Kingdom Rush Walkthrough Guide

Kingdom Rush Level 5 Guide Silveroak Outpost

This level introduces 3 types of new enemy units which are Marauder, Worg and Spider Matriach. Also, this map contains an Elven Camp where you can hire Elven warriors to aid you in battle.

About the enemies, Marauder is the third successor to Orc, equipped with higher defensive armor. This can be countered with a mage tower or Rain Of Fire. Worg is the new evolution to Wolf, basically a Wolf with better stats. Spider Matriach is capable of spawning spider eggs which spawns more spiders. Use Dwarven Tower against these pesky spawns.

Storyline: With twin rivers pass blocked, and after days of marching, we’ve finally reached the Silveroak Forest Outpost… only to find its troop compliment decimated! The garrison’s men have endured several attacks recently, and their scouts report and even greater enemy force approaching. Good thing elite ranger units are on the way to help us…


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  1. Arnie Berg

    Very useful 🙂 Too tempting though, I’ll come back when I’m deeper in and get stuck!