Kingdom Rush Walkthrough Guide

Kingdom Rush Level 8 Guide Icewind Pass

This level unlocks Level 4 Artillery (500mm Big Bertha) and Level 4 Barracks (Barbarian Mead Hall).

Big Bertha is the biggest piece of artillery that deals massive damage in a large area. Its explosion affects flying and ground units. However, this artillery cannot specifically target flying units. Barbarian Mead Hall trains Barbarians who wields axes instead of swords. Upgrading Barbarian abilities allows them to target flying enemy units with nets and flying twin axes!

Storyline: There is no place colder in these mountains than Icewind Pass, but we must advance. Our men have been besieged by Ha’kraj Trolls for days, and our scouts report enemy troop movements around us… and something else, something wilder.

If we are to make a stand here, this is a good place to install some of our new artillery emplacements, and to construct a barbarian mead hall so we may entertain our more… colorful troops.


This map has a cave blocked with a large ice rock. Destroy it with “Rain of Fire”. I find it strange to hire a brown beast for 500 gold after lending a hand in destroying that rock that blocked its home entrance. Anyways, they are very useful in blocking multiple enemies especially Yetis.
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    Very useful 🙂 Too tempting though, I’ll come back when I’m deeper in and get stuck!