the best skill combo for grinding enemies away especially in MP3?

  82. Zach

    I found in 3rd Job that Whirlwind cut into Sweeping strike into Tornado blade effectively clears monsters pretty well.
    I maxed Battojuitsu Soul, Willow Strike? ( the dodge) and the healing ability as well as tornado blade for the cooldown and if anything survives just Sanranzen it real fast. It works well if you do it form the end of a line. If your damage is pretty good then its not needed obviously but it works really effectively. I grinded about 6 levels in 45 minutes at MP3 solo.

    But to each his own. Other then that I usually follow your guides to a T <3.

  83. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Brylon, when you taken a hit from an enemy, only then this Counterattack skill triggers at a certain success rate to deal a regular attack on them back, similarly to Final Attack but the opposite way.

  84. Brylon

    Does the parry chance from the 4th job Counterattack skill negate hits, or do you simply take the hit and return damage?

  85. elms

    oh nvm. i saw that someone already asked. but what does it mean that they reset ur sp? do they give u back all of ur sp points and u just redistribute them?

  86. elms

    hello! just wondering, for my 2nd and 3rd skills, i couldn’t max them there a way to max them? im already on the 4th job and i dunno how to max em anymore…

  87. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi gorehound, try to unequip both Katana and Wakizashi (Katana Sheath) before mining.

  88. gorehound

    trying to figure this out but can Hayato mine for minerals? I keep on trying to equip the pickaxe and it says harvesting tools cannot be equipped however the weaponized version of the pickaxe can be equipped without an issue. Help?

  89. coldmiller21

    Hmm so WHirlwind cut doesn’t seem to crit after shoryuusen. I can’t seem to figure out why, is it just the crit damage that goes up then?

  90. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Joseph Saxon, everyone might have different opinion on how to build their Hayatos and the guide above is just a reference and not a hard and fast rule :) If you are leeching using your main character or from other players, then it probably can help a tiny bit.

  91. Joseph Saxon

    This is kinda silly, but I’ve seen people put some points into Bloodletter very early because you can be on a rope just right and hit monsters above, so people put points in it to deal extra DOT

  92. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Brylon, Use a 2-handed magic attack scroll. Kanna does not use weapon attack to deal damage.

  93. Brylon

    I just got the Silent Crusade scroll, and it gave me a scroll for two-handed weapon? Is it safe to assume this means Katana are 2h?

  94. Brylon

    What type of scrolls do i use on Katana? are they a One-handed or Two-handed weapon? I know that you can’t use 1h-sword or 2h-sword scrolls on them, but what about the 1h-weapon and 2h-weapon scrolls?

  95. FxAwake

    Hey ayumilove, what does those green numbers mean? It sometimes appears when I was attacking aliens

  96. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Jenny, don’t worry. You can reset your SP (Skill Point) by purchasing the SP Reset Card from Cash Shop. If you do not want to spend you real money or parents money, then hop over to and do some of their survey. Completing each survey gives you NX Points for free. However, these ads are sometimes available for certain people, but you can try it out. If that fails, then you would want to purchase NX for Meso. This means you trade with someone where the seller gives you an SP Reset Card/Scroll and you give meso in exchange. You will need to be certain that guy is trustworthy to do the transaction.

  97. Jenny tails

    I accidentally didnt max out sanrenzan in the 2nd job now i cant get the 3rd and 4th job version. Am i fck?

  98. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks FxAwake, I have updated Jinsoku (Hayato’s 4th Job Skill) description.

  99. FxAwake

    hey ayumilove,

    Jinsoku has a wrong description: Hayato’s technique. after successfully avoiding an attack, grants a chance to reduce incoming damage for a time.

    lv1: Trigger chance 6.0% after avoiding an attack, Damage reduction: 3%, Duration: 8sec. Permanently increases Avoidability by 11%
    lv30: ??

  100. DragoonKnightL

    Does Falcon Dive work I mean the debuff so do stunt work or/and extra damage to target work.

  101. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Speed, they do not stack with one another but they act similarly to Maple Warrior with a different name, you know like Kaiser and Angelic Buster with Nova Warrior instead of Maple Warrior?

  102. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi WhyIsItYou, grab the Cleaver 30 Mastery Book at Level 70. I have mentioned it in the guide above under the “Frequently Asked Question” section :D

  103. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Ricky, you could try Monster Park. I have my Level 143 Demon Slayer partied with a Level 150 Phantom (with Holy Symbol, Advanced Blessing, Rage) and cleared the park some rounds and reached Level 150 in a day using 8x EXP Rate gear :) For those Demon Slayer out there, use Demon’s Cry first on the enemy to gain additional bonus EXP before performing the finishing kill hehehe

  104. ricky

    My kaiser is lv 142 and i dont know where to train. Is there any other effective training spot other than lhc Please answer

  105. Andrea C. Velásquez (@AndreaJClunesV)

    Thank you very much for this and all of your other guides! :D I’m a big fan of your site.

    I was wondering… Do you happen to know who are the Japanese voice actors who play the voices of Hayato, the Princess, Nobunaga and the others?

  106. Dsien

    How do I get the 4th job medal for Hayato? and the lv100 equip box?, My Kanna got them without doing those quests.

  107. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi greenarrowspark2, get Jr Boogie 1 Familiar so it can help alleviate the high mp usage by Hayato’s skills. For the Mastery Book Event, grab Cleaver 30 to boost your damage and ignores a portion of enemy defense!

  108. greenarrowspark2

    Hey Ayumi, since there are some skills that normally would require mastery books that don’t, could you tell me which one I should get from the event. It would help. And another question: Is Hayato’s MP supposed to drain as quickly as it does? I’m ging broke trying to get good MP pots.

  109. Victor

    So I have made the 4th job and I gotta say this class is pretty fun :) Hopefully it stays fun when I’m at Crocks! Thanks for the guide Ayumi; it really helped!

  110. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Victor for your input! Probably Nexon GMS would add in after they perform another patch.

  111. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Brylon, it’s best to go with Rai Sanrenzan instead of Shinsoku even though its 1v1 (1 to 1 combat) because the total damage of Rai Sarenzan triple slashes out-damages Shinsoku and on top of that, it has a passive skill similar to Final Attack built within Rai Sanrenzan that has a chance to deal extra damage.

  112. Brylon

    Hi Ayumi, this guide is great! I wanted to ask for more detail about Shinsoku vs Rai Sanrenzan. Against a single target, which has higher DPS? It seems like Shinsoku would only have the purpose of out damaging your other attacks against a single target, like a boss encounter. Have you done/seen/read about any analysis on their actual DPS against bosses when maxed? Thanks!

  113. Date me please?

    Hi ayumilove could you change the names from the combo to the english names? Its hard to keep looking which is what skills ;) keep the good work up ^^

  114. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi maaksas, the training spots are up-to-date with Post Tempest. Let me know if you spot an error in it :)

  115. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Pikachu, Cleaver is a must have early for bossing or grinding at Lion Heart Castle (LHC). Sarenzan outdamage Shinsoku, therefore, you can see it as a filler skill. That’s the reason Shinsoku is maxed last.

  116. maaksas

    Hello, I wanted to thank you for your guides, but i have one question is the training spots guide updated for post tempest?

  117. Pikachu

    If I wanted to lhc/bossing should I go for cleaver > shinsoku instead of maxing shinsoku last?

  118. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Michael, you’re welcome. I’ll be adding a list of Hayato Katana (primary weapon) into this guide :)

  119. Michael

    Hey Ayumi,

    I wanted to thank you for being so up-to-date with your guides. You’ve never failed to update them as soon as possible.

  120. BlackRainbowSparkle

    You should go after cleaver as your pick because of the ignore defense and added damage, samuraimich

  121. RawMoo

    Thanks for always making time for keeping us updated. I’ll get you a beer if you’re ever in SoCal lol.

  122. samuraimich

    what 4th job Mastery Book should we get 1st for free since ( of the events lol) or you have no idea miss Ayumilove?

  123. Mapler

    Just to know, do you know orangemushroom blog or subcribed, intact, contact (i dont know the word for it) ?

  124. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi FxAwake, that’s a rough example. I’ve seen a KMS Player training on skelegons instead at LHC probably due to being packed there at peak hours.

  125. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Samuraimich, ally refers to your party member or MapleStory familiar who is doing damage on the affected monster you attacked with the Yousousen skill.

  126. samuraimich

    [REQUIRE] Max Senpuuzan.
    Attack 8 enemies 6 times by jumping into mid-air and lunging towards enemies to unleash powerful slashes. Has a chance to temporarily stun enemies. Enemies who are stun takes additional damage from you and your ally.
    LV1: 25 MP, 152% Damage, 24% Stun for 6 sec. +1% Ally Damage. +62% Damage.
    LV20: 45 MP, 190% Damage, 100% Stun for 10 sec. +20% Ally Damage. +100% Damage. whoa whoa whoa wait a min ally!? what ally?

  127. FxAwake

    Another note: ive read your guide to best training places and it contains ~7/10 to go to lhc, which i prefer not to. I like a more open map in which i can use skills to quickly kill mobs in a rather short amount of time (like the himes map) greetings fxawake

  128. FxAwake

    Het ayumilove, could you tell me where to train after 110 instead of lhc till 165 to sh? You mentioned something with skeles giving more exp/min? Thanks :) -fxawake

  129. ShadowMages

    Hayato looks like a DB ripoff and killer…
    Although you gotta admit, that’s some pretty good stuff there.

    @Javkson, only Evan and DB have the pre-4th job Mastery Books because of their many small “job advancements”.

  130. Javkson

    Hey does this class require mastery books to unlock a certain skill like in dual blade u need slash storm 20 to get bloodystorm thts wht im worried about..

  131. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi MMZ90, I have fixed the link, you should be able to view the Hayato Voice Meaning on Skills.

  132. MMZ90 (@MMZ90)

    Hey, the MapleStory Hayato Voice Meaning on Skills link doesn’t seem to be working. o-o;

  133. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi FxAwake, its best to train on monsters that give more exp per minute. If you can kill 2 LHC monster vs 50 skeles, and skeles gain 200% more exp, you should train on those mob instead :)

  134. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Samuraimich, its better compared to Explorer warrior (no need to walk slowly when you can leap towards your enemy), a little less powerful than Kaiser in terms of bossing and mobs while stationary, unless you hate being in 1 spot then Hayato is for you! It’s similar to Dual Blade where you move all around the place with some skills restricted with cooldown timer.

  135. FxAwake

    Is it better to train at mobs with hayato lv110+ or should he just lhc ( since his bossing skill is weaker compared to kaisers bossing)

  136. Hosakata

    This is a pretty good guide and will be very useful when Hayato comes out in GMS after Kanna.

  137. Kaika

    I’d guess hayato’s will be out on march 13th mainly because the hayato support event starts on march 13th.

  138. Juan Alonso

    With that video i can see why you said his mobility Was EXTREMELY HIGH O.o

    Greetings from Peru!! :D

  139. Michael D

    Hey Ayumi, I know that as of now it’s all technically speculation until Nexon says otherwise. But there is overwhelming evidence that Hayato will come to GMS on March 13th, 2013. In the event tab, there is an event for March 13th, 2013, called “Hayato Support” as well as the hot time event 3 days later.

    Also – Love your guides. They’ve helped me tons throughout my Maple career. ^_^

  140. Dawn

    Hi Ayumi. I love your guides. I saw on southperry that there are female hayato faces so I am assuming that Hayato will not be gender locked.

  141. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Tyler N, Katanas are counted as 2-handed weapons. If you have noticed in the Hayato video I made, when he is in Battojutsu Mode, he retracts his sword into his sheath. That sheath is Hayato’s secondary equipment. Strangely enough on how MapleStory design the game, the sheath and the sword does not come in a set. There are currently 4 sheaths which are available at Level 10, 30, 70 and 120. If JMS implements Tempest for their Hayato equip, I believe it would be 10, 30, 60 and 100 respectively. Oh yeah, Hayato only uses Katana and Sheath similarly to Luminous using a special Rod with his magic ball and not Wand/Staff + Shield like common Magicians.

  142. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Nhat Ngo, there are some players predicting that Hayato would be release on March 13 2013 base from the evidence of the Hot Time, but still no official confirmation on that matter from GMS Website.

  143. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi JacJones, March 13 2013 is kinda soon for Hayato to appear as this might compete with Kanna. A business strategy that GMS Nexon might apply would be waiting for a few months (2-5 months) before releasing the new job Hayato so it can have sufficient time to fix bugs found in Kanna Patch and have another opportunity to gather many players playing on their server again once the Kanna hype has died down. Unless GMS wants to release Xenon sooner (within 6 months of KMS release), they would come out with Hayato Patch sooner. That’s my guess :D

  144. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Teejay, I have updated Hayato 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Job Skill Build Guide for Tempest Update :D

  145. Jonathan

    are they going to release hayato in gms on 27/02/13?? because the webpage said we’re able to play male(hayato) and female kana?

  146. AnorexicGoldfish

    This class is just beyond insane >_> Insane enough to get me to try and get on JMS to experience it.