Eternal Evolution Tier List (Hero Ranking)

Eternal Evolution Hero Tier List uses a ranking system to categorize heroes based on their usefulness. The heroes are grouped into 6 roles (Tank, Vanguard, Assassin, Hunter, Support, Energy) and sub-categorized based on ranking aka tier list. The Eternal Evolution hero tier list is sorted in alphabetical order to ease searching by hero name.

How to use this tier list?

There are 5 rankings shown in this tier list (S, A, B, and C) and each hero is grouped in a specific ranking based on their overall performance in the game! The highest tier (S Rank) indicates that they are useful in many areas whereas the lowest tier (C Rank) means they have a very niche use case, useable in very few parts of the game. This tier list is not to deter players from not experimenting with the heroes who ended up in the low ranking. However, it acts as a quick guide to identify heroes that are worth your time to invest resources in leveling them! Always check out the hero links to learn more about them as they might be helpful to you in the areas you are struggling with!

Abbreviations (Faction-Rarity-Role-Affinity)
Example: TE-HUNT refers to Terran Hunter Hero


TE: Terran
AT: Atlas
WE: Wenfyr


TANK: Tank
VANG: Vanguard
ASSA: Assassin
HUNT: Hunter
SUPP: Support
ENER: Energy

SSS Hero Ranking

S Rank | SSS Hero

A Rank | SSS Hero

B Rank | SSS Hero

Non-SSS Hero Ranking

S Rank | Non-SSS Hero

A Rank | Non-SSS Hero

B Rank | Non-SSS Hero

C Rank | Non-SSS Hero

Fodder Heroes

  • Amesh (WE-VANG)
  • Bardeen (AT-VANG)
  • Clunk (TE-ENER)
  • Dhaka (TE-ENER)
  • Faddy (WE-ENER)
  • Haemon (AT-ENER)
  • Isaac (We-VANG)
  • Jericho (TE-HUNT)
  • Lieg (WE-TANK)
  • Lufanel (AT-TANK)
  • Nabeela (AT-ASSA)
  • Nero (AT-VANG
  • Noffy (AT-SUPP)
  • Panzer (TE-TANK)
  • Pellew (TE-TANK)
  • Sabriel (WE-ENER)
  • Techi (TE-SUPP)
  • Wyss (TE-SUPP)
  • Zaden (WE-ENER)

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5 thoughts on “Eternal Evolution Tier List (Hero Ranking)

  1. theman

    Long Time No Update

  2. Ayumilove Post author

    @DayDaemon: Yeah, I’ll be adding them soon during the weekend or holiday.

  3. DayDaemon

    No updates since September? There are a lot of new heroes mussing from the list now!

  4. Santanico

    Looking forward to hearing from you how you like Nagrama. Ik have 3 of him already and I wonder it he’s worth investing in.

    Also, I agree with Thumbandit that Omar should be a tad higher on your list. He’s actually viable on some activities. B maybe..?

    Anyway, thanks for your guide(s)

  5. Thumbandit

    Enjoying the game so far but found Omar to be good why is he so low here 🙁