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Eternal Evolution Taylor Hero Guide


NAME: Taylor
TYPE: Hunter



Prototype Recommendation

Redthorn Rune
Soaring Medallion
Thorn of Glory


★★★★✰ Story
★★★★✰ Arena


★★★★★ Deesa Caves
★★★★✰ Cinsaro Marsh
★★★★✰ Tara Dome

Ancient Altar

★★★✰✰ Demon Vanguard
★★★★★ Demon Supplicant
★★★★★ Destroyer Quinta

Taylor Review

Taylor the Darkwood Rogue is a Hunter hero from the Wenfyr faction in Eternal Evolution. He attacks his enemies using a bow and arrows while being able to jump to a safe spot far away from danger. If you need a strong single-target damage dealer to takeout tanks, a Deesa Caves healer minion, and a Tara Dome boss, then Taylor is a great candidate to fill up that spot!

Taylor Skills

Soul Journey (Ultimate)
Taylor enters the Soul Journey state, increasing his range by 50% and allowing him to quickly move to any place on the battlefield. He gains 28% ATK and 15% CRIT RATE for 9 seconds. Taylor prioritizes targets affected by Tiger Flame when attacking.
Level 2: Soul Journey increases ATK by 33% and CRIT RATE by 18%.
Level 3: Soul Journey increases ATK by 38% and CRIT RATE by 20%.
Level 4: Soul Journey increases ATK by 43% and CRIT RATE by 22%. (From Commander Boost)
Level 5: Soul Journey increases ATK by 48% and CRIT RATE by 24%. (From Commander Boost)
Talent Effect: In the duration of the Soul Journey status, Taylor will have their CRIT RATE increased by 15% when he is dealing damage to the enemies marked with Tiger Flame.

Fire Spirit Arrow (Common)
The user shall shoot 4 Fire Spirit Arrows at a single enemy, each inflicting DMG equal to 138% of his ATK. The Fire Spirit Arrows shall prioritise enemies that had been affected by the Tiger Flame.
Each Fire Spirit Arrow deals 150% ATK DMG.
Each Fire Spirit Arrow deals 163% ATK DMG.
Each Fire Spirit Arrow deals 175% ATK DMG.
Talent Effect: Immediately after entering Soul Journey, the cooldown of Fire Spirit Arrow is instantly refreshed. While Soul Journey is active, the cooldown of Fire Spirit Arrow is reduced from 9s to 4s.

Tiger Flame Arrow (Common)
Shoot a Fire Spirit Arrow at the nearest enemy. The arrow cannot penetrate enemies. Deal 317% ATK DMG to the enemy hit and inflict Tiger Flame on them for 8s. Tiger Flame: Decrease the CRIT DMG reduction of the enemy by 20%.
DMG dealt increased to 349% of ATK.
DMG dealt increased to 380% of ATK.
Talent Effect: This skill is immediately refreshed when Soul Journey is activated. This effect can trigger up to 3 times per battle.

Inspiration (Passive)
During a battle, Taylor gains 1% CRIT DMG and recovers 3 Energy each time he triggers a crit, up to a max of 30%. The effect lasts until the end of the battle. Taylor has a strong demand for critical strikes. It is recommended to equip him with items that increase his CRIT RATE.
After triggering a crit, increase CRIT DMG by 2% and recover 4 Energy.
After triggering a crit, increase CRIT DMG by 3% and recover 5 Energy.
Talent Effect: When the DMG bonus of this skill is increased to 30%, the DMG of Fire Spirit Arrow is increased by 3%.

Taylor Gear Guide

Recommended Gear Sets

Sun Signet, Overload, Hero

Stats Allocation

Weapon (ATK)
Chest (DEF)
Pants (HP)
Gauntlet (ATK% / C.RATE / C.DMG)
Helmet (ATK%)
Boots (ATK%)

Stats Priority


Taylor Exclusive Weapon

Mark of Fire

  • Max Bonus Stats: DMG AMP +32%, D.REDUC +32%, ATK +40%
  • Passive Skill – Inspiration will be enhanced: The Energy recovered after each crit is increased by an additional 5 points, and the max CRIT DMG obtained after a critical strike is increased to a max of 50%.
  • The CRIT. DMG Bonus gained after triggering CRIT will be increased by an additional 1%.
  • The CRIT. DMG Bonus gained after triggering CRIT will be increased by an additional 2%
  • After receiving 45% CRIT DMG from Inspiration, reduce the CD of Taylor’s Fire Spirit Arrow by 1.5 seconds.

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  1. Denji

    Taylor is actually really good in Tara Dome, you can manually use his ability and he jumps inside the circle