Kingdom Rush Walkthrough Guide

Kingdom Rush is a strategy tower defense game where you defend kingdom against hordes of orcs, trolls, evil wizards and legendary monsters by using various footman, archer, wizard, bomber at your disposal! Battle on 3 types of lands (forest, mountain, wasteland). Upgrade your towers to equip with special powers, summon elven warriors to battle and rain meteor upon enemies. Obtain all 50+ acehievements in this epic fantasy defense game! View Kingdom Rush Walkthrough Guide to complete Campaign, Heroic and Iron Challenges easily!

Kingdom Rush Level Guide

Consists of Campaign + Heroic Challenge + Iron Challenge
Level 1 – Southport
Level 2 – The Farmlands
Level 3 – Pagras
Level 4 – Twin Rivers
Level 5 – Silveroak Outpost
Level 6 – The Citadel
Level 7 – Coldstep Mines
Level 8 – Icewind Pass
Level 9 – Stormcloud Temple
Level 10 – The Wastes
Level 11 – Forsaken Valley
Level 12 – The Dark Tower

List of Kingdom Rush Strategy, Tips and Hints

Build towers to attack invading enemies before they passed your defenses.
Scavenge gold from defeated enemies and use it to fund your tower expenses.
Armored army receives less physical damage.
Support ranged towers with barracks to increase damage output against enemies.
Summon reinforcements to break apart enemy forces into smaller groups.
Mobs of enemies are more efficient to be defeated with Artillery.
Enemies closest to the center of explosion receives most artillery damage.
Slow and damage enemy with frequent reinforcements.
Cast rain of fire a little forward of your target position.
Grab Archer’s Salvage Upgrade to avoid losing more money upon selling them.
Defeat armored enemies efficiently with magic damage.
Soldiers from barracks are unable to stop flying enemies.
Most artillery towers will not target flying enemies.
Magic resistance enemies receive less damage from magic attacks.
Position rally point to set soldiers in a strategic location.
Poison damage ignores armor, including physical and magical defenses.
Building more towers is works better than upgrading in some situations.
Train new soldiers with full health instantly by upgrading barracks.
Calling enemy wave early rewards bonus money and decreases spell cooldown.
Flying enemies can be affected by artillery explosions, but not directly.
Isolate difficult enemies with soldiers from barracks or reinforcement.
Upgrade Barbarians with nets and flying axe to enable them to hit flying enemies.
Select spells using keyboard keys [1] (Rain of Fire) and [2] (Reinforcements).
Enemy earth elementals has high health and does area damage with each strike.

Kingdom Rush Hotkeys
1 – Select/Cancel Rain of Fire spell.
2 – Select/Cancel Reinforcements spell.
4 – Activate/Cancel Sunray Tower.
SPACE – Cancel any selected spell/power/rally point.
P – Pause game.

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