Kingdom Rush Walkthrough Guide

Kingdom Rush Level 10 Guide The Wastes

Level 10 unlock Level-4 Dwavern Tower (Artillery), known as Tesla X104. It shoots bolts of lightning that can strike multiple ground and air units, similarly to how a chain lightning works in Warcraft. However, the damage dealt and shooting range of this tower is lower compared to 500mm Big Bertha.

I would prefer Rangers Hideout against Flying enemies since it shoots fast poison arrows while Big Bertha handles those tough mobs on the ground. Having towers that specializes in certain aspect brings out the most potential in your defenses.

Storyline: We have arrived at the dreadful realm of Valardul. This is barren and forsaken land, where the wretched souls of the departed find no solace. Pray to the gods that this place does not take its toll on your men’s spirit.


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  1. Arnie Berg

    Very useful 🙂 Too tempting though, I’ll come back when I’m deeper in and get stuck!