Kingdom Rush Walkthrough Guide

Kingdom Rush Level 9 Guide Stormcloud Temple

In this level, you will be able to access a new building where you hire 4 Sorceress to charge up the Sun Tower. This Sun Tower allows you to shoot sun beam (orange laser) against an enemy who leak passed your defenses. Each Sorceress cost 100 gold.

Apart from that, a sorceress tower have been unlocked (Level 4 Tower Type) which can summon Earth Elemental that attacks and blocks multiple ground enemies. This tower can also shoot orange fireballs that reduces enemy defenses by half (if they have some armor on them).

Storyline: Arriving at the Stormcloud Temple has been the best thing to happen to us in days! The Stormcloud Sorceress will now be at your command general, and they can open a portal straight to Valardul. However, we must provide them with a defense while they complete their spell. Something… abominable is approaching, and the men are extremely nervous.

Heroic Challenge

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Iron Challenge

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