Fire Slam Garrel Event Guide | Awaken Chaos Era

Fire Slam is an exclusive event to commemorate the release of a new Legendary Fire Hero known as Garrell. This event presents an interesting storyline on how Garrell obtains his power by challenging the 3 different factions in Awaken Chaos Era. Apart from that, this event lasts for 2 weeks starting 2nd March 2022 to 16th March 2022. On the 2nd week, the stages will drop extra loots on top of the regular 50 Jade Shards.

There are 3 rotations for Fire Slam Extra Loot:

Rotation 1: EXP Jelly, Gold and 3-Star Holy Star Pumpkin
Rotation 2: Advanced Gear Charms and Special Gear Charms
Rotation 3: Ability Materials (Fire/Wood/Water Crystals and Obsidian)

Fire Slam Event Videos

Fire Slam Daily Challenge Guide

This video shows you how to beat some of the difficult daily challenges such as 9-2 and 8-2 with various types of heroes (AoE Nuke and F2P Tank Team)

Fire Slam Tips & Tricks

In this Awaken Chaos Era guide, I’ll be covering how to speed farm the stages during Fire Slam Event, what are the best items to purchase from the Event Shop, and how to refill your energy for marathon farming in case you run out of diamonds. If you are looking for this information, then this video will have you covered!

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