Kingdom Rush Walkthrough Guide

Kingdom Rush Level 1 Guide Southport

Level 1 introduces 4 types of basic towers namely Warrior, Archer, Mage and Dwarf Tower. Each of these has their own unique specialties, advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, to compensate each other weaknesses, you will need to build them accordingly.

Storyline: Greetings, noble and heroic warrior! As a general of his majesty’s forces. King Denas requires your services. The inhabitants of the Southport city have reported attacks by highwaymen and other roaming outlaws. You must take a battalion to Southport to bolster the city’s defenses. Good luck General!


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Heroic Challenge

Challenge: 6 Elite Wave + 1 Life + Lv 1 Max Upgrade.
Upgrades: None
Build 1 Mage and 1 Barracks, followed by another 2 more Barracks. Replace Mage Tower and Barrack tower with Dwarven Bombard in sequence once you have sufficient funds. Although Dwarven Bombard damage is weak against certain enemies, its AOE (Area of Effect) damage makes up for it, by reducing multiple enemies within that explosion while the footmen from barracks hold enemies within the explosion point.
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Iron Challenge

Challenge Rules: 1 Super Wave + 1 Life + No Archer Mage + Lv 1 Max Upgrade.
Upgrades: Toughness Training + Concentrated Fire + Blazing Skies + Scorched Earth.
First build 1 Dwarven Bombard and Barracks, followed by another Barracks and finally another Dwarven Bombard. Cast Rain of Fire only when enemies outnumber your Footmen (total men from Barracks). Cast ‘Calling Reinforcements’ whenever its available to support your footmen.
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