Kingdom Rush Walkthrough Guide

Kingdom Rush Level 7 Guide Coldstep Mines

In this level, you will be introduced with a new Level 4 Marksman Tower, Musketeer Garrison. It has the greatest range and deals very high damage. However, I dislike this tower since it shoots really slow, similarly to a Dwarven Tower shooting speed.

Storyline: Our capital is safe, thanks to you. General! Now our good king has entrusted you with the mission of creating a safe passage through the mountains so that we may strike at Valardul, and defeat Veznan and his armies.

The first step in your journey will be the Coldstep Mines, which were abandoned years ago, and are now home to the Ha’kraj troll tribes. To aid you in your mission, you will be joined by a brigade of his majesty’s royal musketeers.


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  1. Arnie Berg

    Very useful 🙂 Too tempting though, I’ll come back when I’m deeper in and get stuck!